"Kate." … "Kaaaate…" … "KATE!"

"Oh my God what?!"

"Mikey is here," Heather told me while ripping my blanket away and setting a cup of coffee down on my side table. I rolled over to the edge of my bed and grabbed the shorts I threw off the night before and slipped them on while practically downing the coffee and following Heather out into our living room. Mikey was sitting on the couch beside Rachel and Bailey while they also sipped coffee. Heather went over to the conjoined kitchen and began cooking breakfast while motioning for Mikey to begin.

Mikey was our manager and probably the glue that held us all together. He was younger and didn't really have any family of his own. Music was the only thing he focused on which made our band the closest thing to family that Mikey had. We always encouraged him to get out and date or make friends, but he really preferred hanging out with us… well "us" as in Heather and myself. On the other hand Rachel was… hard to deal with.

Rachel was a bit of a snob with a dash of narcissism. She didn't want to be in the group in the first place but when the label threw us all together into a band she was stuck. She hated it. She always thought she could do better on her own, and who knows maybe she could, but her attitude was crap. She was hard to work with and extremely picky. It made life hell, but thankfully Heather and I got an apartment of our own while she got one with Bailey.

Bailey was sweet and she was the kind of person you were drawn to in a mental way. She was bright and happy and she never stopped smiling and laughing. Even Heather could tolerate her, which was strange because the nicer the person the less Heather could stand them. She didn't have anything against the nice but her somewhat cold demeanor stopped her from enjoying people like that. She loved Bailey though. She would protect her at all costs.

I plopped down on the loveseat and scanned my phone real quick to see if I had any messages from the night before. I did. Anthony. Great. I heard Mikey clear his throat and I looked up still scowling. He smiled widely at me and laughed.

"Morning Sunshine! Sorry to wake you, but I have some big news," he paused for dramatic effect…. because who was Mikey without a little drama? "You girls are going to make a new album!" he revealed. Rachel and Bailey shot up and squealed. I couldn't help but smile widely. I turned to see Heather raise her mug in acknowledgement but other than that she didn't really turn around. Typical. He held up his hand to silence us and when we did his smile grew wider.

"What is that face for Mikey? You look like a serial killer with that smile," Heather said as she finished making her breakfast and walked into the living room and took her place next to me. He turned to her and laughed.

"Well my dear, let me tell you why I look like this. You guys will be recording your next album with another band! The whole thing! It's going to be great. After the album is finished we've been considering maybe even a world tour?" he continued. At this Heather stopped eating and grabbed my hand and squeezed. All we've been dreaming of for the past 4 years has been a world tour! That's the whole reason her and I even agreed to be in this band.

Heather and I have been best friends since our freshman year in high school. We've always dreamed of being in a band and touring the world and when we got the opportunity to do it we took it, even though it meant being in a band with two girls we didn't know. Especially Rachel.

"Who's the band?" Rachel questioned. Mikey pulled out an album and slid it onto our coffee table. On the cover were 7 boys all dressed to the nines and smiling.

"BTS? We are making an album with BTS?!" Heather screamed. Mikey nodded, and she just squealed. Heather is a huge fan of them, and I can't say I'm not, but she is crazy in love with them. She jumped over the coffee table and hugged Mikey while her breakfast went EVERYWHERE. Rachel rolled her eyes in Heather's direction and it took all I had to not snap at her. Mikey looked down at his watch after Heather detached herself and heaved a tired sigh.

"We are meeting the band in 2 hours at their dorm. They're staying here in L.A. until the album is done. It's been hell organizing this, by the way, so go get ready," he said before getting up and leaving. Heather ran into her room to get ready while I dug through the laundry to find some clean jeans.

"Aren't you going to dress up? I mean, you kind of look homeless," I heard a nasal voice say. I turned to see Rachel standing there with her arms crossed looking at me. Bailey stood up behind her and looked at me with worry. It wasn't a secret that Rachel and I didn't get along. We had constant screaming matches over nothing. She hated me and vice versa. Bailey was like a shield though. She always threw herself in between us to stop our fighting. She was the peace keeper in the group.

"Rachel she looks fine! Why don't we go ahead and go home and freshen up and we will meet them there, huh?" Bailey suggested. Rachel rolled her eyes and stomped out with Bailey behind her looking back at me apologetically. Heather came flying out of her room but stopped when she saw my face.

"Uh oh, did the drama queen have another outburst?" she inquired.

"Uh huh, apparently I look homeless?" I questioned looking at my outfit. She frowned at me and looked me up and down.

"That's ridiculous! You have a home," she answered. I laughed lightly and threw my jeans on. She threw her hair up in a loose bun and grabbed her keys motioning for me to follow. "Come on, lets go grab some coffee before we have to meet the boys and my bias!" she called. I followed behind her picking up my wallet and laughing.

"What the heck is a bias?!" I asked. She laughed and turned to wink at me.

"You'll see!" she sang. I followed behind her and down the hall… I'm sure I will see.