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Six tie fighters flew above the imperial prison. Lynn along with other prisoners who she recognized were other people in town such as: Flip, Scoots, the exterminator guy, etc stood in the prison yard in separate assembly lines. Stormtroopers and Riot troopers stood guard along with security droids, the warden slowly paces back and forth with his hands behind his back, his blaster pistol dangled on his belt.

"Attention prisoners, as you're all aware you are here for committing crimes against the Empire, but I reassure you, when you're release you'll respect imperial laws! But until that day comes you will be working hard with no protests, if one of you do then prepare to meet the consequences!"

"Er, what kind of consequences imperial boy!" Flip called out, the warden swiftly turns to him with this stern look. "I'll gladly give you an example."

With a simple wave of his hand a Riot trooper runs up, Flip felt immense pain through his body as the trooper's Electrostaff hits him in the stomach which brought him on his knees. The other inmates watch in disbelief over the sudden violent act, the warden however smiled as he knew that the best way to keep orderly prisoners in line is to show the lengths of control you have over them.

"Hopefully this example will show you what will happen if you step out of line!" None of the inmates say anything out of fear. "Now all of you are dismissed!" The warden swiftly leaves the yard, leaving the inmates to their own business.

While the rest of inmates left, Lynn went over to Flip who slowly got back to his feet. "Are you okay Flip?"

Flip let out a groan. "Yeah I'm fine, but boy those electric staff things sure do hurt though."

"So what are you in for Flip?"

"Ah, I sold a imp officer some spoiled milk and accidentally insulted him. You?"

"I damaged a vehicle and destroyed one of those bikes."

"Oh that's a biggie." Flip rubbed his stomach. "Er, I'm going to find somewhere to rest until this pain goes away." Lynn watched him leave, then looked around at the other inmates that were standing around talking among each other, she then looks over to the wall imaging the outside world on the other side.

"Thirteen years old and I'm in prison, I don't belong here, I belong out in the fields playing one of my games, I also belong in the safety of my own home with my family." Upon saying family, Lynn began to think about what they were doing now, and if they were planning to get her out of here.

The Loud family moved from the park to a local lake, they went here to have some privacy from the imperial patrols; it is definitely more quieter here as there were no clanking sounds of walkers, speeder bikes whizzing pass, or stormtrooper coms, of course there was the sounds of ties flying above, but most of all it was free from any imperial activities much to their relief.

They were near the lake not really doing anything, they just weren't in the mood due to what happen with their siblings, it was bad enough that their sister is in prison, but worse is their only brother drifting out there in space to who knows where.

Most of them were also thinking about Lisa's idea to break Lynn out, of course they knew the risks of doing such a thing. They wanted to do it, they really did but what could they do against a advance army that could wipe their town off the face of the Earth in seconds. The worst that could happen to them is being imprisoned themselves, or worse from what they heard in rumors executed.

This was definitely a tough choice for the family.

While they thought over this situation, Lisa had slipped away unnoticed, she walks down a path that lead to a small cave which the entrance was hidden by a rock, entering the cave there is machines and computers against the wall with wires around, in the middle of the cave room is a communication system.

Lisa gets herself situated in front of the communication system, puts on a headgear and started setting in a frequency. "This is big brain, repeat this is big brain are you there general?"

A rough man's voice called out. " This is the general, what's up Lisa is the rocket ready?"

"It was, but unfortunately due to complications on my end, my older brother took it."

"Oh, I'm sorry to hear that, hopefully he'll be okay."

"I'm sure he will, Lincoln may not be as smart as me, but he is crafty and has certain skills."

"You think he will drive to the plan forward?"

"There's a chance he might, we just have to wait and see."

"Right, anyhow I'm starting the planning stages for Operation: Take Back."

"I still think you don't have enough forces or firepower to take back DC."

"We may not have a big army like the Empire, but we have persistence and bravery, if we're lucky we can breach the outer defenses and work our way through the city. I know that all sounds like a slim chance, but with careful planning we might have a chance."

"Yes careful planning indeed, I also recommend you take some of their technology such as Shields, some of their weapons, and maybe try to steal a walker."

"Good idea, I'll try to aquire some of those, though it's going to be tough to steal one of those walkers, especially if it's one of those four legged ones."

"I wish you good luck general."

"Yo Lisa! Where are you? We gotta get going on the road again!" Luna called out.

"Oh I'm sorry general, looks like I gotta leave now."

"We shall chat again some other time then."

"Affirmative, but at least let me send you some potential locations for the items you need." Lisa goes over to one of her computers, with a quick push of some buttons Lisa downloads some locations, then sends it away.

"Alright we got it, good work Lisa."

"Thank you General, we shall talk later." Lisa shuts off her communication system, walks out of her secret hideout and returned to her family who were walking back to vanzilla, Luna looked at her with question on her face. "Where were you smart dudette?"

"Oh just examining the local moss." Lisa lied, she couldn't tell her family who she helps as it was to risky as most, mostly Leni and Lola would spill the beans, she couldn't risk leaking out any Intel of the secret Free Earth movement.

Lisa gets into vanzilla with the rest of her family, Lynn drove in the direction of their home, hoping that the stormtroopers were gone.

The African Savannah; a large range of wilderness that's home to many wildlife, but most recently the home of the secret base of the Free Earth movement; a army that's united with the remains of fallen militaries from all over the world. Allies and old enemies come together as the threat of the Empire made them dismissed all past disputes.

The army is small compared with the vast army of the Empire, they have the remains of the few war vehicles they had left, and a fleet of warships that's standing by at Madagascar. The base is a building attached to a cliff side that has a cave system which was handy.

Now despite never fighting the Empire before many of the troops were inching to shoot at some stormtroopers for what they did to their home countries. Currently all the soldiers were in the meeting room talking loudly amongst themselves.

General Poe along with other high ranking generals entered the meeting area, the soldiers stopped talking immediately, with everyone silent General Poe cleared his throat before speaking up loudly.

"Attention soldiers of the Free Earth movement! Months ago an alien force known as the Empire has came to Earth and destroyed all of our military forces! Our countries have fallen under darkness and cruelty of the Empire's fists! But with us standing here, it is shown that not all of our armies have been silent, and now it's time to take back our planet with Operation: Take Back!"

Many of the soldier's muttered with each other, General Poe waited until they were silent. "Now we have a lot to prepare for, before we could begin the operation, one of the things we need to do is steal some of the Empire's tech such as: shields for our warships, weapons, and if possible steal a walker! We got some locations for these supplies thanks to big brain who provided them to us!"

"Now a couple of groups will go out to get these things, and if we're successful then we can begin Operation: Take Back! I wish you all good luck, and stay safe!" General Poe gives them a salute and all the soldiers began to speak with one another, but General Poe only thought of one thing.

"I hope we can pull this off."