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Kaito: BL (Boy's Love or BoyxBoy), Lemon (maybe), KaiShin (reversible) and other things we can't think of right now.

Hikaru: Of course, pairing is Kaito x Shinichi. Here's a summary:

Kuroba Kaito AKA Kaito KID was mistaken as missing detective, Kudo Shinichi several days after announcing a haitus from KID activities by a certain Vodka. As a result, he was assaulted. When he realized his mistake, it was too late to leave him like that. Kaito was force fed a certain APTX 4869. With no where else to go, he had no choice but to go to a certain shrunken detective for help. Eventual KaiShin.

Kaito: Urgh... APTX is terrible.

Hikaru: It's plot. Toughen up. Vocab for the story:

Otou-san = Dad

Okaa-san = Mom

(O)nii-san = Older Brother

(O)nee-san = Older Sister

Aniki = Older Brother = Connotation is different than Onii-san

Tantei = Detective

Kaitou = Phantom Theif

Shinichi: Anyways, here's the chapter.

Hikaru: Kaito was stealing the "here's the chapter" announcement in my other story and now you're doing it here? Do I have to wait till my 3rd story?

Chapter 1

A/N: Kaito does not know Conan is Shinichi yet.

This will be my last heist for a while.

I am going to take a break.

-Kaitou KID

Kaito was sitting in his seat, thinking. It was the day after a successful heist. To be honest, he was getting tired of heists without any results. The only good part of the heist was his tantei-kun. Hakuba was unable to keep up and the single time attendee at his Clock Tower Heist never showed up again.

Kaito needed a break away from KID.

His life as KID was taking every thing away from him. It already took from him the one girl he thought he would spend the rest of his life with. His time and resources were being drained. It was echausting.

The whole class was tense because he had sat there silently mulling for the past few minutes.

Hakuba walked up to his desk with Akako following closely behind.

"Kuroba-san, where are you going?"

"Indeed Kaito-kun. Where are you going"

Kaito glanced up and glared.

"I told you guys, I'm not KID-sama"

Akako decided to continue.

"I feel you getting far away for a while. Are you sure?"

That's when Aoko decided to intrude into the conversation.

"Kaito's leaving? How come Aoko doesn't know that?"

Kaito just looked up and glared.

"I said I was not going anywhere."

Just then the strange new transfer student, Hikaru or something (A/N: Yes it's me (o)), decided to speak up. There was an aura around him that said that he knew everything. He was extremely handsome and had perfect scores in everything, but gave a cold shoulder to everyone (A/N: I wish I was actually this handsome). He gained the nickname the Ice Prince because of his demeanor. He and Akako were the only ones exempt from pranks, Akako because he did not wish to anger the witch and Hikaru because he managed to avoid all the pranks somehow.

"You will leave. Forcefully. If you are not careful, you will befall the same fate as the missing detective, Kudo Shinichi."

And with that cryptic message, the transfer student looked back down at his phone and ignored the rest of the world.


Kaito was still unsettled by the message. Hikaru had never spoke up in class unless called by the teacher. The fact that he would take time to talk to him made him nervous.

To calm his nerves, he decided to find a quiet place to practice magic.

While he was practicing, he sensed a short man in a black trench coat and sunglasses watching him.

He tensed for a moment before putting on his Poker Face. The man had a dangerous presence and if he was not always on alert, he wouldn't have noticed. There was noone else around so he did not want to stay with the man for to long.

He quickly packed up and tried to walk away quietly when the man suddenly pulled up a gun and shot him.

Because he was not ready for being so suddenly being attacked in a public area he was only able to dodge slightly. The bullet hit his shoulder.

Kaito fell on the floor and the man took Kaito's wallet from his pocket.

"Kuroba Kaito. Cheh... I knew we had killed that Kudo kid."

Kudo! Is this what he meant by "befall the same fate as the missing detective, Kudo Shinichi?"

Was the detective truly dead as the rumors said? But after investigating his tantei-kun showed that Kudo was still contacting tantei-kun's nee-san.

Kaito was struggling to remain concious.

"I'll have to feed him the expiramental poison APTX 4869 like that Kudo kid. I already shot him, so he can't stay alive. Aniki would be so mad. This pill will disentigrate your cells, boy. There won't be any evidence of you"

The man forced a pill into his mouth and fed him water. He then left Kaito there laying on the floor.

Is this how it ends? I die here?

Kaito felt a sharp pain and blacked out.


A teenage boy aproached the little boy wrapped in over sized clothes.

"He heeded my warning, but it was too late. Oh well. Let the wheels of fate move."

The teenager then sat down and hugged the bundle. The red stains on the clothes slowly stopped spreading. The little boy was then changed into smaller clothes.

Hikaru: Yay! That is the end of the first chapter.

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