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Prologue: Power awaken! Calling for help

When the darkness of his eyesight slowly faded as Izayoi Hideo regained consciousness, the first thing he saw was the familiar white ceiling of his room. As he wondered how he got there, the sound of sobbing caught his attention, bringing to his awareness that his wife- Izayoi Setsuko- was sitting by his bedside. The slight movement alerted her of his waking, and she quickly stood up to look over him.

"Dear, are you alright? Do you recognize me?"

"Yes, I am...urgh... fine a bit sore but overall fine. Setsuko did something happen? Why am I in bed?"

"You don't remember, dear? What is the last thing you can remember?"

"Well, I remember this is one of my rare days off, I was dueling with Aki, and if I'm correct received a call from work then...then Aki attacked me with her monster. Honey, it...it felt real like the monster came to life and hit me against the wall."

"That because it was real, Hideo-san. After you passed out a mark shaped like a claw appeared on her right arm. She...she started crying before running back to her room and locking herself in there, but not before making sure you were okay, I tried call out to her but she won't open the door."

"God, and how long has it been already?"

"3 hours. She won't come out no matter what I say. What should we do Hideo-san?"

"Let me try to talk to her."


"It's my fault that she got upset in the first place."

"Let me help you up."

The two older Izayoi slowly moved to the room of their daughter, Setsuko insisting Hideo take it easy. Upon reaching the door, Hideo knocked gently, with no reply from the young girl.

"Aki, honey open up."


"Aki I know you're in there."


"Please, Aki open the door. Let me talk to you."


"It not your fault Aki. It was mine so, please, open the door so we can talk."

"No! I'm a monster! I don't want to talk."

"Please, Aki."






The bedroom door opened to show Aki with a blanket wrapped around her, hiding her face from Hideo and Setsuko, though sobbing sounds could still be heard from under it. Hideo knelt down to the floor and gently touched her shoulder.

"Look at me, honey. You're not a monster. What you did was not in your control, so don't blame yourself."

"Hic... but...hic ... you...sob... hurt..."

"You were not yourself then, honey, so please stop crying. Daddy's here."

"Hic... ...Daddy!"

Aki jumped up and wrapped her arms around his neck, crying into his collarbone. She dropped the blanket on the way revealing red-rimmed eyes from all the crying. The father just kept quietly patting her head and rubbing small circles while she cried her eyes out.


After hours of crying Aki finally became too tired and fell asleep against her father. Hideo carefully picked her up, settled her on her bed, and tucked her in, before he got a chair to sit next to her bed and began softly patting her hair again. He let out a heavy sigh and moved his other hand up to rub his temple. Setsuko came up to put her hands on her husband's shoulders.

"Oh, Setsuko. What are we going to do? This has never been on any record I've read before. How can I help our little girl now?"

"Hideo-san. I...I think I know what her power is."

Hideo opened his eyes, stopping his previous actions, to instead turn to look at his wife in surprise.

"What? What is it, honey? It is dangerous to our daughter?"

"I don't actually know what her power is called, but I know that my brother had once told me about something like this. How Duel Monsters is not just a game, how each card exists in another way than a simple piece of cardboard paper. I...I thought that he was joking, making thing up to play with me but now...I think he's the only one we could ask about Aki's ability."

"Do you think he'll know what to do?"

"He's our only choice right now."

"Alright, we need contact your brother immediately."

Taking one last look at their daughter the two Izayoi quietly left of the room, though they left the door open a crack so they could still see her.

Once back in their room Hideo and Setsuko watched the phone as the dial-tone rang. Luckily, the place Setsuko's brother was currently visiting still had a few hours of daylight.





"Yuki Judai here."




"I'll be there by morning."


The next day Aki woke up feeling worn out with raw, sore eyes. She got up to wash her face and prepare for the day. However, unlike normal, today she wasn't excited to see something new as her mind kept rewinding back to yesterday's event. She hurt her father with a holographic monster, something that should not be possible. Confused and scared of what she did, Aki kept silent as she made her way downstairs and to the dining room. To her surprise, instead of just her parents there, another figure stood in front of her mother. A young man with brown hair, sectioned into two layers with the top layer a lighter shade, and brown eyes. The man wore a dark red jacket, unbuttoned, with a black turtleneck shirt underneath and dark jeans. Not knowing who the stranger was, Aki decided to hide behind to door. Unfortunately, her mother spotted her before she could hide and called her in.

"Aki, sweetie, come. We would like you to meet someone."

Knowing she couldn't get away, Aki resorted to hiding behind Setsuko's leg, peeking out a bit to look at the stranger.

"Sorry big brother. She doesn't usually get to meet new people so she's a bit shy."

"Haha, don't worry about it. You were like this too when you were her age. So, are you going to introduce us? Last time I met her she could barely crawl, let alone remember who I am."

"Aki doesn't be scared, honey, this is your Uncle Judai. He won't do anything to hurt you," said Hideo.


"Hello, little rose. Uncle Judai is here today to help you with your little talent." Judai bent down to match her height so she could look him in the eye easier.


"Yes, I heard about your little outburst yesterday."

"Th...then am I a monster?" Aki's eyes started to tear up.

"No no no no, of course not, little rose, you're just special that all. In fact, your uncle here can do the same thing you did."


"Really. How about we have some breakfast first then I'll tell you more about it."



After a satisfying meal, the family moved on to the living room. The crack in the wall from yesterday was still there, making Aki nervous as she held on to her father's pants leg. Hideo said nothing, but put a calm hand on her head to tell her it's okay. This action was not missed by Judai as he gave a small smile at the father and daughter duo. As they settled down, Judai began to explain about Psychic Duelists.

"So you're saying that Aki's power is of a Psychic Duelist? Why are there no records of this?"

"The first reason is because of the rareness of the ability. If you take ten duelists, the chance one person will have the ability is only 20%, and even then they can only see an unclear outline of the duel spirit, not fully materialize them like Aki here. There's also the fact that people awaken their powers in different situations and different ways. Not one instance is the same so it's hard to keep a record of it."

"But big brother how does Aki have her power? It is because you also have it?"

"You're half right, but no, it's not just because of me that Aki is a psychic duelist. The fact that I'm related to her is only part of the reason why she's so strong. Here, let me demonstrate what Psychic Duelists can do."

The former Osiris Red pulled out a duel disk from his bag and put his deck in it, in the process drawing a card.

"Summon Elemental HERO Bubbleman."

The blue suit hero appeared in front of them before he starting to make some colorful bubbles flying around the Izayois. Aki just looked at Judai in awe.

'Will I be able to do this?' she thought.

"I awoke my power early too, you see, but I did not know what was going on or how to use it at all. Many people fell into comas because I unintentionally used my power to hurt them, and at the same time myself. My parents had me take a medical procedure that it stopped temporarily, but when I turned 16, I slowly unlocked the ability again, starting with seeing duel spirits."

"Wait, 16? Isn't that when you started going to Duel Academy?"

"Yeah, lots of things happened over the years, but let just say I lost control of it, and a lot of people got hurt, including myself. It was only around the end of senior year that I understood that accepting the power is the only way to be at peace."

"Big Brother. Why didn't you tell me?"

Judai just lightly shook his head, not saying a word.

"Uncle Judai."

"Yes, Aki?"

"I don't want to hurt anyone."

"I could tell."

"Yesterday when I accidentally hurt Daddy I felt so scared."

Hideo gently put a hand on Aki's hair while Setsuko holds her hand.

"I see."

"Can you teach how to use my power?"

"That why I'm here little Rose. I won't let you hurt yourself or others. As long as I'm here, no one can touch you."


Aki sticks out her pinky and points it at her uncle. Judai just smiles doing the same with his and hook around her smaller finger.


(To be continued)


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