Julian and Morgan went back to the area to where everybody else was. Some people were continuing to either cutting down trees or sheering sheep or maybe making and Morgan started making their own bed on the crafting table. As soon as they were done, they placed it in the middle of the floor to show it to everyone. Soon after, came and Sarah.

"Wow.. Morgan,Julian, I'm impressed.",said Sarah with a smile.

"Thank you Sarah.",said Morgan.

She smiled back at Sarah. While they were standing there came their other friends, Stampyplays, Catherine and Stephanie they were with Morgan's brother, Reuben. who seem to have all worried looks on their faces. At first ,Morgan, Julian, and Sarah all thought that they also came to see the bed that Julian and Morgan built but it turns out by the looks on their faces that something wasn't right

"Whats wrong, Rueben, the color of the sheets?"", Morgan thinking and hoping that it wasn't that the reason why her brother and all of their other friends didn't ran up to them because there was something serious going on but turns out Morgan was definitely wrong

"No it's not that." Told Reuben

"Then what is it?" Asked Morgan

"It's Beacontown." Said Catherine

"We gotta tell your mom about it." Said Stephanie as the group nodded towards each other in agreement as they ran to look for