Author's notes: This is chapter 1 of a 9 chapter - adult fan fiction story involving Kim Possible, her brothers Jim & Tim, Ron, Wade, Bonnie and Shego.

I do not own the rights to Kim Possible nor do I make any money from this story. It is purely for entertainment.

** WARNING: This story will involve sexual content. **

Chapter 1 – The Plan Gets Started

Kim took a deep breath as she drove down a road in downtown Middleton. It had been almost a year since the glory hole night. Ten long months since Bonnie and Shego humiliated her and played her for a fool! But in that time Kim was planning her revenge. All good things come to those who wait. School was letting out for the summer and hot days were ahead. Matter of fact, today was a hot one. 85 degrees.

Kim turned the corner and drove down the next street on her route to her destination, a new pizza place, in her air conditioned car. She looked out her side windows and the peeked in her rear view mirror. Nobody was following her.

As Kim continued to drive she thought about the past school year. She tried to live life like nothing had happened. Oh, she could tell when she walked through the halls at school she was getting a few smirks. She also heard gossip about how Kim was a "cock sucking slut" or a "cum dumpster" now, but she ignored them. She was slowly plotting her revenge. She knew a good revenge took patients, time and a really great revenge will make your enemies think twice before messing with you ever again.

Following Shego's orders Kim stayed away from crime fighting. Dr. Drakken and Shego were on a winning streak and Kim had lots of time on her hands. Every now and then Shego would take a selfie of herself and Dr. Drakken robbing a bank, stealing a car or some other crime, and send it to Kim just to rub it in. This aloud Kim to see how much Dr. Drakken was enjoying his new life since Kim Possible wasn't getting in their way anymore.

However, all of that was about to end - for good!

As Kim approached the next corner, her car commentator rang. She tapped the commentator, flipped the monitor on and saw her brothers on video, "What's the sitch, boys?"

"Are you almost there sis?"

"It's around the next block, is everything good to go on your end?"

Tim answered, "All set."

"Good. Thanks for helping me put this plan in motion boys. Without your tech and well – other things, I could have never have done this."

Jim said with a smile, "Sure thing sis, and thank YOU for the -"

Kim gave him a dirty look on the video monitor and yelled, "Don't say it! I told you NEVER to talk about it!" Then she flicked the monitor off and hung up quick.

As Kim approached the new pizza shop building she spotted Ron and Wade. She yelled out of the window, "How was the new pizza place?"

Ron smiled as he said, "Bomb diggaty!"

"Good to hear. Now come on boys, we're running late."

Ron tried to get in the front seat but Kim told him, "It's Okay, you can sit back there with Wade. He doesn't come with us on that many missions and I don't want him to feel like a lonely nerd all by himself. He already spends way too much time alone anyway."

Wade shot back, "Gee, thanks Kim."

Ron accepted Kim's idea, "Sure thing, KP."

As Ron got in the back seat he noticed a cooler on the floor and asked, "What's in the cooler here? Is this part of our mission?"

Kim whispered to herself softy, "It is mine."

"What's that KP?"

"I said, 'it's fine.' You can open it. It's a snack for both of you. Pop sickles."

Both Wade and Ron smiled as they reached into the cooler, "Booyah, I love me some sweet pop sickles."

Kim started to drive off as Wade and Ron ripped open there pop sickles and started sucking the juices out to cool them selves off from the very hot day.

Ron asked Kim, "So, KP, where are we headed?"

"Well, since I'm under strict orders from Shego not to interfere with her and Dr. Drakken I got us some new missions from our friends at Global Justice. The ironic thing is we're going to one of Dr. D's old location's. They told me there's a new villain hanging out in one of his old hide outs."

Ron wondered, "What's his name?"

"His - name?"

Ron tried to finish his sentence but had trouble. "Oh, sorry. I meant to say…say. Hey – is there…?"

Ron didn't finish what he was saying because he passed out and flopped over on Wade who tried to tell him to get off of him but he also had trouble spitting out his words. Wade told him, "Dude, what the – the– ah, Kim? What is…"

Kim looked into her rear view minor and saw Ron and Wade passed out. She said to herself, "Like I was trying to say boys. This new villain could be - a woman!"

Then she smiled an evil grin out the front window as she continued on her way.