Author's notes: This is chapter 20 of a 20 chapter - adult fan fiction story involving mostly Kim Possible, Ron, Shego, Bonnie and her brothers.

I do not own the rights to Kim Possible nor do I make any money from this story. It is purely for entertainment.

** WARNING: This story will involve sexual content. **

Cheer Fight 3: Kim's Revenge

A Kim Possible Story

By Chris Palmer X

Chapter 21 – Closing

Kim and Ron walked down the hall from the GX room to the party room. They heard the shower water turn on from down the hall as Kim walked into the room with the 2 big TV's. Jim & Tim were sitting back enjoying a beer.

Kim asked, "WTF? You're not old enough to drink!"

Tim sassed back, "So wait a minute. We're not old enough to drink but we're old enough to get our dicks sucked and fucked by the biggest slut in school?"

Kim was starting to get angry. She gave them a dirty look, "I want you two to clean up the GX room!"

Jim was outraged, "What? No way! Bonnie puked in there. It's oily, it smells of sweat sex funk and…"

Tim added. "And it's gross."

Kim's anger boiled as she walked closer to them, "Clean up that mess or I'll make you lick it up!"

"What the hell Kim? Why the sudden…"

"You may have helped me get revenge on Bonnie and Shego, which I really appreciate, but don't think for a second I'm not still mad at you for making me suck your dicks. I was vulnerable and YOU TWO took advantage of that!"

Tim had the gall to say, "So."

A few minutes later Jim and Tim were being thrown into the GX room by Kim and Ron. Tim landed in the puddle of oil while Jim landed in Bonnies puke!

Tim yells, "Yuk Gross!"

Tim cringed, "Oh…I think my hand landed in jizz!"

Ron told them as he tossed them some rags, towels and a bucket of soapy water, "Stop complaining. It's probably your own jizz. Well it could be mine or…"

Kim turned to Ron, "They get it Ron." Then she told her brothers, "As punishment for taking advantage of me and talking me into sucking your cocks you have to clean up this gross sex room. It's a mess! Once that's done we will never speak of this again. The blowjobs I gave you as payment for this revenge, MY glory hole video…NOTHING. Got it?"

The boys nodded their heads.

Kim sighed and lowered her head as she continued, "You're lucky. I had a much worse punishment planed but Ron talked me out of it. He suggested this."

Jim asked, "Worse this cleaning up this sex room?"

Kim huffed, "Must worse!"

Jim and Tim looked at each other and then looked around the room.

Kim told them her original plan, "I wanted to lock you two in here and put you through the same thing I put Bonnie and Shego through. See how you like sucking cock."

Jim and Tim looked horrified!

Kim told them, "But Ron told me despite the fact that you talked me into to doing a horrible thing, you're still my brothers and I can't put you through that. Now get to work. I'll be watching from the control room."

Tim and Jim said at the same time, "Fine!"

The door remained opened as Kim and Ron walked out.

Just as Jim and Tim seemed very grosses out at the sight of puck and cum on the floor, Bonnie walked by the door way, all wet, wrapped in a towel. She asked them, "Where's Kim?"

"In the control room. Down the hall to the left."

Bonnie walked away but then walked back for a second, "Boys…did I - ah, you know? You - two?"

Jim and Tim both gave her a look that clearly meant, "Duh…what do you think?"

"Yea, I thought so." She sighed as she walked away.

As soon as Bonnie left, Tim asked Jim, "So, did you enjoy Bonnie or Shego the best?"

Jim said, "Neither."


Jim smiled, "Kim was the best. Nothing will ever top that amazing blowjob our own sister gave us!"

"True that!"



Out of the blue, a shower of oil sprayed them both from above.

In the control room, Ron pressed the button to nail Kim & Tim.

Kim smiled and said, "Thank you!"

Then she looked at the monitor then pressed another bottom to make the door close.

In the monitor Jim and Tim looked scared to death!

Kim pressed the microphone and yelled to them, "Get to work! Before I change my mind and call all the boys back!"

Kim saw in the monitors Jim and Tim were finally cleaning up the mess.

Bonnie walked in the door way all wet and wrapped up in a towel. Kim saw her and asked, "What do you want Bonnie?"

"Well, I'd like some cloths for one thing."

"I should make you walk home like that."

Bonnie looked worried, "Are you? Wait…where the hell are we anyway?"

Kim walked over to a box in the corner, pulled out sweat pants and a t shirt then tossed them to Bonnie.

"Am I going to gym class?"

"Well, if you prefer to walk home in nothing but a towel? We're about 2 hours away from Middleton!"

Bonnie panicked, "No…no. This will be fine."

"We'll take you home after the tweebs clean up your sex mess."

Bonnie sighed, "Oh, OK."

Kim could tell she wasn't done. "Something else?"

"I just wanted to say…"

Kim crossed her arms and waited for her to finish.

"I want to say…I'm sorry. I really am sorry for all the trouble I put your through in the past year. It's not easy being the biggest bitch of the school."

Ron added, "But it's very easy for you to be the biggest slut of the school!"

Kim and Ron laughed for a moment and then Kim got serious, "Really Bonnie? Are you really sorry or are you just kissing up so I'll destroy the video of you being a total cum dumpster?"

"I can't lie remember. No matter how hard I want to I can't lie! So yea, I really am sorry!"

"Well, I hope you learned your lesion."

Bonnie sighed and lowered her head.

"Go wait in the entertainment room until the boys are done. Hey, you could watch some TV. I'll play the video of you on the big screen TV so you can watch yourself suck cock!"

Bonnie walked away said, "No thanks. I'll just wait."

As soon as Bonnie left the control room Ron asked Kim, "Bonnie doesn't look like the same bitchy person we meet all those years ago. She looks beaten and broken. So, was this big revenge plot worth it?"

Kim sighed. "Honestly Ron. At first, yes! Revenge was like a drug. I felt high on power! It was such a rush to really stick it to her after all these years.


"But even thought this was all a big revenge plot, after you kissed me…I saw what I was doing and what I had Shego doing to Bonnie…"

Ron raised one eyebrow, "Really? After I kissed you? I thought acting like a crazy-lady was all part of your big revenge plan?"

Kim Smiled a mischievous grin.

Ron told her, "Well, either way, neither of you will ever be the same."

"I know."

Ron hugged Kim as they embrace in a touching romantic hug.