Yuri On Ice Chapter one

By: Alyssa Brandon

Everything Is Not What It Seems

Yuri Kastuki from Japan here! After my Grand Prix where I had gotten silver and The Russian Punk, Yuri Plisteski took home Gold, I've been living in Russia with Victor in his Penthouse. He's come back in Figure Skating Competitions while still being my coach. It's been along a year now, living with him. It was great at first but now he's been getting so protective and... What's the word I'm looking for…Obsessive maybe? I love him but at the same time I think I'm scared of him sometimes. What do I do?

Chapter One: VICTOR!

Feeling stressed or nervous around big competitions is nothing new to me, but what is new is Victor's sudden personality change. After winning silver at last year's grand prix, and losing to the other Yuri, who took home gold, I've moved to Russia to continue my training under Victor, as he is my coach, while he is back training under Yakov again. We both are training for men singles as well as pairs skate. Which I'm glad for Yakov's advice on entering into certain spins and landing them as well. From his advice I've gotten better at the Quadsalchow and landing Victors signature move, his quad flip. I had just jumped into a quad-flip, it's in my free-skate and short program this year and I have to make it. The rinks doors were slammed open and I heard a squeal I knew all too well. I squeaked and lost my balance falling onto the hard ice below me. I groaned but sat up and looked up to see Victors worried face above me. He had a hand out to help me out. I let him pull me up after taking a look at my now bruising side.

I looked over to the edge of the rink where my best friend stood, nearly in tears. Always was really dramatic. I sighed softly and glided over to him. He hugged me saying sorry and rubbing my side. "D-Don't worry Phichit, I'm fine. You know I've fallen on the ice harder than that", I said to him. He laughed and his 'Tears' were instantly gone. I felt Victor watching us and it started creeping me out. Again! Victor is acting weird again! "Hey Phichit", I said as I carefully stepped off the ice. "Hm? What is it?" He questioned me. "Let's talk in the locker rooms, I wanna talk to you about something important". He blinked but nodded and I slipped off my skated and laid them next to Victors Blade guards. Phichit and I walked to the locker rooms and we sat on some benches and I began talking to him about how weird Victor's been acting lately.

"Yuri, if he ever hurts you, call me, I'll kick his ass the way to Thailand", he said to me after I finished explaining. I chuckled softly then asked, "Anyway, Phichit why are you in Russia anyway?" "I wanted to see my best friend Yuri! Ii miss you!" He squealed out and I laughed. "Hey Yuri?" I heard Victor's voice before I saw him. "How bad is your side"? He said standing before me. I guess now really thinking about it, it hurts like hell. "I'm sorry Phichit but I can't skate when I'm this injured but I'll be here tomorrow". He smiled and said, "It's fine, go put some ice on that bruise and relax. Tell Makkachin I said hi too". I nodded, hugged him and after taking a quick shower with Victor just standing there acting creepy, we, meaning Victor and I left for his apartment. Of course, when I walk in I'm always ready for Makkachin to try and jump on me, so I moved to the side to let Victor get attacked by his fluffy big brown poodle. I heard him laugh as he went down with the almost 150-pound dog on top of him. It's pretty funny watching him get attacked by lick-kisses instead of me.
He playfully pushed Makkachin off of him and back in the apartment. I moved to sit on the couch where Makkachin followed and laid his head on my lap, curled upon the sofa as well. His brown fluffy tail swaying softly. I turned the TV on after asking Victor if he could get me an ice pack for my side. He nodded and walked to the kitchen going into the freezer. Victor was nice enough to let me buy some Japanese channels on his TV so I could still enjoy my shows. I was petting Makkachin's fluffy ears as Victor came to me and said, "Lay down". I saw the frozen steak he had and laid down which caused Makkachin to move and stretch out which caused him to accidently kicked my side. Wincing I doubled over, damn that hurts more than it should. Makkachin heard my wince and whined nuzzling my arm. I smiled lightly, "It's okay I'm fine." Makkachin licked my hand before settling down on the floor in front of the couch. "No, it's not okay Yuri", Victor said putting the steak carefully on my side then scolding Makkachin. "Bad boy", he said flicking Makkachin's nose. Makkachin whined then barked softly dipping his head low in understanding. "Victor, there was no reason for you to scold him", I said. "It was an accident", I said again. I reached down and ran my fingers through the soft, brown, and fluffy fur of the almost 150-pound dog on the floor Victor sighed and bent down kissing me before going to our room. "It's okay boy, don't worry I'm fine", I whispered to Makkachin. His ears perked u at the sound of my hushed voice.

~Time skip~

"-Ri? -Uri? Yuri!" I blinked out of my dreamless state and saw Victor on top of me. I yawned softly looking at him with half closed eyes. "Hm? What is it?" I sleepily said. "You fell asleep on the couch and looks uncomfortable", He said trying to help me sit up a little. I sat up slowly while shaking my head. "It's actually very comfortable Victor", I say chuckling softly. He laughed softly and said, "Well dinners ready. Wanna eat here or in the kitchen with me" Maybe I could talk to him about his change of personality after dinner, it's seriously worrying me. But at the same time, he hasn't really done anything wrong. "Kitchen is fine Victor", I say standing up slowly. He smiled and we walked into the kitchen. I sat down as he set plates down for me and him. He then put food in Makkachin's bowl.
After dinner I helped him with dishes then we both got ready for bed. We were laying in bed when I got a video call from Phichit. Happily, I answered it, "Hey Phichit!" "Hey Yuri! How are you?", He said to me. "I'm fine Phichit, thanks for asking", I comment back laughing softly. I had my head on Victor's chest, his bare chest and I hoped Phichit wouldn't notice, because knowing him, he'll make a joke or comment about it to me embarrassed. "Has Victor tried anything or done anything weird again"? He said, suddenly serious, I knew it was serious because of his stern tone and he used his native language. Luckily, he taught me Thai so I answer without Victor knowing anything. Sighing softly, I answered and said, "Just scolded Makkachin because he accidently kicked my side". Phichit nodded and replied in Thai, "Victor is something right now, just let me know if he hurts you". I nodded to him.
After talking a bit more we hung up and I put my phone on the charger laying it on the nightstand next to the bed. "Speaking in Thai?" I heard Victor say as I laid down, laying my head on his chest. He put n arm around my shoulders holding me in place. Blinking I tried to feign innocence and said, "Oh, yeah he taught me Thai and I taught him Japanese. Sometimes he'll slip into his native tongue and not know it and we just keep going". "You said my name and Makkachin's. What were you two talking about?" That's right since their names, no matter the difference in languages they'll be the same. I tried to think of something but couldn't. "it wasn't anything bad victor, you should know that. Now let's get to sleep, I'm tired". "No, Yuri what were you two talking about"? He said, his tone was demanding and dominating. I shrank into my self and said nothing for a while. Softly and quietly I said, "I gotta use the bathroom". He reluctantly let me go. I stood up a little to quickly, grabbed my phone and ran out to the hallway bathroom. Shutting the door and locking it, I sat on the toilet and pulled up my contacts.
I didn't know who I called until I heard a "What do you want pig? It better be good, it's damn late". I called the other Yuri, "Come get me". I almost shouted at him at him. "Please", I practically begged. I noticed I didn't have my glasses, I left them on my nightstand. "Oi pig, why do you need me? Just call your annoying friend". Yuri was annoyed at me, of course he would be. It id pretty late and we have training tomorrow as well. "Yuri?" I heard Victor on the other side of the door. He knocked twice then thrice. He sounded angry; he kept knocking and calling for me. He started to push against the door and door knob. Suddenly something hit the door, hard! "Yuri!" He yelled and I started to shake. "Yuri! Please just come get me!" I yelled into the phone.
"Coming with Yakov", He said then continued, "Stay wherever you are. We'll be there in 15 minutes". He hung up and the banging kept coming as Victor kept shouting angrily at me. I quickly moved to sit in the bathroom tub curling up into myself. I sent a quick text letting the other Yuri know I'm hiding in the bathroom, but Ii left my glasses in the bed room on my nightstand. "Yuri! If it wasn't anything bad you can tell me, right? You still love me, right?!" Victor was now screaming at me. I hated being yelled at, it always scared me more than a lot of things. I shook heavily as I squeezed my knees to my chest tightly. Minutes was too long, please Yuri, Yakov, get here soon. Please! I begged to myself, even though I know no one can hear me and no one was there. Just the constant banging and screaming from Victor on the other side of the door.
Almost 20 minutes later the banging had finally topped and I heard, "'Pig, it's me open up. Yakov had him in another room. I have your glasses". He was here! Finally! I ran to open it up and clung to him my whole body shaking heavily. Tears slowly fell from my eyes as he walked me to Yakov's car helping me in the back. He gave me my glasses and I put them on. He shut the car door before walking back into the apartment. I called Phichit to tell him what had happened; I made him promise to stay in the hotel he was staying in and not kill Victor.