Everything Is Not What It Seems

Chapter 10

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Warning: Physical abuse! Mental and emotional Abuse! There is an inner monologue of Yuri self loathing and degrading his self. His inner self will be in italics. Also, there is a very detailed sexual scene at the end of this chapter. If you are under the age of 18 years old, do NOT read! If you do, then your parents need to start monitoring what you are doing on your computer, laptop, or phone, or tablet; whatever you are using. If you are triggered by any kind of abuse, I will put out little warnings in the story to let you know when the abuse starts and ends so you can skip it.

I do NOT condone the abusive relationship depicted in this fictional story. Again, if you or if anyone you know is or either has been in an abusive relationship and you want help, I am here for you and them. You can PM me and I give you my cell number or my Instagram if you have one and we can talk. Now, to the real story.

Yurio POV:

I didn't want to bring Yuri to the rink, but he insisted on practicing for the men's singles. I told him that he doesn't have to force his self, of course, he ignored me and kept getting ready. His phone still resides on my dresser, turned off. Victor had started calling and texting him non-stop during the middle of the night. I almost threw his phone out of the window, but he just said to turn it off. I obliged and turned it off and let him know if he needed to call anyone he could use my phone. He had only nodded and slowly fell back to sleep.

Now, back at the rink, Katsudon was so entranced with his skating that he hadn't noticed Victor walking in and getting ready to get on the ice. I watched his every move as I slowly just circled around the rink, mainly around the Katsudon pig. I had called Phichit not to long ago, but he didn't answer, I assumed he was either still on the plane, or getting off the plane and he had his phone off or turned down. Yuri was really waiting for Phichit's arrival, when he woke up this morning and Phichit wasn't there he seemed really disappointed and barely ate.

I saw Victor watching Yuri as he had gone into a quad flip and landed it just fine, a little wobbly though. "Yuri, watch your balance when going into the flip okay", Yakov half yelled to Yuri. Yuri only nodded and skated over to him as did I and said, "You seem off, are you sure you want be here?" He sighed and said, "Phichit is not here yet, I need to keep my mind off of him somehow". I understood that and yet I wanted to let him know that Victor was in the building, but I also didn't want him to freak out. Yakov handed him his water bottle and I watched him drink as Victor stepped on the ice.

"I'm going to use the bathroom okay", I heard Katsudon say and he skated off the rink taking his skates off and walked to the bathrooms not to far form the rink doors. "He'll be okay", Yakov said to me as he watched Mila and Georgie with there routines. Maybe Yakov was right, Yuri doesn't want to go back, he's already doing better, he's not stuttering as much anymore. He said he had gotten more sleep than he usually would've gotten when sleeping with Victor.

Apparently, Victor would only beat him during the night because most of the neighbors beneath the penthouse were already asleep. At least, that's what Yuri had said to me. He still doesn't want to talk, but I have a feeling he's waiting until Phichit is here to talk; after all, Phichit is his best friend. I heard my phone ringing from the bench so I stepped off the ice and grabbed my phone and saw it was Phichit calling me. "Hello?" I said after pressing the answer button. "Hey, I just arrived in Russia, I'm gonna take my bags to the my hotel first then I'll be on my way to the rink", He said, then continued, "How is Yuri? He's most likely at the rink as well isn't he?"

"Yes, he is at the rink even though I told him he should take it easy", I answered him and sat down on the bench and drank some water form my tiger themed water bottle. "That's Yuri for you, he's a stubborn Asian, but he's my best friend. Anyway, I'm getting in the taxi now, I'll talk to you when I get to the rink. Let Yuri know I'm on my way", and he hung up. Yuri hadn't seemed like he wanted to talk, maybe he was waiting for Phichit to get here. He's probably not comfortable talking to a kid anyway. After having gotten off the phone I looked up to see Victor just skating around, as if he were thinking. How can he act so normal with everything he's done to Yuri. Sure, it was only a couples weeks ago that I loathed Yuri Katsuki with a passion, but now, I just think of him as a big brother that I never had and that I always wanted. "Hey?" I heard a voice say besides me and I looked over to see Yuri sitting down. "Phichit is here in Russia and on his way", I said instantaneously.

His face when I told him that Phichit was on his way was amazing. His eyes lit up, like dark crystals. He had a small smile on his lips. It made me a little happy knowing that he could be happy again and it was because it was his best friend. I know that if my best friend were here for me, if I was going through something like this, I'd be really happy too. I'd be grateful for them. "I-I'm going to get back to practice, can you watch Victor for me?" He suddenly asked me, his voice was quiet, just above a whisper. I nodded and he smiled and headed back to he rink after he laid his glasses back on the bench next to his water bottle and my tiger printed gym bag. I watched him for a second as he smoothly glided around the giant block of ice then guessed that Yakov would be watching him for any mistakes so I turned back to Victor. He was going over his short program, and making every jump or spin or foot sequence, like nothing was happening at all. It angered me more than anything in the world, and I just wanted to kick him, with my skates on and the blade guards off. He deserves it for everything he put the short Japanese man through.

"Yuratchka! Get back to practice!" Yakov all but screamed at me, like usual. I rolled my eyes but stepped back onto the ice as well, knowing that Lillia would say something if I hadn't listened. Sure she's an annoying old hag but she has helped me with my last season and I'm grateful for that, so I thought I'd listen to her.

Yuri POV:

It surprised me that Victor was at the rink, though it shouldn't have. We both are professional figure skaters, of course he'd be at practice, especially for the competitions coming shortly. I wanted to watch him, make sure he doesn't come near me, but I needed to practice. Yurio said he'd watch him for me, I'm glad, but I don't want to bother him. Sighing to my self I decided to practice my free skate. As I skated into a quad flip, I realized something, I have to free my self from Victor. Maybe, I could do that by skating. I could always skate out of my feelings and Victor had always been able to understand, even I didn't have any music for the dance it's self.

I kicked my self up and jumped at the same time, moving my arms up into the air. Pointing up at the building's ceiling as I twirled four times in the air before gravity took over and I fell down. I bent my right leg so I landed without hurting my self, my free leg was pointed out behind me, long and straight. My hands had moved out to the sides of me, my fingers pointed slightly as if I were doing a pirouette. After that, I skated a circle a couples times then skated into my jump combination. I landed those with flying colors, after that I was instantly into my step sequence, and I hadn't noticed that I had changed a few things in the step sequence, including my arm and hand movements. After the sequence I went to my spin combination, my last spin was a flying sit spin. I kicked my skate against the ice and flew up but to fall down with my right foot on the ice and my left pointed straight, level with the ice it's self. Slowly I stood up as the spin continued, my arms moving out toward the sides of me and my face toward the ceiling with my eyes closed. I panting and breathing heavily when I opened my eyes and looked around to notice everyone in the rink, even the few civilians staring at me.

"Papa..."!" A child said speaking something in a thick Russian accent I couldn't try and understand. "Amazing", I heard Lillia say breathlessly. "Yuri!" Mila squealed out, she had tears in her eyes for some reason and the same with Georgie. "That was beautiful Yuri", I froze hearing Victor's voice just a few feet to my right. I turned but I couldn't look at him. "Can't you take a compliment?" He asked me just as Yurio showed up and dragged me off the ice and sat me on the bench where Phichit was waiting. I could've cried in relief at the sight of my best friend. "Yuri! That was so beautiful. You skated with such raw emotion, I almost wanted to cry", he said bringing me into a hug. I hugged him back tightly, my arms slithering around his waist with my head on his shoulder. He sat me down and put my glasses back on my sweaty face. He sat down next to me and I laid my head on his shoulder. "So, as I was saying before I was rudely interrupted, You did amazing, but I am wondering why you would change some details in your program, so close to the competition's."

Suddenly I felt sick, I bit my lip and jumped up sprinting towards the bathroom. I fell against the toilet and just hurled into the white porcelain. Somehow I stopped my glasses from falling into the dirtied water and basically throwing them onto the floor. I didn't have much to eat for breakfast, I hadn't been hungry enough. So I had only ate a little bit eggs and drank some coffee. I noticed a few people already in the bathroom, watching me, as I dry heaved and retched into the toilet creating a soft echo. It was embarrassing, but I was too tired to care. "Papa!..." That child spoke in that thick Russian that I couldn't understand quite well. His father replied back then he paused and it seemed he was talking to me. I searched my mind to try and find the Russian words to say I couldn't speak Russian and couldn't understand him, but I couldn't even talk let alone think.

"He's fine", a soft Russian voice said a few moments later. It was Victor, I knew it was him because I can understand his Russian. He speaks slowly and softly just so I could understand. Swallowing harshly I looked up shaking my head repeatedly and trying to find the word no, but my lips wouldn't move. The man had replied to Victor as the child curiously walked over to me. He sat down in front of me and patted my knee. He smiled at me and said something, but I couldn't reply back. His smile sorta made me smile back too. He's an adorable little boy, probably about 4 maybe 5 years old. I saw Victor walking towards me at the corner of my peripheral vision. I squeaked as he grabbed my bicep a little too harshly and I wiggled trying to get Victor to let me go. I looked toward the man and even the child, I shook my head no as fast as I could. The man said something sternly and harshly to Victor. It stopped Victor for a second and I was able to get away. I fell back to the floor before standing up and sprinting from the bathroom.

I ran straight to Phichit and gripped his arms as tightly as I could. I begged him to take me to his hotel, or anywhere. Just get me away from Victor! He wrapped an arm around my waist and jogged me out of the rink. I ignored Yurio's yells of what the hell is going on and just looked toward the ground. I leaned heavily into Phichit's side and said, "M-My phone is a-at Yurio's place". He didn't say anything but I assume he nodded and we were off walking the cold snowy streets of Russia. Slowly I slipped into my mind.

What the hell am I even doing? I'm just bothering Phichit, I'm bothering everyone. Maybe they're all helping me at out pity.

You know they don't care about you. You know it's only out of pity because you're weak! A voice screamed back at me, answering my non questions. But was it right?

You know I'm right, don't lie to your self. No one wants to help you, they just do it out of pity. But what about Phichit, he's my best friend. I answered it back.

Oh come on, you and I both know, he was never your best friend. He was only there for you, because you couldn't speak English. Don't lie to your self! Maybe it was right. Maybe I was just a burden to everyone. I bothered everyone I talked to. I bothered Yurio, a kid his self, I bothered Yakov, it seemed somehow I bothered even Lillia. I bothered the two strangers, the father and son. And, now I'm bothering my best friend.

Don't lie to your self, you know he's not your best friend! Yeah you're right. I sighed, but it was too late, right? Phichit and I are already so far from the rink.

You know it's not too late, when you get your phone, you could text Victor, maybe even call him. Beg him to take you back! But then again, with everything you've put him through. All your tantrums! He'll probably never want you back! No, that's where you're lying, Victor will want me back. He will, I'm sure of it. He loves me, right?

Why would he love a weak man like you? He's just pitying you because you lost the grand prix all those years ago! I didn't have anything to say, it was probably right. "Yuri, we're at Yurios", Phichit said, bringing out of my self loathing. I'll just get my phone and then we'll leave.

You're bothering a sweet old man! What's wrong with you!? The voice screamed at me and it was right. What was wrong with me, bothering a sweet old man who had his own worries. I grabbed my phone from Yurio's dresser then told Phichit let's go. He looked at me for a second but nodded and we left, I'm assuming toward his hotel.

What are you even going to do when you get to the hotel? Cry and bother Phichit more? You're weak! It was right, I was weak, I didn't know what I was going to do when we got to the hotel room. After what seemed like hours, we were at his hotel in 25 minutes. He brought me up to his room where he told me to take a hot shower. I listened and turned the water on, undressed, almost as if I were a robot.

Phichit's POV:

Yuri had barely said any real sentences to me and it really made me wonder how bad it was. I knew Yuri was probably deep into his own mind, thinking degrading things about his self. I've seen him like this only one time before; it was when he and I were in Detroit, when we were room mates in college. I walked into the room after having been at the library to see Yuri was in the middle of a mental break down. His whole side of the room was trashed, it was as if a tornado had went through and only destroyed his half of the room. His bed covers and sheets were thrown across the room along with his pillows. His lamp and few things that were on the night stand had been thrown to the floor. A picture I noticed that was of him and a woman, and another man, There was also a puppy in his arms in the picture. He looked to be about 12 years old in the picture. The glass had shattered, I'm guessing from the force of the fall to the ground.

I looked over to see him crouching in a corner, his sobs were loud and he choked on a few as I bent down and slowly wrapped him in a hug. He flinched slightly and I just held him and rocked him until he finished his break down. After a while he had stopped and I tried to speak to him in English but it looked like he hadn't heard me. Wait, he was Japanese right? He probably couldn't speak English yet. I had thought to my self. The only way he communicated with me for a while was google translate. He had explained that since he moved to America so quick from Japan, he was still learning English. And, because the Chinese, Korean, and Japanese languages are polar opposites against the English language he was having a very hard time learning. I had translated mine too and told him I could help since I was fluent in it. Though it wasn't my first language I could still help him.

He had looked like he was about to cry when I said I would help him learn. He had translated that learning the language wasn't the only thing that's been on his mind and stressing him out. Turns around a few weeks ago, his puppy, he said he named him Vicchan, had passed away and it was tearing him apart. He also had skating competitions, but we both knew that since we were training together. Of course, I never really been able to talk to him, only Cao Cao. Cao cao had this special translator that helped him accurately translate Yuri's Japanese to English. After we had talked, even though Yuri was glad for my help, he had sunk into his self for weeks. I was tempted to call his parents that he explained were the people in his picture. Then I realized they probably don't speak English either, he said they still lived in Japan with his sister, because they had this Inn that they had been running since Mari, his big sister, was a baby.

He slowly did come out of his mind, but it really worried me, because I didn't realize his anxiety and depression were that bad. I sighed to my self and took my phone out and looked through social media just as I got a text from a 'Private Number'. I blinked but answered the text anyway.

Private Number: 'I'll be there to pick Yuri up in 10 minutes. If I don't have him in my car I'll call the cops.'

Victor! That bastard! Did he really think that I was just going to hand Yuri over to him like a sack of potatoes?

Phichit: 'Yeah right, if you call the cops, I'd just tell them the truth about you' I sent him hoping he'd get the clue through his thick skull.

Victor: 'Even if you do tell them the truth he wouldn't testify and there's no evidence of me ever hurting him anyway. I would never hurt him'

He was crazy, he had to be if he thought he wasn't hurting him. I had to do something, I didn't want Yuri going back to him. I ignored him this time and went back to scrolling through my media just as I heard Yuri asking if it was okay for him to have a towel. "Of course, you can", I had said to him jumping up and going to a closet and grabbing out a soft towel and handing it to him through the door. The moment he had the towel in his hand he shut the door and I sighed, hoping that him being away from Victor would help him as much as I think it should.

A few moment later he came out of the bathroom dressed again and he handed me the towel back. I laid it softly over a chair in front of the bed just as his Phone rang that was in his hand. He looked down and squinted slightly, he forgot his glasses. He answered and said, "Y-Yes?" I couldn't hear the other conversation but I could only know who was on the other line. "Okay", He replied to him. "V-Victor's here, I should go. I-I'm sorry for bothering you with all this. I-I'll make it up to you soon", He said and bowed to me then turned and walked toward the door. I lost it, I was so angry!

I grabbed his arm and pulled him against me, maybe a bit to roughly. "What the hell is wrong with you!? Have you forgotten already what that mentally insane man has done to you!?" I all but screamed at my best friend. I instantly regretted it as he squealed and shrank back, he wiggled and squirmed and I let him go. He backed up then turned and just booked it out of the room and down the hall way. I bit my lip and fell down leaning against the bed. Did I just lose my best friend?

Yuri POV:

Phichit was scary when mad, I didn't realize he could be like that.

Liar! You bothered him too much, he was through with it. Don't try and put the blame on him, it's your fault! The voice came back and screamed. I shook my head slightly and saw Victor. I almost cried out in relief when I jumped into his awaiting arms. I wrapped my arms tightly around his waist as he wrapped his around me. I laid my head on his chest, I didn't say anything, I just held onto him. "Come on, get in the car okay", He said and I nodded and let him go walking to the other side of the car and climbing in putting my seat belt on. I watched as he climbed back into the drivers side putting his seat belt on too. "We will have a talk when we get home understand?" He said to me as he put the car in drive. I nodded and said, "Okay". He drove off and looked down at my slightly chubby fingers. Am I seriously that fat? I haven't eaten right, there shouldn't be anyway that I'm fat again. I've been trying to keep my figure for skating.

"What's on your mind?" Victor said suddenly and I looked up at him and sighed slightly.

Tell him, you know you can trust him. He's the only one we can trust. The voice said to me and I agreed with it and said, "D-Do I look fat. I feel fat, even though I've been going with my training and work out regimen." "No, Yuri, you don't look fat to me, you honestly look like you've lost weight more than gained the weight." He said softly and came to a slow stop at a red light. I nodded slightly then looked out the window and he began again, "Something else is on your mind. What is it?" "Phichit scared me, I was honestly terrified of him Victor", I said biting my lip remembering how angry his eyes looked. "What did he do?" Victor asked me and I looked at him to see him looking at me then looking back at the road as the light turned green and he slowly pushed his foot on the accelerator.

Tell him, you know you want to. You know he'll listen to you. The voice said suddenly and I bit my lip and said, "H-he grabbed me and screamed at me asking what was wrong with me when I was trying to come back out here to meet you". "Well at least you're here now okay." He said softly as he turned a corner the snow sloshing under the rubbery tires. I nodded softly and a few moments later he pulled into the parking lot and we both stepped out of the car and headed up to he penthouse.


After he unlocked the front door I opened it and was immediately met with Makka's fluffy fur and soft barking. I bent down and pet her softly on the head and she licked me on the cheek nuzzling my nose with his cute wet nose. I giggled softly but stopped as Victor spoke sternly to Makka. In Russian, but I understood, because Victor taught me the sayings in case I was home alone with Makka and I needed to be stern with her. "Makka, bed room." He said and she barked and whined but trotted to the bed room. I stood up and was met almost instantly with a harsh opened handed hit against my cheek. I squeaked and backed up from the force of the hit. "I-I'm so-" He interrupted me with another opened handed slap across the same cheek. I whimpered holding my hand against my cheek. This time he kicked my legs out from under me and I gasped as my hip hit the hard but soft carpeted flooring. "Why do you always insist on bothering everyone, you're always bothering Yurio! He's a kid!" he screamed at me and I nodded choking out a soft sorry in reply.

He's right you know. You always bother people, and Yurio is a child. Only 16-years-old. Yurio probably thinks you're a burden anyway. Yeah you're right. I'm a bother to him.

What about Yakov? He's throwing you pity because you're weak! You're bothering him too! And Lillia, and those strangers! The young father and son. Yeah I bothered all of them too. Victor was right, why did I insist on bothering everyone?

Because you're weak and you always need to be pitied! But now you only have Victor here for you. You lost Phichit! Who was supposedly your best friend! I nodded to the voice understanding that I was a burden, but only Victor truly cared for me.

A harsh kick broke me from my reverie and I screamed out as my knee was kicked out of place. The kicks came for several moments then slowly stopped. I felt Victor's hands on my knee and he harshly put it back in place. "Go take a shower, make it fast", it was a demand. I obeyed and slowly stood up limping to the master bathroom. Victor was right, I'm weak and a burden, I just need to stop bothering people. I turned on the hot water and quickly undressed again and walked into the walk in shower letting the water cascade down my body, from head to toe. The hot water was helping my knee a bit.


Just as I stepped out of the shower and grabbed a towel, Victor had yelled out that dinner was ready. "B-Be there in a second Victor. Getting d-dressed", I yelled back at him. I limped over to my dresser and pulled on some boxers and pajamas. After putting those on I threw the towel back into the bathroom and walked out into the living room then into the kitchen. "I made some spaghetti and meatballs", he said as I walked in sitting on a stool. I smiled softly; his spaghetti was really good. "Make us both a bowl while I use the bathroom okay?" He said kissing my head softly. I nodded and hopped off the chair as he walked out of the kitchen. I limped to the counter and reached up and grabbed two bowls from the cabinet above and then reached down and pulled the silverware drawer out and grabbed two forks. Then I grabbed two cups as well.

Quickly I made up the bowls and set them on the counter then opened the fridge bending down slightly to take out the white skim milk and the chocolate milk Victor loved so much. Look's like we're almost out of both, I'll have to let him know. Also, I wonder if he'll let me take some pain relief and put an ice pack on my knee. I poured my self the white skim milk and poured him the chocolate milk. I set the cups down at each bowl and sat down just as Victor walked back in and sat down. I smiled softly at him and said, "Looks like we're almost out of both milks Victor". He nodded and I continued with, "A-after dinner would it be okay if I took some pain relief for my knee and put some ice on it?" He looked at me but nodded softly, "Of course, use the Tylonel in the medicine cabinet and you know where the ice is." I nodded and we began eating.

Surprised he's actually letting use the pain relief. My mind said and I nodded softly to it in agreement. Yeah, I know. But isn't it because we're actually obeying him?

Of course it is, we just have to obey him and he shouldn't hurt us as much right? Why are you asking me? But... Yeah, maybe he won't. Let's do what he says and he won't hurt us, maybe he'll show his kind side to us soon.

Yeah, I miss that side, let's obey and maybe we could see that side. I didn't reply to my self and just finished eating. Victor and I did the dishes quickly and I went to the bathroom to get the Tylonel as he sat down on the living room couch. I quickly downed the pills then went and made a small ice pack from the ice and a small sandwich baggie. I sat next to Victor putting a pillow under my knee then put the ice pack on top of the knee. I leaned against Victor's side as he wrapped an arm around my shoulders. My head was against his shoulder. He channel surfed for a while as I looked up and watched him.

I wonder why he hits us all the time. My mind randomly said and shrugged to my self. Yeah, now that I think about it, I wonder why hurts us too.

Only one way to find out. What?

Ask him. Are you sure he'll even answer us, or maybe he'd hit us again.

If he hits us, then we know not to ask him things like that again. I mean, of course, we'd be out of line and you know that. Yeah, you're right. I sighed heavily and said softly, "H-Hey Victor?" "Hmm?" He made a small noise, "W-Why do you hurt me?" I bit my lip hoping he won't get angry again. For the longest time he stopped channel surfing and looked at me. I couldn't tell what was swirling through his one visible blue eye; finally he answered and said, "I don't want you to hurt your self. I'm trying to protect you". I blinked softly trying to make sense of what he said.

What does he mean? I don't know, should we ask him? Or will we only look like we're really stupid?

Again, only one way to find out. "V-Victor what you d-do you mean?" I asked him, my voice barely above a whisper. Makka made a cute noise while in her sleep next to the couch but settled back to sleep as Victor smiled softly at me. I blushed slightly at that heart shaped smile. "When we still lived at the onsen, your mother had told me stories about how you had tried to kill your self several times when you were a teenager, I just don't want you to hurt your self, so I'm protecting you the only way I know how".

He's so nice and kind. Yeah he is, we should appreciate him so much more. "Th-That really means a lot. Thank you Victor. I-I love you". He chuckled and kissed my head and went back to channel surfing. But, I kept watching him, watching his beautiful face as he searched for a channel to watch.

Victor was a beautiful man, his bright silver hair, the small fringe, usually hiding his left eye from view, but from the side I could see the bright blue of his eye. His lashes were the same color as his hair and they were long and they looked soft.

Beautiful eyes huh? I agreed with my self, his eyes were mesmerizing.

Tell him he has beautiful eyes. I nodded to my self again and said, "You're eyes are so beautiful Victor. Unlike my boring brown ones". He stopped his channel surfing again and looked down at me and said, "Yuri, your eyes are not boring they are so beautiful." I giggled softly, not really believing his words. His eyes were the color of the Caribbean oceans. So blue and breath taking. "Don't think I'm lying either Yuri, I may have 'ocean eyes' and 'sky blues' and 'baby blues' but you have a mesmerizing pool of electric light. You're eyes are like an endless swirling pool of a more beautiful void. And when the sun or light hits them just right, they sparkle like the stars that sparkle at night".

I was sure I was as red as a tomato when he finished. My love for Victor was just over flowing and I was a little scared of it. I don't think I have ever loved someone as much as I do with Victor.

He's so romantic! My mind yelled to me and I agreed again. He was so romantic, I loved him more every day. He grabbed my chin and lifted it ever so slightly and bent down to place his soft lips against my own. I blushed even more as he moved his lips against mine at such a soft and slow pace. I groaned slightly as he tapped my bottom lip with his tongue. I closed my eyes as well, opening my mouth letting him explore my wet cavern with his tongue. He was everywhere at once, his tongue swirling around the inside of my cheeks, the roof of my mouth; they swirled around my teeth as well. I groaned more and slowly my hands gripping his shirt a bit. He slid his fingers through my dark hair before he pulled away. My head was dizzy and I felt like I was floating on fluffy clouds. He stood up and bent down again picking me up bridle style.

~18+ Scene Starts Here~

I instantly wrapped my arms around his neck so I could hold onto him, the ice pack had fallen to the floor. I didn't care anymore and apparently, neither did Victor because he ignored it and walked to the bed room. He had to tell Makka to go back to the living room because being the ever faithful and loyal dog she was. She tilted her head but woofed softly and trotted back to her dog bed in the living room next to the couch. He shut the door behind him with his foot then laid me down on the bed. He climbed over me and he bent down again kissing me, but with more force and passion. He was instantly exploring my mouth again and I moaned again.

The voice inside my head decided not to get in the way, so I just focused on Victor's hands all over me. His hands roamed all over my chest, my neck, my hips, and the inside of my thighs. He pulled away to pull my shirt off then bend down and kiss and lick at my neck. I squeaked softly but my hands slid into his hair gripping slightly. He nipped at the junction of my neck and shoulder and I moaned again as he reached down and pinched and rubbed at my nipples. "V-Victoru", I moaned out, adding that extra vowel like I used to long ago. "Your moans are beautiful", He said to me as he kissed lower and licked at my right nipple as he pinched the other pink nub.

If I could, I swear I would be blushing so much more, my cheeks had to be the color of dark red blood by now. He guided the soft pink nub into his mouth and sucked. I gasped softly and pulled slightly on his silver hair. His fringe was tickling my chest and adding extra stimulation, but I didn't really hate it. It felt good. He started kissing and nipping lower until he reached my pajama pants. He tugged softly and I lifted my hips softly and he pulled them off throwing to the floor along with my crumpled shirt. He roamed his hands around the inside of my thighs again before he started palming my manhood through my boxers. I gasped and gripped his hair tighter.

"Wow, you're already hard", he said, his voice was like liquid gold, it sent shivers down my spine. He tugged on my boxers and I lifted my hips again and he pulled my boxers off, throwing them onto the floor in a heap as well. His eyes were sparkling as he looked down at my erection. "D-Don't look at it", I whimpered out embarrassed. He chuckled and grabbed my throbbing manhood and pumped softly. I gasped moaning a bit louder. Suddenly he stopped and stood up, on his knees on the bed. He towered over my quivering and shivering form on the bed. I was completely naked and I watched as he slowly pulled his shirt off and threw it somewhere in the room. I didn't care where anymore.

"You're always so shy", He said as he stood up off the bed and dropped his sweats letting them pool around his ankles. His body was so beautiful, like it was chiseled from the gods. Pale and mesmerizing. He climbed back on the bed and bent farther down, his head was between my legs and he slowly grabbed me, pumped me a few times, then he took me in his mouth all at once. I gasped throwing my head back as he downed my throbbing erection in one take. "V-Vic-" I couldn't really form words, it was like he was a master at this. He knew exactly where I liked it and where it felt the most better.

He bobbed his head up and down fast, his tongue rubbing at the underside of my cock. He lifted up and said, "I know it's been a while so I'll be slow and careful". I could only nod at his words as he pulled his underwear off before he spread my legs a little wider. My mind was completely fuzzy, I swear I was floating on some fluffy white clouds. He reached over me to the desk drawer and pulled out his lube. We didn't really use condoms unless we wanted to; but it appeared he didn't feel like using one. He poured a bit of lube on his fingers and slowly swirled his fingers around the ring of my asshole.

I bit my lip softly as he slowly pushed one finger inside swirling it around and moving it around, sliding against the walls inside of me. I moaned loudly, my back arching off the bed slightly. He slowly added a second finger then scissored them inside of me. "O-Oh god", I whimpered out as he pushed them in and out rubbing them against my walls a little more quickly. He added a third finger and I gasped loudly and he bent own licking at the head of my erection softly. "V-Victor, please", I almost begged him. He slowly removed his fingers and lubed up his own rock hard erection then slowly guided his self into my hole. It hurt and I whimpered gripping his arms tightly, my nails creating small crescent moon shaped on his skin.

Slowly he pushed his self completely inside and I yelled out closing my eyes and throwing my head to the side as he slowly began thrusting in and out of me. I couldn't form coherent words if I tried, only moans and gasps. After a few moments he shifted and lifted my legs over his shoulders then he slammed into me, hitting my prostate dead on. I screamed out my back arching once more, "O-Oh Victor!" I screamed out his name, "H-Harder". I didn't know what I was saying, I just let the words fall from my mouth. He smirked softly and slammed into me more and more, over and over again. I wrapped my arms around his neck and scratched at the skin there. I felt the familiar pool of my orgasm in the pit of my belly as he hit my prostate over and over again, he was so deep. Oh god! "V-Victor, I-I'm-" I couldn't finish the sentence as he sped up and slammed in and I screamed again arching my back my head hitting the pillow harshly as my orgasm hit me like a bullet train. My head went blank, my body froze as I spurt white hot liquid over both of our stomachs and chests.

After a few thrusts, he came deep inside of me causing the sensation to heighten. Slowly we both came down from our highs and he fell beside me after pulling out and pulled me into his arms. I leaned against his chest as he pulled the blanket over us. He kissed my head and said, "I love you, sleep well. I am right here." I smiled and thought, Yeah he's right here and he always will be.

~18+ Scene Ends Here~

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