Hey guys! Welcome to my story that was inspired by a fellow fanfic writers story. ThatEngineers, "Syngensophobia". It will have a plot like it, but with my ideas and inspiration from other episodes, hope you enjoy.

Lincoln sat in his parents room, listening to the girls bicker outside. "Geez, its getting really bad!", Lynn Sr. said. "I know, they've fought before, but this is ridiculous!", Lincoln said. The girls were going insane, clawing, biting, punching. Then, Lori stopped them all, "Wait! Why are we fighting? We didnt know eachothers secrets until Lincoln said something!", she said. "Yeah! And hes the one who caused all this! If he had respected protocol, we would be fine!", Lynn said.

"Now that I think about it, isnt it mostly his fault all these problems happen? Like when we switched rooms, it all went wrong because he used an inaccurate test!", Lola said. "And the time we fought over where to go on vacation!", Lana said. "And the time when he made us think Mom and Dad were going to get rid of us!", Luna said. The sisters were all angry now, but not at eachother.

"LINCOLN! GET OUT HERE RIGHT NOW!", Lynn yelled. Lincoln ran to the other side of the room. "WE SAID NOW!", Luan yelled. Lincoln quivered in the corner, not knowing what punishment awaited him. The sisters weren't giving up, they started ramming the door. "Girls! Knock it off!", Lynn Sr. yelled. The sisters didn't listen, they kept smashing the door in, constantly cracking the door.

Lincoln just sat in silence, hoping they would leave. But then the door burst open, and the sisters, minus Lily, ran in. Lynn grabbed Lincoln by his throat and dragged him out into the living room. She threw him into the wall, leaving a giant crack. Lincoln fell to the ground, getting ready to get back up. Then Lori kicked him in the face, Lincolns head flew back and smacked into the wall. Lynn then punched him in the chest, hearing a loud crack.

Lincoln screamed in pain, tears pouring out of his eyes. He grabbed his chest in pain as all the sisters jumped him. Lori continuely stomped on his legs until she heard the sound of them breaking. Leni was biting his face, hard, she could taste blood poiring into her mouth, which she constantly spit out. Luna was punching him in the stomach, causing him to lose his breath to much. Luan was hitting his forehead with her elbow. Lynn was bending his arm beyond comprehension, causing it to snap in two places.

Lucy was ramming her feet into the place that defied his gender. Lola was punching his nose, making it explode with blood, which she surprisingly didnt freak out about. Lana was hitting his eyes, really hard. And Lisa, Lisa was bending his fingers, each one looking like rugged twigs on a tree. They didnt stop this for another 4 minutes, until they felt to tired to continue.

After hearing everything go quiet, Rita and Lynn Sr., along with Lily, peeked outside. And what they saw will haunt them for the rest of their lives. There in the corner, sat their son, bloodied, beaten, and broken. And what he said, thats something they will never forget. "Mom, Dad, help me."