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The Unforgivable Curse

Charmcaster's father, Spellbinder, had been an extremely kind and selfless person.

One day, Spellbinder used his powers to stop a drunk driver from running over an innocent child. At that time, the current Director of S.E.C.T. (the United Nations' Secret Extraterrestrial Containment Team) didn't give anyone the option to refuse enlistment. Soon after Spellbinder was publicly exposed as a Sorcerer, he was forced to serve. Even if it wasn't his intention to be an agent, Spellbinder came to like his profession. One night he commented with Charmcaster, with a big smile on his face, that he saved a family from a Werewolf and how good it made him feel.

When Charmcaster was eight years old, her father lost his life on a S.E.C.T. mission fighting the Forever Knights. Spellbinder sacrificed himself to save his team. At his funeral, all his partners said that Spellbinder was the most kind and selfless person they had ever met.

Charmcaster swore to herself that she would not make the same mistake her father did.

She would be selfish because if her father had been selfish he wouldn't have died and he'd still be with her.

Charmcaster was sent to an orphanage where the older girls mistreated her for being a witch. They called her a freak, and they always would find excuses to pick a fight with her, while the responsible adults did nothing to stop it.

Fortunately, her Uncle Hex found her and took her out of there. Hex was a wanted terrorist, the complete opposite of his brother Spellbinder. Charmcaster knew that in the world where they lived, she would have to be like Uncle Hex to stay alive. He became her inspiration and she loved him very much. She knew that when she grew up, she would become Hex's right-hand person and would do her best to help him in all of his plans.

But she was still a child, and Charmcaster would be a vulnerability for him most of the time. Uncle Hex entrusted Charmcaster to the care of his ex-girlfriend Verdona during the times when it wasn't possible for him to take care of her. Verdona made it clear that, despite their past as lovers, she hated and despised Hex, but she still took Charmcaster under her wing and loved her like a niece.

Aunt Verdona wasn't a "villain" like Hex, but she wasn't a "hero" like Spellbinder either. Charmcaster would define her as "neutral". She committed some small wrongdoings, but she was never a danger to anyone. Charmcaster also loved her very much and even now, at the age of 18 and no longer needing to be cared for by anyone, she still enjoyed spending time with Aunt Verdona.

Aunt Verdona had a daughter with whom she didn't get along very well with and that Charmcaster never met. But Charmcaster did meet Verdona's granddaughter, Gwen, after Gwen started to train her Sorceress skills with Verdona. Charmcaster was suspicious that Uncle Hex was Gwen's grandfather, but Aunt Verdona vehemently denied it and mentioning this 'theory' was one of the few things that would anger Verdona.

Charmcaster also eventually met Gwen's paternal cousin, Ben. Not being related to Verdona, Ben was a human, not a sorcerer, but he was far from a normal human. He had a watch that allowed him to turn into aliens. He was a hero who would go out of his way to help people and voluntarily enlisted on S.E.C.T. Gwen was an agent of S.E.C.T. too, but she only got involved in this to help Ben, if it wasn't for him she'd still be hiding her powers and would never have enlisted.

Charmcaster believed S.E.C.T. had a fair share of responsibility in her father's death and had a strong dislike for those who volunteered to work for this organization. That would mean that she'd hate Ben too, but she didn't. Ben reminded her so much of the kind and altruistic person that her father was. She could never hate him. Charmcaster actually found herself admiring Ben a lot more than she wanted to admit. She'd openly flirt with Ben many times, but always in front of Gwen as a way to annoy her. But she was afraid that she was beginning to feel something real for Ben too.

Anyway, Charmcaster had good relationships with Ben, Gwen and Aunt Verdona. And she also had a good relationship with Uncle Hex. She never expected the two things to conflict one day.

She was obviously wrong.

Charmcaster was resting in one of Aunt Verdona's safe houses after "cleaning up" the mansion of a very wealthy football player. She got a lot of money and jewelry, and it was worth a celebration.

Maybe something small, like going to watch a movie in IMAX 3D and then have a dinner in a very fancy restaurant. But doing it alone would be boring. Charmcaster didn't have many friends, the ones closest to her age were Ben and Gwen, who were both two years younger than her.

But Charmcaster definitely didn't want to celebrate her successful theft holding a candle. She knew the Tennyson cousins felt for each other something more than 'family love' and the reason they weren't together was because Gwen was very afraid of the reaction from their family and friends.

She would call only one of them. She could call Gwen and make it a girls' night... or she could call Ben...

She held the cell phone in her hand, still thinking about who she'd call, when suddenly she heard a voice in her mind.

"If you're listening to this, do not panic. You're a Sorcerer or Sorceress, just like us. Maybe you already know everything about the history of our people, maybe you don't. So let's tell the abridged version: Our ancestors came from a planet called Anodyne to Earth, thousands of years ago. Wars and catastrophes happened, and Anodyne became uninhabitable. A group of surviving Sorcerers with much effort, and at the cost of the lives of many of them, created a portal to another planet where they could live, this planet, Earth."

"Today our homeworld is certainly habitable again, but getting our people back there was impossible. Until now. We found a way. This is probably the only chance we'll have to go home, to Anodyne. If you want to go with us, be at this address at this time, one week from now," the voice said a time and place, "and everything will be explained there."

That message made Charmcaster forget any plans she had made for the night.

A few minutes later, her phone rang. It was Aunt Verdona.

"Hello, Hope my dear," Verdona said, calling Charmcaster by her real name, Hope, "I believe you've heard the call."

"Yes, Aunt. I will take a wild guess and say that the way to take everyone back to Anodyne has something to do with that weird evolutionary device Sunny had, that transforms Sorcerers like us into powerful energy beings who wear their own skins like garments, am I right?"

"You're a really smart girl, Hope." She could imagine Aunt Verdona smiling on the other end of the line.

"Was the call for all of us Sorcerers who live in the United States?" Charmcaster asked.

"It was for all the Sorcerers of the world. The time and place you heard are specific to the region you are in now, we sort of divided the world into 200 regions, and Sorcerers from each region were given different instructions. It will take about a month to get everyone to Anodyne. It will be a combined effort of many Sorcerers."

"Wow, that's ... big." Charmcaster was surprised.

"I'm going, and I want you to go with me, my dear."

"Auntie ... What about Uncle Hex? Are they going to let him go, too? "Charmcaster asked.

"Hex did a lot of damage, not only to humans, but to us sorcerers as well. The members of the Coven, by unanimous decision, will not allow certain individuals, like Hex, to join us in Anodyne," Verdona said.

The Coven was the council responsible for all important decisions regarding the sorcerer community.

"So I can't go," Charmcaster replied with determination. "I can't abandon Uncle Hex."

Verdona let out a long sigh on the other end of the line, then spoke in a sad tone, "Honey, all I wanted was to show you a different path than your uncle's. I know him, much more than I would like to, and believe me when I tell you, Hex is an evil man. "

"I know he's bad, but he's still my Uncle. I'm so sorry. I'll miss you very much, Aunt Verdona," Charmcaster said.

Two days later, Charmcaster received another phone call, this time from her Uncle Hex. He asked her to meet him in person in an old abandoned mansion that night.

As soon as she entered the house, Charmcaster had to create a small bubble of magenta light to see in the midst of the darkness.

"Uncle Hex, I'm here," The silver-haired witch said.

She heard the creaking sound of the old wooden floor, and soon Charmcaster saw a man with a black and white skull-like tattoo on his face, wearing a red and black cloak and holding the Staff of Ages - a wooden staff with a head resembling a bird at the top, a powerful mystical weapon forged a millennia ago in Anodyne. It was impossible not to recognize her Uncle Hex.

"Charmcaster, I need your help," Hex said. Of course, he was never a very affectionate man, so Charmcaster naturally didn't expect to hear an 'It's good to see you again. How are you doing?' from him.

"Sure, Uncle Hex. What do you need me to do? "

"You heard the Call. I need to make sure my daughter goes with me to Anodyne," Hex said.

"Uncle Hex, I heard the Coven is not going to let you go to our homeworld," Charmcaster said hesitantly.

Hex just laughed. "They'll change their minds. I kidnapped the children of some of the Coven members. If they want their kids back, they'll let me join them."

Charmcaster was surprised by Hex's bold move. A part of her admired him for coming up with a plan to persuade the Coven, while another part of her thought it was a bit unfair to use innocents as a bargaining chip. But Charmcaster knew that her uncle just did what he had to do in order to survive.

"But, Uncle, even if they let you go, in Anodyne they'll greatly outnumber you, there's no way-"

"They won't outnumber me," Hex said, with a grim smile. "Vilgax is always looking for new worlds to conquer, and obviously he can't personally rule all of them. He will help me conquer Anodyne by giving me a few of his troops. Anodyne will be part of the Vilgaxian Empire with me as the de-facto ruler."

"Uncle, you're going to make our homeworld into a part of the Vilgaxian Empire? That doesn't sound right ... " Charmcaster said, shocked and a bit disappointed.

"It's the Coven's fault. I was the Sorcerer who fought the most for our people's rights here on Earth. It's not right for them to deny me the privilege to return to our homeworld after everything I did. They forced my hand and I'm just doing what I must," Hex said in a cold tone.

"You're right, Uncle." Charmcaster lowered her head and nodded.

"And I want my family by my side. That includes you, of course, but I also had a daughter with Verdona. She has blue eyes and red hair and I haven't seen her in many years. She must be around 40 years old today, and probably even changed her name. I need your help to find her."

Charmcaster remembered the suspicion she always had about Gwen and Gwen's mother being related to Hex. She was right. But exposing Aunt Verdona's family would break the trust Verdona had put in her. She couldn't help Hex with this.

"Uncle, when you put me under Aunt Verdona's care, we all agreed that I'd never compromise you nor I'd ever compromise her. Just like I've never revealed your hideouts and plans for Aunt Verdona, I can't reveal her family's personal details like names and addresses to you. I'm really sorry."

"I understand perfectly, and I don't blame you," Hex said.

"Thank you, I really don't want to disappoint you-"

"Imperius Maledictum." Hex whispered, and Charmcaster felt a pain in her head.

There were several spells that allowed some degree of mind control. The most powerful of them all was the Imperius Maledictum, an extremely complex spell whose ritual was long and tiresome, done through blood magic. Unlike all others, this was not temporary and there were no known means to reverse it. Its use had been permanently banished by the Coven, and all the books and parchments that taught how to perform the ritual had been burned.

"Uncle, did you use the Imperius Maledictum on me? When?" Charmcaster asked in shock.

"You don't remember. It was soon after I took you out of the orphanage. I had lost my brother for the stupid decisions he had made, and I wanted to make sure I would not lose you too. I really didn't intend to trigger it unless it was absolutely necessary, but due to the present circumstances, I am obliged to do something I am not proud of. I'm really sorry," Hex said, acknowledging that he was doing something wrong even by his standards.

"I can't believe it ..." She couldn't even hate him, the only thing she felt was a strong will to obey whatever order he were to give her.

"Please tell me everything you know about my daughter," Hex asked.

"Her name is Natalie. She lives in Bellwood with her human husband, Frank Tennyson, and their daughter, Gwen Tennyson," Charmcaster said without being able to stop the words from leaving her mouth.

"I have a granddaughter?" It was one of the rare moments that Charmcaster saw Hex smile. But shortly afterwards he returned to his usual cold expression, "However, it is unfortunate that my daughter married a human. Should I expect trouble when I go get my daughter and granddaughter?"

"Yes, Gwen knows how to fight very well and she's also learning magic from Verdona," Charmcaster said. She felt compelled to tell him about Ben too - it would definitely be a problem if Hex were to kidnap Gwen - but tried to resist the urge. Her head started to ache.

"Charmcaster," Hex put a hand on her shoulder, "I don't want to see you in pain. Just tell me everything, my dear."

"Ben, Gwen's cousin," Charmcaster finally said with a look of deep sadness on her face. "He has a watch that allows him to turn into aliens, and he will not let you take Gwen."

"The Omnitrix? Vilgax is looking for it," Hex said, "If I hand over to him the wielder of the Omnitrix, I'll certainly be rewarded."

"NO!" Charmcaster shouted desperately. "Vilgax will take Ben's watch and kill him. You can't hand him over to Vilgax, please, uncle. "

"Why is this boy so important to you?" Hex arched an eyebrow.

"Because I like him," Charmcaster whispered, unable to deny what she felt for Ben under the influence of the spell.

"What? Did you fall in love with a filthy human?" Hex asked angrily, "When this is all over and I am ruling our people in Anodyne, I promise to find a good young Sorcerer for you. Tomorrow morning, I want you to call this Ben. We will prepare an ambush for him."

Charmcaster's cell phone rang. It was Aunt Verdona. Hex didn't allow her to answer the call, and used a spell to keep Verdona from tracking Charmcaster's magical aura.

Now Charmcaster finally understood that Verdona's warnings about Hex were very true, but unfortunately there was nothing she could do about it anymore.

Next morning

Not being able to do anything to break free of Hex's control, Charmcaster called Ben, with Hex hearing everything nearby.

"Hello, Ben? This is CC," she said.

She noticed that Ben started talking to other people, "Uncle Frank, Aunt Natalie, it's my friend Hope. Let me please talk to her? Thank you." Charmcaster heard footsteps, probably Ben went to some more reserved place and then spoke to her again, "Hi, CC."

"Is this a bad time?" Charmcaster asked, in a last effort to find a loophole so she wouldn't have to execute Uncle Hex's orders.

"No, I really need a five-minute break from Gwen's parents. Earlier in the wee hours, Gwen was having nightmares and I went to her house, just to help her sleep better. I accidentally fell asleep in the bed with her - we didn't do anything and there was no malice in that, I swear. But now Gwen's parents want to kill us!" Ben complained.

Charmcaster couldn't help but to feel a little bit jealous. She wondered what it would be like to have Ben comforting her after one of her nightmares.

"Oh, and Verdona is worried about you." Ben proceeded, "Since yesterday she's been searching for you, but for whatever reason, she could not find you anywhere."

"Tell him you're going to call Verdona soon," Hex said, "and ask him out. Tell him you can go pick him up wherever he is. "

"Don't worry, I'll call Aunt Verdona soon. Do you want to go out with me? I can go over to Gwen's house to pick you up." She said what Hex wanted her to say.

"Like, now?" Ben asked.

"Yes, now," she replied.

Ben was silent for a few seconds and then finally said, "I know what you're doing!"

Charmcaster was relieved. Yes, she wanted Ben to know what she was doing, so he would be safe far away from her.

"You're trying to help me. You're going to pretend you're my girlfriend in front of Gwen's parents to see if they give us a break. Thank you so much, CC, you're the best!" Ben said enthusiastically. "You can come here, of course!"

Charmcaster looked at herself in the mirror and recited the Transfigura Apparentia spell. The beautiful young woman with silver hair and pink eyes turned into a beautiful young woman with blonde hair and blue eyes.

She knew she would be responsible to lead the boy she liked to a deadly ambush. Charmcaster entered a silver Fiesta and drove to Gwen's house with tears falling down her face.

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