Father's Day

Outskirts of Metropolis:

Diana Prince-Kent was sitting on the sofa, smiling down at her year old daughter, Astrea Kent, who fell asleep watching cartoons. Astrea has been fighting her sleep for 2 hours, trying to stay up for when her father, Clark Kent called.

Clark had been away in India for 3 weeks now, for a new technological development, using his Kryptonian tech.

Diana and Astrea missed him so much and Father's Day was in a couple of days. Unfortunately, it didn't seem like he would make it home in time.

Diana picked up Astrea and turned the TV off.

"Come on, my little Love, bed time."

Diana started humming softly Astrea's favorite lullaby as she floated up stairs to her bedroom.

Going into Astrea's room, she grabbed one of her plushies. She gently laid Astrea down and placed the plushy next to her which she immediately latched onto. Diana smiled covering her with the blanket and kissed her cheek.

"Good night, little Love," she whispered then quietly left out of her room heading to her bedroom.

She sighed, hugging herself, missing the feel of her husband. She missed his strong arms around her, holding her tight against his warm body.

She got in bed and glided her fingers over the empty side.

Suddenly, her tablet started ringing on her nightstand. She lit up quickly picking it up to answer.

"Good Morning, Beloved!" She couldn't stop smiling seeing him.

"Hey, Di! It's really late there, I know, but I had to call before the chaos starts."

"I understand and I'm so glad you did. I miss you."

"I miss you, too. I haven't been away for this long in such a long time. I can't wait to get home to you and our little Princess."

"She misses you, too."

"I thought I'd be home in a day or maybe the next two but I'm not sure."

"You are working on something very important, Love, that will change and help evolve the world even more. It's okay. It'll be all worth it. When you come home, I'll have something special for my sexy super-scientist."

"You're right and I-" Clark stopped mid sentence raising his eye brow curious. "What you got for me?"

Diana giggled. "A new night set I know I won't be in long once you see me in it."

Clark smirked. "3 weeks and 2 days...lots to make up for. We are going to need a couple of days to ourselves."

Diana giggled again. "Will we be doing our own experiments?"

"Oh yeah! The kind that requires us to be locked in the Fortress bedroom."

Diana laughed softly then all of a sudden jumped slightly when Astrea appeared beside her.

She was yawn and rubbing her eyes.

"Aw, my baby what's wrong?"

"Dada..." she said a low sleepy tone.

"Right here, Princess."

Hearing her father's voice immediately woke her up more.

"Dada!" She said excitedly crawling onto Diana's lap looking at Diana's tablet screen.

"Hey, Princess!"

She touched the screen.

"I know. I miss you, too."

"I fy and play sky!"

Kal smiled and nodded. "I promise we will all go flying and play in the sky. Play hide and seek, your favorite."

Astrea clapped and laughed excited. "Hide and see!"

Kal then got a call on his cell phone.

"One sec..." he said getting up to answer. "Hello?...Yeah, Akbar and Roger knows what to do with the new data. Let them start and I'll be on my way." Kal hung up quickly getting back to Diana and Astrea.

"Go, Love. We will talk again soon."

He nodded. "You two get some sleep."

"Dada go? No!"

Clark could see the sad expression on her little face and tears forming. Clark touched his screen for Astrea to touch the screen again.

"Daddy will be home soon, okay? We will have so much fun. I promise. I love you both so much."

"We love you, too," Diana said with a tear running down her cheek. "Astrea, blow Daddy a kiss good night."

When Diana and Astrea blew him a kiss, he balled his fist as if catching it and placed his hand over his heart.

"Bye, Dada..." Astrea said in the saddest tone.

"Princess...I promise. I'll call back as soon as I can. I love you," he said again as the screen turned off.

Astrea turned to Diana holding on to her starting to cry. Diana placed her tablet back on the night stand and wrapped her arms around her daughter cradling her.

"It's okay...shh...it's okay. I know. I know. I miss him, too." She ran her fingers gently through Astrea's soft curls trying to sooth her. "We will see him soon," she said kissing the top of her head. "Very soon."

Hours later, India

Kal sighed scrolling through his tablet. "No, this is wrong. The system connections should be automatic. Go back to the start of the system boot."

"Yes, sir."

"Mr. Kent!"

"Mr. Vihaan. What brings you by?"

Vihaan is one of the richest men in India helping to fond the technology project and health care.

Vihaan took Clark's hand and shook it. "Thank you! Thank you!"


"The herb! Your Kryptonian remedy cured my mother and son!"

Clark was taken aback. They've been working not only to advanced tech but trying to find natural cures for illnesses.

"Mr. Kent, we need this to be tested more for others. So many lives will be saved."

"Yes, sir. Of course. We will keep monitoring and have another team on it to get this approved for world wide production. My wife will be overjoyed when I tell her."

"Please, let Ambassador Prince know, as we need to make proposals for more hospital and local clinics."

Clark nodded.

The hours started to pass by quickly and Clark just couldn't catch a break. By the time it was time for him to go back to his hotel room, it was way too late to call, Diana. She was probably already asleep.

He sighed walking into his room. Now with this new development, he knew his stay would now be extending. As much as they missed each other, he knew she understood. They had done this since joining the Justice League. Gone for days, weeks, even could've turned into months depending on the mission. But what kept them going was the understanding, knowing they were doing their jobs.

Just because they weren't in the Justice League anymore doesn't mean they just stopped the mission in their hearts of continuing on making the world better. They were still Superman and Wonder Woman and with their open identities and more open and free to share cultural offerings and knowledge, it has become even more so important to keep going. Diana an Ambassador and Professor, and Clark as a freelanced writer and scientist but most importantly a mother and father, this meant so much to them.

He took out his phone to send a text:

New development. Will tell more about it later. Seems like I'll be staying for a couple more days. I really miss and love you both. I'll try to call again as soon as I can.

The next day was longer and busier. It was like Clark and Diana were playing phone tag all day missing each other's call.

A day later, Father's Day

Clark was sitting at a desk finishing configuring the data system.

"It's all connected, Sir. Communication line is up."

He nodded. "Send a message to Vic. Afterwards, let the other guys know to start heading home."

"Great! Thanks! Happy Father's Day!"

"Happy Father's Day."

Clark then sighed sitting back in his chair.

"Um...Mr. Kent?"

"What's up, Samar?"

Samar was an 18 year old protegé from a small village Clark and Diana saved from a terrorists attack 13 years ago. Samar and the other children took to them and they would visit as much as they could.

"I've been working on this for a while. Wanted it to be perfect for today. Ever since you and Wonder Woman came to my village and becoming my mentors, you've been an inspiration." Samar handed him a card. "Happy Father's Day."

Clark opened the card and it was a hologram of him as Superman with the children of the village.

"Wow... this is..." Clark stood up and hugged him. "Thanks, Samar."

"Thank you, Superman."

When Samar left, Clark was just about to head back to the lab until he heard commotion at the front foyer.

"Is that a portal?! Where does it go?"

"Who is that?"

"What is this?"

He then heard running.

"Superman! Mr. Kent?! Mr. Kent! There's something you have to see!"

Clark was just about to dash out when he picked up on two familiar heartbeats.

"Mr. Kent! There's a flying toddl-"

"HI, DADA!" Astrea said excitedly as she appeared in front of Clark.

"Astrea! Princess! You're here!" He grabbed her embracing her. He sighed happily and kissed the top of her head. "Where is Mommy?"

Astrea teleported back to the door. "Here!"

Clark then heard light foot steps and looked up at the door as Diana walked in.

"Hello, my Love," she said with a gorgeous smile.


They ran to each other meeting half way in the middle of the room. Diana grabbed his face with both hands, kissing him. Clark wrapped his arms around her waist, lifting her slightly off the ground, deepening their kiss.

They broke their kiss as Clark slowly set her back down. Diana stared into his eyes and smiled.

"I've missed you so much," Diana whispered.

"I've missed you, too." Clark pulled her into another embrace.

"We were missing each other's calls. I wanted to tell you that the seminar was cancelled. We surely couldn't miss today and wanted to surprise you. Astrea and I can stay here for the rest of the time being."


"Yes! It's perfect for us to go to the festival in a couple of days as well."

Clark grinned. "Come here, Princess."

Astrea teleported back into Clark's arms as he embraced them both.

"Happy Father's Day, Love."

"Happy Day!"

Clark chuckled and kissed Astrea gently on her forehead.

"This is all I wanted and the greatest gift. To have and to be with my wife and daughter," he said as he kissed Diana passionately.