Reasons To Live

The small moments in life are what we cherish the most and the greatest reasons to live.

Lips brushed across Diana Kent's shoulder, slowly bringing her into wakefulness. She took a deep breath in, eyelids fluttering as she also became aware of a small weight pressed against her stomach. She smiled, noticing that it was her daughter still asleep.

"Good Morning, Love," she whispered to Kal, her voice gravelly from sleep.

"A good morning it is with you and our little Princess," Kal replied kissing her shoulder again. "She teleported in here around 3 this morning and fell back asleep instantly."

Rain pounded heavily against the balcony door.

"Storming out. Even better for us to stay in all day."

Diana turned her head and Kal leaned over for a gentle kiss.

Sundays were the one day Kal and Diana could really enjoy sleeping in. Life has changed drastically with being parents to a precious baby girl.

Diana smiled looking down at her daughter as she was waking up.

Stretching, Astrea rubbed her eyes with her fists and blinked up at her mother trying to focus.

"Good morning, little Love," Diana said, lightly booping her daughter's nose, gaining a sleepy smile.

Diana smiled back leaning down to kiss her cheek. Astrea smiled wider and touched Diana's cheek with her little hand.

Diana then wrapped her arms around her, pulling her over as she turned to face Kal and have Astrea in between them.

"Mornin' Princess," Kal said tickling her making her giggle.

Astrea rolled over and placed her head on Kal's chest. Diana shook her head fondly at the sight of her two loves, and sat up slowly, rubbing Astrea's back.

"So movie day in bed?"

"Yes, Love," She said leaning forward to capture his lips with hers.

They jumped slightly to the loud roar of thunder. Then there was a bright flash from the lightening. Astrea sat up quickly on Kal's chest.

"Rain sorm!"

Another roar of thunder and flash of light.

"I see!" Astrea said pointing at the patio door.

"You want to see the rain, Princess?"

Astrea nodded.

Kal and Diana got out of bed with Astrea, walking over to the patio door and Kal opened the curtains.

Astrea looked amazed seeing the rain pouring down.

"Rain fall down, Mama! Rain fall!"

"I didn't know our baby girl would love the rain so much."

"Well given who are grandfather is, and how much she loves creating her own little lightening bolts, it's not a surprise at all." Kal then wrapped his arms around Diana's waist from behind, kissing her hair. "Also, Mommy and Daddy aren't too bad with storms."

Diana laughed. "That is true. Remember when we used to race through them?"

"Yep. That was a lot of fun."

"You used to let me win just to give me the prize of a kiss."

Kal paused for a moment. "I didn't let you win..."

Diana turned to him raising her brow.

Kal couldn't hold in his laughter. "We were still tied."

"Even if you would've won, a kiss still would've been the prize," Diana smirked.

"Oh so now you tell me?!"

Diana laughed. "When I figured out what you were doing, it was even more fun to play along."

"Lasso or not, I can't get anything passed you."

Diana smirked. "Because we know each other and have always been so much in sync."

"Ah, just the way it should be," Kal kissed her neck, cheek, and lips.

"Dada, make eggs!" Astrea said as she was still watching the storm and creating her own little bolts.

Kal and Diana laughed.

"She likes her father's cooking and you spoil us."

"That's right. I'll do any and everything for my Queen and Princess," Kal smiled.

After washing up, Kal, Diana and Astrea went down stairs to the kitchen.

Diana sat Astrea down in her high chair as Kal got everything he needed out to start breakfast.

"How about a bagel with some cream cheese?"

"Beegel and ceam cheese!" Astrea said excitedly.

"Alright! Coming right up!

Kal cut the mini bagel in half and spreader the cream cheese on it.

"Here you go, Princess."

"Ceam cheese!"

Diana smiled as Astrea already had cream cheese all over her mouth. "You're so adorable!"

"Here Mama! Eat ceam cheese!"

Diana took the smallest bite of her bagel.

"It's really good! Such a sweet baby sharing with mommy!"

"Dada, eat ceam cheese!"

"One sec, Princess."

Kal quickly finished making Diana's plate and Astrea bowl of eggs, he set it all down on the table and kneeled by Astrea.

"Ok. Whatcha got for me?"


Astrea pushed the small piece of begal into his mouth. Diana giggled seeing Astrea smothering cream cheese all over Kal's face.

Astrea giggled. "Dada make mess!"

"Funny...real funny..."

Diana couldn't stop laughing. "Aw...let me help, Love." She took a napkin and wiped his face. "I missed a spot." She leaned over and kissed the corner of his mouth. "You two are both adorable."

Kal stood up and picked up Diana for him to sit, letting her sit in his lap as she ate her breakfast.

"You put her up to that didn't you?" Kal asked with a quirked brow.

Diana giggled. "No, but it's still very amusing."

"Ah. So now she's learning how to be a little mischievous from who?"

"I told you about having Billy babysit."

"He's not a kid anymore, Di."

"Still a kid in mind and his heart."

"Yeah but that doesn't mean turn our Princess into a prankster."

"Darling, it's innocent."

Kal chuckled and shook his head. "I know... I know. I'm just glad it's not Strife."

Diana laughed. "Oh we are in definite agreement on that."

"I done, Dada! Sippy gape juice!"

Kal chuckled again.

"Let's get you all cleaned up, while daddy gets your juice," Diana said as she and Kal stood up.

Diana picked up Astrea from her high chair and sat her on the counter. She couldn't stop smiling as she wiped Astrea's face clean. When Diana started humming, Astrea grinned. She loved her mother's voice. From the time Diana was pregnant with Astrea, she would always sing to her or have music playing.


"Here you go, Princess," Kal said handing Astrea her sippy cup.

She still held on to her sippy cup as Diana picked her up taking her to the living room.

"Alright, little one, sit here and watch the music on the television."

Astrea bounced up and down excitedly laughing.

Diana smiled proudly. These moments were still so surreal to her.

She gasped and tensed up a bit feeling strong arms wrap around her waist.

"You okay, Di?" Kal asked in a whisper and kissed her shoulder.

"We're married, Kal."

She can feel him smile against her shoulder.

"Yep, we are."

"We have a child. A beautiful baby girl."

"That's right."

"There are moments I think it's all a dream." Diana turned to look into his eyes. "Our life has never been a fairytale. We went through so much and I know we will have more challenges. But we get through them together. Just like we always have."

"Waking up to you and our daughter has made every obstacle and challenge worth it. We literally fought through the impossible so many times. We earned this, Diana. We deserve this happiness."

Diana smiled cupping his face with both hands and kissed him passionately. She then wrapped her arms around him, laying her head against his chest embracing him tightly. Kal smiled, tightening his grip around her waist, kissing the top of her head.

They then looked to Astrea to see her standing up, slightly bouncing around, mumbling trying to say the words of the song, laughing, and clapping to the music video.

"We should join in on the fun with her."

"Yeah, show her some of her old man's moves," Kal grinned.

Diana laughed as he spun her around.

Astrea laughed and clapped more seeing her parents dancing.

Kal picked her up still dancing.

"It's never too early to start practicing for those father-daughter dances," he said kissing her cheek.

Diana smiled so proud of Kal. The love he has for her and their daughter is unparalleled.

After dancing to a few more songs, Kal and Diana went back upstairs with Astrea to their bedroom for her nap.

Astrea yawned and laid her head on Kal's shoulder.

"Mama, sill rainy."

"Yes it is, sweetheart."

"Go boom!"

Diana laughed. "Yes, Love."

"And bight light!" She created a small lighting bolt. "Make light."

Diana smiled. "That's right."

Getting back into bed, Kal sat Astrea in the middle of him and Diana.

"So what are you in the mood for?"

"Something fun until she falls asleep."

"I know a classic I think she will be interested in."

When the movie started Astrea crawled towards the door of the foot of the bed as to get closer to the large TV screen, mesmerized by the vibrant colors.

"Hmm? Charlie and the chocolate factory? I remember the first time we watched this together." Diana looked at Kal with a smile.

"I knew you would."

"How can I forget? Really late after patrol. Too tired to fly home, so I stayed with you. That was the first time I ever stayed the night. We laughed and talked then I fell asleep in your arms. I felt so much at peace. It felt so right for us."

"Your mother was right."

"Right about what?"

"Thinking back, we did a lot of things together expected for couples when we weren't. We were best friends who fell in love with each other. It was complicated for us at the time trying to suppress those feelings thinking it was for the better. But that wasn't for us. We defined it for ourselves and now we are here."

Diana smiled and reached over to caressed Kal's cheek.

"I'm so proud. I'm so proud of you. I'm so proud of us."

Kal leaned over and captured her lips. Diana deepened the kiss as Kal wrapped his arms around her pulling her closer.

"We're role playing like teenagers in the back row of a movie theater," Diana whispered teasingly.

"We don't have to be teenagers. Making out with my wife anywhere is sexy!"

Diana giggled and kissed him again.


Kal and Diana laughed against each other's lips.

"Choco!" Astrea said excitedly.

"Yeah! Lots of chocolate!"

Astrea laughed and slowly stood up on the bed.

"Oopa! Oopa!"

"Oompa Loompa doompadee doo," Kal said grabbing her and lifting her into the air.

"Oopa Dee doo!" Astrea repeated still laughing making Kal and Diana laugh more.

As Kal brought her back down, he kissed her cheek.

"I love you, Princess."

"Loove you!" Astrea said happily.

Diana sat up quickly as she and Kal both gasped.

"Say that again, sweetheart, say love you."

"Loove you! Loove you!" She said happily again.

Tears welled up in Diana's eyes as she took Astrea into her arms. She kissed her all over her face.

"I love you, my sweet baby. I love you so much."

Kal wrapped his arms around them both.

"I love you, Diana."

"I love you, too, Kal."

"Mama loove! Dada loove!"

Kal and Diana shared a gentle kiss pulling back staring into each other's eyes smiling.

"That's right, Princess. Always and forever."