His Wonders

Diana Prince-Kent walked into the Themyscirian Embassy with her 1 year old daughter, Astrea, in her stroller.

"Good Morning, Ambasssdor Prince," the receptionist, Celeste Atwell smiled. "Aw! You brought the little doll!" She went around her desk to see Astrea.

"Good Morning, Celeste! Yes, well coming into the office meeting with Mayor Tracee was unexpected. Not enough time for the babysitter. I'm sure she doesn't mind coming to work with mommy."

"Aw. She's still asleep. My gosh, Diana, she's so pretty. She looks so much like you and Clark."

Diana smiled proudly. "Yes. We talk about it all the time trying to figure out her facial expression or just certain things she does. She's a perfect little mixture."

"So precious!" Celeste picked up a package. "Oh, this was sent to give to you before the meeting with the mayor."

Diana frowned a bit confused. "Oh?" She never had documents to read over from the Mayor. It was actually the opposite. "Alright, I'll look over them."

"If you need me to babysit while you're in your meeting let me know."

"Thank you, Celeste. I'll let you know."

Diana greeted others good morning as she walked to her office. She sighed, walking in.

"This was not exactly what I had planned for us today, sweetheart but the meeting shouldn't take too long."

Diana sat on her office sofa laying one of Astrea's blankets down.

"Come on, little one, lay here. It'll be more comfortable," Diana said as she got Astrea out her stroller.

Astrea yawned and stretched, rubbing her eyes with her fists.


"I know. I know. It's just for a little while." Diana kissed her cheek before laying her down. "Go back to sleep, sweetheart."

"Fooffy, Mama."

Diana smiled and grabbed one of her favorite stuffed bears. Astrea smiled hugging it close and closed her eyes falling back to sleep. Diana bent down to gentle kiss her cheek again.

She got up slowly, picking up Astrea's bag. She put her bottle of apple juice, water and bowl of fruit in her mini fridge. Then sat down at her desk, opening the envelope.

Glancing over the first page, she frowned. "What?!"

All of a sudden her phone started to ring.

"Hi, Love."

"Hey, Beautiful, where are you?"

"At the office. Unexpected meeting."

"Oh? Really? With who?"

"The mayor. It is quite odd when normally she would have meetings scheduled. The documents she's sent...I don't know. Doesn't seem like her."

"Are you meeting with anyone else?"

"No. Not that I know of unless she has someone with her."

"Hmm...Well, Beautiful, you got this as always."

Diana smiled. "Thank you for always being so supportive."

"Of course. How's baby girl?"

"She's asleep on the sofa. Hopefully the meeting will be over before she's fully awake and gets fussy or impatient."

"I'm trying to finish up here to get home as fast as I can."

"It's okay, Love. You need to concentrate on the experiment testing. We will see you later tonight."

"Right...right...I can't wait to see you both. I miss my girls."

"We miss you, too..."

Kal noticed Diana's voice trail off. "Di, what's wrong?"

"Darling, have you ever heard of a man named Mason Blake Jr."

"Junior? Never knew he had a son. I knew of an Mason Blake Sr. He has been in prison for 15 years now for fraud, shady business deals...wait. Diana? You aren't meeting with his son are you?"

"I don't know. I just see his name signed on these documents. I will see soon."

"Be careful, Di. If he is anything like his dad, he'll try any and everything to get a deal."

"Ok. Thank you, Darling. I'll call you after the meeting."

"Ok. I love you, Diana."

"I love you, too, Kal."

Hanging up and putting her phone down, Diana sighed starting to thoroughly read over the documents.

"There's no way in hell," she said to herself.

Astrea then appeared sitting on her desk. Diana laughed softly.

"You really enjoy doing that, don't you, Sweetheart?"

"Mama!" She reached her arms out for Diana to pick her up and embrace her.

When Diana picked her up, Astrea laid her head on Diana's chest, listening to her mother's heartbeat. Diana smiled to herself, loving her baby girl. She held her close and kissed the top of her head.

"You are going to be my little right hand in this meeting. We have things to get correct."

Celeste came into her office. "Ambassador Prince, Mayor Tracee is on her way into the building. She's not alone and the meeting will be in conference room 4."

"Thank you, Celeste. Please, stand by, if a call needs to be made."

"Oh yes, of course, ma'am. Did you want me to take the baby."

"No. It's never too early to teach the little one a few lessons."

Celeste nodded. "Ok. Will just be on stand by."

As Celeste walked out, Diana stood up from her desk gather everything she needed: the documents, Astrea's bottles of apple juice and water and gave her, her pacifier.

"Mama's going to make this as quick as possible."

When Diana walked into the conference room, Mayor Tracee wasn't there yet. Diana sat in top chair and sat Astrea down on the table. Astrea took her pacifier out her mouth.

"Dada, Mama wok."

"Smart baby. Yes, daddy and mommy has to work. But before we get home I'll have daddy stop by to pick up milkshakes and french fries. How's that sound?"

Astrea grinned and clapped. "Milsake and fen fies!"

Diana laughed softly and tickled her. "Sweet adorable little love!"

The door flew open and six men dressed in all black walked in. Astrea frowned and reached for Diana. Diana held her and stood up.

Mayor Tracee walked in and only glanced at Diana but kept her head down. A short, stocky man in a plaid suit walked in with his hair greasily slicked back. Hairline receding with huge cow licks and a sleazy smile.

"Oh, Gods, how cliché," Diana said to herself, rolling her eyes.

When Astrea gripped Diana's necklace, she knew she sensed something was wrong.

"It's okay, sweetheart," Diana whispered kissing her forehead.

"Ambassador Prince. Wonder Woman...I remember as a preteen I had quite the crush on you. So the embassy is part of the day care too?"

"The leadership academy is not a day care. My daughter is none of your concern," she snapped.

"Apologies. I just mean, we have business and this wouldn't be for a child to be present."

"She's fine here with her mother. This shouldn't take long anyway and who are you?"

"Mason Blake Jr., Wonder Woman."


"I take it you read over the documents?"

"I did."

"And so?"


"Not even a compromise?"

"Mr. Blake, this Embassy was built on the foundation of truth, honesty, and bringing all worlds together, cultural education and building a better future for children."

"So we take this building piece by piece and move it."

"No. It is where it needs to be."

"Well my good friend here, Tracee, agrees with me. We need change. The embassy relocated. The school and library can stay as is for now."

Diana raised her brow. "Do you, Tracee?"

She was hesitant looking up at Diana. "I know that this is quite an inconvenience."

"Do you agree, Tracee?" Diana asked again.

"We are always looking to create more jobs, build more attractions to the city."

Diana sighed deeply. "You know. I've dealt with supernatural beings, supervillains, bank robbers, corrupt business men and women. They all have this fascinating idea they can some how manipulate me."

Mason frowned.

"You come in here with your guards. I'm pretty sure you have more outside. You are ready to cause some kind of catastrophe to get your way. It's the same old thing."

His security guards immediately drew their guns.

"Bad toys," Astrea said pointing at the gun.

Diana smirked. "Oh you all should know by now, bullets don't work."

"But isn't it your husband faster than a speeding bullet?" He asked pointing his own gun to Tracee's head. "He isn't around."

"Astrea, sweetie, what did daddy teach you to do with the bad toys?"

"Bake bad toys!"

"That's right. Break the bad toys."

The guards were at a lost seeing Astrea floating next to Diana. Astrea frowned eyeing the guns, her eyes slowing turning fiery red.

"Ah!" Mason and the guards winced and quickly dropped the guns as they started heating and melting in their hands.

"You are correct. My husband isn't here. But his daughter is. Astrea, show him your toy and share it."

"Light toy!"

A small lightning bolt appeared and Astrea giggled throwing it at Mason giving him a slight body shock.

"Share your toy with them too, little love."

Astrea through bolts at the guards shocking them unconscious.

Mason was just about to run out the room until Diana lasso'd him, dragging him back. Diana then snatch him up by his suit jacket and slammed his head on the table.

Astrea smacked Mason in his face. "Bad! No! Bad!"

"Ugh! Goddamn runt!"

Diana slammed his head against the table again. "You better watch what you say!"

"Let me go...please..."

Celeste quickly ran into the room and gasp.

"Make the call," Diana said.

"Yes...yes, ma'am!" She said running back out.

"I've wasted too much time here. I don't know what you thought the outcome of this would've been but you really need to check yourself. You'll have a long time to think about it in a prison cell." She raised him up and turned him to face her. "Never underestimate or think you can try to threaten me or my daughter." She punched him knocking him unconscious.

She threw him over to the wall with his guards.

"Mayor Tracee, are you okay?"

She bursted out in tears. "I'm so sorry, Diana. He had my family. I didn't know what to do. He is still doing his father's work."

Diana hugged her. "It's okay. We will get your family."

"Your family is safe."

They turned to see Kal at the door.

"Dada!" Astrea said excited flying to him.

"Hey, Princess!" He chuckled hugging her.

"I bake bad toys!"

"You did! Good girl!" He raised his hand for her to give him a high five.

When she gave him a high five, he grinned proudly and kissed her cheek.

"Kal, what are you doing here?"

"I didn't feel right after we got off the phone. Did a little research. Looks like Junior had some big plans for himself."

Diana kissed and embraced him. "I love you for being so protective."

"My family? Where are they?" Tracee asked.

"Outside with Detective Jacobs"

"Thank you! Thank you both once again!"

"We might not be as active as we used to, but when necessary, we will be, Mayor Tracee."

She smiled and nodded.

Kal wrapped his arm around Diana and kissed her temple.

"Unexpected full day."

"Yes, very unexpected."

"Let's go home. We can talk about it then and I'll give you a nice back rub."

"Oh sounds lovely! Earlier I told Astrea you would get milkshakes and french fries."

He grinned. "Of course!"

After getting Astrea's stroller and locking up Diana's office, Kal and Diana headed out the Embassy. Officers were still rounding up Blake's gaurd goons.

"You handled them all, I see."

"Yep! Under 30 seconds."

Diana laughed. "You have always been such a show off."

"You love it."

Diana laughed again and kissed his cheek. "I do."

"Thank you, Superman and Wonder Woman!" An Officer waved.

Kal and Diana waved back as the left through a portal.

"Home, sweet, home!" Kal said as he opened the door.

"Home see home!" Astrea repeated happily.

"We'll just take everything to our room," Diana said.

"You two go ahead. I'll put away everything away from her bag."

"Ok." Diana then turned back to him. "Oh Darling, could you please do the honors?" She asked handing him the documents.

He smiled. "I think Princess should do it."

Kal quickly put everything away from her bag then they went into the living room. Diana tossed the papers into the fireplace.

"Make a fire with daddy, Princess."

"Hot light!"

She concentrated in the direction of the fireplace.

There was a small spark then a flame.

"You did it!"

Astrea giggled and clapped.

"Come on, sweetheart. Let's go eat before the food gets cold,"

In their bedroom, Astrea sat watching cartoons and eating fries.

Diana changed into her low back thigh length nighty and Kal changed into his sweats. She laid across the bed on her stomach so Kal could rub her back.

"Hmmm...Love, that feels so good," she moaned out and sighed.

"You're really tensed up."

"For that moment...I was furious but had to maintain. I can't believe anyone would try to take away everything we've worked hard for."

"He was following his father's foot steps. Not sure what made him think he was going to get away with it."

Diana sat up and turned to him. Kal wrapped his arms around her waist pulling her to sit straddled on top of him as he leaned back against the pillows.

Kal caressed her cheek. "What is it? What else happened?"

"I just don't want to go backwards."

"No...no. That's not happening. We're still quite far from a utopia, but we've changed the world...the universe for the better as much as we could. There will still be some bad rotten apples out there but that doesn't mean what we've done goes in vein. Okay?"

Diana nodded and Kal kissed her passionately to assure her. Diana wrapped her arms around his neck and Kal wrapped his arms around her tighter. She moaned lowly in his mouth as his hands ran down her back slowly. He then gave her read a squeeze making her laugh.

"You can't help yourself."

"Nope. Not at all," he grinned.

Diana laid her head on his shoulder and closed her eyes for a moment. She was grateful to have her loving husband. So supportive and understanding.

Hearing a low rumble from his chest, she looked up to see him still grinning.

"What's funny?"

"I enjoy the fact that I can baby you anytime and all I want."

Diana smiled and laid her head back down on his shoulder, her face buried in his neck.

"Yes, I enjoy it too. You spoil the both of us "

Kal chuckled and looked up to see Astrea swaying a bit. She was fighting her sleep trying to stay up.


Astrea looked back and grinned. She crawled over to him and Kal wrapped his right arm around her, cradling her.


Astrea slightly shook her head then laid her head on Kal's chest.

Kal and Diana laughed.

"Let me go throw her bag away and get a hot towel," Diana said getting up.

"Dada, say home," she said in a low sleepy whisper. She looked at him with the saddest yet most adorable little expression.

"I know. I am." Kal kissed her cheek. "You did really good today with mommy. I'm proud of you. Not even 2 yet and beat your first bad guy. A corrupt business man at that."

"Daddy's girl," Diana said grinning. She straddled Kal again and cleaned Astrea's hands and face. "All better, little one."

Diana then placed the towel on the nightstand and adjusted herself laying her head on the left side on Kal's chest as Astrea laid on his right. Kal had his arms protectively around them. Diana laid her hand gently on Astrea's back and started humming.

"Musi...musi" Astrea yawned falling asleep.

Diana smiled. "She's so adorable, Kal."

"Yeah..." he reached down to kiss the top of her head. "Diana?"

She looked up at him. "Yes?"

"I know you can handle yourself. Always have, but that has never stopped me from worrying. The sound of your voice when we were on the phone, I felt like I needed to do something. I needed to be with you."

"You are feeling and doing what you always have. You are our protector."

"I'm immensely proud of Astrea. She's learning so fast."

"She's a little warrior. I was amused seeing how she knew how to use her bolts and heat vision. Giving a little frown that looks just like you." Diana laughed. "She even slapped Mason telling him no and what he was doing was bad."

Kal laughed. "Really? That's pure gold." He stared into Diana's eyes. "I love you, Diana."

"I love you, too, Kal." She reached up and kissed him softly.

"I promise you...we aren't and won't go backwards. What you and baby girl did proved that. You are both forever my Wonders." He said proudly as he captured her lips in another kiss.