Everyone fell silent as Jane and Liara looked at each other. A moment later Jane walked up to the Asari and touched her cheek making her back up a bit before Jane throwing her arms around the blue alien.

"Liara it really is you!" she cried as she relaxed.

Liara followed suit and cried herself as she took a hold of Jane and the two fell to their knees. Two years of bottled up emotion was released in just a few seconds.

"It's been so long, I gave up hope of ever seeing you again!" Jane said.

"And I though you died." Liara said.

The stayed like that for a few moments before braking.

"It's been so long but what are you doing here?"

"I was going to ask you the same thing, where are we?"

With that Jane turned to see Ash and Garrus behind her. "You didn't come to find me?"

"We thought you were dead Shepard." Garrus said.

Jane hung her head and nodded slightly before standing.

"Are there any more of you?"


Tali just sat down in a ball shaking worrying about the lack of her suit. Samara sat next to her to try an ease her stress but in truth she didn't know how. This was not normal, not matter how she looked at it. Jacob, Zaeed and Thane grabbed a few rocks and sticks and began to make rudimentary spears. Grunt kept a look out while Kasumi and Mordin looked around at the flora and fauna. Jack however just sat on her own muttering to herself.

Chackwas was attending to Joker legs to see if they were broken with the help of Kelly. The rest of the crew just admired the scenery.

"Ahh." Joker cried out.

"Oh don't be like I hardly touched you." Chackwas said.

"Yeah, maybe but I feel very, very sore." Joker complained.

"Just hold still." Kelly said as she helped support him.

"If only my omni-tool worked..." she muttered but then she stopped and a thought came to mind. "Jacob!" she yelled making him turn to her.

"Yeah." he yelled back.

"Have you tried using your biotics yet?" she asked which got all eyes turning to the former alliance marine.

He looked at his hand then looked to a small rock close by. Something simple, he raised his hand and focused on raising the rock but nothing happened. He tried again but still nothing, he looked to the doctor and shrugged.

"Samara, if you'll please."

The old asari nodded and looked to a rock and focused to lift it. But once again nothing happened.

"It appears that our biotics are not working." she said making eyes widen but before anyone else could say anything a roar sounded making eyes turn to see a dinosaur running towards them. It had a square head and stood around two people high.

"What's that?" Tali yelled out.


With that those who where the closest got up and ran. Grunt, Jacob and Zaeed however got ready to fight it with their spears. As it got close however a raptor came from a ledge and jumped pressing it's claws into it's neck and biting it making it yell out in pain. The beast then grabbed onto the raptor and threw it off. The beast landed in the sand and began to growl at it but before it could comp on the helpless raptor a metal pike was thrown and landed in it's belly making it roar.

A woman in metal armour and fur clothing then jumped on the ledge and grabbed onto the beast with a sword in hand. She then began to hack at the beast, but it wasn't to damage of it it was to get a better grip as she pulled herself up to it's head then drove the sword into it's head and to the brain killing it. It then fell to the floor and she rolled off it. The raptor then got up and walked over to the woman and she stroked it like a pet.

"Is she..." Kelly asked. "Petting a raptor?"

"Indeed she is." Jacob said as the woman got some rope and threw it over the best.

The woman then looked to the others and walked over to them. "So, you lot the Normandy crew?"

Eyes went wide as soon as she said that. "Who are you?" Jacob asked.

"I'm Commander Jane Shepard." she said.


The crew arrived at Shepard's farm with a carnosaurs behind them much to the surprise of the other four.

"A carnotarus? Really?" Miranda asked.

"Yep, good food. And I need the hide." Jane said.

"For what?"

"All of you. I mean a wrap and loincloth looks sexy on all of you, but it gets colder at times here." Jane said as she removed a chunk of meat from the beast. "There we go, Miranda there's a large metal pot inside the house, could you grab it please."

The Cerberus operative was about to complain but decided against it and walked inside the stone building. She saw the pot to the side next to a shelving unit with other stuff on it. Grabbing it she then walked outside and set it on a wood pile. Jane then came over and dropped the meat into the pot. She then grabbed a bucket and dropped water into it with a few slices of veg before getting down and setting the pile on fire.

"There we go, now this is going to take a few hours allow me to answer a few questions that I think you may have. No I have no idea how I got here, yes I am alive, no I don't know where we are, yes I know there's dinosaurs and no I have no idea what they are doing here. Now, ask freely if you please." she said as she sat down on the floor.

The crew looked at each other before Liara spoke up. "How did you lose your eye?"

"I fought a T-rex barehanded first week I got here. Biggest mistake I could have made. Used what I could to take it down and got a few scars from that, but my eye was that bastard took before I took his life, and meat."

"You fought a T-rex?" Ash asked in an amused tone as if she didn't belief her commander.

"Yep, among other things." Jane sad as more questions were asked, few of which fully explained what was happening.

The lack of Tali's suit turned out to be for some kind of genetic enhancement, biotics didn't work due to some kind of suppression field. The same thing was for advanced tech like omni-tools, they just wouldn't work. While Jane is an engineer by trade, this was one of those things were she couldn't figure out what was going on and she hated that. The crew just looked to one another with even more questions, the ones she answered didn't answer much.

"So what are you doing here, I mean near the beach?" Chakwas asked.

"Well, this area is a good place for hunting and farming. Most of the equipment I need require, metal, stone and chitin. The area we are in is a good spot for it, not to mention that I sell a few things to traders when they come by." Jane answered. "That reminds me, there's a few groups out there that you need to be aware of."

"Groups?" Miranda asked.

"More like tribes, that's the general term used for them. I'm not a member of any tribe, I'm a bit of a lone wolf but I do trade with the more friendly ones. The main ones that are out of there are the Kingdom of the stone to the west, Sand scorpions to the south and the Shark divers to the south west. There are other tribes in-between them but those ones are the most powerful. The Sand scorpions however have it in for me as I killed their champion in combat." she said with a bit of a smile.

At that moment the raptor growled.

"Yeah yeah." she said as she got up and walked over to a refrigerator opened it and took some meat out.

She then threw it over to her raptor who jumped and ate it.

"Life's been hard here, tiring and everything. People getting eaten by cannibals and dinos. And people still don't know what the fuck this place even is!" she sat down and looked at each of them. "If you guy's want to survive, you have to do what I say. I know this place like the back of my hand, so listen and live. Can we all deal with that?"

The crew nodded explicitly the SR 1 crew, but as they did Miranda spoke up.

"Are there any other islands?" she asked.

"Yes, this particular one is called Ragnarök. Don't ask about the name, other then this one there's one called the 'island' which is pretty basic from what I heard. Then there's 'the Center' which has this floating mountain in the middle. The final one is this big and I mean big desert called 'Scorched earth'. Then there are other islands but those are the main ones. I went to at least Scorched earth and nearly baked before coming back, I was… well I'll prepared for said that adventure."

"I think that's all the questions we have." Chackwas said.

"Ok then, well foods ready." Jane said as she stood and opened the pot. "Ummmm."

She picked up a bowl and poured some soup in and handed it to Miranda.


Once everyone was full night time soon came. Jane was not prepared for so many people to arrive so some of them had to deal with sleeping on the floor. In her room Jane removed her armour and clothing as Liara walked in. As the human turned the Asari got a good lock at her lover. Jane's body looked like it had been through the meat grinder more then once.

Her body was muscular before but now it was like she was a body builder with scars all across her body. Scratches and bite marks where all across he body each one had a story to tell. Those two years had clearly not been kind to her.

"Liara." Jane muttered with a blush.

"Jane, your body…." Liara said also blushing.

"I know, I look disgusting with all of these but you don't get energy shields here."

"I guess but I came you see how you are."

Jane nodded and pointed to the bed and the two of them sat down on it.

"Like I said before, it's not been easy. Been here for two years, thing's just keep getting worse and not better. I keep telling myself that it will but it never does. And I've been well unfaithful to you."

Liara just stared at Jane as she said that before looking down. She didn't know what to think, after all she thought that Jane was dead for 2 years. Was she justified because she felt alone?

"I'm sorry." Jane said as her emotions started to flood to her. "I was just so desperate for some company, and someone to love I just."

Her hands hid her face and tears as she cried out. Liara looked to her and was going to touch her but she also felt betrayed, she thought she was the only one for Shepard but now with this… was it because of her? So many questions entered her head as Jane stood.

"You can have my bed for the night." she said as she walked out crying her eyes out.

Liara did the same as she lay on the bed and began to cry as well. There were so many things wrong about this whole thing, but this bombshell made it worse. Jane walked outside and slept with her pet raptor who licked her as she fell asleep on him. He nuged her before falling asleep as well.