Krista's POV

I shifted uneasily in my seat, darting my eyes around the densely decorated room. I was no stranger to the principal's office, almost being able to name all the decorations and paintings by heart. I had been in here easily over a dozen times, and I had many good memories in here, like the time i was congratulated for topping the level, or the day I was accepted to this school in the first place.

But the thing was i had no idea why i was here. I hadn't won any kind of awards lately, my exams were two months ago, and i hadn't done anything else. C-Could it be because of something bad? I leaned forward, my hands tightening on my lap.

"Would you relax?"

I looked over at my roommate Annie, who was sitting beside me, looking as calm and uninterested as ever. "Just calm down, Krista."

I opened my mouth to voice my concerns, but she cut me off. "We're here for a reason. Normally if it's only you it would be a good thing and if was just me it would be a bad thing. Well, most of the time. Since we're both here, it could be both good or bad, but you panicking won't change that."

I took a deep breath. She was right, panicking wouldn't change anything. Whatever we were here for, i just had to stay calm and face-

All these thoughts were wiped from my head when the door swung open and our Principal Erwin stepped into the office, a thin red folder tucked underneath his arm.

"Good morning Miss Lenz, Miss Leonhardt."

"Good morning". We said in unison.

"Right." He pulled out his chair, sat down and looked at us. "I will get straight to the point. The two of you are getting a new dormmate."

I blinked in surprise, but Annie reacted more violently, nearly falling off her chair before regaining her balance.

"Excuse me?" Her voice was angry to the point of insolence, and I cringed, fully expecting Principal Erwin to snap at her, but his calm gaze remained unaffected.

I understood her extreme reaction. for reasons that she never told me Annie had a really hard time trusting or even opening up to people. She hand waved it away as being an introvert, but I suspected that something had happened to her in the past to cause this to happen. It had taken weeks for the two of us to have a proper conversation, and two months before she even allowed me into her room.

"In the unlikely event that you didn't hear me, Ms Leonhardt, a new student will be moving into your dormitory, which to my knowledge has one empty slot."

Yeah, in her room.

"I've printed out the student's personal particulars for the two of you." He handed us two fresh sheets of paper, still warm from the printer. "I trust that you will also inform your other roommate about it when she returns from her overseas excursion." He paused for a moment to allow us to absorb the information he just dumped on us, and gestured slightly with his hands toward the documents.

Holding up the paper, I looked at it.

Name of student: Eren Yaeger

"That is all, you are free to go now." I got up and bowed farewell, while Annie gave him a crude wave before leaving.

After apologizing for that, I walked out the room, where Annie was looking over the paper in annoyance. We walked the rest of the hall in silence, before she blurted out a sentence.

"Who the hell names a girl Eren?"

I shrugged noncommittally. It was a strange name for a girl, naming her Eren, but i wasn't going to judge. "Well, maybe it's meant to be the female version of Aaron or something."

"That makes no sense. Why not just give her a proper girl's name?" She huffed and stuffed the paper messily into her bag, crumpling it as she did so. "Whatever, i don't have time to talk about this." With a pleasant ding the doors of the elevator opened.

"Martial arts training?" She nodded and walked into the lift, giving me another brief goodbye nod as she left.

"Bye." I turned and walked down the corridor, heading for the nearest supermarket.

I wonder if she likes potatoes.

Annie's POV


I turned around. A brown haired boy with several bags walked up to me, a map in his hand and a lost expression on his face. "Is this Block S?"

I nod silently.

"The dorm block right?"

I sneaked a look at my watch. I still have time. So I nod again.

"Thanks!" He quickly walked past me, our shoulders brushing as I do. The quick contact being so irritating that it immediately wipes out the brief thought that i had about warning him that the lift he's entering leads to the girl dorms, not the guys.

Krista's POV

I looked up from the simmering pot of soup. She was here already? Erwin told me that she would be arriving today late at night, and it was only 7.

I put down the soup ladle i was using, quickly flipping over the potato patties I'm making before I took off my apron. Wiping my hands on a cloth, I walked to the front door and plastered a smile on my face to welcome my new roommate.

I opened the door. "Hi, welcome to-" the rest of my greeting died in my throat as I took in the guy who was standing at my doorstep.

He was almost a foot taller than me, with brown hair and striking green eyes. He was dressed in casual clothing that followed our school rules, with a red scarf wrapped around his neck. A brown cargo bag was slung over his left shoulder and gripped tightly by the same hand, and he was dragging a suitcase in his other.

I was no stranger to having attractive people at my doorstep. Mikasa had no shortage of admirers, neither did I, and Annie regularly allowed Reiner and Bertholdt over. But this was the first time I saw one holding a suitcase and holding a pamphlet rather than gaudy flowers, and with a carefree, inquisitive expression rather than one of nervous hope.

"Hi, I'm Eren Yaeger." He gave me a broad yet polite smile and stuck out his hand to shake, which I accepted. He pumped my arm enthusiastically, hard, before holding up the pamphlet. "Is this Dorm S451?"

I nodded. "Yes. Are you looking for someone?"

"Nope. You guys have an empty dorm slot right?" I nodded mutely.

"Finally!' To my shock he stepped in past me, kicking off his shoes as he entered and dumping his bags on the ground.

"I've been searching for my room for ages! Woah! Nice place. It's a lot bigger than I expected. My last dorm was practically a broom closet, I couldn't scratch myself without accidentally knocking something over."

"Wh-what are you doing?"

He gave me an obvious, almost confused look. "You guys are getting a new roommate remember? Well, I'm doing what i think is called "moving in"."

"You're our new roommate?" I must have said it a bit louder than I intended, because he cringed slightly and his smile dipped before returning to normal.

"Yep. So, which room's mine? Hey! Is that a-"

"Why are you a guy?"

His head snapped over, his expression both confused and embarrassed, like he knew why I asked this but not why I chose to ask it now. "Uh…" His eyes flickered briefly downwards. "I was born this way, so…"

"Yes, I know, I know, I'm talking about this!" I scrambled over to my school bag, sitting in the corner. I dug in it until i found the file holding Eren's personal information. Pulling it out, I held it up in front of him, pointing at the third line.

Name of student: Eren Yaeger
Age: 19
Gender: F

He cursed under his breath. "That damn typo is ruining my life."

"What typo?"

He chuckled awkwardly and mussed his hair. "Not sure how long ago it started, but I was listed as a girl for a tonne of my official records. We've been going crazy for years trying to fix it, but nothings changed so far. Look, I'm starving, could we talk about this after I place my things down and eat something?"

"W-what? No! You can't stay here!"

"What? Why?"

I stare at him, flustered. "What do you mean why?"

"I mean, I see no reason not to…" These words caused my mouth to open involuntarily. Does he seriously not see anything wrong here?

"I'm a girl! You-you're not! You can't stay here!"

Eren's head tilted. "Does your school have a rule against mixed genders dorming together?"

I thought back to when Annie used to bunk with Reiner. "I-I don't think there's anything against that, but…"

"Then it's fine, right?" His head tilted, looking at me with such an innocently quizzical expression that I almost cracked.

"I -well... y-you can't..."

He sighed, dropped his luggage and grabbed my shoulders. I stare, too shocked at this sudden contact to notice how soft his hands were, and how warm they were. Ok, well, almost too shocked.

"Look, I get your concerns. But it's late, I'm tired, I've just endured a 11 hour flight and a hour long bus ride, neither with any in-ride entertainment or snacks and if I don't get some rest soon I'll probably expire here on the floor in front of you. So pl- How's this, just let me bunk here for a night. I can see you've got two rooms, and I know that one of you is away. The principal's probably gone home, knowing him he's probably already asleep, I'll spend just one night here then go to him tomorrow and sort this whole thing out. Alright?"

I want to reject, really really do, but his voice is so soft and so surprisingly sincere that I groan and my head dipped. "Fine, you can stay here, but just for a night."

The pressure on my shoulders increased, and he grinned excitedly. "Thanks! Don't worry, for this one day i'll be the best, most cooperative roommate you've ever…" he tilts his head back, and sniffs. "Is something burning?"

"Oh no my potatoes!"

Annie's POV

I slowly ascend the stairs, cursing silently at whoever it was that chose today of all days to carry out maintenance on the elevator. Today's training had been tougher than normal, we were about to enter a competition and Coach Hannes was pushing us, hard. Which meant that with every step at least four different muscle groups on my body ached.

Trying my best to ignore my protesting limbs and ligaments, I pulled out my card and swiped it over the electronic lock, before stumbling into my dormitory.

But just as I'm about to turn on the lights, the door to my room opens. I stood there silently, and watched as someone walked out of my room, humming, before rummaging in the refrigerator.

What the fuck.

Krista's POV


I leapt out of my bed, yelping as I accidentally knock over a lamp. What was that? Had Eren accidentally knocked over something in the dark? Or was it Reiner coming to our house drunk again.

Opening the door, bracing myself for yet another drunken declaration of love, I give off another, louder yelp. Annie was holding Eren in some form of headlock, her arms shaking as he flailed around, while trying to stem a slight nosebleed. Both of them were struggling on the floor, their expressions almost murderous.

"Get off me!" With a yell Eren suddenly twisted his limbs, sending her tumbling off him.

Annie immediately pushed herself to her feet, before quickly taking a few steps back, stepping between me and him. "Krista, call the police."

"No!" He pushed himself quickly to his feet, massaging his head, where a bruise was beginning to form. "I told you, I live her-"

"What the fuck sort of bullshit excuse i-"

"Wait!" Both Annie's and Eren's heads snapped over to me, the former surprised and latter expectant. I smiled meekly, my hands crossed. "He…. isn't exactly lying."


"He's our new roommate."