Annie's POV


I turned around to see Hitch and… Mikasa? That's strange, they were never together, they only talked to each other if they happened to cross paths, usually when one of them was with me.

"Mikasa's invited us out shopping! Come on let's go, we're going to that pizza place near the tech shop."

Mikasa invited her? Odd, again, they weren't close. I could see Krista inviting what was for all intents and purposes to her a stranger out for a night of shopping, but Mikasa wasn't that sociable.

Mikasa was standing a few feet back watching us, so I edged closer to Hitch and whispered.

"Did Mikasa say why she invited you?"

"Oh, she says she wants to get to know me better! Something about us always seeing each other but being unfamiliar."

Well, that made sense. It was a little out of character, but it was true that neither Krista nor Mikasa knew Hitch very well. Not to mention Mikasa was a good fighter and strong as hell, I could think of worse people to accompany us, as long as the two of us were with Hitch I was down for it.

"Alright, let me get my things."

Krista's POV

Swallowing my saliva, I knocked on the door.

"Eren? You free?"

"Yeah! Come in!"

Opening the door, I looked around. Eren was on his laptop, playing some kind of shooter game, cans of soda and packs of chips scattered around his table. He paused the game as I entered.

"Oh, give me a moment!" Awkwardly he crumpled up the empty chip packets and stacked the cans to one side, brushing the crumbs off the table and onto the floor. "I'll vacuum later. Why what's up?"

"Could you accompany me to the market? I have to buy ingredients for tonight's dinner,and a few other neccessities."

"Oh sure!" He exited the game, tossing his headset carelessly to the side. I winced slightly as it bounced off his bed and onto the wall. "What are we buying?"

"Some vegetables, frozen meat and eggs. We're having chicken stew. We also need some baking soda, detergent and a cloth. Oh, and Annie wants some protein bars." She didn't tell me what brand she wanted, but Eren knew it so I could just ask him.

"I see I see, is something bothering you?"

I blinked at the sudden change in topic. "What?"

"You seem kinda down, is everything alright?"

"Oh, it's nothing!" He frowned slightly. " I'm just tired that's all!" His frown deepened as he stared somewhat disbelievingly at me.

Him and his intuitive mind! Ordinarily Eren's uncanny ability to gauge people's emotions was a good thing, but not now! I considered him a friend, but I wasn't quite ready to tell him everything about myself yet.

"Alright, I'll get my coat."

Eren's POV

Something was definitely bothering her.

Walking down the street, I tapped my fingers on my jeans to fill the silence. Krista was acting like nothing was wrong, but it was obvious. Ordinarily she was relatively chatty, but today she was completely silent. If I couldn't hear her footsteps behind me I would've thought I had lost her halfway.

I sighed. It probably had something to do with her family visiting a while back. Ever since then her mood had plummeted. She was distracted constantly, our movie nights were quieter, she didn't even put as much effort into cooking. She tried to hide it, but it was pretty obvious.

Welp, time to do my duty.

I cleared my throat. "Krista, what are we?"

She snapped out of her distracted state. "What?"

I stepped closer, gesturing between the two of us. "What are we?"

Her face exploded into bright crimson. "What?"

Could have phrased that better. I rushed to the next part. "We're friends right?"

"Hm? Oh, oh yes!" Her blush lessened. "Yes we are!"

"And friends are honest with each other, they tell each other things, like for instance, what's been eating at you ever since we left the dorm."

"It's nothi-"

"No no, don't you dare say it's nothing." I leaned closer to her. "You've been down for some time already. There's something bothering you, I can tell." I make my tone softer. "Share it with me, you'll feel better."

She swallowed, her eyes darting away and back to my face a few times.

"C'mon." I placed my hand on her shoulder. "You can trust me, right?"

She stared up at me. Her lips quivered, and for a second I was scared that she would cry, before she hastily looked away. She didn't say anything for a good minute, and the silence got more and more awkward.

"Look, i'm sorry for pry-"

"Can I get a hug?"

I blinked. She still wasn't looking at me, although I could sense she was really intensely waiting for my reply.


She flew into my open arms, pressing her face against my chest, my shirt getting the slightest bit damp. Somewhat awkwardly, I patted her back, and I felt her shuddering in relief.

That does it. Something, or someone was seriously, seriously bothering her, and I was going to find that person and beat the shit out of them.

Annie's POV

Meet me at the house.

Sent 14.57

I frowned down at my phone. There was only one person who would send me this kind of message. Damn him, couldn't he wait for a few hours?

I looked over at my friends. Mikasa and Hitch were busy staring at some kind of necklace, still holding on to their drinks from the pizza place. That necklace was way beyond both their price ranges, but they were studying it anyway.

"Hitch, Mikasa, I've got to make a call. Go on without me."

'Oh? Oh, sure."

I stepped outside. It was a nice day, I saw no one in the alleys, Mikasa was strangely cheerful, the weather was fantastic, this could've been a good day.

Signing, I auto-dialled the number.

"What do you want Zeke."

A/N: So, I just finished the manga. Er, yikes, kinda a bad time to progress this fanfiction's plot with some angst. Welp, extra servings of fluff next chapter to compensate.