I love KHR, I love Assassination Classroom. It is actually shocking that I have not yet written a fanfic for this crossover. Now as some of you may know I am a huge Karmagisa shipper, like it is one of my all time favorite ships and what originally got me into shipping in the first place, but I don't think I'm going to be shippy for this one. At least not explicitly, you might get hints of 182769 or maybe RxS or even Karmagisa but I'm not gonna focus on it or really even mention it. You can read this however you want. Anyways I hope you like the first chapter and there's more to come.

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'I'm going to die, aren't I? I'm really going to die? He's not going to save me!'

These were some of the thoughts that floated through Karma's mind as he continued to freefall.

Moments ago, he'd thrown himself off a cliff in a suicide attempt to kill Korosensei.

It'd seemed like such a good idea at the time, now staring up into the terrified face of his best friend as he continued to fall, it didn't seem like such a good idea.

'No I refuse! I can't die here, I can't leave Nagisa alone without anyone to be there for him! Not again! I will not abandon my Cloud!' Were the thoughts that followed. And among the relief when Korosensei did catch him in the next second and brought him back up to Nagisa, he didn't seem to notice the flicker of orange indigo tipped flames on his forehead.

Korosensei did, and he knew exactly what those were.

What was more alarming though, was that the second Nagisa touched Karma, when he threw himself at the taller redhead to give him a hug, he burst into an inferno of bright purple flames, which were then greeted by the indigo tipped orange flames Karma was producing.

They'd both be much more freaked out if they hadn't both passed out from the sudden harmonization.

Which is what brought us to Korosensei's current predicament, he now had two flame active students.

And one was a cloud, an inverted one, but still a cloud.


"Korosensei, what the hell is going on?!" Cried a few of the students as they all ran over to where they'd heard Nagisa's shocked cry. Only to arrive at the scene to find their two classmates unconscious on the ground and covered in purple, orange and indigo flames and Korosensei looking worried.

"To put it simply children, it seems everything just became much more complicated." Korosensei said as the two boys slowly came too.

"Wha, ah, what the hell?! Why am I purple?!" Nagisa said as he glanced at the purple flames that slowly receded back into his body. "That's not something you see everyday." Said a bemused Karma.

"Well to answer your question Nagisa-kun, what you and Karma just produced is something called a dying will flame. It is the physical manifestation of one's will power and soul, it is something that everyone has the potential to summon but very few people in the world even know of its existence. For those born into the society where these flames are used more commonly, they usually receive training from an early age to draw out and use their flames or they use certain tools that help them draw out their flames, but there is another way to draw them out. During a moment of great stress and danger, sometimes a person's will to survive against all odds will trigger their flames to come out, which is what just happened to you Karma as you were falling down the cliff." Korosensei explained to his students, thinking that Omèrta can go fuck itself, because these are his students damn it! Besides he knows a certain young Mafia boss who the Vindice owe one or two favors. The rest of the class got stuck on the fact that Karma had apparently fallen down the cliff. At least he looked to be ok.

"But wait, that doesn't explain why my flames appeared too? And why were Karma's orange and indigo while mine were purple?" Nagisa asked, his focus on their yellow instructor instead of the nagging pull at the back of his mind.

"Well you see Nagisa this is where flames get a bit more confusing, there are different kinds of flame types, each with their own abilities and colors to identify them. These flames are separated into to two groups, the Sky spectrum and the Earth spectrum. You two belong to the Sky spectrum, there are seven different flame types in the Sky spectrum, Storm, Rain, Lightning, Sun, Mist, Cloud and of course the Sky. Skies are the rarest out of the seven and are normally the leaders of their set, with the occasional exceptions. They are natural born leaders, even if it doesn't appear that way at first, and for each sky there are at least six guardians, one from each element. Though I have known some skies to have more than one of some of their elements as long as the two elements have a strong enough bond between them. When a Sky meets an element that they are compatible with and is willing to follow them an event known as Harmonization occurs. This seals the connection between the two of them and the other elements in their set. A set, or a family, is what a Sky and their Guardians are called. The reason why your flames appeared Nagisa was because Karma, who is a Sky, Harmonized with you the minute you touched him after his flames were released. From what I can tell, it looks like he must have been unconsciously courting you as his Cloud for some time, the Harmonization forced your flames to appear as well it seems." Korosensei told the two flame active boys and the rest of the class.

"So wait Karma's a Sky? And Nagisa is what?" Maehara asked as he was a little confused on who was what.

"Karma is a sky, you can tell from the bright orange color of his flames, but he isn't a Classic or a pure sky. Some flame users have one or several secondary flames aside from their primary one. Some can even be an equal combination of two flames. When you do not have a secondary flame you are referred to as a pure flame. Karma as you can see does not have pure flames, though he has a much higher level of purity of sky flames, those indigo whisps you saw in his flames were in fact Mist flames. Making him a Misty Sky. Now the flame types themselves are organised into more or less two main groups, Classic and Inverted. Classic flames, are people who obviously display the traits common to certain flames and who fit more into the stereotypes surrounding each flames, such as that Rains are carefree peacekeepers, Skies are leaders, Clouds are always antisocial and violent and Storms are grumpy and impatient. Now Inverted flames are people who don't obviously express the characteristics of their flames, like a patient Storm or a grumpy Rain. Karma is an Inverted Misty Sky. And Nagisa is his Inverted pure Cloud, you can tell from the bright purple color of his flames. Clouds are the second rarest after Skies, mostly because of the way they are treated. Clouds are picky, but very powerful, so often a Sky or even other elements who want to have a Cloud backing them, will trap or chain Clouds. Both metaphorically and literally and force them to do things they don't want to. Clouds are wild creatures who need to be able to keep their freedom. Nothing should ever chain a Cloud, cause it's not healthy for them and results in them eventually self destructing. Not exactly literally, they go into something that's called a Cloud rage. They lose control of their flames, and their minds, and destroy everything around them. They are free spirits and should never be chained, that's why it's so hard to find a Cloud for some Skies. Because sometimes the Cloud they may be courting will not Harmonize with them because they feel they would not be able to keep their freedom with this Sky." Korosensei told his students.

Karma looked over at his friend suddenly very worried about something like this happening to the bluenette because of his mother. Nagisa just smiled reassuringly.

Seeming satisfied with this for now, Karma moved to stand up, but once on his feet he found his sense of balance wasn't quite back in order and found himself swaying slightly to the side only to be steadied by Chiba.

Chiba was about to ask if he was okay, when out of nowhere Nagisa pushed him away and wrapped himself around Karma like a snake and started hissing at Chiba along with everyone else. His normally blue eyes were glowing with bright purple flames. Karma just stood there unable to really move much with a confused face on.

"Uh Korosensei, what's wrong with Nagisa." Sugino asked with a vaguely freaked out expression as he watched his friend be reduced to a terrifying, yet somehow adorable, snarling, clingy kitten.

"Ah, well remember how I said Nagisa was a Cloud. Well Clouds are known to be very territorial, possessive and aggressive beings. Inverted Clouds are known to be more patient, but often after a strong Harmonization their Cloud instincts tend to act up a bit more. Some theorize that it's in an effort to make it clear that their Sky has a Cloud and also to prove to their Sky that they are strong. To put it in simple terms, newly Harmonized Clouds have no chill." Korosensei stated and as the whole class starred at the hissing Nagisa wrapped around a semi-confused-but-not-really-caring Karma, they couldn't help but agree.

"Unfortunately, I never really got around to unlocking my flames Most of this information I got from some friends of mine. Luckily, they owe me a favor. I'll give them a call and see if they won't mind coming over and helping with our little fire problem." Korosensei reassured his students.

Somewhere in Italy, a young Sky, a purple haired Cloud, a Cloud and a Mist who were arguing and a dangerous Sun all simultaneously sneezed.

Ok so this is my excuse to try to explain how I understand flames and also to give angry Cloud kitten Nagisa to the world. Clouds have no chill, no one has any chill in this story, but especially our Cloud trio. Nagisa is going to get Cloud teachers, can you guess who? Karma is also going to get teachers, and that is probably going to end badly. Reborn is just laughing his ass off. Korosensei will have the headache of all time. It's going to be a fun time. Also, Nagisa will have three modes in this story, first is 'normal' mode, then it's 'angry kitten' mode and finally it's 'Imma bite you, bitch' mode, I want to see how much fun I can have with this. Let me know what you think.

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