Chapter 6

Sophie, startled by the sudden change in atmosphere, jumped up and headed towards the door. She paused, hand on the doorknob. "What is her name?"

"Sophie, I'm sorry. Goodbye."

"Why won't you help me?" Her voice cracked. "If you know her, can you tell her that I want her back? Does she love me?"

"Oh sweetie…" Gillian fought the lump in her throat. "She loves you very much, I promise you that." Another piece of her thinly constructed mask fell away each second that went by. "You have to go. Let us know if there's anything else we can help with."

Sophie began to let tears stream down her face as her breaths hitched with sobs. "Okay, I'll go. Thanks for everything you did for Jacob."

And, just like that, her daughter walked out of her life. Gillian crumpled to the floor, body heaving with sobs. Had she made the right choice? She had certainly made the legal choice, but what that the just choice?

As some point, Cal must had become concerned that she was missing because he barged in the door. "What happened, love?" He offered his hand to help her up and lead her to the couch where she crawled into his lap.

"I've ruined everything," she mumbled miserably into his shirt. "I accidentally told her too much and then I sent her away and then I'll probably never see her again." With a sob she realized, "I'm never gonna be a mom." Cal's heart broke. If there was one person on this earth who deserved it be a mother, it was Gillian.

"We're going to fix this, love."


"Trust me. You're going to get her back. I feel it in my bones."

The whole way home, Sophie tried rather unsuccessfully to stop her tears. Once home, she fled upstairs to her bedroom. Throwing her bag down, she sank to the floor and was overwhelmed with despair. The interaction play over and over again in her mind, searching for the moment things went wrong.

I was hoping you could help me find my adoptive parents

What you're asking me to do is completely illegal

That was a closed adoption

She loves you very much

Suddenly the gears in her head began to turn again. She came to a startling conclusion: The only thing that could explain Dr. Foster's knowledge of the adoption and her emotional reaction to the request was if Dr. Foster was the adoptive mother. A final flicker of hope was ignited in her heart. She dug through her bag until she found the now crumpled business card. With shaking hands, she dialed the number.

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