~Wedding Day~

It was our first kiss. I felt an energy rush through my body; it was something completely different than any other sensation I've ever experienced.

As our lips touched, his hands made their way up to my hair. Each second longer causing a passionate fire to erupt in my soul. This was worth the wait, this was worth the sacrifice. All of my dreams, hopes, and fears culminating now in this scene.

I loved him...more than myself...more than anyone. Nothing, but death could separate us.

~Ten Years Later~

It was a grave day. I wasn't sure whether to rejoice or weep.

Life is a poem. It has it's own rhymes, timing, intricacies, and symbols.

I felt the highest elation of joy and pride as I held my son in my arms. The labor was strenuous and painful. More than I imagined it would be. Yet, the fruit of my labor and pain was the greatest reward.

On the same day that my husband and I celebrated my son's birth, I received news that my mother perished.

She was leaving a few nights previous to come for her grandchild's birth, but fell ill with fever. It was too much...the fever claimed her life.

But, as life was taken...life was given. Her space in the world was empty. Now, our son shall fill it. His name shall carry her legacy. His name is Julien.

I thought of naming him after his grandfather, but my mother showed strength that rivaled even his.

The next son I bore received his name, for his legacy shall be continued as well.

~Thirty Years Later~

Julien and Lionel II are Knights of the Round Table. Julien is married with two sons and a beautiful, infant daughter. Lionel is betrothed to the daughter of Garrett's best friend.

Our lives are joyous, and our future is bright.

~Fifty Years Later~

It was our last kiss. He passed the night before as he held my hand. Now, though my heart is heavy for my loss, I rejoice for my husband's eyes are open.

After fifty years of marriage, serving our good king, raising our children, and seeing our grandchildren, my soul is at rest.

He had faithfully served not only King Arthur, but also the King of Heaven. He now sees his Lord face to face.

I pray in God's timing, that I may be reunited with him, so that he can see my face.

That will be another first.