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I never asked to be reborn. However, I was glad all the same. No, not because I love Twilight or was a diehard fan.

I'm glad because I got to spend more time with my father and brother.

Caring little for the actual story itself, I simply wanted to get away from anything to do with Twilight and live in the sunniest place possible.

I never cared for the drama of the story didn't read anything past the first book anyways. Heck, I got the second book and immediately stopped after the fifth page. And that was me pushing myself to at least read ten pages before passing judgment.

Didn't make it to ten pages obviously.

Which is why I normally found myself wondering why a dead woman brought me here. I knew very little to what there was about the Twilight Saga.

If I did know that my life would depend on it someday I would have memorized, obsessed, and researched everything there was to Twilight before I woke up a toddler. Unfortunately, I didn't though because the damned book had no impact on my first life.

Since I didn't know basically anything about Twilight I came up with a half-baked-hopefully-it-works-if-not-I'm-screwed plan.

Stay the hell away from anything to do with Twilight.

Simple right?

Wrong, it's hard to stay away from anything to do with Twilight when your dad was apparently now of Quileute decent and living in La Push.


It's on Friday.

My chubby short fingers tried to grasp onto the bottle in my hand. The rubber bottle slips from my fingers repeatedly before I give up and decide to get assistance.

My legs barely trembled now when I attempted to walk around the house so I made good time in getting to the living room where Mommy was situated at her work desk doing some kind of papers.

I didn't bother trying to look at the boring paper, Instead, I tapped Mommy on her leg to get her attention.

"Mommy." I waited for a second for her to respond. When she didn't I kept repeating her name until she did.

"Baby I can hear you, just speak." Her tone was flustered and impatient. I wasn't offended, those papers looked like terrible math equations.

I held up my bottle of disgusting grape juice. "The bottle keeps slipping through my fingers, Mommy. Help me, Mommy."

She flipped a page. "Uh.." she started to move sheets around as if she was looking for something important. Most likely was. "Sweety go find Daddy, okay? Mommy's really busy right now."

I ignored the clench in my stomach at that. "Yes, ma'am." I turned with a smile on my face to find Daddy because this time it'll be different.

Daddy and Daniel are here so Mommy won't have to work so hard.

With that thought firmly inside my head, I searched for Daddy to find him outside in his garden pulling up weeds.

I already knew this was about to be a bust.

"Daddy, I can't get my bottle to stay in my hands. Help me, Daddy."

He looked up at me and smiled dazzlingly. "Of course, baby girl." He got up and dusted his hands on his pants. He leaned against the porch railing. "Now what does my Lil sunshine need?"

I presented him with my bottle. "I can't keep the bottle steady long enough to drink it. Help me, Daddy." It was more of a demand than a request.

He laughed at my dilemma before shaking his head. "Sorry baby girl, I'm a bit busy right now." He tapped the porch railing than. "Find your brother. He should be somewhere in the house." He scratched his head full of hair. "Probably watching his cartoons. Join him."

I was dismissed then and I pushed down the anger bubbling up. "Yes, sir." I couldn't wait till I was old enough to do stuff on my own again. With a silent huff, I made my way back into the house.

Walking into Dan's room I presented him with my bottle. He took one look at it then went back to eating his popcorn. "No."

My hands fell down. "I haven't even asked you yet."

He shrugged his shoulders. "Don't need to. I overheard you asking Mom." He stared intently at the cartoon playing on the screen.

I sighed knowing he wasn't about to help me. "Fine." Walking to the kitchen I put my given-up-on bottle in the icebox for another day.

Shrugging my shoulders I went to watch cartoons with Dan. "It was disgusting anyway." Not enough sugar made the kool-aid sour and bitter.

"Can I now?"


I waited two seconds before asking Dan again. He growled in frustration and pushed me over onto the semi-freshly cut grass.

Me being the turtle I am, wiggled around on my back trying to get up. "Help me up right now you jerk," I demanded.

He crossed his arms in annoyance. "No, you're just gonna keep begging to play with my toys."

The neighbor's kids saw me wiggling like a turtle and started pointing and laughing.

Even after being reborn, the embarrassment still followed me. "I'm gonna kill you," I growled out. "I can see your death now."

He moved his remote control truck to hit me on my frailing arms. "I was hoping it'd be a surprise."

I narrowed my eyes. "Oh trust me, it will be for you."

He stood up then. "Okay that does it, I'm going back in the house."

My eyes widened in panic and I wiggled more urgently. "No! It's gonna start raining again! Don't-Hey come back here-I'm sorry! Help me, Mommy! Mommy, Help!"

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