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The Story:

This story came to me because of my love of a few stargate and hp fanfictions, more so their crossovers. That means some cliches will be present. I have 10 pages of outline for this story already created but this is in no means the entire story outline. That means as I go along I will be adding and expanding the outline, which could possibly even include ideas by reviewers if I like them and feel they would fit in the story. That does not mean I have no idea or direction I will be going in. I have a few story arcs throughout and possible directions of the overall story in mind. These are not set in stone and more than likely will evolve as this is written. Constructive criticism is welcome and reviews are appreciated. Most chapters will be about 4-6k words and I hope between school and work I will be able to put at at least one chapter a month. Right now with current plans the story will more than likely be 250K+ words. This fic will feature a smart/powerful/grey Harry with some cliches and crack added in.

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The Chapter:

This first bit is more of a prologue and a reflection on the past by Harry. This means that there are very few if any conversations that will take place directly and more just the results are mentioned. This chapter will be longer than the others in the future as it will be the set up to Harry leaving the wizarding world behind. After this chapter we will start having stargate elements added in. The pacing of this chapter might feel off but that is because I am trying to fit a few years at hogwarts into the prologue. The pacing will change in the second chapter.

Chapter 1:

Watching the veil of the arch in front of him flutter back and forth, Harry James Potter, the so called boy who lived, contemplated his life looking back to see just how he had gotten to this point.

The series of events that led him to be in front of the arche could almost all be traced to the last week of his second year at Hogwarts. More specifically to during his battle with the Basilisk in the Chamber of Secrets. When he stabbed the sword of Gryffindor through the mouth of the snake, one of the fangs stabbed into his shoulder blade rather than simply into his flesh, this made all the difference. When Fawkes cried into his wound after he stabbed the journal, the tears caused the small flecks of basilisk fang still embedded in his wound to fuse with bone and more importantly his bone marrow.

The battle and its aftermath were the catalyst that changed his life, for hopefully the better. The results of the fusing made his blood take on the properties of the basilisk venom. Making him immune to almost all poisons and venoms; but more importantly started to decay what he now knows is the horcrux in his scar. His blood also had the curious result of taking on the characteristics of basilisk venom when removed from his body.

With the slow break down of the soul shard in his scar, the memories of Voldemort's early life started to enter his mind. This at first was not an issue as they came slowly and were barely a distraction but as the process continued and as the soul shard weakend this increased the rate of memories being absorbed. When he had made it back to the Dursleys a week after the battle in the chamber he had a massive headache from absorbing Tom's memories up to his fifth year. As well as being moody from the conflicting and polarizing emotions associated with many of Tom's memories. After being warned of Marge's imminent arrival in three weeks and being locked in his room he took stock of his situation.

Searching his mind for a solution to his problem, which turned out to be more difficult that he thought due to the clutter of Tom's memories. When he found it he said a small thanks to Merlin that Tom started to practice Occlumency during his second year giving him the solution he needed. Using the mind arts that night he was able start building his mind palace and start to catch up on the backlog of memories from Tom's first 15 years of life. He sorted them by first removing the emotions of all the memories then sorting both the emotions and memories into specific rooms within his mind palace.

He decided to store Tom's emotions that where connected to memories in specific rooms separate from the memories in question. This allowed for him to access Tom's knowledge without having the emotional baggage, but also had the positive side effect of having a pure source of a specific emotion he may need to help fuel his magic in some spells.

Waking from his meditative trance by banging on his door from his cousin as he walked by, he realized he had spent the entire night sorting through Tom's memories. During that time he came to the conclusion that the rate of absorption of memories was increasing meaning that he would need more time undisturbed to concentrate on his meditation and mind arts.

The other realization he made is that there was a change happening to his magic as well now that the soul shard in his scar was decaying. Going down stairs to get a quick meal he used the time to implant with legilimency the suggestion that that the dursleys should ignore him for the remainder of the summer.

With hopefully his immediate Dursley issue fixed he went upstairs to his room and made the decision to call out to Dobby. Quickly calming the house elf down after being called the greatestest wizard ever, he was able to bind Dobby to him. Of course that was only after being negotiated down to paying him only 1 galleon a month rather than a day. Asking Dobby to provide him with meals and ensure that he eats them over the summer, he quickly dived back into sorting Tom's memories before he lost himself to them.

It took nearly two weeks for the horcrux to finish breaking down completely and for him to finish sorting through the memories. He had spent the entire two weeks between sleeping, eating, and the mind arts. By the time he had finished sorting the memories the amount of time he required for sleep had dropped to nearly nothing with needing less than an hour throughout the day due to his near mastery of Occlumency.

After 'waking' from his meditative state when the last bit of horcrux quietly died as it had not enough energy left to even scream out with theatrics he immediately felt a difference in his magic. It felt as if a blanket that he never knew that was smothering him had been lifted away. He felt his magic serging throughout his body fresh and clean like he had never felt it before.

Looking around the blurry room he took of his glasses and rubbed his eyes, only to open them to as far as he can tell 20/20 vision. He notices a faint aura surrounding his various magical items in his room. The horcrux must have been damaging his sight as well as his magic was the only conclusion he could come to. When the horcrux was finally fully destroyed it also seemed to have given him minor mage sight.

Besides feeling clean his magic stores had also massively increased as the constant drain from the soul shard had been removed. With the simple scan of his internals with his magic he determined that his control has increased to level just moderately below the ritualy enhanced Voldemort.

He took the changes to himself in stride impart thanks to the occlumency but also due the vast experience Tom had with undergoing magical and bodily changes during rituals. Once again thanking Merlin for the knowledge he was able to steal from Tom's soul.

Quickly finishing his meal provided by Dobby he decided to finish mastering occlumency by now going back through and sorting his own memories, this time keeping the emotions intact. Finishing his twelve years of life quickly in three days left him feeling far worse coming out of his trance than when he finished with Tom's memories.

During his review of his life he came to some startling conclusions. The first was that he was being set up by Dumbledore for something, he was not quite sure whether that was to be killed, be a martyr or the next leader of the light. Regardless of the outcome he wanted to be a part of none of it and with the constant tests or whatever they were that Dumbledore was clearly putting him through he may end up dead before that. He also realized that Dumbles had failed to informed him about anything regarding his inheritance besides his trust vault and even that is arguable. With Tom's memories and his own review of his life he came the realization that you needed power to protect yourself and your own... and power he will have.

The second was that he had been set up with the Weasleys on his way to the train platform. What wizarding family does not use the floo network as their is a fireplace on the platform or to apparate there. And after five children going to Hogwarts how could she not know where the platform was is just ridiculous. This meant that his relationship with Ron had been largely fabricated.

Thirdly was the close comparison between Tom's and his own childhoods. Each being orphans who were raised by those who didn't want them there. Each abused by those same people that were supposed to take care of them. Dumbledore's refusal to allow either to stay at Hogwarts during the summer time to get away from the abusive homes. It was very striking and oddly disconcerting the similarities between themselves.

Finally was the way the wizarding world treated him. Never checking up on him throughout his life regardless of what Dumbledore says. The constant changing of opinion about himself from being their savior to the next dark lord walking. The disregard for anything he says whether it is a student or teacher, no one believes or listens to him.

Deciding that he needed a shower to help clear up his thoughts he left his room and went to the bathroom. Leaving the bathroom he went to the kitchen to find the Dursleys and Marge who must have arrived while he was in his room performing the mind arts. Using the opportunity he waved his hand using a minor wandless compulsion and notice-me-not charm to ensure they left him and his things alone for the foreseeable future.

Returning to his room he decided to make some long term plans because he was not going to let his life play out to the plans of others. Besides some of the immediate concerns he had some major events to plan, starting with the destruction of Tom's remaining horcruxes. While not an immediate concern it should be handled sooner rather than later due to Voldemort being active again in the first year as well as the diary in the second.

He also needed to fix what damage had been done to his body by malnutrition and abuse by the Dursleys. Along with undertaking some improvement rituals that he now knew about from Tom's memories. He would do rituals to increase his healing factor, strength, magic, bones, flesh, reflexes and eyes; but the first ritual he would undertake is to remove the trace and any other magics tied to him that Dumbles may have added. These rituals would not be quite as powerful as some of the ones that Tom underwent as he would prefer avoiding rituals that deform his natural look into a snake monster. The only snag is he needed to find a place to set up and ward a ritual room.

He also wanted to improve Tom's shortcomings in knowledge in runes, enchanting, alchemy, and potions. Especially potions as he saw how useful they could be from Tom's memories of some of the potions provide for him by Severus Snape. Another thing he would need to deal with.

However his main plans surrounded a memory that he had absorbed. That memory was of Tom's exploration into the death room in the Department of Mysteries in his search for immortality. He had found a ancient book on the function of the supposed veil of death. The book calls the arch a reality portal and explained that when properly used would send the user to another arch in alternate reality. With instruction on how to safely activate and use the arch his plans for his future where set. The book warned the the trip may be one way and that there was no real way to determine which reality that he would land in, this would mean he would have to thoroughly prepare for almost any circumstance that he may find himself in.

He planned to take his Newts in the summer after his Owls in fifth year. This was to give him ample time to prepare for his trip and the ability to gain access to his families vault and properties through being an adult wizard in the eyes of the law. Throughout all this he would need to expand his knowledge of magic and science as well as practice his spells so they become magic memory.

The things he would need to prepare for his trip are:

-Trunks with expanded size inside, as many as he could get.

-Literal Tons of pre-made potions, potions ingredients, and live herbs in stasis for planting when he is through the portal. This should include the illegal or rare ingredients and herbs found in Noturn Alley. This should also include the magical animals commonly used in potions.

-A large library of books that he will either have to buy, steal, or copy from somewhere. Maybe Hogwarts.

-The most impressive manor trunk available to buy or have commissioned.

-Food, enough for 50 years of lavish feasts if needed. All stored in stasis.

-Everyday goods such as cloth, hides, wines, spirits, furniture, literature (both muggle and magical), movies, and as many albums on CDs he can get, potentially even information on a database in a trunk.

-Trade Goods: massive quantities of woods used in productions daily in the magical world, steel, copper, platinum, gold, goblin silver, mythril, blank ward stones, marble, granite, and a 1 Meter block of every known metal and wood that is not considered precious for possible later duplication.

-Tools, such as for farming, building, and magical manufacturing.

-He would need a large supply of wands for himself and possible future generations if he makes that decision in the future.

He would also need to learn how to harvest the basilisk corpse in the Chamber of Secrets for either potion supplies or seed money for his preparations. He could use some of the hide to make an armour for himself to test his runes and enchanting while in school. Which leads him to his next set of actions hitting up Diagon Alley and Gringotts to see how much money he has to work with.

Finally happy with his plans for the future he decided to take a long sleep with no meditation to ensure he is in top shape after his nearly three weeks of constant use of the mind arts.

The next morning when Dobby delivered his meal to him he asked if he was able to pop him to Diagon Alley. With Dobby excited confirmation that he was able to do this, he asked for Dobby to place a glamour on himself to age him to 25 and change his appearance. With that done they appeared in a nook just off of the apparition point of the alley.

Walking down the alley he saw that it was fairly quiet compared to his other outings for school supplies. Figuring this is because of many of the stores having just opened for the day and not being during the school rush. Entering Gringotts he quickly walked up to a teller to ask if he could see his account manager. With a quick trip and a meeting with his account manager Ripclaw, without his glamour and minus a bit of blood, he had the information and access he needed. As well as a fake muggle identity under the name of James Evans, aged 25 with all the paperwork.

Apparently the Potter family had contingencies in place in case no other member of the potter family main line where still alive. Meaning that at the age of 11 the potter heir can access the main family vaults as well as their trust vault. However they are not able to make any changes to businesses or properties. Probably another reason Dumbles kept this from him. This left him with a cool 550 million galleons to help prepare for his trip which is FAR more than he had expected to have to work with.

With a conversion to British Pounds that would be 3.85 Billion pounds at a 7:1 ratio. This would make him one of the wealthiest muggle or magical persons in Briton. With this in mind, a muggle credit card and a vault key with direct access to his vaults it was time to start preparing for his eventual departure.

With a trip to the specialty trunk shop he setup an order for the largest expanded trunks that could be mass produced. Each trunk came with 625000 cubic meters of storage space or dimensions of 250m/250m/10m. It also included the ability to shrink, impervious charm, featherlight, password protected and wards to prevent unauthorized magical travel into the trunks. Each trunk came charmed with natural sunlight inside and air purifiers. He made an order for 100 trunks to be made a year for three years with Dobby picking them up monthly, with an additional 25 to be available as soon as possible.

His last trunk he ordered was a customized manor trunk made out of beautiful ebony wood that would not be ready till nearly the next summer. It while also including the same features as the other trunks had an additional compartment. In this compartment there was to be very large Roman style villa with additional room surrounding it for a large set of gardens or a small forest to be planted. The villa would include multiple minor manors surrounding a central courtyard for use by upwards of 50 people. It will also have a potions lab, large outdoor hot springs and baths, and a hidden prison. Once the trunk was finished next summer he planned to add additional features that would personalize it to his needs.

Before leaving he picked up a Mokeskine pouch to carry around his purchases for now in till he can make something better himself. The cost of his first stop at a shop was staggering costing nearly 20 million galleons with a large chunk of that being the manor trunk itself. Wanting only the best he shrugs off the cost and walks out of the store leaving behind a gobsmacked store clerk.

With a quick stop at Flourish & Blotts to pick up some summer reading related to enchanting, potions, runes, arithmancy and cleaning out both the Cauldron shop and Slug and Jiggers Apothecary of nearly 80% of their potions and ingredient stocks he finished up in Diagon Alley.

After returning to the Dursleys he asked Dobby if he would be able to get gold from his vaults to make purchases while he was at Hogwarts. After being explained to him that house elves could enter their masters vaults if they wanted to as long as they were given permission. Dobby explained that it was standard practice for pure blood families to do this and have elves do most of their shopping for them.

He quickly realized the possibility that this would open up to him and confirmed with Dobby whether he could still access the Malfoy's Gringotts vaults and homes. With Dobby's confirmation that unless they specifically ordered otherwise he would still have access to their vaults and home, plans had to be updated. With plans to clear out as many Death Eater vaults before leaving he needed to get more help to prepare.

Deciding that he would explain his plans to Dobby about his leaving through the reality arch so that he could have him help prepare. This resulted in Dobby demanding to be allowed to come with him as life here for elves was not a good life. Asking Dobby if he knew of any other elves that needed a new bond to help them prepare as well.

Popping away and coming back minutes later Dobby was accompanied by 3 other house elves. Two female and one male who looked to be in worse shape than Dobby had been when he first met him in the summer after his first year. Dobby explained that they wanted to come with master Harry to this new reality too. After binding and dismissing the other elves it was time to sit Dobby down and implement some of his changes to his plan.

Asking Dobby about how many elves he would be able to bond without any negative effects gave him more perspective on how much his magical power had increased. Dobby informed him that he was more than three times as strong as the average wizard in magical reserves department and that it would only continue to grow over the next few decades. Meaning that he would be able to bind dozens of house elves without issue and their minor magic drains on him would only serve to increase his natural recovery rate as his core became used to the drain.

With all the information he needed, he hatched a plan with Dobby to save house elves from 'bad masters' by tricking them into releasing them. He explained to Dobby that it would be as easy as the elf in question snagging a piece of clothing as it is being discarded. More specifically he told Dobby to try and get house elves that were bonded to Death Eaters, so that when they finally plan to leave, they could have the elves clean them out of anything valuable.

With excitement and apprehension entering Dobbies eyes he quickly understood what he was fearing. Explaining his massive preparation plans to Dobby relieved his fears that their would not be enough work for all the elves he would be binding. Explaining that Dobby should delegate new elves into either helping with purchases and procurement or with setting up new position ingredient farms in the expanded trunks as they had both sunlight and air charms, and enough room for growth of both animals and plants. He also told him he would he to make large purchases of fertilizer and soil probably from the muggles.

With this much of the work needed to be done for preparation was left the the house elves. All he needed to do was set Dobby up with a muggle warehouse for muggle goods to be delivered to and he would be set. Telling Dobby to use one of the spare trunks to set up as living space for the house elves would also solve their basic needs too.

With a trip to the phone and the use of the phone book he was able to call a realtor about a warehouse in London. Using his credit card he was able to rent a large warehouse on the River Thames for 4 years under his assumed name of James Evans.

Asking Dobby about whether he knows of any rituals spaces that he could use or purchase led him to learning about the 'come and go room'. With Tom's memories he knew of the room of lost things, where he stored one of his horcruxes, but he was unaware of the additional features that the room had. With his ritual plans set for the future he decided to take a walk down to the store to get Dobby a cellphone to make orders with.

Taking Hedwig out on his shoulder so she could get some flying in he left the house. During his walk through the park near his place he felt the presence of a magical entity. Observing a hound that was strikingly similar to one from his early memories in the blushes with a slight magical glow about him he took a guess and confronted what he believed to be a animagus.

This is where he met his God Father for the first time since his parents had been murdered by Voldemort. After holding his godfather at wand point he was able to obtain and binding magical oath from him not to share his secrets or to betray him.

With the tensions reduced now they both decided to have a chat in the park to catch up with each other. Sirius shared the circumstances of his arrest and the betrayal of his parents by Petagrew. Already knowing most of this from Tom's memories he was not terribly surprised and only commented that the way Sirius was treated seems to be on par with actions by the Ministry of Magic.

Deciding to share his plans about using the reality arch with Sirius. He told him all of the things he was able to determine about his life and how he was being controlled and setup by Dumbles. How the wizarding world treated him and how about he wanted a fresh start not in either the muggle world with his relatives or magical world that treats him like garbage. He even told him about absorbing the memories of Tom, even if he was very hesitant to do so fearing that his godfather may abandon him.

His fears were unfounded however as Sirius was upset that he was forced into this path but more than understanding telling Harry that when Harry leaves he is going to leave Britain and resettle on his families private island. With Sirius commitment to helping him prepare, he was able to convince him not to go to Hogwarts and let him handle the rat as he had a great use for that traitor. Convincing Sirius to go back to his family home ended up being the more difficult argument.

Pointing out that his home had a vast library that could help both of them as well as extensive wards to hide him from the Ministry. After sending Sirius on his way he quickly went and purchased one of those blockly cell phones that were available at the electronics store he returned back to the Dursleys.

With the cellphone in Dobby's hand and a warning to not use too much magic on it or around it he took a deep breath knowing that all of his preparation plans were underway. Sending a note to Deputy Headmistress Mcgonagall to change his electives to Runes and Arithmancy he decided to continue improving his knowledge through study.

The only other thing on note that happened that summer was when he went to Grimmauld Place to get some books from Sirius he recognized the house elf from Tom's memories. Aftering being confronted, Kreacher told them the story about Regulus and the Horcrux that he failed to destroy. After calling the sword of Gryffindor to him and instructing Kreacher to destroy the locket, Sirius's home life improved dramatically with a happy house elf around.

During his third year at Hogwarts he decided to not change his relationship with any of his friends as he did not want to draw more of Dumbles attention to himself. Rather he informed Ron that he would need to study far more due to changing his electives. This had the predictable effect of pissing Ron off and giving him nearly a month of uninterrupted studying with Hermione.

The train ride was far more uneventful as it could have been as his reaction to the Dementors was far lessened due to him no longer possessing a soul shard in his scar. His first action when he got to school was to capture Scabbers in a transfigured cage that he then put in one of his locked trunks in stasis.

When the Twins presented him with the Marauders Map he was happy as it was a major boon that allowed for him to move around the school even more unnoticed. To reinforce this the first ritual that he performed in the Room of Requirement during September was the cleansing ritual to remove all traces and foreign magic tied to him and prevented it from happening in the future. This would allow him to use a wand for magic when he is outside of school without being tracked or reported to the Ministry.

With all traces gone from him he finally went to the Chamber of Secrets again to harvest the Basilisk. After completing the harvest and storing the material away into his trunk that was shrunk in his pocket, he had his materials needed for his personal armour project. Deciding that he needed to prepare for his first major ritual he concentrated on studying runes and ritual magic.

On the winter equinox he performed his first major ritual in the RoR. It also was also the one and only black magic ritual he was going to perform. The ritual was a power enhancing ritual that would boost his magic reserves and recovery while also not compromising his control. It could only be performed on the winter equinox and required many magical animal parts; but more importantly it required the live sacrifice of a wizard or witch.

Taking Scabbers out and placing him in one of the circles in the middle of the ritual diagram he entered the circle opposite of the rat. Not even bothering to wake the Pettigrew before he was consumed by fires of the ritual he slashed his arm so that his blood would quickly empower the ritual circle. After a few minutes of searing pain through his body, that to him felt like hours, the ritual was complete and his magical power had a noticeable increase.

When Christmas came around and Hermione took his Firebolt he received from Sirius to their head of house he was able to finally let go on his misgiving about not informing her about his preparations to leave the wizarding world. He felt that even with an oath she would somehow work around it to inform others of his leaving. However unlike Ron he still felt that she was a true friend to him and would treat her as such.

After the holidays where done he decided to finally deal with the horcrux that was in the RoR. It was quick and easy to locate the tiara due to his sensitivity to Voldemort's soul and Tom's past memories. Looking around at all of the items in the room he called Dobby to him and asked him if he or the other 14 elves bound to him (Dobby had found 11 additional elves throughout the first part of the year) need additional work they could clean out and sort the items found in the RoR. He told him to sell the junk and duplicates more than five on any non super rare items and store the rest away for when they leave through the arch. He also told him to store any personal items such as clothes and toiletries as those could be useful later.

For the remainder of the year he spent working in the RoR on designing a Library Index Stone. It was to store any books he needed, potentially an unlimited amount, and when queried on a topic or subject it would provide a list of books available on said topic. It would on request of a book, provide a temporary copy of the book that would last about a week to read, never risking the original that is stored in the trunk. The copies lifespan could be increased by giving it more magic on it's creation. He also toyed with the idea of having information from multiple books to be compiled into a single volume on request. He wanted to create the LIS in a large 200 carat diamond he had in his family vault. He wanted to use diamond as it can store the most magic of any of the precious gems. This would allow him to constantly imbue more magic into stone through runes and by personally injecting it in.

With more magic the protections and abilities of the LIS would increase to a point that far in the future it would be able to provide a far more detailed and exact response to queries and be nearly indestructible. The gemstone would then be attached to a mithral chain to go around his neck that would be charmed to not be noticed by others and be impossible to remove without permission. With the school year at an end, Ron's and his relationship had deteriorated throughout the year, even though he made efforts to keep up appearances.

His third summer was far less busy than his second but arguably more exciting. He spent the first bit of his summer being updated by Dobby, binding more elves he had 'rescued', and continuing his studies. He wanted to ensure that by the time he stepped through that portal that he would have all the magical knowledge that he would need and for the more esoteric topics he could use his LIS. As well as a basic university understanding of the sciences. This meant that there was really no break from his studies and practice in the time before he leaves. His new manor trunk that Dobby had picked up made this far easier to swallow.

Sleeping in his beautiful white marble manor definitely improve his overall mood. The daily soak in the hotsprings did not hurt either. He also had Dobby collect the rare ingredients he needed for his body enhancing rituals next year at Hogwarts.

The first task he completed of the summer was to retrieve the horcrux ring in Little Hangleton. Now that he no longer had the trace on him he apparated to just outside the decrepit shack. Already knowing the protections that surrounded it made for a far easier retrieval. After using the Gryffindor sword to stab the ring band another horcrux was finally destroyed. Noticing the native magic still that remained in the stone set in the ring and that it was extremely similar if not identical to that of his cloak he decided to take the stone with him.

While he was recovering the horcrux at Little Hangleton Sirius was getting Hufflepuffs cup out of Bellatrix's vault. As Lord Black he had access to the vault due to the wording of her marriage contract. With the cup recovered and disposed of as long as Voldemort's spirit is not tied to something it should dissipate naturally ending his reign of terror.

He also spent the summer working on runic array to funnel ambient magic into his manor trunk. This was to insure the ingredient farms stored within the manor trunk storage area had enough magic for the plants and animals to prosper. It would also prevent any of the enchantments or runic arrays from degrading. This was a tricky process as if too much magic was funneled into the trunk than it would explode spectacularly. He made the runic array to be adjustable so that it could be increased or decreased depending on how many trunk farms where inside.

His final addition to the trunk was a set of blood wards put on it to ensure that it could return to him at any moment just by calling it to himself. This was to prevent it from being lost or stolen because if he lost this trunk he would lose all the other trunks as well. It also had the benefit of ensuring the trunk would draw on his magic automatically to ensure that it would not fail and the charms and enchantments would be in top shape.

Nearly at the end of the summer he got a surprise invitation to the quidditch world cup from the Weasleys, along with a letter from Ron apologizing and trying to reconcile. This was more than likely Dumbles doing which is the reason that he decided to accept the invitation.

Storing all of his stuff in his manor trunk and shrunk it down to put in his pocket he made his way outside to the waiting Weasley transportation. The game in itself was decent, what was exciting was the chance he got to test his spell casting out against the half dozen or so of Death Eaters that attacked him during the celebration. During the afterparty he was able to kill two of the attacking Death Eaters before the others retreated.

Quickly getting out of the immediate area surrounding the bodies allowed him to escape from the Aurors who apparated in just after he left. It amused him to no end that their leader was already gone and they didn't even know it. Believing in Voldemort's power to come back from the dead, while not completely incorrect in their belief, it did still crack him up a bit. It also confirmed his belief that Voldemort is just a symptom of the problem that is prevalent throughout the magical world. He was shocked by how easy it was for him to take their lives but chalked it up to being completely willing to take lives defending himself.

The fourth year was by far the most annoying and liberating of his years at Hogwarts. It also served to be extremely beneficial for him as well. When they arrived at the school they found out that the Triwizard tournament would be held at Hogwarts this year. On top of that quidditch would be canceled, which he was actually not unhappy about as it would give him even more free time for his projects. He only really enjoyed quidditch for the flying and not so much the game, making his position on the team perfect.

When the champions were selected, with him being included, it threw the first major wrench into his plans since he made them in the first summer break. Before entering the side chamber he stopped and informed the entire great hall that he had not entered himself into the tournament and had asked no one to enter him on his behalf, before quickly leaving to the side chamber. He didn't truly believe that anyone would believe him as he has been shown in the past that they would not but he could only try.

After being told that he must compete in the tournament as it was a binding contract, he demanded a copy of the full rules and contract, to the disagreement of Dumbles. Coming to his defence Barty Crouch Sr. happly handed over the requested copies.

His return to the dorm room was met with him being disdained and ridiculed by his own house mates. The only one not completely against him seemed to once again be Hermione. Ron seemed to be leading the charge and not pulling any punches in being angry with him.

That night he spent reading through the huge volume of rules for the tournament. A few things about the tournament stood out and honestly brought a smile to his face. According to the rules as soon as his name came out of the goblet of fire he was considered an adult as only of age wizards are able to compete in the tournament. The second was that he was able to leave Hogwarts grounds whenever he required for training. The third being that he did not need to attend any of his classes or having to do the homework assigned and exams. He thanked Merlin that the Potter luck seems to be on his side for once.

Now he no longer needs to wait till the end of his fifth year to gain access to his family properties and businesses. Not wanting the Ministry to have anything they can seize from his family when he ends up disappearing and more than likely pissing off many government officials. He calls to Dobby and explains what is going on and that they will be pushing their departure date up by one year. Dobby ensured him that they would have all the preparations done before the end of his year.

Writing a quick letter to Ripclaw explaining the tournament and his emancipation. He also gave instructions to start liquidating all properties and businesses owned by the Potters. This will help bolster his dwindling horde of gold that has been burnt through by Dobby procuring goods for their trip. Dobby's shopping trips and orders had left him with just over 100m galleons at this moment in time. He also told him to put the licences owned by the family into a trust for possible future branch family member who enquire about the gold.

Using the extra time not spent in classes and being ridiculed by Snape he finished his preparations for his rituals he wanted to perform before leaving. Before the first task he performed his body enhancing ritual. This ritual took three days to complete in which he was in constant pain the whole time. The ritual strengthened his bones to that of level of dragon bones, strengthening his cells to that of the resilience of Basilisk flesh, Troll blood for increased strength and regeneration, and finally Nundu brain and sinews for cat like reflexes. In real terms this meant that he was nearly three times as strong as an average person (one and half times a trained soldier), that a steel blade would still cut him but would have a much more difficult time doing so and the wound would heal in a matter of minutes. It would be incredibly hard for him to break his bones now and his reflexes and area sense nearly doubled from before the ritual.

While the ritual entirely changed his makeup on the inside there was no outward tell of him performing the ritual, other than a slight increase in the health of his skin. This was one of the reasons he chose to do this ritual first before the others which would have outward effects. It also was to do in part with him wanting to be more durable for the tournament as he had no idea what he was facing. The ritual he performed was one that Voldemort had considered but went with another more powerful ritual the gave him the snake like appearance.

The first event of the tournament was the wand weighing, the event itself was completely boring and annoying, especially for the reporter that would not take no for an answer to an interview. However during the event he discovered that Dumbles' wand was giving off the same exact feeling that he got from both his cloak and the stone he picked up.

Once he made that connection his memories from Tom about the Deathly Hallows popped to the forefront of his mind. While he did not believe in the death entity or the title of master of death, he did believe that if someone gained all three that there would be some power associated with them. Also having the most powerful wand in existence would never hurt, so he made plans to steal the wand from Dumbles before he took off for good.

So many things that needed doing, so little time during the year. Even though he had to plan for the tasks and doing his other preparations he was able to finish up his Library Index Stone. He also created a second smaller one to give away to Hermione when he leaves as a going away gift.

Arriving at the first task he finally found out what he was facing, that being dragons. Not too surprised as there had been dragons in previous tournaments. The task was stupidly simple as all he had to do was use and advanced summoning spell on the fake egg, teleporting it to his hand. Smirking at the fact they had only warded the egg against a simple acio. Getting nearly perfect points didn't seem to matter too much to him because in the end only the third task actually mattered.

He completed his second ritual of the year after the first task. It was a much more minor ritual; but still incredibly useful. The ritual added a second layer of protection around his eyes, a 100% transparent shield or shell around his eyes. This hard shell would allow for him to take a small caliber bullet to the eye without them being damaged. It also protected from environmental changes such as dry climate or gasses, it even could protect the eyes from the vacuum of space. The final benefit of the ritual was a minor increase to his natural and mage sight, barely noticeable.

Harry decided to attend the Ball with the French Champion, Fleur. He had a wonderful evening, dancing most of it away, and even got his first kiss when he dropped her off at her school's coach at the end of the night. She seemed to really appreciate a partner who was not drooling all over her dress while dancing.

The second task nearly made him drown, and not for the reason people may think. It was because when he finally got to where he needed to rescue his hostage he found Ron there in stasis, he could not stop laughing. For nearly five minutes the Merfolk looked at him like he was crazy as he could barely get his bearings to untie Ron and return him to the Dock. He ended up finishing First again even though he lost precious time trying to drown himself by laughing his ass off. The whole task and tournament just continued to confirm his beliefs about the wizarding world in that they were incredibly stupid and ignorant almost all the time. The idea that Dumbles still believed that Ron was something he would 'miss dearly' was as he proved in the lake, laughable.

During the third task his final loose end was solved for him. When he entered the end of the maze before anyone else he saw that the cup was a portkey. Assuming it would teleport him to the judges he grabbed onto it. Much to his surprise he landed in the graveyard at Little Hangleton. Quickly assessing the situation and feeling Voldemort's presence nearby he drew his wand for battle. Sending a dark cutting curse at the death eater holding the Voldebaby he was able to decapitate him before he had a chance to react. If the shocked squeak that came from the Voldebaby as he was dropped to the ground was anything to go by Voldemort was not expecting that.

Sensing another soul shard nearby he turn to see a snake about to lunge at him he sent another cutting curse to remove this final horcrux, hopefully. Vanishing the corpse of the snake he turned to Voldemort and with a quick fiendfyre Voldemort was vanquished for the final time. No wraith came forth to flee to somewhere meaning that Voldemort was finally dead.

Vanishing all evidence of the fight he made sure that he was presentable and grabbed the cup again activating the portkey to return to Hogwarts. Acting like nothing had happened besides him winning and denying Dumbles questions of anything out of ordinary proved to be the right course of action as he was back in his room within hours. Not wanting to celebrate with the house that shunned him he cast a notice-me-not on his bed and entered his manor trunk.

He spent his time on the train with Hermione making sure to talk throughout the entire time with her, not letting her read, as this would be almost certainly the last time they will get to see each other. Giving her a big hug after they got to the platform he took the Floo to the Leaky Cauldron. Once in the alley he heads directly to the bank to clean out his vaults of the proceeds of the sale of his properties and businesses. He also sets up a vault for Hermione with ten million galleons, the smaller LIS that has a copy of every book he obtained muggle and magical, and a communication mirror that he had improved on the off chance they can work through the barriers realities. He left a letter in the vault explaining his reasons for leaving and where he was going, without telling her the method of his travel as he did not want her to try and follow possibly dying. It also included a recommendation that she move to America where the bigotry was not nearly as strong; informing her that she would only ever be able to get a position as a secretary in the Ministry no matter how well she performs. He set up with the bank to send her a letter informing her about her new vault and his letter in it in the middle of the summer.

He called Dobby and had him ensure all of their trunks where within the manor trunk storage and that all the elves would have the next 16 hours to clean out their previous masters. Dobby had managed to have him bind nearly 150 elves total, not all coming from abusive families but a large minority did. With over 100 trunk farms started and managed by the elves there was plenty of work for them. Clearing out all those vaults would mean a potentially major additional windfall, not that he needed one with getting nearly 100m additional galleons from the sale of his properties and businesses.

Apparating to Hogsmeade and disillusioning himself he entered Honeydukes and went to the secret passage that he had found on the Marauder's map. Using the secret tunnel harry make his way to Hogwarts where he donned his invisibility cloak and made his way to the RoR. He needed to perform the final rituals that he was going to use that would have outward changes. He could only do these just before he left unless he wanted to be caught using illegal ritual magic and sent to happy floaty demon land called Azkaban.

The rituals he planned to perform where quick with only about an hours pain and burning from each, however the second would knock him out. The first was a ritual of Basilisk Venom and Pheonix tears, tailored specifically for him. This ritual would bring his body to where it should have been without the malnutrition. It also fixed any damage done to his body removing ass his surface scars. It also put him into ideal shape, removing what little body fat he had and replacing it with toned and defined muscles, this would extend to perfect any flaws he may have had too.

The final ritual he would perform was a permanent ageing and ritual. This ritual would age him up to about the age of 25 years old then slow is aging by nearly 50% for his remainder of years. Tom believed this is one of this rituals that Dumbledore had performed on himself as no one ages that well for 150 and looked about 70, even wizards.

Once he awakened from the final ritual he cast a quick tempus to find that it was in the late afternoon. He had the RoR create a mirror in front of him so he could see his new appearance. He was far taller than he expected at about 6 foot 3 in or 190cm. His face was more refined and elegant while still not quite being called beautiful. His agile slim frame had filled out and now he was broad across the shoulders and his muscles had grown appropriately with his size. He looked like an Olympic swimmer or athlete. His hair and nails all were all sleeker and looked as if they had been better maintained. Quickly calling Dobby so he could send a letter to Sirius letting him know he is leaving he vanishes the remains of his ritual.

Redonning his invisibility cloak as essentially a new man he made his way through Hogwarts hallways and waited outside of Dumbledore's office just in front of the gargoyles. Waiting for Dumbledore to return from his evening meal in the great hall, he had time to do a mental checklist to ensure he had all he needed for his trip. Dumbledore failed to notice anything out of the ordinary and said the password for his office. As the words left Dumbles lips, he cast a silent stunner and hit him directly in the back from point blank range.

Grabbing a draught of the living death from his Moleskine pouch he banished the potion into Dumbles stomach. The potion would ensure that he would be out of commission until by the time he had already left through the arch. Even if he got the antidote it would still take 24 hrs for the potion to work it way though his system, leaving him groggy. Grabbing Dumbles wand he felt a surge of power going from the wand, cloak and stone into his magical core. The energy of the hallows was being drained into his core, expanding it. Once his core had finished expanding he was nearly twice as powerful as before; but he also noticed that both the cloak and wand no longer had any energy left in them but still seemed to function. This relieved him as he was worried about possible future House Elf population growth and whether he would be able to maintain bonding with them and the next generation.

Moving into the office he quickly searched Dumbles desk after breaking the protections he had on it. Finding some interesting tools such as the device to sap light sources, there was also a time turner removing his need to get one from the DoM; but the holy grail so to say of this search was finding the Philosopher's stone. The bugger had only claimed to have destroyed it, probably planning to use it to extend his own life. He would then fake his death and come back later and a younger descendant or a member of a branch family. Snagging the stone and the instructions on it use he called Dobby to clear out Dumbles office as well as Snape's potions and ingredients storeroom, he had finished what he wanted to do in Hogwarts. Standing with a hand on the wall he said his goodbyes to the school, not sure if the only home he or Tom had known would understand him, hopefully it did.

Going over to the Floo and using it he quickly went to the Leaky Cauldron. He moved into the alleyway and found a nook to enter his trunk in. Ensuring that Hedwig and all the Elves where in the trunks or looting prior masters, he waited till it was near midnight. Exiting his trunk he cast all sorts of spells to ensure he was not detected when he entered the Department of Mysteries. Moving through the ministry towards the DoM he was appalled at the lack of wards or even security checkpoints. He made it all the way to the death room without even having to unlock a single door. Had no one ever heard of the locking charm, Colloportus, or even a simple lock and key?

So here he found himself standing in front of the so called Veil of Death waiting for Dobby to inform his that all the elves had returned. Dobby popped into the room in his basilisk armour that I had made for while creating my own in during the last year.

"All of the elves are in the trunks, master Harry" exclaimed Dobby excitedly.

Standing there in front of the portal to his future, to say he was not a little anxious would be a lie. "Alright Dobby go into the trunk as well" he replied. After Dobby had entered the trunk, he placed all his items besides his armour and a dagger into the trunk and he shrunk it down to its smallest size. Using the dagger he made a small incision into his arm. Placing the trunk into his arm and sealing it back up with a healing spell he looked back up at the portal. He did this to just ensure that he and the trunk could not get separated during travel.

Tapping the correct runes on the frame that lifted the Veil that protects from people entering this reality or leaving if it has not be lifted or a magical handshake sent through. He started to inject raw magical power into the frame of the arch causing a mirror like surface portal to appear. Taking one last glance around the room and a wordless goodbye to this world he touched the portal and was sucked away.

Chapter End.

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