The Author:

Wow! Blown away by the support for the story. I honestly did not think that it would pass 100 follows/favs for a long time and while writing this note it has done so on both. AMAZING. Thanks for the reviews and do not worry I will strive to live up to the standards I have set for myself in regards to quality. On a side note I have started to rewatch all of stargate again (4th or 5th time) so that everything is fresh in my mind. Already watched season one but will probably have season two done by the time this has been posted. I decided to get this chapter out early, well because frankly I am excited with the response I have gotten so far, and couldn't keep my ideas off paper (my google doc).

The Story:

I went back and did some minor edits to chapter one, thanks to all the people who pointed them out to me :). It was also brought to my attention that I totally forgot to include most of the internal details on his manor trunk, which I will try to rectify in a small blurb before this chapter, not that it is super important. For Pairings I really do want to try and fit in a Harry/Sam relationship, however I am having trouble determining which way to go about doing so. I have a really decent idea though. Also while I do sometimes enjoy harem stories, I am not sure if I want to do that in this story, even though it somewhat fits with the storyline. So I will be putting up a poll to see what people think. For responses to some reviews find them at the end of the chapter.

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The Chapter:

This chapter setting starts on the planet P3R-233 where SG:1 or more so Daniel Jackson encountered the Quantum Mirror. This obviously takes place before SG1 has the opportunity to arrive there, the exact time will become apparent in the story. However it does differ slightly from the timeline of events depicted from P3R-233's message broadcasted in the alternate reality that Doctor Jackson travels to (the destruction of the planet's people happens two years earlier in this stargate reality). Harry spends the first bit of this chapter alone with only really having his elves for company but that will change quickly. This chapter turned out to be way longer than I wanted as I was unwilling to leave the story in an awkward moment and I also really wanted to get some stargate elements in this chapter. Warning there are a few info dumps but that has part to do with his introduction to the stargate universe. I tried to make them interesting and included in the story.

Yes I love me some trunks and they do play a role in the story mainly for trunk farms and highly magical spaces.

The Manor Trunk: Contains two compartments, one with a 250m/250m/10m for storage of additional trunks accessible from the second compartment as well as outside the trunk. The second compartment is where the villa is located which is a massively expanded space with the dimensions of 5km/5km/1km, the height is for additional flying room for Hedwig and Harry. The Roman Villa compound is approximately 1km by 1km and is featured in the center of the space. It is surrounded by 200m of green space then followed by a tall Redwood forest that had been magicly grown to over 200 years of age with potions. The forest reaches to the edge of the expanded space. Inside the Villa compound, Harry's manor is in the center surrounded by water gardens. The gardens are surrounded by five guest manors and other outbuildings, such as his personal potions lab, enchanting and rune workshops, bath house, hot springs, and an unfinished ritual room. The ritual room was planned to be finished in his fifth year however plans met reality.

Chapter 2:

Harry gets unceremoniously launched out of the arch on the other side slamming into the solid table in front of the reality portal. Slowly picking himself up and saying a thanks to Merlin for his strengthening rituals otherwise he may have been spending his first hours in this reality chugging some potions.

Looking around he sees that he is in an illuminated room filled with about two dozen artifacts from various ancient civilizations of earth. Taking these as a good sign that Earth exists in this reality he quickly looks behind himself at the portal on this end. The arch is way different, being made from some metallic rock like substance with a metalic grey like portal surface that is fogged and has no reflection. Not similar at all to the blurry mirror of the activated 'veil of death' or the shimmering curtain like effect when unactivated.

He can see that there is a complete lack of magic in this arch. Meaning that it must function in some fundamentally different way than the portal he used. In fact the arch seems to be repelling the ambient magic in the environment, similarly to his warded trunks that contain his electronics stash. The visual effect, like his special trunks, is only visible to his mage sight due to the absolute absence of magic in the arch.

Seeings the lengths the creators must have gone too to prevent magic from effecting the arch he decided he was going to avoid using any magic on it. He may not have the desire now but in the future he may want to go back to his reality if possible or even to another one if he can figure out how the portal functions and using magic on it may destroy it.

Looking around at the other artifacts in the room he decides to leave them there as they seem to have only cultural value and contain no presence of magic. This is an odd occurrence as many older artifacts from ancient civilizations contained trace amounts of magic from the enchantments that had faded over the centuries since their creation. This makes him believe magic is rare in this dimension, but not non-existent because of the repelling aspect of the arch. Finding the only exit to be the opposite door which leads into a very large dark chamber; why people could only put lights in the one room is beyond him.

Switching his attention to his magical senses to get a feel for his surrounding environment had him quickly realizing there was a large difference in the amount of ambient magic here than his reality. While still present, it is at a far lower level than the Earth of his reality. In fact it was lower than the background magic of the universe in his reality. This means that the amount of magic present naturally in the universe is extremely low and more than likely the planet he was on was dead. He can think of no other possibilities because the current amount of ambient magic present is 1/3 of the his realities universe's background magic, let alone combined with the magic produced by a healthy planet.

Using his wand to make a small incision in his arm over the location of his trunk, he removes it all covered in his blood. He decides no to bothering with a healing charm for his arm, letting his passive healing from the ritual take care of the small incision. He tosses a cleaning charm at the trunk to remove his blood, revealing it's black splendor. Placing it on the ground and enlarging it, he opens a slot on the side and uses his wand to adjust the magic funnel runic array. Increasing the arrays power to compensate for this universe lower level of ambient magic, he increases its strength so that the magic in the trunk maintains levels similar to his universe. This will be necessary because if the level of magic became too low the expanded trunk farms would suffer and stop producing ingredients. It would also cause the natural enchantments and charms of the items in his trunk to fail or loose power.

Entering into the trunk an elf popped into existing beside him. He had to use his oculomancy to prevent from jumping by Dobby's appearance, he is after all still a bit high strung from his journey. "Have we arrived Master Harry?" Dobby asked excitedly, barely containing himself, worming around on the spot.

"We have. The journey through the portal seemed to take only an instant and besides being launched out the otherside it was completely fine. I will need you to monitor the levels of magic in the trunk to make sure my adjustments to the runic funnel do not overload the trunk with magic. Do you think you will be able to handle that?" he asked.

"Of course Master Harry, I wass already doings so. If the magics getting to high or lows I will be informing yous right away!" exclaimed Dobby obviously excited that he was able to anticipate some of his needs.

"Alright well I am going to explore the immediate area around the arch. I want you to check on Hedwig and the other elves and let me know if anything is wrong. If I am not back within two hours come looking for me." he informed the now worried elf and left the trunk.

Poking his head out the doorway into the dark chamber he looked around noticing that he can see further than he expected in the dark. Must be an added effect of the rituals done on his eyes, while definitely not perfect cat like ability to see in the dark, it definitely was a large increase in his night vision.

"Anybody home?" he called out into the large chamber only hearing his voice echo back to him. Figuring if anyone was around either they would have heard him or he them as this place was deathly quiet. Deciding to cast a few lumos globes at the ceiling in the chamber, light illuminated the room. He appears to have arrived in what seems to be a long manmade sealed bunker with machines and instruments scatter throughout. The bunker was approximately 300m by 75m and 20m tall with no other noticeable doors that he can see leading anywhere.

Exploring around he finds a large ring with symbols on it and a corresponding smaller device a dozen steps away with a red crystal like half sphere in the center of a bunch of buttons with symbols on them. Interestingly unlike all of the other objects he had seen so far in the bunker, the ring and it's little buddy had a faint magical aura attached to them. Deciding to leave investigating them to later he turned around to look at this totem pole thing. In front of the ring just towering there, was a totem pole like thing that didn't not match anything else he had found within the bunker. It was as if it was a warning of some kind. It also had another set writing on it different from the large ring making it the third unique language he has found if he counts the signage on the walls.

He also found more metal boxes that appeared to be solid, a large amount of tesla coil like towers, a handful of machines and what he looked like a systems computer. The only other thing of note in the entire bunker was a massive blast door at the end of the chamber which he assumed would lead to the surface of the planet. It was sealed and there did not appear to be any immediate releases or switches to open the door.

Returning to the trunk to check back in with Dobby he decided to set up some basic sound and presence monitoring wards in the chamber to let him know if anything occurs while he is in his trunk. Deciding that his immediate plan is to spend the next while consolidating his position here in this reality through exploring and investigating his environment. With some form of plan set he went off to find Hedwig before she become too upset with his neglecting her that even a plate of bacon would not appease her majesty.

Little did Harry know that he would spend just over a year without having any new company.

He spent his time in isolation between exploring, studying what he has determined as alien technology, and leisure time with Dobby and Hedwig. Not to say that he did not achieve lots in his period of discovery and learning, but he certainly did get to not travel far.

His first course of action was to explore the surface of the planet and determine whether his feeling about this being a dead world was true or not. To do so he and Dobby used materials from his trunk to build an airlock like room just inside this side of the blast door. He then used runes and charms to make the airlock impervious to realistic levels of pressure and temperature change, fearing the worst.

An impervious charm only makes an object safe from damage till the magic in the charm runs out. This means the stronger the charm cast the longer it would protect an object from damage, but once the charm fails the object would be left completely unprotected. This is why runes are used together with charms to support and reinforce their effects and make them last longer. Sure runes could be used all on their own but it would be far more complicated to use and require a much larger amount of magic to initially power them. On the opposite side with the blast door he set up wards to tell him the makeup of the air and temperature when the room is exposed to the outside.

With his makeshift airlock complete he started to blast his way through the door with overpowered Bombardier Maxima charms. Clearly not made to last against a continual magical barrage the nearly 2m thick blast door gave way to the outside. Once the breach had been made he quickly apparated back behind his makeshift airlock. Checking his wards, he was able to determine that the atmosphere had lower than ideal level of oxygen and that there was many other poisonous gases present, however the temperature was only just below freezing. Apparating back to the otherside with a bubble head charm on he was able to confirm his fears that the planet was a wasteland, no life that he could see animal or otherwise.

Moving outside the blast door looking up he noticed a small planet in the sky giving him confirmation that this was in fact not Earth. This was odd as he was almost certain that the artifacts found by the portal where from earth civilizations. Noticing his magic flaring and fending off some unseen threat he apparated back into the bunker. He assumed that some form of radiation or energy was present on the planet surface bombarding him, his magic protecting him from almost any moderate level of radiation exposure till exhausted. While not alarmed he was a bit apprehensive about the situation on the planet on the surface, and his long term prospects with it in such a state. Short term though he believes he is fine and is making the assumption that this facility filtered the air somehow as the air in the bunker was perfectly breathable.

Deciding to spend some time enjoying himself with Dobby they cracked open the magicly dampened trunk. Inside this trunk was where he stored all his complex electronics. The trunk was designed to prevent outside magic from entering and to be constantly expelling the ambient magic from inside that builds up. This allowed for all muggle electronics to function in this expanded trunk. Interestingly enough he and Dobby had found that only large amounts of ambient magic or direct spells would fry electronics. It was also determined that the more complex the device the larger chance of failure in a magical environment. He figured this was due simply to having more parts and more things to fail; but the huge discovery was that as long as not too much magic was produced, simple things such as certain runes could function around electronics just fine. This led him to confirm Tom's belief that if muggle electronics were shielded correctly from magic they would function without any issues, and that magic acted similarly to strong em field on electronics. This did prevent him from having overly large expanded spaces in the specially warded trunks as it would create too much interference for complex electronics to work.

He and Dobby started to watch movies that neither had had the opportunity to see, him because of his relatives and preparations, and Dobby because well he was a magical house elf. They watched movies ranging from the newly released Forrest Gump to both their personal favorites the Star Wars trilogy. Dobby became obsessed with Yoda and it took a command from him to stop talking in reversed speech as it drove him up the wall.

For the next month he spent his time lounging around and enjoying himself reading science fiction novels and relaxing in his water gardens listening to music. Once his period of slothiness had been completed he dove straight into exploring the bunker and understanding the alien devices.

His first major step in the right direction was finding the only physical book in the entire bunker. This allowed for him to use a translation spell directly on the book to help him learn the language by comparing the translation to the original. Glad that the Potter luck decided to be on his side for once, especially after dropping him on a dead planet with no escape, he gave a quick thanks to Merlin.

The language from the first glance appeared to be Egyptian of some form, while most certainly not the most modern hieroglyphs it looks like a proto or earlier version of the language. With Tom's small knowledge of Egyptian hieroglyphs from his exploration of waizard tombs in Egypt, he was able to learn the language in less than two weeks utilizing his mind arts. By using his eidetic memory and glancing at the pages of both the original and translation he could then retreat to his mind palace where time passes slower and read the book there. This allowed him to consume and process the knowledge at an extreme pase. Fairly happy with himself as this was the first language he learnt besides English that had not been absorbed from Tom, he decided to throw a random celebration with Dobby.

Another discovery he made while learning the new language is that with his increase in power from the hollows, he had a noticeable jump in how much more time passed while using the mind arts compared to reality. This made him come to the conclusion that the time compression that is experienced in his mind palace is directly proportional to users magical power. The more power he had the longer a second would last in his mind palace.

With the language of the bunker builders under his belt, his true exploration of the machines and facility could begin. Over the next eight months he was able to learn much about the people who built this facility and their science. This all came from grueling discovering of how to turn the facilities computer on, cough the power cable was unplugged cough.

Apparently an alien race of great destroyers came and laid waste to their entire civilization with starships, ignoring all attempts to make contact them. The people of this planet sealed this bunker and then detonated their power facilities across the planet to deny the destroyers any of their resources. They did this to also prevent their homeworld from falling into the hands of their enemy, so they turned it into a radiation wasteland instead. Not sure if that is what he would have done but he will not begrudge them their choice.

The science of this civilization was about 20-50 years ahead of Earth from his reality in most areas. Interestingly though due to lack of animal diversity on their planet they were actually behind Earth in some aspects of Biology and ecology sciences. However the major discovery on the computer was the various alloys and materials that this society had developed. As even with advance sciences finding beneficial alloys can be extremely time consuming and require extensive repetitive testing of combinations. Some of the really interesting compounds were a stronger lighter structural metal, a incredibly tactile and heat resistant carbon polymer cement like paste that hardens over time, and a superconductive alloy. A few of these materials were made with a elements he did not recognize; but if his translations were correct they had incredible features.

One of the discoveries much closer to home he made during this time was that the energy contained in the three Hallows was starting to collect again. He figured that it would take another few decades for the energy to be back to the level of when he absorbed it. This led him to believe that the three Prevail brothers created the hollows with this in mind, to allow for future descendants of theirs to gain a large power boost, insuring their families prosperity. Obviously this failed spectacularly for probably the same reasons mentioned in the story of the Deathly Hallows. All three objects never entered into possession of the brothers' descendants again, failing to pass on the built up energy until he collected them all.

The final act he was able to complete before being interrupted by some 'guests' was the completion of his ritual chamber and to perform his first ritual in this reality. It only took about a month of rune drawing and cleansing spells to prepare his room for a ritual that was close to his heart.

As many wizards and witches lived beyond 100 years they had to devise a ritual that would allow for them to extend the longevity of their familiars. None of them wanting to lose their close companions, a ritual was devised to double their companions lifespan. This was the ritual he was going to perform, just slightly modified for better results, hopefully. A snowy owl could live for about 25 years in captivity and with Hedwig's connection to his magic she should live to about 75 years no problem. With the ritual that should easily double the possible age and as his power continues to increase that number will just keep going up. Even still, with his expected lifespan to be at a minimum of 200 years after his rituals, it comes short, therefore his modifications.

The ritual uses phoenix tears and freely given unicorn horn to imbue additional life into the animal. He was going to also use a small amount of the elixir of life along with some modified runes to hopefully give Hedwig at least a one time chance at rebirth similar to that of a burning day. Optimistically this would allow her to perform a 'burning day' once every time she gained her adult form. However if she were to die again in her youth she would not go through a rebirth. The reason for this was because the power for her rebirth would have to build up as she matured to adulthood, as she was not a true Phoenix. This would help to remove his anxiety of losing his first real friend and leave him to these vast unknowns alone; not bothering to count Hagrid as he was Dumbles lackey and probably doing as ordered.

After a year and nearly two months, while he was spending his time reading in the water gardens, his wards in the bunker went off informing his that there was movement and sound. Quickly using a spell to swap his lounging wear for his battle armour he exited the trunk. Shrinking his trunk and putting it in his pocket he threw a quick disillusionment and silencing charm on himself before moving into the main chamber.

Noticing right away that it was the giant ring that was causing the disturbance, evidenced by it lighting up and vibrating. He was moving closer to get a better look when a giant pillar of what looked like water shot out from the center of the ring before quickly returning with a loud whooshing sound. Where once there was a giant hole in the ring now stood a giant shimmering blue water portal.

Large men started to march out of the portal as if it was the most normal thing in the world. There were four of them in total and they were dressed somewhat similarly to Spartan warriors if someone updated their entire dress with metallic grey armour and an oddly shaped spear or staff. They even had helmets with red plumes and a symbol of a triangle without a bottom featured on the forehead of each helmet. At least whoever designed their armour had the foresight to add chest and leg protection too, rather than going with the stereotypical Spartan warrior featured in films with a bare chest and no leg protection.

Once the last 'Spartan' had made it through the portal it shut down returning to normal. Thankfully they did not seem to glance twice at the lumos globes that were still present on the ceiling. Making the decision to hide his magic for now as he does not know how they would react to it, he moved behind some machines to cancel his charms on himself.

"Hello, who's there?" he decided to call out to announce his presence.

"Kree Jaffa! Show yourself or be fired upon!" demanded one of the warriors while turning in the direction of his voice.

Coming to the conclusion that these guys would be his best opportunity to learn something about this reality and possibly leave this planet he decided to play along. It also did not hurt that they apparently spoke English as well, adding more fuel to his 'what the hell is going on here' fire. After one last glance at the room where the reality portal still stood he walked out to meet these 'Spartan' warriors.

As he arrived out in the open the warriors pointed their staffs at him. "Who are you and what is the purpose of your presence here human?" snarled what he believed to be the 'Spartan' commander.

Deciding that there was really no reason to lie, maybe just omit some information he went with the truth. "My name is Harry and I have been stranded here. This place appears to be a bunker or shelter of some kind." He replied to them calmly not allowing their aggression to change his tone.

One of the 'Spartans' drew their commanders attention to the totem pole that he had discovered when he first started to explore the bunker. "Jaffa Kree! Dial the Chapa'ai, we leave this wasteland. Human you will come with us! Our god will be pleased with you." barked the commander again.

One of the warriors walked over to the ring's little buddy and started to press the buttons on the device causing them to light up and the ring to start spinning. After the seventh symbol was lit up the warrior pressed the central red orb, this made the ring lock in place and activating the portal again with a giant whoosh. He could only postulate that the symbols were combination addresses similar to phone numbers, engaging a portal between two different rings. He figured this was the case because these warriors were clearly not sure what existed on this end when they had come through based on their actions.

"Jaffa move out! Human go through the Chapa'ai now or we will stop being so friendly" once again snarled the commander at him. In what way were they being friendly he grumbled as he sighed to himself. Well he was going to play along with these gents and if they wanted to take him away from this dead planet who was he to complain. Moving to the portal he passed his hand through it, testing the waters so to say. Seeing that there were not any adverse effects, he hummed with interest and then walked through the ring.

Unlike the reality portal which was instant, this one was certainly not. He was completely conscious of his transition and felt as if his soul was being passed through a winding tube in space. Some would think that this would be uncomfortable but they would be wrong. It was almost as if this was part the the design of these portals to take into account the comfort of the soul while transitioning as it felt great. With what seemed like minutes but was probably only moments he finally came out the other end of the portal. Doing a quick internal check to ensure he was alright he started to look around at the new place he found himself in.

The world he had arrived at was very Earth like, with similar vegetation surrounding the clearing that the ring was within. Like the previous planet a quick glance at the sky was enough to tell him he was not on Earth, with a giant moon visible in the sky even in the daylight.

"Come human, we will bring you to before our god to be judged" spoke the commander again.

"What is the name of this planet?" He asked the Spartan beside him.

"Silence human!" the warrior barked and replied with a solid thumb of his staff into his back sending him forward. Not really bothered by the physical rebuke but getting the message he decided to continue to play along tell he got to meet this so called 'god'.

Following the road, well calling it a road would overly generous but it was a path that seemed to have a lot of traffic on it, so he will go with road, he went after the two leading Spartans. The road lead into the forest of which quickly gave way to a small settlement or city on a hill that slowly became visible. Similar, but different to his design choice for his manor trunk the buildings of the city where in the style of Greco Roman architecture with a wall surrounding the entire city. In the center even visible from the forest edge was a massive Greek temple in a similar style. It was amazing! As if he had been transported back in time; but there were some major differences he noticed right away.

The small city was a mixture of ancient and advance technology, with some of the warriors carrying around what appeared to be advanced weapons and armour. The armour itself that they wore was definitely out place with chainmail under armour plates being thousands of years ahead of the architecture, combined with their clearly advanced staff weapons, things just didn't seem to make sense.

Looking at the size of the city if he had to guess there would be about room for 150 to 250 thousands people that would be able to live within the walls. From what he observed so far a good majority, maybe 75%, of the people present were somewhat emancipated and not living to the standards he would expect from greek or roman society of this time period. It was a stark contrast to the warriors who seemed to be in peak health with obviously ample food unlike what he was guessing was the 'servant' or slave class.

He assumed that this was some form societarial control process that this so called god uses to control his people. Having them be resentful of each other rather than himself is pretty much being a simple monarch 101, or in this case being a god 101. Make distinct differences and make it difficult to move between classes and he would ensure that the classes maintained themselves. The ones of higher position dictating to those of a lower one, not willing to give up their power, all the way down the pyramid of power ensuring each subsequent class ensures the obedience of those below them. A simple tried and true method from Earth's history, providing as long as you can prevent lower class uprisings.

As he followed the warriors towards the main gate of the city, he spotted something being constructed on a plains just off in the distance behind the city. Whatever it was it was massive being hundreds of meters across and if he had to guess it seemed to be only in early stages of construction as only the frame was built. Walking through the city to the temple he only confirmed his beliefs that these lower classes were only just a bit away from demanding changes to happen, possibly through force. Most seemed to barely be getting by and meeting their families needs. However the buildings were in amazing shape and nearly spotless clearly being cleaned regularly maintained, making another contrast of the people and where they live.

Arriving at the temple he was blown away by the size of it, this temple could rival any built on earth for scale. Moving to the entrance he could only freeze and look at the statue of a man riding a chariot wielding a lighting bolt that was placed prominently at the temples entrance. Oh please no more lighting bolts he thought, thinking back to his scar that he detested and had been permanently removed by his recovery rituals. Being prodded along by his escorts they made it into the main chamber where a man was sitting on a throne with two guards with golden symbols on their forehead. The symbol was the same triangle with no bottom as the black ones that his escorts sported. Deciding it might be necessary, he drops a wandless silencing ward over the chamber to prevent sound from escaping to outside.

"Kree Jaffa! Report to your god about the scouting mission through the Chapai!" Demanded the man on the throne in a deep voice and with surging golden glow in his eyes. Not sure who this guy was but guessing that he is the god they were talking about before, regardless, he was unimpressed with this god. From the weak magical aura that he could see surrounding the man on the throne, it told him this person had no more magic than a muggle from his universe.

My escorts bowed and kneeled before their 'god' and the commander of the unit started his report.

"My lord once we exited the Chapai we quickly discovered this human who had been stranded there as well as a totem warning to Jaffa that the planet had been made into an uninhabitable wasteland." reported the Spartan commander in a completely different tone than he had heard him use before. He was somewhat shocked to discover from the warriors tone of voice that he truly believed that this man before him on the throne was a god. "We brought this human back through with us as he seemed to be of high quality stock, possibly suitable to become a host my lord."

"Bow down before the mighty god Pelops mortal!" commanded the 'god' to him with the golden glow ever present in his eyes.

He was tired of this charade and was done playing along with these people any longer. He was on a different planet and worst comes to worst he can just escape and hide out wherever he wants. "I have no plans to be bowing down before any gods anytime soon, and that is doubly so for you as I see no god here." he replied with a small smirk on his face and a bit of a cocky tone. Which quickly changed to a smile at the look of shock that quickly passed over the mans face.

"You will die for your insolence!" yelled the man as he raised his hand that was wrapped in some golden device. A shock-wave quickly rolled out towards him from the hand device, but with a quick wandless shield he was able to protect himself from the attack with only a minor drain to his shield. One point for the ritual enhanced seeker reflexes, nil for man masquerading as a god. Sending an overpowered Bobardia Maxima wandlessly at the man on the throne and his two guards flanking him, he changed his focus to those near him. Apparating backwards three meters to give himself some space from his escorts he released the death stick from its holster built into his armour.

He fired four rapid fire cutting curses at his escorts as they were trying to recover from their kneeling position. As his cutting cures connected with them, essentially splitting the warriors almost in two, he was impacted from behind by two red blasts from the last two guard's staff weapons. Spinning with the blows he did a quick 180 to fire off the last two cutting curses needed to finish the guards and bring silence the room.

Noticing that his first attack took out the god and his two guards that where flanking him he finally relaxed a bit. Checking his back out for armour damage he was relieved to see that it seemed to be holding up just fine to the weapons fire from the staff weapons, whatever it was they fired. The weapons fire looked like some sort of energy weapons, similar to those that you would see in Star Wars and was most definitely not magic otherwise he would has sensed it and dodged. He will have to be more vigilant against non magical attacks.

Ensuring no one was coming he vanished the mess and bodies of his escorts and the two guards near the door. Taking note that none of them were split in half by his powerful curse, this had mean that the armour they were wearing was far more durable than steel. Sending a repairo at one of the pillars that was damaged he approached the so called god and his other two guards. He was interested in checking out the hand device that the 'god' had used to attack him with and anything else useful he may have that's useful. He lowered himself down to search through the 'god's' corpse finding nothing of interest except a round metallic ball. As he was pulling off the golden hand device he felt a stabbing pain in the back of his neck and then sensed an attack on his mental shield. He quickly entered his mind palace to battle his first mental invader of this reality.

In his mind he sees that his mental shields and wards were holding; but what was concerning was the absolutely enormous size of the mental presence assaulting his shields. Gathering some of his will power he attempted to eject the other presence from his mind. This resulted only in the presence being shoved back a bit before continuing it's assault.

Deciding to change tactics and use a method he was far more familiar with, he grasped the presence with his magic and started to rapidly absorb it's memories. The being started to struggle and tried to remove itself but having no magic it had no defense against his own and failed to go anywhere. As he ripped away the beings memories, its mental presence's degree of struggling slowly reduced and the size of the presence shrunk rapidly as every last bit of life was being squeezed out of it. Once he had absorbed all the memories and the presence had disappeared he followed the link along to its source and ensured all memories where removed from there as well, essentially leaving the being with a blank mind.

As soon as he had finished removing the consciousness of the being permanently, his magic started to incorporate the benefits of the parasite into his body. With a mental jolt the boundaries of his mind palace rapidly expanded more than doubling, this was a result of adding the mental capacities of the parasite's to his own. This expansion indicated that he had drastically increased his possible memory, which not as important to him as wizard's memories are stored in their soul, but also came with a large increase in his brains processing power. With this increased processing power he would be able to come up with answers, conclusions and solutions to problems far quicker than before.

Until he sorts the memories of the parasite he won't have its knowledge at his fingertips like he does Tom's. Only with luck and a bit of skill can he get anything from the unsorted memories. Deciding to do this and trying to understand what happened to him resulted in one of the beings memories popping into his consciousness. It showed him how this parasite jumped from the 'god's' body and entered his from his back of his neck while he was removing it's hand device. His internal reflections were quickly interrupted by a large surge in his magic throughout his body pulling him out of his newly upgraded mind palace.

Coming back to reality he at once used his magic to scan what was happening and causing the moderately large and constant drain on his magic. He could see that his magic was being spread throughout his body by an element that was now present in his bloodstream, from where he was not sure. Another memory from Pelops came to the forefront of his mind, this time it was about symbiotes releasing naquadah into the bloodstream of their hosts. This may cause some issues if memories keep popping into his head he concluded. He will need to deal with this quickly, however at this time is seems to be working out for him.

The naquadah in his blood was causing a huge drain on his natural recovery rate of magic. Magic seemed to follow the element throughout his entire body infusing it with large amounts of his magic. Before the naquadah entered his blood his upkeep for the various magical drains tied to himself was roughly 20% of his recovery rate, mainly from the house elves. Now however the rate of drain was nearly 60% of his recovery rate. The magic saturating his body was starting to create an empowering effect on the rituals he had performed as he could feel the strength surging through his body. There would be many benefits to this, he would assume also that as his power increases the power of his rituals will increase with it now too.

There also would be the largely beneficial effect of having his natural bodily functions improved once again by every cell being saturated in his magic constantly now. The additional strain on his core would also be like working a muscle continually. It might feel slightly uncomfortable but it would allow for greater magical growth as he ages, constantly growing his core. The only consequence would be the need to take a longer breaks between doing large amounts of powerful magic, not that he had ever encountered such a situation yet.

Banishing his battle armour to his trunk he quickly takes Pelop's clothes and hand device off his body and gets dressed in them. He would need to update the definition of clothes around here because all he was wearing was some leather straps and a cloth skirt. Once finished getting dressed he vanished the three remaining bodies removing all evidence of the battle that has taken place in the room. Looking down at his now bare chest he could see a faint but noticeable golden glow being created by his magic surging just below his skin. Concentrating on his magic for a moment he succeeds in reigning in a bit causing the glow to extinguish. Storing an idea away to possibly experiment with flooding more magic to get greater effects out of his rituals on a shelf, he sits down on the throne.

Deciding that he needed some immediate information otherwise he might get caught out he retreated into his mind palace. Spending ten minutes absorbing the basic details about Pelops and his species he came to a few startling conclusions. One was that he had nearly full control of the Goa'uld symbiote in his body. When he tried flashing his eyes the glow across his body came back in full force, being far brighter than when normally undampened. He also was fairly sure the boost to his rituals combined with the symbiotes natural healing abilities, means he will not age any longer or will do so at an extremely slow pace.

The second was that no matter how powerful he was personally it wouldn't be enough because battles were fought on a whole different level out here in this sci-fi galaxy. While personally he was powerful, could even probably take out a whole army of Jaffa if he put his mind to it; but that would not make a difference if his location got bombarded from high orbit. He wanted to be powerful, so that no one could dictate his life to him, and so that he can protect what or who he chose to. To be powerful in this reality it required you to have a fleet of spaceships and an army to field them and that is exactly what he is going to get.

The third was that he was going to pretend to be Pelops and take his whole masquerading as a god to a whole nother level. The reason for this, is it gives him a good base to start from and people under his command with little to no effort. It might also be a bit fun. While he will still pretend to be a Goa'uld he will change his persona and the way his domain is operated and managed. With this he will just have to convince himself that what he doing is essentially being a benevolent absolute monarchy.

With the need for more information so he can go forward with his plans he entered back into his mind palace to continue sorting memories. Unlike with Tom however he will be sorting Pelop's memories from most recent to the oldest. He is doing this because Pelops' has over ten thousand years of memories and he may get caught out not knowing his current attendants names or something.

After only sorting about two centuries of memories and a few hours on the outside passing, he was awoken from his meditation by someone shaking his shoulder. Opening his eyes he was greeted by the sight a scantily clad young woman. No one seemed to wear much clothing around here hu. Her name came quickly to him as he had already sorted through those memories. She was Anaitis, Pelop's, or should he say, his Lo'taur.

"Anaitis, my most cherished servant" he said while flashing his eyes and allowing his skin to glow causing her to jump back in fright. "I have taken on a new host and have developed a new power. Through this power I have gained enlightenment, be prepared as much change will be coming." Her eyes opening wide in devotion and awe at his minor theatrics and new body.

"I am prepared to follow all your commands my lord." Anaitis said while bowing low. The suggestion all to clear and from his memories it would not be the first time Pelop's had invited her to share his bed.

"Not this time as there is much that must be achieved." He said as he got off the throne and walked out the door. "I will retire to my personal chambers to meditate on this new power I have obtained. I will need a new first prime as I disposed of the previous one and the guards for failing me one to many times. You will bring me the top three candidates tomorrow morning." He talked while they walked towards his chambers located in the center of the temple.

As they arrived at his chambers he turned to Anaitis as told her "No one shall disturb me while I am meditating. I will call to you in one day for the presentation of possible first primes." Opening the door he went inside and locked it. Lying on the bed in his chambers getting comfortable he entered his mind palace and started to process the memories, concentrating on those to do with him domain.

After just less than 24 hours he left his mind palace with a much better idea on what he wanted to achieve in the short term. Over the next few months he will have his people enacts changes to help kick start his domain's economy and have it moving in the right direction. All he needs to do is work out some details on some quick changes he can make. Then he will continue to processing the memories so he can absorb them all to gain most of the technological knowledge. He was actually lucky as Pelops was one of the few scientists of the Goa'uld race, even if that was not saying much.

Opening his door he finds Ana waiting for him. "The candidates await you in your throne room, My lord." she said while standing their patiently.

As he walked to the throne room and entered the new guards and candidates all bowed. Deciding that he will just do this the easy way he points at the three candidates and command them to look into his eyes. Using legilimency he was able to sift through their memories to find the one who would be most useful. While all three were absolutely loyal, to an extreme degree, only one of them treated humans with respect.

Looking at the the candidate in the middle he flashed his eyes. "Gelon you will take the position as my first prime, acting in my stead when I am unable. You will also be the one responsible for managing all of my decrees, Is that understood?" he said in his most commanding voice borrowing from both Tom and Pelops.

"I will not fail you my lord!" exclaimed Gelon while standing up straight and slamming his fist into his chest.

Dismissing the other candidates he informed his Lo'taur and First Prime to send out a message after the meeting to as many of his subjects that they could that they were to assemble tomorrow evening in the temple plaza for a grand announcement. Telling them to wait he took his manor trunk out of his pocket at put it slowly on the ground in front of his throne. Waving his hand the trunk returned to its normal size. He looked to his servants and said "I will be back in a few minutes" before disappearing into his manor barely containing his laughter at the absolute shock on their faces.

Once in the manor he moved to his study and called out to Dobby. The elf popped into the chair opposite of him all casual like, clear evidence of Dobby being more comfortable around him after spending months truly getting to know each other over the last year. Letting Dobby in on his plans had always worked out for him so he had no intention of stopping now. He spent the next few minutes telling Dobby about his plans to build up his domain and start to pose as a god to his subjects. He also informed Dobby that he was going to introduce the house elves to his people as magical servants he created to up his god cred. He decided to quickly let Dobby know his other plans for what the house elves would be doing. The only issue being trying to convince Dobby that no he was not in fact actually a god and just and extremely powerful wizard.

He wanted the house elves to go around and start sneaking in nutrient potions into the food of his subjects and fertility potions in all subjects attempting to have children. He instructed Dobby that he should have the elves start to put fertility potions in the livestock feed and plant growth on the crops. Finally he told him to have them start mass producing all the required potions as well as many of the common potions and salves used in healing such as blood replenisher and essence of dittany. Dobby nearly exploded with his excitement at all the extra work the house elves would have and thanked him profusely before popping away.

He would claim that the improvements in his people, livestock, and crops as a blessing from him to them for their devotion and celebration of his enlightenment. Combined with a show of magic at the assembly he will be able to reinforce the image of god hood that the Goa'uld had nurtured over the past 8000 years. With future improvements in standard of living he will have the true devotion of his people.

Leaving the manor trunk he found his two servants and guards nearly as shocked as when he entered. Calling out to Dobby the house elf appeared before them all, nearly causing him to loose it again at the look that was on his first primes face.

"This here is Dobby, one of my magical servants I have recently created with my new power." he said as he indicated to the short house elf. "They will be tasked with taking care of my basic needs as well as performing selected duties assigned by myself." he informed Ana and Gelon while flashing his eyes for emphasis.

"Tomorrow I will address my subjects about my enlightenment. It will be a day of great change, go and prepare. I will spend another day in meditation within my personal chambers before the assembly." he informed his two servants as he left the throne room going to his chambers. He had plans to make and to do so would require as much information he can obtain from Pelop's memories in the short amount of time he had.

Once again situated on his lavish and overly large bed he let out a sigh at the amount of meditation he is doing lately, even though it was paying off in spades. Just from what he absorbed earlier he was able to learn that Earth did exist in this reality and that as far as Pelop's was aware the Goa'uld had not been there in any serious numbers in over five thousand years. When Goa'uld were active on earth it was the times of ancient Egypt. This gave him his first bit of evidence that he traveled realities but not time or at least not much time. It was funny how the Goa'uld made the pyramids for landing platforms in this reality and the wizards of his made them to hide their secrets and bury their dead surrounded by protections.

This did mean though that while not an immediate threat, the Goa'uld were a threat to Earth's future. If Earth developed too far the Goa'uld would return to wipe them out, and if development was anything similar to his reality, that would be relatively soon. It is a little amusing with earth sending signals into space to greet other aliens, when those aliens where going to do was come and send them back to the stone age. He would more than likely need to do something about the issue.

He was also incredibly lucky as the only reason Pelop's Jaffa were out scouting new planets was that he wanted somewhere to expand into. With the Supreme System Lord Ra's recent death just over three weeks ago to some unknown system lord the power situation of the galaxy was changing. The situation made it ripe for possible expansion to new planets and development of new technologies. With those positive thoughts in mind he gave one last glance at the gaudily decorated room and closed his eyes entering his mind palace.

End Chapter

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