Harry Potter was in his sixth year at hogwarts. Voldemort was back, everyone knew it, Sirius was dead and Harry was having a pretty terrible time but at least Umbridge was gone.

It was a fairly typical Monday morning when at breakfast Dumbledore entered late, which wasn't unusual, what was unusual however was that he didn't go up to the high table to take a seat. He stood in the entrance way with a strange look on his face and then said in a loud voice, "could I please speak to Harry Potter," Harry groaned at this but got up. After a short pause Dumbledore added, "and Ginny Weasley."

Ginny was shocked and immediately paled, what could she have to do with anything, it couldn't be about the chamber could it? No that had been ages ago. Her friend Emma pushed her, "Ginny Dumbledore wants you, you can't just sit here!"

"Right, Yes." Ginny said not sure what was happening and very confused, she stood up and made her way to the doer where Harry and Dumbledore were waiting for her. She noticed on He way that all eyes in the hall where on her. Ginny reached the door and Dumbledore without his usually twinkle in his eye said, "follow me." Turning on his heal he walked towards his office.

They did as the told and Ginny gave Harry and questioning look, but Harry just shrugged, he had no idea what was going on either. They walked to Dumbledore's office in silence.

When they arrived Dumbledore gave the password and they went up the stairs, but before they went through the door Dumbledore paused, "I feel like I should give an explanation before we enter, on the other hand this isn't really the place to hear such news, would you excuse me a second."

Dumbledore squeezed through the door so they couldn't see what was inside and they heard his muffled voice talking to someone inside. They were both incredibly nervous and Harry felt the need to take Ginny's hand, but he wasn't sure if this would be the appropriate time.

"Enter!" They heard from the other side of the door. They looked at each other took a deep breath, Harry pushed the door open, and they both entered.

"Please take a seat." Dumbledore said with a smile that almost looked like pity, gesturing towards two chairs.

They sat down both on the edge of their seats, Harry was somewhat used to being called to Dumbledores office, that wasn't what he was nervous about, he was nervous about what could possible involve him and the girl he fancies, that requires to be called to Dumbledore's office. Ginny on the other hand was no at all used to this and had no idea what to do.

Dumbledore took a deep breath stroked his long beard then started speaking, "as you both know Voldemort is defiantly back but he has been laying low for a while. We now think we know why. We aren't entirely sure why he has done this, the best guess is to distract you." Dumbledore paused, how do you tell a 16 and a 15 year old what he was about to tell him? Maybe he just didn't tell him? He knew this wasn't an option, they deserved to know, they could decide what to do.

"Voldemort has been busy, creating two babies, a boy and a girl."

"He is starting an army of his children?" Harry broke in, looking slightly horrified and slightly confused.

"No, these children aren't his, in fact all he had to do with them was stealing DNA and growing them. Early this morning these children were left at hogwarts, we got many healers in and they are both perfectly healthy with not a touch of any charm or dark magic on them. Their date of birth had been dated to be 3 days ago on the 2nd of March."

Ginny paled, she knew why Dumbledore was telling them all this. Harry on the other hand had no clue, "why are you telling us all this?" Harry asked.

Before Dumbledore could answer, Ginny turned to him and said in a voice barely above a whisper, "because they are our children."

At this Harry looked at Dumbledore, who nodded in confirmation, and Harry also paled at the news.

"Are you sure they are alright?" Ginny asked.

"Yes they have been checked by healer upon healer who have all agreed they are perfectly healthy and unharmed, they also all confirmed that you two are the parents, there is a spell that can be done."

"Are they here, can we see them?" Asked Harry, feeling very attached to two children he had never even seen.

"You may, but I must ask, Miss Weasley, would you also like to see your children?" Dumbledore asked not sure how either of them was going to react.

"Of course I want to see my children." Ginny responded, like this was the stupidest question in the world.

"I must also ask, as these are your children, legally you must decide what to do, you have a couple of options, the first is to keep them and raise them yourself, or to place them with relatives, or to put the, up for a random adoption."

"I'm keeping them, they are my children." Both Harry and Ginny said at the exact same time with determined looks on their faces. They then both looked at each other, smiled, then blushed and then looked down.

"Very well." Dumbledore said, not at all convinced they were making the right decision, "you would like to see them?" They both nodded, "Very well I will go get them."

Dumbledore left through a back door and Harry and Ginny turned to each other, "Ginny how exactly is this going to work, we go to school."

"I have no idea Harry, but I do know is that I'm not abandoning my children for some other people to look after. I know I didn't decide to have them but they hardly decided to be born, we will have to make it work."

"There is no way I'm leaving them with relatives." Harry said, then noticed Ginny's slightly hurt look, so added, "not that your family isn't great they are and I know they will treat them right, but I have such a horrible experience with staying with relatives, I couldn't do that."

Ginny understood and placed her hand on top of his, "Don't worry, we will keep them with us, we'll make it work."

Just then Dumbledore reentered the office followed by Professor McGonagall and Madam Pomfrey, both holding a tiny baby in there arms.

Harry and Ginny both stood up. Both older women looked very hesitant to hand the babies off to such young parents but did so any way. Once Harry and Ginny each had a baby in there arms they sat back down and stared down into there arms with small smiles on their faces.

"I must say, Albus, they are taking this remarkably well." McGonagall said.

"I don't think it has quite sunk in yet, they want to keep the babies with them." Dumbledore told McGonagall.

"How, they can hardly keep them in the dorms, and they aren't even in the same year, what are they going to do with classes?" McGonagall said, think it the idea was simply ridiculous.

"I don't know, we will have to make arrangements for them, but legally this is their decision."

Whilst this conversation had been going on, Ginny realised something. "They don't have any names."

Dumbledore confirmed this and suggested that the pair should think fo some names, as the parents.

Harry and Ginny both decided that they would think about it later. Right now they wanted to know what would happen now that they are parents.

"Well I've been thinking and I think I have the solution to your problems. Obviously you can't stay in your dorms anymore, but we can add a door to the common room and through that door can be four rooms, a bath room and three bedrooms. The bedrooms can be accessible to each other the middle room can The the nursery and the bedroom either side can be yours, that way you will both have access. How does that sound?"

Harry and Ginny looked at each other, smiled and then Harry said, "great, thanks."

"Ok I'll have it made now." Dumbledore said as he summoned a house elf and told him what to do.

"The next obvious problem is classes, now I propose that you are both given a week off school to settle in and then during the day you can each bring a child to your classes, however you will have to sit at the end of a desk with a cot next to your desk with a charm on it so that only you can hear, you will also need to sit near the back of the class so that you can leave without disturbing the class. If either of you are going to potions or a class where they may be in danger then the other one will take both babies. If the babies will be in danger in both of the classes then you must decide who will miss their class, understood?"

"Yes." Replied both Harry and Ginny, both pretty happy with the arrangement.

"Now to the last big problem, that I'm not sure either of you have thought about, second last problem actually, babies require a lot of things to take care of them, you have none of this, you will have to go shopping today. And because you are underage your parents, or ummm family, will have to be informed."

"Don't tell the Durselys, there is no point I'm never going back there." Harry said.

"We will talk about that another time, I will tell them for legal reasons but I won't let them near you ok?"

Harry nodded, Dumbledore then turned to McGonagall, "if you could please inform the Weasleys on this situation that would be great."

As soon as McGonagall left there was a small pop and a house elf appeared, "the rooms have been prepared, the password is chocolate cake."

Dumbledore talked with the elf for a bit and then the elf left.

Harry turned to Ginny, "any thought on names?"

Ginny turned to Harry looking a bit embarrassed, "Yeah, how about James and Lily." Ginny then looked down at the little boy in her arms, not sure how Harry would react.

Harry however was truly touched, "I would love that, really, thankyou, how about we use Molly and Arthur for middle names?"

Ginny looked back at Harry and grinned, "that sounds good. Lily Molly Potter and James Arthur Potter. I like it."

"Potter?" Harry asked, not sure why he was shocked.

"Yeah." Was the only response Ginny gave as she once again became captivated by the little boy in her arms.

A little while later the door to the office opened again and in marched McGonagall with Ginnys parents behind her.

"Oh, Ginny." Said Mrs Weasley as she entered and leaned on her husband with tears in her eyes.

Ginny looked at her parents, stuck between smiling and blushing, "I take it you know the story?" She asked.

"Yeah we do, are you two ok?" Mr Weasley asked looking at the both of them, who both nodded.

"Well What is going to happen today, is you two and the babies are going to come with us, we are going to go shopping to buy all the things you will need, then we will return to hogwarts and we will help you settle in, ok?" Mr Weasley said. Once he had got confirmation that they both know what was happening he turned around and said, "let's go."