Harry and Ginny were sat at the table in the Burrow, with a baby in each of their arms, Harry now had James and Ginny had Lily. They were sat opposite mr and Mrs Weasley.

"Me and your mother just wanted to speak to the pair of you, make sure you know what you are doing." Mr Weasley said.

"First of all, I don't believe we have been introduced, do you know what their names are." Mrs Weasley said, in a very soft voice.

"This is Lily Molly Potter." Ginny said then looked at Harry.

Harry cleared his throat and said, "and this is James Arthur Potter."

Mr and Mrs Weasley shared a smile, "lovely names, very nice." Mrs weasely said.

"Thanks." Mr weasely added, "for our names in there."

"Now what we wanted to talk about, are you two absolutely sure you want to keep them with you? You wouldn't have to give them to strangers or anything, we would be more than happy to keep them there." Mrs Weasley said with a pleading look in her eyes, she wasn't convinced they were old enough to deal with this, and Harry already had so much on his plate.

"No Mum, I know we didn't ask for this, and I know it's really weird for Voldemort to give us babies, like really really weird, but I love them too much, I have to take care of them. I'm their Mum." Ginny said.

"That's very mature of you, I think, I'm not entirely sure to be honest." Mr Weasley said.

"And Harry, what about you?" Mrs Weasley asked.

"Same as Ginny, they're my children, I have to keep them with me." Harry said.

"Right ok then, it is your decision, if you are going to be raising babies, twins no less, there are some things you should know." Mrs Weasley said getting straight down to business.

"First of all, you will always be tired, always. They cost a lot of money too." Mrs Weasley started.

"That's ok Mrs Weasley I have money." Harry cut in.

"Right Yes, you do don't you. I'm sure you will pick it up pretty quickly but you are going to need to know how to feed change and wash them, to start of with anyway. When a baby cries, which I've noticed your two have been quite good so far it means they either need a nappy change, they need fed, or sometimes they are just lonely and need a cuddle."

As soon as Mrs Weasley stopped speaking Lily started screaming in Ginnys arms. "Ah it seems I spoke too soon there."

As if feeling left out James also decided that this would be a good time to cry.

"Mum help, what do they want, we don't have anything yet, what do we do?" Ginny said in a panic.

"Calm down both of you, it will help them calm down, check their nappies, if they need changed I'm sure we can magic up some temporary ones, we are magic after all."

"What if they need fed, we don't have any food?" Harry said, very worried.

"Arthur could you quickly apparate to the store and get some new born baby formula, and some bottles we will get more once we are out but we should feed the babies before we go anyway." At his wife's command he was gone.

Ginny and Harry both checked nappies and discovered that both needed changed.

"They need new nappies, we don't have new nappies." Ginny began to freak out a bit.

"Calm down dear, it's ok. I can conjure some temporary ones. Set them down in the table and open up their baby gros. Yeah like that good job, both of you. Now it's ok don't worry about this table clothe I have plenty more take off their nappies."

Just when Harry and Ginny had removed the nappies Mr Weasely returned, "I got a bag of nappies too, just in case." He said.

"Good, conjured nappies aren't great." Mrs Weasley said handing over the packet of nappies and wipes.

After the babies nappies had been changed and they had been rocked a bit they calmed down and went back to sleep.

"Now are you two sure you will be ok with the babies all by yourself?" Mrs weasely asked again now that the minor crisis was averted.

"Yes Mum we'll be fine, we will be better next time, we just didn't know what to do." Ginny said looking a little embarrassed for panicking.

"Ok then." Mrs Weasley said with a sigh as she took out a notebook and pencil. "We'll make a list of everything we will need, Harry are you sure you can pay for it, we can help if you need us to."

"No really it's fine, I want to pay for it, I have money. I took out loads of money at the start of the year. Will 500 galleons be enough?" He asked setting a money bag on the table.

"More than enough, but we are going to go into Muggle town to shop, it's safer, and everything is the same for babies anyway. I'll go to gringots now and get it changed to pounds. How much of it would you like me to do?"

"Umm well a galleon is about £2 so if I get £700 that's bound to be enough, right."

"That should be more than enough I'll go do that for you now." Mr weasely stood up took the money and left again.

"Now let's start on this list. We will need a double pram, 2 cots, bedding for the cots, clothes, we will need a lot of clothes, and a changing table, hogwarts will provide a chest of draws so we won't need that, we will need a rocking chair, actually let's get two, and way more nappies, a couple of changing bags, formula shampoo..." Mrs weasely listed off everything they would need and Harry and Ginny just looked overwhelmed.

"Your father will be home soon, we should feed the babies, so we can go when he comes back." Mrs Weasleys said as she got up and collected two bottles did a cleaning charm on them and then opened up the formula, "Now you take this little scoop, here, and you scoop out 3 scoopfuls into the bottle then add water and heat it up. Check it on your wrist, if it feels too hot let it cool down. She handed each of them a bottle and they added the scoops then filled it up and warmed it slightly with their wands.

Harry checked his on his wrist, not really sure what he was checking for. Mrs Weasley saw the confusion, "it should be body temperature dear."

They both nodded, decided that the bottles were ok and then gently woke the babies. However even though they did so very gently, both babies started to cry softly at being woken up, This was until a bottle was placed gently at their lips, they sucked hungrily. Ginny giggled, "they must be hungry." She said stroking Lily's head.

When they were finished burped and changed again, Mr Weasley finally returned, "sorry, there was quite a queue, I guess it makes sense, Saturday is a busy day."

Soon enough they were standing just outside a large Muggle department store that had everything that was needed for babies. "Ok this is going to be quite hard shopping, so if we walk around now, you two can tell us which pram and stuff you want then you two go back to the Burrow with the babies I'm sure you need to talk, and you need to practice being alone with them. Me and your father will then go and buy everything you need."

They walked around quickly and picked out pram sand carriers and a few items of clothes they would like. On the way out, Harry also pointed out some soft toys he wanted the Weasleys to buy.

When Harry and Ginny had returned to the Burrow and Mr and Mrs Weasley had gone back to the shop, promising to return as quickly as possible, Harry and Ginny went into the living room and sat down. They sat side by side in a semi awkward silence for a few minutes until Ginny said, "they're beautiful aren't they."

"Yeah, look Lily hair looks ginger there, and James is definitely black, do you think they'll look like us?" Harry said.

"I'd say so, we are there parents." Ginny responded.

After a few more minutes had passed Ginny said, "Harry?"


"Why would Voldemort do this?" She asked fearfully.

"I don't know, but I promise you this much, he will not hurt a hair on either of them, I will make sure of it."

"I know you will."

"Harry?" Ginny said again.


"How are we going to do this?"

"I don't know that one either. But we will, I know we will. It will be hard but we'll do it."

Ginny smiled and rested her head on Harry's shoulder as they both looked down at their children, totally in awe.

Mr and Mrs Weasley returned from the shop to find Harry and Ginny gently talking to the babies who had just woken up.

"Are you all alright?" Mrs Weasley asked upon returning home, without any bags.

"Yeah we have been fine Mum, wait were is our stuff?"

"Don't worry we sent it all to hogwarts, it was bad enough bringing it to some please where the muggles couldn't see it disappear. Now before we head back why don't we have some lunch?"

"Ok." Said Ginny as her and Harry stood and walked into the the kitchen, the table cloth had been changed.

Mrs Weasley quickly made them a sandwich each. "Give them to me and your father, they are our grandchildren after all and we still haven't gotten a hold. You can eat your lunch that way."

Ginny handed Lily to her father and after a moments hesitations and kissing James on the four head Harry passed James to Mrs. Weasley. They ate quickly, never truly taking their eyes off the newborn babies. Once they had finished the babies were returned to them and Mr and Mrs Weasley ate their own lunch before the six of them returned to hogwarts.

Harry, Ginny, Lily and James entered the Gryffindor common room a little after two o'clock in the afternoon, with Mr and Mrs Weasley as well as Dumbledore and McGonagall. The whole common room was instantly silent, and everyone stared at them until Ron shouted out, "bloody hell its true." Which was followed by, "Ron! Language!" From both Hermione and Mrs Weasley.

Ron and Hermione broke away from the crowd and approached the group. "Can they come with us?" Harry asked the adults.

With confirmation Harry festered for them to join them as they approached the door said the password and entered into their new rooms.

"Well to start of with I have added another room." Said Dumbledore. "You walk into Harry's bedroom then the nursery then Ginnys bedroom. Off the nursery to the left is the bathroom and to the right I have added a sitting room for you. Let's go into the sitting room while the nursery gets set up."

They walked into the sitting room through the nursery and on the way through Dumbledore flicked his wand and boxes started unpacking and furniture assembling itself. "That'll be ready in a few minutes."

They sat down and Hermione launched into a stream of questions, "what happened? Why do you have children with you? Who's are they?"

Harry cut her off, "Hermione wouldn't it be easier if I just told you the story, or at least what I know of it?" Harry asked with a smirk.

"Yes that would be easier." Hermione said with a small blush.

"Well these children, James Arthur Potter and Lily Molly Potter are mine and Ginny's children, Voldemort stole our DNA to make them, they are unharmed and we don't know why he did it, they were born on the 2nd of March a few days ago. Me and Ginny will be keeping them with us, we will keep them in the back of the classroom next to one of us each with a charm on a cot so that only one of us can hear them, we won't bring them to any dangerous classes, that's about it I think, Ginny is that it?"

"Think so Harry."

Hermione and Ron both looked shocked.

"Let me get this straight Voldemort stole DNA from his enemy and a friend of his enemy made not one but two children from it and then gave those children to their parents unharmed and with no charm or jinx or anything on them." Hermione asked with a crease between her eyebrows.

"That about sums it up, yeah." Ginny said and then everyone sat in silence until after a few minutes when Dumbledore announced that the nursery should be finished.

They all went in and saw that it was so Dumbledore and McGonagall left to allow the others to, "settle in."

Shortly after Mr and Mrs Weasley left too and then Ron and Hermione said they would be in the common room also left.

Both Lily and James were asleep so Harry and James set them in their cots so they could have a look around.

Ginny went over to the chest of draws which had three draws. "Top draw seems to be unisex clothes for either of them, second girl clothes for Lily and the bottom one is boys clothes." Ginny called out opening and closing each draw.

Harry over at the baby changing table then called out, "top draw of this is nappies, a lot of nappies and wipes too oh and there is one baby powder too. Next draw has bottles and formula in it. Then down the bottom is filled with soft toys, they are probably too young for them now but still.

Now that they both knew where everything was they both sat down in the rocking chairs in opposite corners of the room let out a large sigh then looked at each other and both started to chuckle slightly, either really knew why.