The next day at 11 o'clock found the Weasleys roaming the halls of hogwarts once more, on their way to Gryffindor tower.

In gryffindor tower, in a room off the side of the common room sat four people. Two teens and two small babies. Thankfully due to the babies young age they were oblivious to why their parents were holding on to them so tightly.

The large Weasley group walked through the common room picked up another ginger and entered the room which held the two teens and two babies. At seeing the four of them Mrs Weasley sighed, "Ginny dear, come on now, they are fine." Then after a brief pause and another glance at them both, "did you sleep at all?"

"A bit." Lied Ginny not meeting her mothers eyes.

"Well a bit is simply not good, give her to me and Harry give him to Arthur, you are both going back to bed right now."

"Mum we are fine." Ginny said sinking backwards in her seat with Lily.

"Ginny come on, you can't hold her for ever. Give her to me. She will be fine." Mrs Weasley asked softly, looking very worried for her daughter. "Come on sweetheart, I'm her granny, she will be perfectly safe with me."

Ginny looked at Harry who nodded at her she then stood up and gently placed her baby girl into her mothers arms, almost immediately after Lily left her arms, Ginny went and sat next to Harry. Harry sighed knowing what Ginny wanted, so he passed James over to her.

All of Ginnys brothers had taken a seat now. Her dad gave her a look which she ignored and a Bill stood up and sat next to her. "Can I see him?" He asked her.

Ginny looked at her big brother for a while then kissed James' head before slowly handing him over. She stayed right next to him, not entirely trusting him to know what to do. Bill knew this and chuckled and said, "Gin you know I used to help take care of you when you were this age. I'm fine."

"Right." Was Ginnys only response.

Mr Weasley looked at Harry who's eyes were on Lily as Ginny continued to watch James, "Harry, son, I think you should go have a shower after all you need to go see the headmaster in just over half an hour."

"Right yes ok, and you'll be ok in here?" Harry mumbled slightly from tiredness.

"Oh for goodness sake, would the pair of you stop it, we are fine, the babies are fine, everything is fine!" Mrs Weasley said getting slightly annoyed.

After Harry left no one really knew what to say. Mr Weasley went and stood next to his wife, "she looks just like her mum, doesn't she?" He whispered to her.

"I was just thinking the same thing, except look at those eyes, she has her fathers eyes for sure."

Not two minutes after her father had left, Lily started crying, Ginny went straight over to her and started stroking her head, "hey baby, what's wrong?" She asked.

Lily heard her mothers voice and looked over at her as she continued to cry and stretched her arms in her mothers direction, "come here, baby." Ginny said as she took her daughter out of her mothers arms, "are you hungry? Come on let's see." With one last look at James still in bills arms and an encouraging smile and nod from Bill, Ginny left with Lily, who's cry's had reduced to a quit whimper as she hurried herself into her mothers shoulder.

Ginny returned shortly, feeding Lily a bottle, when she came back she froze as she looked at a Bill, "where is he?" She asked with a pale face.

"Geez Ginny, Relax." Came a deep voice on the other side of the room, Ginny turned to see Charlie with her baby boy in his arms, "I've got him, he's fine, in fact, he even gave me a little smile, didn't you mister?" Charlie said directing the last bit to the small boy in his arms who definitely couldn't understand him.

Ginny walked over and sat next to Charlie and smiled at her son, "good boy!" She said as she rubbed his tummy, continuing to feed his sister. This got another smile out of him and so a smile out of his mother.

His grandmother also smiled at seeing her daughter smile, "see dear everyone is ok and everyone is going to be ok, you don't need to worry anymore."

Just then Harry returned looking more awake in new clothes and with wet hair carrying to warmed bottles, "thought they might be hungry," he said, then seeing Ginny feeding Lily, "but it appears I'm too late, what about him has he had anything yet."

"No Harry, here give it hear I'll feed him." Said Charlie.

"You sure?" Asked Harry as he handed over the bottle and stroked his sons head.

"Yeah I've got it mate, anyway don't you have to go see Dumbledore now?" Charlie said taking the bottle and holding it to James' lips.

"Right yes I have to go, see you later, Gin you going to be ok?" After getting a nod from Ginny he kissed each baby on the head and Ginny on the cheek then rushed out.

After Harry had left George turned to Ginny with a large grin, "are you and him together now?" He asked her raising an eyebrow.

"What? No, why'd you ask that?" Ginny said slightly confused as she began to burp Lily.

Now all of the Weasley boys were giggling slightly, "you sure?" Asked Bill.

Ginny glared at them all and blushed slightly, "Yes, Bill, I'm sure. Now shut up all of you!"

When Harry arrived at the gargoyles he wasn't sure what to do because he didn't know the password but thankfully they seemed to be expecting him because they let him in before he said a word. He climbed the stairs and knocked on the head masters door.

"Enter!" Came the headmasters voice through the door.

Harry walked in and immediately drew his wand and shouted, "what the hell is he doing here." Pointing his wand at the blond chained to a chair on the other side of the room.

"Mr Potter, put your wand away, he is not armed and poses no threat to you."

Harry slowly lowered his arm but kept his wand in his hand.

"Now Harry, I was able to get Draco out of the situation last night and bring him here as he would no of been safe there. Now it doesn't feel right of me to put this kind of decision in your hands but once again I have to choice. Do you want to press charges against him, please bear in mind that he is a minor and would likely be facing Azkaban time if you did?"

"What is wrong with you? Of course I'm going to press charges! And why is Ginny here? She was the one who actually got kidnapped with them! He doesn't deserve a second chance! He tried to not only have me killed but have my children killed as well! I hope he rots in Azkaban!" Harry said outraged that the headmaster even considered letting him off.

"Very well." Dumbledore said with a sigh as he sent Fawkes off with a message to fetch some aurors.

"Was that all, sir." Harry asked, although his sir sounded almost sarcastic.

"No Harry, there was something else, we better wait though, until we no longer have company." Dumbledore said signalling the boy in the corner who looked quite pale at the thought of Azkaban.

A few minutes later, two aurors came, including Tonks, to take Malfoy away. Dumbledore did some quick privacy spells even though they were in his office.

"Is this about the babies?" Harry asked finally taking a seat, once again wondering why Ginny wasn't also here.

"No Harry it is not. This my boy is about ending Voldemort, for good. I want to show you some memories." With that Dumbledore and Harry went into the pensive.

When they returned Harry was pale, "how many?" He asked.

"Only one person knows, well actually two I guess, Voldemort himself knows, but one other person and I'm afraid I'm not that person. But I do know this person so hope is not lost yet."

"Let's go then." Harry said standing up.

Dumbledore chucked, "harry my dear boy, we can't just go now, don't you think I've tried asking him, no we must plan."

"What do you think is taking him so long?" Ginny asked her mother as the Weasleys returned to the Gryffindor tower after a late lunch.

"I dunno dear, he's with Dumbledore he'll be fine." Mrs Weasley replied smiling at her daughter.

Ginny looked down into the pram where her sleeping babies lay, "you know I really love them." She told her mother.

"Oh dear of course I know! I didn't have 7 children because I thought they were ok!" Mrs Weasley said with a chuckle.

"I thought you wanted a girl?"

"Well yes that too."

Hours passed and the babies woke up and where passed around, eventually the Weasley left leaving just Ron and Ginny with the babies. After they saw the weasley leave though Hermione, Juliet and Emma, who had grown closer over the last month and who had been sat at a table together, joined Ron, Ginny, Lily and James in the private sitting room.

"So," Hermione said taking a seat next to Ron who held Lily very awkwardly, "where's Harry?"

"Went to speak to Dumbledore, here do you want to hold her?" Replied Ron handing Lily off to Hermione and shaking his arms out after she left them.

"What did Dumbledore want?" Hermione asked, happy to take Lily into her arms.

"He wanted to know if I would let Malfoy off the hook." Harry said making everyone jump as he entered the room. He walked over to Ginnys side, "they ok?" He asked her.

"Yeah they're fine, he wanted to let Malfoy off the hook, you said no didn't you? Please tell me you said no!"

"Relax," Harry said taking James off of her, "of course I didn't, tonks and some other dude came and took him away."

"Why didn't Ginny have to go then too, I mean she was the one who was actually taken." Asked Emma.

"Dunno, ask Dumbledore." Harry said giving no further information.

Harry sat and didn't say much for the rest of the afternoon until the babies started to get fussy so the others left so Harry and Ginny could put them down for a nap.

After they had placed the babies in a cot for a quick nap Ginny took Harry's hand and led his to a sofa, "What is it? What did he say? Is it, is it about them?" She asked, knowing that Harry had been told something he didn't want everyone to know.

"No it's not about them. They're fine. It's about Voldemort. Dumbledore told me why he is still alive, even though he should be dead. He has placed portions of his soul into objects, so if he is wounded in a way that should kill him, like a rebound avada kedavra for example. They're called Horcruxes and we have to destroy them before we kill him. They cold be anything anywhere but Dumbledore thinks that Voldemort is quite sentimental for some reason and that he would used prized objects and hide them is special places." Harry explained briefly then lying back and rubbing his eyes with the palm of his hands and letting out a deep sigh. "We have a way to find out how many he made thankfully, but we still have to find them and destroying them isn't too easy. Actually I know you don't like talking about it but the chamber helped, when I stabbed the basilisk with the sword of gryffindor it got stronger with the venom and basilisk venom can destroy a horcrux."

Ginny had no idea what to say she just sat there.

Harry looked at her and realised the next thing he had to tell her she wasn't going to take well, "and you know the diary, toms diary, well that was one of the horcruxes. So we have already destroyed one."

Ginny paled, "I spilled my souls to Voldemort souls?"