Over the next few days Harry and Ginny relaxed and got back into the swing of things. Wake up, take care of the twins, have breakfast, go to class, take care of the twins, do some homework, take care of the twins and go to bed.

One day during third period they had both been given a note to see Professor McGonagall after that period. They met at the door to her room, each with a carrycot in hand and gave each other confused looks, neither knowing that the other was also going to be there.

"What's this about?" Ginny asked Harry.

"Your guess is as good as mine." Harry replied as he knocked on McGonagall doors and opened it once he heard an "enter!" From within. He held the door open for Ginny and James and then him and Lily followed.

"Ah good, you got my message, please take a seat." Said McGonagall on seeing who it was.

Once they sat down and placed the carry cots next to them, James started to cry. Ginny took him out and started to comfort him but Harry said, "here, give him here, I haven't seen him all day." With his arms stretch out towards Ginny he gently lifted James away from her and rocked him to his chest.

"I'm sorry professor what was it you wanted?" Asked Ginny, she then blushed hoping she didn't sound rude, no, she thought that was fine.

"Well I really just wanted to check up on the both of you. I have noticed and your other professors have noticed that you have both fallen behind quite a bit in your studies. Especially you Ginny owl year is an important year. You are a very bright girl, I wouldn't want to see that go to waste."

Harry and Ginny shared a look, neither really knowing what to say, "I'm sorry Professor." Ginny settled on.

There was a silence, "do you read to them?" Asked Professor McGonagall, gesturing to the babies.

"Yes." Replied Ginny, slightly confused by the question.

"What do you read to them?" McGonagall asked further.

"We have about ten children's books that we circle around." Ginny told her, still wondering where this was going.

"May I make a suggestion?" Asked McGonagall.


"How about instead of reading children's books, you read them your school notes. They won't notice the difference, they just like the tone of voice and you interacting with them."

Ginny smiled, "That is actually a really great idea. I never thought of doing that. Thanks Professor!"

"Glad I could help. Now, if you have any troubles you can come to me, I don't want either of you to be left behind."

Harry put James back in the carry cot, thankful that he just stared up at his father and didn't start to cry. Harry kissed his head, "there's a good boy!"

It was lunch now and they had an hour so they returned to their rooms first to sort out the babies.

After they had both been fed and they were sat on a sofa burping them, Ginny turned to Harry, nervously, "Harry, I've been thinking."

Harry was about to make a joke but then looked at her and saw that she was being serious.


"Next year is going to be your last year, but I still have two years left. I was thinking that maybe I should take a year out, if I can, we'd have to speak to McGonagall or maybe Dumbledore, I can stay here and look after them during the day. And then I know it's asking a lot but after you finish, you could maybe stay here for two years while I finish." Ginny was nervous of his response so she focussed on Lily in her arms and continued to rub her back even after she had burped.

Harry took a long pause to think about it. It did make sense, he would have to stay at hogwarts for two extra years, but that would be ok. They would be able to go to classes properly. And study more if only one of them needed to study. "I think it's a great idea Gin. I don't know if your Mum is going to be overly happy about it though. We can go speak to McGonagall now if you want, I think it would be better if we arranged this in advance."

"Ok, is he ready?"

"Yeah, let's go, we can drop by her office on the way to lunch."

They walked down to her office. Ginny was nervous, "you knock." She said to Harry.

Harry laughed at her and told her to calm down but he did knock any way.

When they entered, McGonagall looked at them, "back so soon?" She asked with a raised eyebrow.

"Yes, well we had an idea, well Ginny did really, and we wanted to run it by you, if that's ok." Harry said taking a seat.

McGonagall nodded so Harry started speaking.

"Well as you were saying it's really hard to go to school and take care of baby twins at the same time. So next year we were thinking that maybe could Ginny take a year out while I do my last year and then afterwards Ginny could come back to complete her last two years."

Both Harry and Ginny looked up hopefully at McGonagall.

McGonagall took a long pause and then spoke to Ginny, "before I even consider this I would need your word that you do plan to come back after the year out to complete your schooling. I meant what I said, you are a very bright girl, don't tell him I said this, but I know Percy gets the reputation as the smart one, and he definitely is smart, but you might just give him a run for his money, in raw ability anyway, we can't let you leave here with just owls."

"Ok, I will come back, I promise." Said Ginny with a blush.

"Very well, I will talk this over with Dumbledore and your parents. Now have you had lunch yet?"


"Then you better hurry."

As they sat at the table eating a hurried late lunch and making faces at the babies to get them to laugh, Ginny set down her fork. Harry looked at her, "what's wrong?" He asked.

"Mum." Was all Ginny said, as if that explained all.

"I'm going to need a bit more information here, Gin." Harry said with a smirk.

"Mum. She is going to freak out. Especially if she hears it from McGonagall or Dumbledore. I'll have to write her a letter."

"Ok. Do it tonight. I'll help you if you want." Said Harry, not really seeing how this was a big deal.

"Did I not mention she was going to freak." Ginny replied to his chilled out manner with raised eyebrows.

"She'll get over it." Harry said, keeping his chilled attitude, "now eat." He said waving his fork in her direction.

That evening after their lessons and their homework. They were putting the children to bed.

"Let's try it." Said Ginny.

"Seriously, Gin, I need more information than this."

"Right, sorry, I mean McGonagall suggestion. Let's read them some transfiguration, then they can become geniuses." Ginny said with a large grin.

"Yep, that's totally how it works." Harry said in a sarcastic tone.

"It's good isn't it!" Ginny joked back.

Both babies quickly fell asleep as Ginny read through her notes out loud in a story teller tone. Harry and Ginny both kissed their foreheads and then headed to their living room.

"Do you want to write that letter to your mum now?" Harry asked her.

Ginny frowned, "I think want is too strong of a word." She said as she got out her quill and a piece of parchment.

"Want some help."


"Ok how are we starting this?" Harry said as he stared at the blank sheet.

"Dear Mum?"

"Good start."


"Should we get straight to it or should we dance around for a bit and kinda just add it as a side note at the end, like oh by the way?" Ginny asked Harry.

"I think the best way to do this would be to start off with telling her why we want to do this. You know spend time with them, we don't want to drag them around classes for ever. Also tell her how hard it is to look after twins and go to school. She'll be able to sympathise with that, she's had twins. And you should definitely promise her that you'll go back to school after I leave. And maybe in a polite, non rude way, we should say our minds are set and she can't change them." Harry suggested.

"Wow, you are good at this. Have you done this before?"

"Haha, very funny. Now get writing."

A few days later Hedwig returned with a letter. Ginny noticed him flying down, "hey harry look, it's Hedwig, it must be mums reply." She said sitting up straighter and looking at the letter as it flew towards them, "it's not red, that is a good sign."

"You thought your mother was going to send us a howler?" Harry asked with raised eyebrows.

"Well no, but it isn't a howler." Ginny replied as Hedwig landed in front of Ginny causing Lily who was propped up in her lap to cry. Ginny took the letter off Hedwig quickly and threw it down onto the table so she could pick Lily up properly.

"Hey, baby, you're ok, it's just Hedwig, Hedwig is nice, she is daddy's owl." She said to Lily who calmed down only when Hedwig left.

"She does not like owls," she said to Harry, "she always gets tense during post, she obviously can't deal with one coming so close."

"You done?" Harry asked her.


"Ok, good, we can go upstairs and read the letter, class doesn't start for another half hour." He said standing up and passing the letter to Ginny and then getting James ready to go up.

Ginny read through the letter, "she thinks it's a good idea." She said confused.

"Good." Harry said, "why do you seem so confused about that, it makes sense, as they get older we won't be able to bring them to classes anyway, they already sleep less than they used to and they aren't even two months old."

"Yeah, I just thought," Ginny then paused, "I don't really know what I thought, it's just weird you know, everything is different."

The second of May hit and it was the day the twins turned two months old and one month since Malfoy had pulled his stunt and one month until Ginnys owl week, and three weeks until Harry's exam week, that he wasn't too worried about, as these were only school exams, they didn't go towards his newts, and even if he did bad he planned to revise a bit over the summer.

Ginny spent the morning studying in the library and met up with Harry for lunch to help out with the twins after lunch she returned to their rooms to spend a couple hours with the twins and an open charms book in front of her. Harry also stayed in the room with a potions text book as he played with the twins alongside Ginny. This had become their weekend schedule for the past few weeks. After dinner they always spent time together, just the four of them, with no books and then usually did an hour or two of studying after they had put the twins to bed.

That night after they had put the twins to bed it was nearly half ten as James had been a lot more resistant to sleep than normal. They went into the sitting room and sat down and it was fairly obvious that neither one of them were going to do any work that evening.

"Gin, how is this going to work?"


"The summer, everything. I need to help dumbledore with the horcruxes, he called me to his office this morning, he has found and destroyed two more, a locket, that apparently Sirius' brother had tried to destroy and a ring, which he says nearly destroyed his all hand but he got control at the last minute. He also said that before summer I have to get the number of horcruxes out of Horace Slughorn, I actually have a plan for that that I need to run past you. Dumbledore said that if we get the number we can have really work through them this summer and that this could all be over by Halloween."

"Halloween? Ironic."


"You know last time, mr boy who lived, on Halloween."

"Oh right, Yeah, I hadn't even thought of that. One more thing, and before you freak out I've already said no, Dumbledore wants me to stay at the Dursley's until my birthday."

"Why? They're horrible, and you are right you aren't going, if you did go how would you see the twins, I could hardly bring them there, even If I could I wouldn't, you've told me enough, they are getting no where near them, and you can't exactly nip over to the burrow."

"Yeah well I told him I'm staying at the burrow with you anyway, I told him that it was already arranged and that your Mum was fine with it."

"Fine with it?" Ginny laughed, "now that is an understatement, she is enforcing it."

"How are we doing that by the way. I don't want to leave you by yourself to deal with them every night, that's not fair, you need sleep just as much as I do, but I don't think Ron would take to kindly to me bringing babies into his room."

"Harry, they mainly sleep through the night now anyway, they are really good, James gets up really early still but we could always take turns getting up with him, it's like clock work he is up at quarter past 5, but Lily isn't up until 7ish, you can come down to my room at quarter past 5 every other day and bring him downstairs with you and I'll sleep in those days with Lily, that seems more than fair. Anyway what's your big plan for Slughorn?"

"I want to use Lily."

"What? Lily? Why?"

"My mother was his favourite students, Lily looks just like her, and has her name, her eyes are identical to mine and mine are identical to my mothers. It's the perfect guilt trip. She won't be in any danger, obviously, I wouldn't let that happen, but i won't do it if you don't want me to."

"Ok," she said, "but don't do it in the potion rooms, tomorrow and lunch ask to speak to him outside, bring Lily with you, she will be awake then, and happy, I'll bring James up here."

"No, actually, you and James should come."


"I've changed my tactic slightly, I'll introduce him to my family, and then talk about my mother and then ask him."


"Just think it will work better, you don't mind do you?"

"No, I like being called a family, your family."

"You are my family Gin, you know that, right? I love you." He said never loosing her gaze.

"Harry..." she said, "we can't, not yet, September."

"I know, I just wanted to tell you I loved you."

Ginny smiled, "I love you too." She then paused, "how about this, we don't know how many horcruxes there are yet but every time a horcruxes is destroyed we get one kiss, just for us."

"I like that idea," Harry said moving closer, "and you know, we have already destroyed three horcruxes."

"That we have." Ginny said, moving closer and pressing her lips to Harry's. They kissed for a few minutes, "one." Ginny counted leaning her head on Harry's shoulder and lying back.