Copyright I do not own Atomic Robo or RWBY and both franchises belong to there respective owners

For this challenge it works in two ways first this challenge can be about Atomic Robo fighting one of his enemies or gets caught in a lab accident or some other reason and ends up in remnant and and also gets a legendary weapon of some sort like say a hammer or sword or something and he's some kind of chosen one how and why is up to you and also his creator Tesladyne is alive and in remnant and made penny making her his sister, how and why Tesla is in remnant and for how long and all is also up to you and he makes some friends before he gets into canon who are RWBY characters one of them Amber and also raven but again that's up to you and when he does get into cannon he gets connected to Team RWBY if he meets before he gets to beacon or when he gets to beacon is again up to you and so that's the first option for this challenge the other choice of this challenge is the characters of RWBY reacting by either reading or watching the Atomic Robo comics and seeing his adventures and that's pretty much it.

If you want to find out about Atomic Robo the website for the comic is online and you can read all the comics it has

and if you want to take up this challenge or are interested in the idea please PM/private message me of leave a review Thank you and hope to here from you