Zuko was blinded in the Agni Kai . Instead of being thirteen he was ten . He then was left in the forest where Jet and the other freedom fighters found him . They know he is a Fire bender and call him Phoenix because of it . However he is deadly scared of fire and only bends to stay healthy . Because he knows what happens to those that ignore their bending . They slowly lose control of their minds and bending until they get so bad the power being help back consumes them . Jet , Longshot and Smellerbee are super over protective of Phoenix even though they are the same age because they remember being ten and finding that scared and newly blinding young boy . They are all sixteen now . Phoenix has been blind for almost half his life and he despite this was one of the leaders of the freedom fighters . He still haven't gotten over is fear of fire to the point that the others just drag him back from the fire pits if he gets to close so the embers don't cause him to have a panic attack. When Jet finds Aang , Sokka and Katara . They stumble on him practicing his fire bending and try to get him to teach Aang.

Jet leads Aang , Sokka and Katara into the camp, when inside he glances around quickly seeing most of the membersexpect two . He then asks " Where are Longshot and Phoenix ?"

To be answer by Smellerbee one of his best friendsand one of the original freedfighters " Phoenix went to practice and took Longshot to stand guard . They should be back soon you know Phoenix he doesn't like to practice long by himself

Alluding to the new comers with Jet that he was practicing something that once learned was practiced alone most of the time .

" Alright , I'll do introductions when they get back . " Jet barely gets down speaking when a jays call sounds though the clearing . The signal that Phoenix and Longshot are almost back in the clearing ."

Jet turns to Aang , Sokka and Kartara and says " Oh yeah don't move anything with out putting it exactly where you found it you'll see why in a minute ."

The three of them just stare at him confused until he starts moving toward a opening between the trees where two figures are apporaching . The three notice that both are a few inches taller then Jet with one even taller then the other . One of them was
a scar covering the left side of his face and is holding a walking stick a inch of the ground moving it a few inches back and forth as he walks farther into the clearing .

Katara puts it together first and asks " Is he blind ?"

Smellerbee answers her " Yeah , Phoenix has been blind since he was ten . He got burned bad by the fire nation and it took his sight .

Jet comes back over with Longshot and says , " Guys these are the avatar and his friends , Aang , Sokka and Katara ."

Two sets of eyes just stare at the three of them . Then the hear someone says " Very funny Jet , next you'll be telling us all I have to do to see again is eat a hundred leafs off of a tree."

" I'm not joking Phoenix . It really is the avatar ."

I really should not be starting a new story when I have writers block on will we make it here ? And am also writing The medic and Lone Wolf . But this one won't leave my mind until I got it on paper . The joys of being neuro atypical and having to Hyper focus on the idea as soon as it comes .

Zuko is one of my favorite characters and I love his relationship with Jet before he finds out he's a fire bender .

I don't know when this is going to update next but I do now it will be after the next updates of the Medic and Lone Wolf .

Until next time .