Richard's beautiful blue eyes slowly fluttered open.

Taking a second, the same usual ache that filled his head the morning after partying began to slowly settle in. He knew the best way to cure a hangover like this. A nice hot shower with Linda, and a couple of lines off the edge of the sink. Feeling his pulse in his temples, he blinked the sleep from his eyes, squinting slightly from the bright sunlight that was filtering in from the slightly parted curtains to the cabin. Laying on his back, he stretched a little, groaning before turning over slightly and smiling. Another great cure for a horrible hangover was always a quicky. Staring at his girlfriend, he smirked seeing her laying beside him, shorts, one of his T-shirts, her hair still in a messy ponytail, one hand brought up beside them, laying palm up against the pillow. The other draped across her stomach. Smiling, all ready feeling a morning hard-on start to spring up from his boxers, he leaned over and gently kissed Linda's shoulder.


Linda didn't move. Thinking she was still passed out, images of last night flashed before him. Ripping lines, tossing back pills, having sex by the lake, the music, the wonderful buzz of the high... Smirking again, he gently shook her shoulder.


He said in a soft sing-song voice. The same one he had been using for years whenever he was being playful or needed to get on her good side after acting like an asshole. Waiting to see her eyelids open, those long lashes parting revealing those beautiful stunning eyes of hers. Instead, she continued sleeping. Pausing, he wasn't exactly sure if she was playing with him, or still knocked out. Laughing slightly, he shook her again.

"Come on Linda, rise and shine..."

He had a whole morning planned out for the two of them. First, a quick screw to get the blood moving. After that a nice hot shower, a few lines, then he would drive them into town to the RR for breakfast. Thinking of the tiny velvet box that was safely tucked in his jacket pocket in the closet brought a small smile to his face. He had stolen the ring from his grandfather's department store nearly a year ago. He knew they had suspected him, but nothing was ever proven. Besides a brief remark from his grandfather over certain vauleable merchandise missing, nothing else ever came about it. Richard had gone out of town to size it, casually plucking one of Linda's junk jewelry rings from her dresser one afternoon when she was showering to made sure it fit. He still remembered the jeweler smiling as she handed it over, remarking that whoever he was planning on giving that to sure was lucky. It was a beautiful stone, and an even more beautiful setting. Richard had known basically that from the moment he laid eyes on Linda he was someday going to marry her.

They had known each other ever since she first moved to town, and the one thing that truly made her special above all was that for that brief period of time when his mother was still around, she had liked her. In fact, after she split and Richard was forced to live with his grandmother, Linda remained his only comfort. He was able to actually cry in front of her, something he rarely did. He was able to vent, scream, sob, and express how angry and lonely he was now that his mother had taken off. Linda had listened, and when everyone else dismissed him as the crazy spoiled Horne kid. The one who's mother had a mental breakdown, married that little fucker Charlie, was a drunk, and ended up closing up her business one day without so much as saying a word and split town. He knew he had been a burden, but somehow Linda ignored all the whispers and rumors. She had been understanding, kind, and exactly what he needed. She often would meet him outside at the park. Both would sit at the gazebo, side by side as he talked for hours about how angry he was.

Since his mother left he was getting into more and more trouble at school. It was starting to get worse, and all ready he had been brought in by Sheriff Truman. His grandfather of course was making sure everyone was paid off so it wouldn't get any worse. This of course worked at school, but as for the police department, his grandfather's all mighty checkbook didn't impress the sheriff even in the slightest. He had gone to his grandfather's hotel, remarking if Richard caused any more trouble, most of all fighting he would be forced to bring him in even if he was a minor. Richard remembered overhearing his grandmother on the phone late one night saying she might have to send him to military school if this continued. The very thought of going away, drove Richard crazy. He wanted to find his mother, find out what had caused her to leave so suddenly? He wanted to run away, leave this awful town, and his awful grandparents who hated him and constantly fought. He wanted to leave school, and take Linda with him. They could take money, get bus tickets, and never look back.

Sadly, Richard didn't know where to start looking. Instead, night after night he would call Linda from the upstairs phone, talking in whispers and making her promise to meet him at the park. As always he would sneak out long after his grandmother was asleep, and take his bike into town. Most nights it was chilly and he would bring an extra hoodie for Linda. There they would sit on the gazebo steps and he would feel as if poison was being drained form his body. He needed someone to talk to. He knew he had problems, but was that the real reason his mother left? Instead he would talk and talk, and as always Linda would sit beside him, listening, holding his hand. One time he got so worked up he broke down crying, wanting so badly to know why his mother had left him? She had held him, and he laid his head in her lap as she gently stroked his hair, comforting him in a way he needed more than ever. She was honestly his only true friend. She never judged, never questioned, and was never scared of him. When they were fourteen, sitting side by side one night after a pretty nasty fight with his grandmother, he had met with Linda and had paced back and forth feeling as if he was ready to kill someone. Linda sat listening as he told her about how he had gotten into another fight with some kids from their class. He had beaten one of them so badly he broke the kid's arm, and his grandmother had been furious with him. During the argument she had screamed that she wished his mother had just gotten an abortion. That he was the real reason why she took off. She was always a selfish person, and it was just like her to dump the burden on her. Hearing this had sent Richard into such an rage he nearly blacked out. This was the first time he had swung at his grandmother, knocking her down, catching her completely off guard. Johnny, his disabled uncle was asleep for the night, and he no longer cared if his grandmother's cries would wake him. His nurse was gone for the night, and as of right now it was just the two of them. He remembered how she fell out of her chair and how he had grabbed her blouse and bared his teeth at her, feeling as if any second he was going to rip her to pieces. It was one thing to say something about him, he knew she really didn't like him, even back when his mom was around she was always judging and acting as if she was better than them.

What he couldn't stand was bringing his mother up. No, that wasn't allowed. His eyes bulging out of his head he glared down, spit flying from his mouth before he told her if she ever talked about her again, he would fucking kill her. For once, his grandmother looked terrified and simply laid back, too stunned to talk. He left her on the floor, running upstairs with every intention to pack a few things and run away. Instead, he knew better. He needed time to think. He called Linda up real fast, and planned on meeting at the park. When he went downstairs, his grandmother wouldn't look him in the eye. She didn't ask where he was going, or harped at him. Instead she looked scared. Feeling good about himself, he now knew the secret. It was fear. She was scared of him. If she was scared of him, that meant she would finally leave him alone. Smirking, he left and rode his bike into the park where Linda met with him a few minutes later. He told her all about the argument, but made sure to leave out what had happened between him and his grandmother. He knew Linda had seen his temper, never directed towards her of course, but he still respected her and wanted her to see him a certain way.

Sitting beside her, trying to calm down he unzipped his backpack and showed Linda something nobody knew he had. It was a small framed photograph, something from his mother's office he had taken a week or so after he knew she wasn't coming back. He took it out and showed it to her. Linda raised an eyebrow, curious before looking at the small framed photo of the man in a black suit taken at The Great Northern.

"Who's this?"

Richard sighed sitting beside her. He had overheard his grandparents a few times back at the hotel whenever they needed to "talk" about his troubles. He had suspected as much, and for years had always stared at his photograph in wonder. His mother had never really gone into it, but once she left town he knew for sure that the rumors were in fact true.

"It's my father."

Linda looked at him confused.

"But you said you never knew your father. You're mom had you on her own..."

"Yeah well, she did...but that's my dad. I know it."

"Where did you get this?"

"My mother's office at her shop. It hanged on the wall for years and I always noticed it but never really asked. I took it after she left town. His name is Dale Cooper. He's an F.B.I agent."


"Yeah, he came to town after that Palmer know crazy Mrs. Palmer?"


"Her daughter was murdered one winter..."

"I heard about this yeah, it was her dad right?"

"Yeah, well he had killed other girls too and he came to town to investigate it. He stayed at my grandfather's hotel and I guess sorta had a thing with my least that's what I thought. I had heard people thought my dad was some business guy who visited town before I was born and left for South America, but whenever people would ask my mother wouldn't say anything. She never talked about how he was to me, even when I used to ask. Then after she left town I overheard my grandmother and my grandfather fighting. I had gotten into trouble after beating up that piece of shit Neil, remember?"

Linda nodded as Richard went on.

"Yeah well, I was in big trouble since his parents wanted to press charges and remember that cool hidden passageway I showed you when you came to swim at the hotel that my mom told me about?"


"Well, there's a peephole and it looks into my grandfather's office. They were saying something about how my mom once told my grandmother that Agent Cooper...this guy was my dad. That he had visited her when she was in the hospital. She was in this really bad accident, remember when I told you the savings bank blew up, there was a bomb or something?"

"Yeah kinda..."

"Well remember how I told you my mom was there and all these people died? She got hurt bad and was in a coma for like a fucking month. My grandmother said my mom told her once that Agent Cooper before he left town visited her, and she thought it was a dream...she found out a few months later she was pregnant with me. My grandmother thought he raped her or something, but my grandfather didn't believe it. I guess he thought something was going on between him and my mom, but wouldn't listen to her. He said my dad was that business guy, not Agent Cooper, but my grandmother was convinced. She even tried to hire a private investigator to find him but I guess he left the force years ago and no sign of him had ever surfaced. My mom had been trying to do the same thing."

"Do you think she left town to find him?"

Richard shrugged.

"I don't know. I tried looking the guy up...he seemed decent enough, but who knows. I tried to bring him up once to both of my grandparents separately and my grandmother wouldn't hear it and my grandfather said my dad was this Wheeler guy who died in a plane crash a few years back. I think wherever this Agent Cooper guy mom went. I really think he's my dad."

"Do you...think he raped your mom?"

Richard stared down at the photograph, one he had hidden in his dresser for the past few years. His brow wrinkling he shrugged.

"I don't fucking know...maybe, who's just nuts. Why would she leave me with these two jerks. She hated them..."

That's when Linda's smooth hand slipped over his still holding the framed photograph. Slowly Richard turned and stared at her, meeting her eyes. The two looked at each other before Linda sweetly smiled and tilted her head up, gently pressing her lips against his. Instantly, Richard closed his eyes and felt all of his troubles slide away. For Richard, that was his first kiss. From that point onward, the two were inseparable. He wouldn't exactly call it dating, but he refused to even allow any other guy to look at Linda. It had come close before, and he made sure everyone in town knew very well she was off limits. Linda was sweet, understanding, and the only person that knew about Agent Cooper. He knew someday he would leave this awful town, marry Linda, and somehow find his mother. He knew even though she left him, she still loved him. His ten years with her had proven that.

His grandmother continued to fear him, and the two still had their disagreements. He always stole money from her, and some of the fights got so bad he even threw her down like she was trash. He hated her and that idiot uncle of his. She constantly reminded him what a mistake he was, and what a waste he was making out of his life since he was born with privilege, health, and good looks. Richard meanwhile thought that was all shit. He knew she disproved over Linda, his lifestyle, and how he kept getting money from his grandfather.

He didn't see much of him, but when he did his grandfather tried to throw money at him almost as a way to wake up for the lack of everything else. With his recent troubles, he was still trying to reach out to him, still hopeful that his only grandchild might have a future with this stupid town. Richard meanwhile planned on having as much fun as possible. Party, and save up enough so Linda and him could split. He was currently staying at one of his grandfather's bungalows off the lake, selling a little pot and blow, and trying to figure out when would be the perfect time to propose. Linda had moved to town after her parents died in a car wreck. She came to live with her grandmother, when they were just ten.

He still remembered her nervously being brought into the homeroom as the teacher introduced her. She lived across town, and from the moment he spoke to her in the schoolyard, he knew he loved her. She currently was taking a few years off to save. She had gone to Washington State for a year before her grandmother got sick. To Richard this was wonderful news. He hated only seeing her on weekends, and feared she would get a taste of the outside world and leave for good. She was now working part-time at the Twin Peaks Times, taking care of her grandmother, and hoping to save up enough to continue with school and get her degree. Richard meanwhile only knew one thing for certain. He was in love with her. The two had been having quite the autumn together. He was gotten her to warm up to partying, and they were having fun all the time. She split her time between her grandmother's and the bungalow with him.

He knew it was only a matter of time before her grandmother died, and then she would get all of that insurance money. Maybe then they could sell off that house and leave. He was hoping to find the perfect time to get down on one knee and ask her to stay with him forever. He knew love like this was dangerous. Terrifying in fact. Looking at her, the woman who had stayed by his side through it all, he thought maybe, just maybe today might be the day. Maybe he would surprise her with the ring, and see her sweet face light up as he smiled up at her. Grinning, thinking about it he gave her another gentle shake.


That's when his hand slipped against hers, and instantly he knew something was wrong. He wasn't exactly sure what happened next, only that he felt his heart sink down to his stomach. His warm hand had brushed against hers, laying between them and he felt how cold it was. No, usually her skin was warm and soft. When his hand brushed against her hand, opened palm up between them, he felt how ice cold it was, as if she was outside in the woods all night. Instantly, Richard noticed another thing. Her chest wasn't moving. Sometimes he would watch her asleep, just as she would watch him. No, her chest wasn't moving at all. Raising an eyebrow, he reached over and shook her again, sitting up slightly.

"Linda? Hey Linda...wake up."

His voice slowly raised. This had to be some sort of joke. Linda was always fooling. Brow wrinkling, he shook her again, this time with more force, causing her entire body to slightly shake. Her eyes remained closed, her head slowly rocking back and forth. He saw how pale she looked, and then he remembered... Last night she had gotten a small nosebleed after a few lines. She had cleaned herself up fast enough, not really worried and saying it was the dry hair. She had used paper towels from the tiny kitchen area, and dabbed her nose quickly, laughing before they moved into the bedroom. No, he had seen her get nosebleeds before, Hell he had even gotten them while doing too much blow. They had fallen asleep together, he had heard her breathing, felt her rubbing his chest. No, she was fine. He sat up now, feeling something he hadn't felt in years and he angered him.

"Linda, enough open your fucking eyes this isn't funny."

He said louder. Linda remained still, not moving. Grabbing one of her wrists, tightly squeezing it he couldn't believe how cold she felt. He really didn't know how to take a pulse, but sure as Hell didn't feel one. Instantly his brow wrinkled in fury, as he reached down and started shaking her even harder.

"Linda! Linda! Open your eyes! Come on!"

She didn't move. Suddenly everything started moving very slow. He stared down at her, feeling his own heart hammer in her chest. No, this wasn't possible. She was young, she was healthy. This wasn't possible. Raising an eyebrow, he shook her again rougher, grabbing onto her T-shirt violently and giving her a good shake.

"Wake up damnit!"

He leaned over gently slapping the side of her face.

"Come on baby, wake up! Come on Linda!"

Nothing. For the first time in his life he was absolutely terrified. Leaning down he put his ear against her chest, listening. Instead all he could hear was his own heartbeat. Frustrated, and more than a little scared he sat up, eyes widening.


He shook her again, screaming in her face, his own becoming flushed. He shook her like a rag-doll, her eyelids a purplish blue. He held her limp body, her head rolling back on her neck before he screamed again, giving her a good shake. No, this couldn't happen. She was all he fucking had in this world. No, this wasn't possible. It couldn't be. Richard's screams brought the attention on several hunters in the area. Believing somebody was being murdered, they phoned the police who arrived less than a half an hour later.

By now Sheriff Truman had gotten sick, so his older brother Frank had sent two of his deputies to go investigate the source of the screams. Hawk and Andy hammered on the door, knowing that this bungalow belonged to Ben Horne. They had actually been called to this very same cabin less than a year ago to break up a party held there. They knew Mr. Horne's grandson Richard stayed here, and due to his arrest sheet, they weren't even the slightest bit surprised to receive a call out to this location. The hunters said they heard what sounded like a man screaming, and thought maybe there was an argument going on. Both knew Richard Horne very well, only son to Audrey. They didn't know the tragic awful start of his life, beginning with how he was conceived. Instead they knew him as a young man with violent outburst. Arrested several times, mostly for fighting, two DUIs, harassment, as well as possession of drugs.

He had even been taken to the holding cell twice. Harry was familiar with him, even starting with his problems at school. It was Frank who was filled in on Mr. Horne's very long record, resulting in him asking both Andy and Hawk to go in together. The entire ride over both agreed it couldn't be Richard and his girlfriend Linda Rhodes fighting. They knew Linda, liked her in fact. How a sweet young woman like Linda was with a jerk like Richard was beyond them. Still, the one thing Richard held precious beyond anything else was his girlfriend. Two of his arrests were the result of him fighting men he claimed were trying to hit on her. The only time he acted half human was in front of her, and it was constantly Linda who vouched for him, even bailing him out before. No, they couldn't be the ones fighting... Still, when nobody answered the door, and they still heard the screams and shouts from inside, they broke in, guns drawn, carefully walking in. That's where they found him. He was sitting on the floor, holding onto Linda, lifeless in his arms. She laid there, half turned, not moving. Richard raised his eyes, filled with furious tears.


He screamed, not wanting to believe his girlfriend had died of an accidental overdose. In the end another squad car was called, as well as am ambulance. It took three police officers, including Hawk and Andy to drag Richard off Linda's body who fought, kicking and screaming that they weren't listening, that they needed to help her. In the end, one of the paramedics who were called produced a syringe and sedated Richard as the three police officers held him down, including deputy Briggs who was called on the scene. Seeing Linda's body he instantly frowned. Linda was a friend of his daughter Becky, and in the back of his mind he feared the same fate was destined for her. Richard's struggles, spitting, and swearing finally slowly ceased. He became weak, before his eyes rolled back into his head and he collapsed. They loaded him up, before they took the second stretcher out for Linda. The paramedics worked quickly, lifting her up and bagging her. Lucky for Richard, most of the drugs were still locked in his car. All of the blow had been snorted last night, and besides a few pipes, and empty baggies, there wasn't anything to convict him. Besides, everyone knew the ever so powerful Ben Horne would find a way to get him out of this. In the end, they blamed Linda's death on an enlarged heart. Nothing more, nothing less. Linda, in her early twenties was dead, and within just a few hours Richard still sedated laid at Twin Peaks General, while Linda's body was transferred to the morgue. Her elderly and ill grandmother was informed who broke down crying in her neighbor's arms. The only thing she kept repeating was...

"That damn Horne boy, I knew he would be the end of her..."

Silvia was called, but in the end it was Ben who arrived at the hospital. As he walked in, to look in on his grandson, he shook his head. He knew drugs had been involved, and this was yet another mess he had to clean up. Shaking his head he walked while finishing up a phone call with his brother Jerry who just learned the news.

"Now that she's dead, he's really going to lose it. She was the only decent thing in his miserable excuse of a life..."

Unknown to Richard he only had a few years left of this miserable life. All leading to a very painful, lonely, and explosive end.