Pete Martell strolled on down towards the dock on this mild foggy Febuary morning, carrying his fishing pole, completely unaware that the timeline had been altered. That the rocky beach laid empty, and that instead of discovering homecoming queen Laura Palmer's naked corpse wrapped in plastic, he spent his morning happily fishing off the lake, blissfuly unaware that everything was different. Mrs. Palmer awoke to find her daughter missing, and within the hour many hysterical calls were made around town and to her husband that her darling daughter was missing. By the end of the day the local sheriff's department was radioed around making search parties for Laura Palmer. Her boyfriend Bobby Briggs, best friend Donna Hayward, and other friends were all brought in for questioning. Before noon many things were quickly beginning to be revealed. Laura had many secrets, and one of her was the fact she was seeing James Hurley, who very well might have been the last person to see her alive. She was acting hysterical, unstable, and confessed that Bobby Briggs had murdered someone, making no sense at all. She ran into the woods, and hadn't been seen since. After many hours of questioning, several names were dropped, including Leo Johnson. This was when the F.B.I was called in. Agent Cooper rode into town, instantly charmed by this beautiful town. Instead of going to the hospital, he went to the sheriff's station and met Harry, Andy, Hawk, and Lucy. He was filled in quickly, having absolutely no idea that he himself had changed everything.

That his youth was restored. That the second he led Laura through the woods, hearing her echoed screams, and found himself elsewhere with Carrie Paige and knew he had the ability to change things, asking what year it was...things were different. As the street lamps burned out, and he heard Carrie's screams much like Laura's, everything went dark...and instantly his memory was wiped clean. He was restored, and found himself sitting in the rental car, driving into Twin Peaks...not to investigate the murder of Laura Palmer...but her disappearance. After a very long night of questioning, visiting the Palmer house, and meeting back at the sheriff's station, Cooper checked into The Great Northern thanks to Sheriff Truman, who he instantly had taken a liking to. Checking in, he showered, changed, and recorded his thoughts to Diane, who he was still trying to figure out what exactly to do since after nearly seven years of working together, just last week after a few drinks late one night she confessed her feelings towards him, and kissed him.

Dale loved Diane, but wasn't sure if he felt the same way. Since Caroline, he wasn't exactly sure if he could love again. He cared deeply for Diane, and honestly didn't know what he would do without her. Still, he knew he could continue business as usual, mailing out the tapes to keep his thoughts in order, but that didn't mean a single thing. Falling asleep, Dale Cooper had no idea that this shift in the timeline would change his future as well as everyone else in this little town. At this exact moment all the terrible pain, suffering, and miserly that had existed was no more. It was finally his chance to continue changing things for the better, completely unaware that he was doing so. In fact, it was all ready in motion. This all continued the next morning when he awoke early for breakfast and laid eyes on Audrey Horne. The second he stared at her, he was a goner.

"You're here investigating the disappearance of Laura Palmer?"

She asked joining him for breakfast. Cooper stared into those beautiful blue eyes of hers and found himself becoming lost in them.

"You were friends with Laura Palmer?"

Audrey shrugged.

"Not exactly..."

They chatted a bit, both unaware that in another life, tragedy followed the two of them, resulting in a cursed and deeply disturbed son. Instead, things continued as Cooper discovered more and more of Laura's secret life, and finally on the evening that Audrey appeared in Cooper's room, things were different... Her father had been linked to the drug trade with Leo Johnson who was currently arrested. One Eyed Jack's had been raided, and Ben Horn was awaiting news from his lawyer from Seattle. So far no evidence came back directly to Lara's disappearance, and rumors were starting to fly that she simply took off, maybe to Canada. The Palmer's meanwhile weren't so sure, and both were in the middle of having full fledge nervous breakdowns. Audrey had been trying to help Cooper as much as she could, talking to other high school students that knew Laura, and even thinking of maybe going undercover to her father's club before it was raided. She came to him naked, and emotional. When Cooper tried to explain that she was part of a case he was working on, she stared up at him from his bed, her eyes sad, but determined.

"I'm not doing this as some way to get back to my father. I'm not the spoiled little brat everyone thinks I am. You lost someone didn't you?"

Cooper stared at her in his F.B.I windbreaker and couldn't believe it. He went to say something, but instead, Audrey let the sheet drop, revealing her breasts.

"Make love to me Dale...please."

Any reservations he had were gone. Instead his eyes stared at her perfect smooth body, and he lost all control. In just mere seconds, he leaned forward, and took hold of her. His mouth hungrily devoured hers, as she helped him pull out of his jacket. Kissing her like a madman, he quickly allowed her to pull up his T-shirt, as he undid his slacks, and pushed down his boxers. His erection sprang out as he crawled underneath the sheets to join her, no longer caring about what any of this meant. Hovering above her, he laid above her, and instantly saw the frightened look in her eyes for a mere second.

"Are you sure?"

Audrey licked her lips and relaxed, slowly she nodded. Leaning down, he nudged her thighs open, before entering her. Instantly Audrey stiffened, grasping onto his back, as he felt her warmth and tightness. Looking down, he suddenly knew what he was doing and looked horrified.

"Jesus, is this your first time?"

Audrey who looked uncomfortable, laid there for a second, before nodding.


Cooper looked down at her, ready to pull out, when Audrey looked up at him.

"I wanted it to be you...please don't stop."

Cooper knew everything in the world was telling him that this was wrong, and against what he stood for. Instead, some inner voice told him that this was meant to be. To not stop. Staring at her, he pushed himself down, gritting his teeth, and fighting through her tightness. She clutched onto him, as he told her to relax and breath, to keep looking at him. Audrey relaxed, taking small shallow breaths, as he pushed himself down again.

"I'll go slow...just keep looking at me, okay?"

One of Audrey's hands reached up, brushing back his gelled hair, as she nodded, licking her lips. Cooper pressed his chest down against her full plump breasts, and pumped into her again. Audrey was starting to slowly respond, and allowed him to quickly and silently find a steady pace. Thrusting into her, he leaned down, kissing her, loving the feeling of her response as she started to moan, and grab onto him.

In less than five minutes, he felt himself coming close.

4:30...two birds one stone...Richard and Linda...

Cooper pumped into her once...twice...and snapped his eyes shut as his face became flushed. Climaxing, he grabbed onto Audrey's hand squeezing it tight. It was here...they conceived their son Richard.

That night, Audrey didn't return to her living quarters. Instead she fell asleep naked, right beside Dale, snuggled up against him, finally for the first time in days able to rest. Cooper laid naked as well, his bare chest slowly rising and falling, staring up at the ceiling, almost in a trance. He was listening to Audrey's breathing, one arm around her, gently rubbing her side. He laid there, not thinking of what problems this would cause, Caroline, or even the future of the case. Instead he just focused on a feeling he hadn't felt in years. Happiness. Slowly Dale smiled, still rubbing Audrey's side, having absolutely no idea that in those few moments of passion, they too had given another life a second chance.

One year later.

Laura Palmer had never been found. It was now officially a cold case, even though Cooper knew he truly would never give up on it. He had been so sure there was going to be a connection to the Blue Rose cases when he first arrived in town, but instead he discovered a young lonely girl, who held many secrets. Mr. Palmer had killed himself, and Mrs. Palmer now rarely left the house, developing quite the nasty drinking problem. Her only child had never been found, and in no time the entire world discovered the truth behind the darkness she had been so good at hiding. Leo, as well as several other business partners had been officially put on trial on several different arrests, mostly dealing with the drug trade from over the boarder. Ben Horne served only six months, and was released early on probation. One Eyed Jacks had been closed, and Bobby Briggs never was officially arrested, but put on probation as well. There was no edvience linking him to the body found shot in the woods, but both him and Mike were watched closely following what happened and thanks to a stern talking-to by Harry, Cooper, and Bobby's father...he was slowly attempting to turn his life around. He had plans on attending community college, and Shelly Johnson stuck by his side the entire time. Donna Hayward had left town with James Hurley, rumors flew they had eloped. In fact, many things had changed, as they still remained the same. One thing that was different, was that Cooper had decided to retire from the F.B.I. In the end, he sat down with Albert, Gordon, and Diane when he flew back home for the weekend and explained when he was faced with the thought of living Twin Peaks, he actually felt ill. He had found his true home, and didn't want to ever leave it. Instead, he was going to take his friend Sheriff Truman up on his officer to be a deputy, and work for the local police force. Before officially moving, Diane showed up at his apartment and told to him straight. The F.B.I was everything to him. Why throw it all away over some cold case of a missing girl?

Cooper leveled with his friend and explained that he had fallen in love with a resident there, who had just informed him that she was pregnant. Diane stared as if she hadn't heard right. "What?" Cooper sighed, he knew this was hurting her, but he had to be honest.

"I'm going to be a father Diane, and for the first time in a very long time...things seem to make sense. I feel like I'm supposed to stay in Twin Peaks."

News of Audrey's pregnancy had come as quite the shock. She came to him as he was extending his time in town to continue helping Harry out as well as using some much needed vacation time. She came to him room sobbing, scared out of her mind. Since that passionate night, the two had been carrying on quite the affair behind everyone's backs. Audrey usually left love notes for Cooper, sliding them underneath his door, while he would sneak her in late at night and both would make love until dawn. She was becoming more comfortable with her body, and allowing him to show her how to use her body and trust him. The day she told him about the pregnancy, he somehow didn't even flinch. Instead of worrying, he simply grinned, and lifted her chin as she stared up with tear filled bloodshot eyes.

"Audrey, that's wonderful!"

Audrey shook.


Dale smiled.

"Audrey...we're going to have a baby!"

Sniffling, Audrey smiled as he sat down beside her on his bed, and gathered her into his arms. Following the news, he officially resigned from the F.B.I, and bought a beautiful lake-side cabin. He began working for Harry, never feeling happier in his entire life, and both Audrey and him made plans to marry shortly before the baby was born. When Ben was released from prison he tried to say plenty about news of Agent Cooper and his daughter. Instead Audrey stuck up for herself. She explained that she was eighteen, a legal adult, and she was none listening to him. If he wanted to teach her the business fine, but he wanted to continue doing these seedy things, and disrespecting Dale, the father of her unborn child...he would never lay eyes on his grandchild ever. In the end Ben came around, and decided to respect his daughter's wishes. He was currently in the middle of divorcing Silvia, but gave Dale and Audrey his best wishes. That winter, just a month after Dale and Audrey were married, both were given the scare of a lifetime when Doc Hayward was delivering Audrey who went into labor several hours before hand. Dale, dressed in scrubs, squeezed his young wife's hand, coaxing her through the labor, as she screamed, throwing her head back, sweat dripping off her. Doc Hayward worked between her two legs as monitors beeped, when suddenly Doc Hayward nodded.

"Ah, here we go..." In seconds the infant slid into the doctor's gloved hands, when suddenly his expression changed. Instantly Dale craned his neck to see.

"What?" The doc clipped the cord, before quickly handing it over to one of the nurses who quickly carried it across the room. Dale only saw it for just a second, but knew the grayish color wasn't good. Audrey laid back, panting. "What's wrong?" Dale patted her hand, trying to stay calm as he saw several nurses crowd around the table across the room. Audrey stared up, looking scared.

"What is it? A boy or a girl?"

Doc Hayward continued working between her legs, where Dale was beginning to notice more and more blood. He looked up briefly.

"A boy..."

A son. He had a son.

Dale blinked, stunned, before Audrey looked up weakly and said exactly what he was thinking.

"What's wrong? Why isn't he crying?!"

Doc continued to work on her.

"Just helping him to breath...Audrey, I need you to lay back, we got a lot of bleeding here..."

Another nurse hurried over, as more blood dripped down on the ground. That's when the nurse came over after the doc quickly whispered something to her.

"Deputy Cooper, could you wait outside?"

Dale looked down.

"What's wrong?"

"We need to work on your wife, and we need to put her under, she's hemorrhaging..."


"Deputy Cooper please..."

Just then the baby began crying, the sound made Cooper quickly look across the room, feeling his heart leap into his throat the moment he heard it. There he saw one of the nurse's pick up the baby, squirming, flushed with color, screaming letting all that unlimited oxygen flood into his tiny lungs. He stared completely stunned, unable to believe that this was his son. Audrey and his child. The same baby he watched fill up Audrey's stomach, making it grow larger and larger with each passing month. How each night he would count how many kicks as she laid beside him. The same baby that made her always have to grab hold of his hands to get up whenever she sat down. The perfect bump that filled her body up with each growing day. Just a few days ago she sat on the carpet in the nurses he was painting for her, both tossing around different names.

They had settled if it was a girl Rebecca, if it was a boy...Richard. Now he stared at his son Richard, unable to believe the relief he felt when he heard those cries. For a brief second he actually thought the baby was stillborn. Had that happened, he knew it would have ruined Audrey. So much had happened in these past nine months, and he really truly did believe Audrey Horne was his soulmate. He had left the F.B.I, started working for Harry, fell even deeper in love with Twin Peaks, spent daily mornings with the guys at the RR, moved into the cabin with Audrey who was slowly learning the business from her father who was currently trying to repair their relationship after everything that happened. There was the wedding, and the planning for the baby. Dale couldn't wait to be a dad, and counted down the days until Audrey gave birth. Now after all this waiting, here he was...yet Dale was being pulled out of the room from his baby, and his wife.

"Wait, what's wrong?!"

Brought out into the hallway, the nurse explained that Audrey was hemorrhaging. When he tried to push past her, he heard his name called behind him.


Turning, he saw Harry, who over this past year had become like a brother to him. He had guided him into knowing leaving the F.B.I had been the right choice. He had made him his right hand man, both solving cases together, getting lunch together at the RR, grabbing a few beers at the roadhouse, and most Friday nights sitting on the screened in porch of his newly bought home, rocking back and forth in the glider, nursing some beers, and looking out at the lake. Josie had left town, having sold off the mill, returning overseas. This broke Harry's heart, but he was currently in the works of repairing it, dating Norma Jennings young beautiful sister Annie Blackburn. Just last weekend while Audrey was visiting her mother and brother, both split a 6-pack with painted the nursery together, before heading over to Lucy's and Andy's who just had a baby boy of their own. Twin Peaks had become the family Cooper had always wanted...and needed. Turning, Dale looked at Harry with scared eyes.

"I don't know what's going on...they made me leave...I think something is wrong with Audrey..."

Harry clapped a firm hand on Dale's shoulder, and guided him over to a bench. Together they sat there for an hour, both not saying a word until finally Dale who was nervously playing with his wedding band, which still felt so strange on his left hand turned and looked at Harry.

"I...can't lose her Harry. I can't..."

Harry sighed and rubbed Dale's shoulder. "You won't. I promise." Fifteen minutes later Doc Hayward came out removing his mask, instantly Dale and Harry shot up.

"Audrey is in recovery. I'm sorry Dale, she started hemorrhaging. It was a blood-clot. We had to do an emergency hysterectomy...she'll be fine but we had to do a blood transfusion. She's sedated but should be coming around later tonight."

"And the baby?"

"Fine, he's down in the nursery. Six pounds, two ounces."

"Can I see him?"

"Of course, but tonight I'm only allowing you to sit in with Audrey. She's been though Hell and I'll be damned in her parents get her upset."

Dale nodded. Ever since Audrey had discovered she was pregnant, and Ben had returned from prison, their relationship had been like walking on glass. Audrey proved herself to be perfectly capable, taking over while her father was unavailable, standing up to her uncle Jerry, and the many investors who were breathing down her neck. She refused to develop Ghostwood, and actually made some changes to the hotel that were for the better. Everyone, including the staff had to agree, Audrey Horne was no longer the spoiled little brat everyone was used to. She was turning into a smart, strong leveled headed woman, who not only was now married, but expecting a child. Through her entire pregnancy she worked at the hotel, signing off papers, attending meetings, and holding her own. When Ben returned he was stunned to see that his daughter had been looking after the business, and really had proved she was totally capable of running everything without him. They had a long talk, and Audrey needed to know two things. Did he have anything with Laura Palmer going missing?

And had he slept with her? In the end Audrey made it clear that Ben wasn't to interfere in her personal life, including her husband who she informed him was ten times the man he ever would be. If he caused any problems for her and Dale, she swore he would never be part of her child's life. Ben agreed, and both had been working side by side. Still, things were tense between her parents, and more than often Audrey would complain to Dale durning dinner how bad things had gotten whenever they were in the same room together. Harry and Dale went to the nursery, where the nurse brought Dale over to the plastic little crib, where his son laid wrapped up tightly in a tiny blue blanket and cap.

"Did you and your wife all ready decide on a name?"

She asked handing the baby carefully over to Dale who stared down amazed as well as frightened. Harry warmly smiled behind him. Dale took the baby and held him in his hands before staring down.

"Richard...his name is Richard."

The nurse smiled, writing down on a tiny card that slid into the front of the crib.

"Richard Cooper, that's a very nice name."

Dale held the tiny warm being, unable to believe that this was the same baby he felt move and kick inside Audrey. The same baby that had been a result of making love to Audrey all those months ago. This was a reality, this was the perfect combination of both him and his Audrey. This was his son. Richard. Smiling, Richard stared down looking at his perfectly round face, his tiny nose, his closed eyelids, his smooth rosy skin. Smiling, he leaned down and kissed his baby's forehead. The baby didn't wake, just continued sleeping. Turning, Cooper grinned.

"Harry, look!"

Harry walked over and smiled.

"He's beautiful..."

Dale held his baby and smiled proudly.

"He is...isn't he?"

Both men stared down at this tiny little creature, completely unaware that in another life this child had been conceived in hate, had grown up to be miserable unstable, and cursed. Instead, he was given a second chance. He had been conceived in passion and love, and was all ready born to two parents who loved him, and would die for him. That night, Dale was by Audrey's side when she woke up, her long lashes fluttering open. Weakly, she stared up.


"Shhhh, it's okay, I'm here..."

Audrey's eyes widened, full of panic.

"The baby?"

"He's fine...I got him. He's beautiful..."

"Did the doctor...talk to you...I can't..."

"Shhhhh...it's all right, we got our baby...and he wants to meet his mamma..."

Turning, Dale scooped up the baby from the crib the nurse had helped wheel in for him. Picking him up, the baby weakly cried, as Dale smiled and helped Audrey sit up as the hospital bed straightened up. Carefully, he handed the baby over, knowing how sore and weak she was. The second Richard was placed in Audrey's arms, she became ten times more alert. Smiling, she stared down completely amazed. Smiling, she stared down as tiny tears rolled down her face.

"Hi baby..."

The baby continued sleeping as Audrey looked up amazed.

"He's beautiful."

Dale smiled putting his arm around Audrey.

"He is isn't he?"

25 years later.

Dale was currently enjoying hearing a fishing story by Frank Truman, Harry's older brother. Frank was currently running the station with Dale while Harry finished up his cancer treatment down in Seattle. Around a year ago Dale began to notice a change in Harry. He was losing weight, and seemed really worn down. Finally Dale convinced him to make an appointment, and it was discovered that Harry had throat cancer. Harry and Annie Blackburn were happily married, and even though they had no children, Dale suspected Annie's innocence was exactly what Harry needed after Josie took off. After Harry had been diagnosed, it was Annie who thanked him for making him see the doctor. They all knew how stubborn Harry could be, and the doctors had informed her that had he waited even another few months they very well might be past the window to treat this thing. Annie was currently renting a condo out in the city to be with Harry. He called often, said he was in good spirits, and Bobby Briggs, who after the scare of Leo's arrest straightened him out, inspiring him to join the academy, kept them updated since Norma usually took the train down there to visit her sister on the weekends. Frank was a good man, but had suffered tragedy himself.

A few years back he lost his boy who took his over life after returning from serving overseas. Frank was a gentle no nonsense man, and much like Harry, Dale and him got along perfectly. Today he grinned, arms crossed, standing beside Hawk, and Andy who were all listening to Frank's latest weekend trip where he caught a seventeen pound trout. Lucy meanwhile was down the hall happily humming, putting on a fresh pot of coffee. In the last twenty-five years, a lot had happened. Ben still worked from time to time at The Great Northern as he neared his late eighties. After everything that had happened, he knew his ways of doing business were over. He appeared a changed man, and watched as Audrey juggled motherhood as well as earring her business degree at night, and bringing new successful ideas to the hotel. She proved herself to him, and after lots of hard work she now ran the hotel as well as often flew down to the city as well as New York for board meetings. She had sold off the Horne department store, and ended up selling Ghostwood a few years later to a new investor despite Ben's arguments. In the end it paid off, and after many changes the hotel was running smoothly and was one of the most successful businesses in the state. They worked side by side, but Ben mostly just puttered around in his office, seeing day to day stuff while Audrey ran everything else. The staff loved her, and the guest were always left smiling. Even though her relationship with her father hadn't completely been repaired, Ben knew his boundaries, and respected his daughter as well as her husband. Dale would watch the baby nights while Audrey went to school, and during the day they either dropped him off with Silvia, or this wonderful woman who watched Wally, Andy and Lucy's son. Audrey and Dale loved their little cabin off the lake, and made it their own. Most mornings they would take turns with who would drop the baby off, and as always keep laughing as kissing goodbye as a puzzled Richard was held between them. They made happy memories in this home together, and when Richard was one, just starting to really gain his footing in walking, Albert and Gordon visited. They watched partly amused as the beautiful baby with sparking blue eyes wobbled around in overalls, clutching onto the furniture. Dale loved spending time with his son. Most nights he would just stand by his crib and look down in complete wonder. He never thought it was possible to love something this much.

Often whenever he came home from work, he would lay on the living room floor as the baby laid on his belly and laugh and play with him while Audrey watched smiling. Even though this would be their only baby, they loved him more than words could explain. Dale loved his new life, and each night after Audrey and him made love, he would lay back in wonder, smiling at how truly lucky he was. When Albert and Gordon visited, they of course offered him his old position back at the F.B.I. Dale smiled, but shook his head staring at his son gurgling and smiling over at him.

"Sorry fellas...but my life is here."

They informed him that Diane had moved to New York, nobody had heard from her since. This hurt Dale since he loved Diane, but knew the kind of love Audrey and him shared was special. One of a kind sort of love. In fact, staring at their beautiful gorgeous son, he knew they were meant to be. Soulmates. Just then they heard the bell over the front door jingle, all men glanced over as Richard came in, all smiles. Even his son who was an adult, twenty-five and living on his own...he still loved him so much it sometimes hurt. It reminded him of when Audrey and him used to spend their Sundays pushing him in his stroller, side by side, as people gasped and gushed over how beautiful he was. Richard had been a joy for Audrey and Dale. He was such a good baby, and each milestone Dale made sure he was there for. Richard grew tall and skinny, and Dale truly couldn't believe how much of Audrey he saw in him.

When he was a teenager, shortly after his long-term girlfriend Linda moved away after her grandmother passed, leaving him depressed, and angry, he sat down with his parents and explained that he really didn't know what he wanted to do next year for college? Audrey and Dale explained if he wanted to take a year off and figure things out that was fine. He mowed lawns part-time, and was pretty well liked by everyone. Sighing, Richard stretched back and shrugged stating he just didn't want to make the wrong choice. He was brutally honest starting he had no interest in joining the police force, or taking over the family business, even though his grandfather was so ready to remind him he was the soul heir to the Horne fortune. Rolling her eyes, Audrey told him that his grandfather could be a real idiot sometimes, and to not listen to him. Richard nervously laughed, before his gaze shifted to his father who he was insanely close to. Whenever Richard was sick growing up it was his father he wanted. He always ran to his dad, in fact his first words were "Dada." Even becoming a teenager, Dale had countless memories of teaching him how to drive, shave, talk to girls...even last summer when a party he was at across the lake got busted up, Dale brought Richard into his police jeep and talked to him straight.

"I was young once, I know what kids do. You just need to answer me one thing. Were you doing drugs?"

Richard who was ashamed, sitting in the darkness of the jeep and shook his head.

"No, I had a few beers...but no nothing like that."

"Not even grass?"

Richard shook his head, looking up at his father, tears streaming down his face.

"No dad, I promise."

Dale knew Richard was telling the truth. He was a good boy, even though he suspected some kids that hung around him might not be. He had questioned him more than once about this Stephen character, who appeared to be charming, but Dale sensed was a troublemaker beneath it all. Richard had claimed that even though Stephen went to the same parties as him, they weren't friends. That night Dale promised not to tell Richard's mother, and that a few beers were perfectly fine, but he needed to know he was underage, and if anything happened to him it would kill him and his mother. Sniffling, Richard nodded, embarrassed. In the end Richard got a job at the Twin Peaks Times. He was an editor, and was still in the process of finishing up his degree at a community college two towns over. He wasn't sure if he wanted to continue with schooling, since everything was up in the air, but he was offered the job shortly after graduating high school. Mr. Bricker, the man who ran the newspaper had liked Richard, read several of his pieces, and offered him a job. Even though Richard had quite the trust fund, he told his parents he didn't want to fully rely on that. Instead he used a little of it to buy a small apartment in town, and a used car. Ben kept pestering Audrey over his grandson throwing his life away, that he needed to take over the Great Northern. Instead Audrey told him it was none of his business. Still, even though they saw Richard several times a week, Dale and Audrey missed him. Dale spent the afternoon he moved out helping him and splitting a 6-pack with him.

Whenever he called at night Audrey would spend a good hour talking to him even though he lived just across town. Audrey insisted whenever he came by for dinner, or to help Dale around the house that she would do his laundry. As always Richard would smile, roll his eyes, and often sit out on the dock with his dad talking. These were talks they had since they were a boy and Dale enjoyed. Richard loved his job, and actually didn't seem to hate the idea of still living in Twin Peaks. He dated a little off and on since Linda moved away, but nothing too serious. This morning, he walked in, wearing jeans, a T-shirt, and his olive jacket that hung off him. As always Audrey always claimed he wasn't eating enough. He smiled, raising his hand to his father who grinned.

"Hi Richard."

Andy said smiling. Wally his son and Richard had been in the same class from nursery school all the way to senior year in high school. Wally was currently on the country side road-trip and had been gone nearly a year now. Dale didn't know how Andy or Lucy did it. If Richard lived away that long he might go crazy. Still, he enjoyed his lunches with his son, which had become a tradition several times a week for them. Dale would either drive to the newspaper, or Richard would come here. They would go to the RR and spend a good hour laughing and talking. Today the plan was Richard would come to him. It was a hot late July morning, and temps outside were all ready raising to the nineties. Audrey was in meetings all day at the hotel, and Dale planned on spending the morning with his son, and helping him finish those shelfs they were putting in at his place.

"Hi guys..."

Richard said smiling as he walked over. Richard made small talk with everyone before Dale excused them, and said if they needed him to just radio in. They took Dale's police jeep and rode into town. Parking behind the RR, both talked. Becky Briggs, Bobby's daughter who worked at the bakery was interested in going out with Richard. The two had been in the same grade growing up, and Becky had come this close to marrying that loser Stephen. In the end, she broke off the engagement and had been coming around to the newspaper, flirting with him, and asking when he was going to take her out? When Dale asked what the problem was? Richard shrugged. He hadn't really been in a real relationship since Linda. Sure he had gone out with a few girls, even slept with them, but nobody really compared. Dale smiled, clapping his son's skinny shoulder and told him that when he met the right one he would know.

"Like when you met mom?"

Dale smirked.

"Yeah, exactly..."

Both smirked at each other, before both parked and walked out. Just then a little boy running playing with his mother ran by them and Richard smiled. Dale glanced at him and knew one day when Richard finally settled down, Audrey and him would pester him until he gave them grand babies. Lots of them. Richard actually liked kids, and Audrey remarked he would make beautiful babies someday. both walked across the lot, talking about the heat. Richard was planning on spending the weekend back home and help Dale clean out the garage. Dale said maybe they could take a swim in the water, or go see Hawk's new boat he had bought? Both walked in, the bell jingling. The place was packed. Just then Miriam, a heavy yet pleasant girl walked by Dale and Richard as they entered and dropped her purse while trying to carry a box of donuts. Richard leaned down, scooping up the box and handing it to her. Miriam blushed and took the box, embarrassed.

"No problem, how you doing Miriam?"

Miriam shrugged and motioned to the huge crowd inside the restaurant.

"Good I guess, just trying to pick some donuts up for the parents coming in for field day for the little kiddos."

"Gotta love the tourist season huh?"

Miriam giggled, blushing more before nodding to Dale.

"Hi Deputy Cooper."

"Hi Miriam."

Miriam then smiled, and pushed open the door, walking out into the sidewalk. Dale smiled at Richard and gave her a playful elbow to the side.

"She's had a crush on you ever since you shared your first kiss in preschool together."

Richard rolled his eyes, blushing himself.

"Jesus dad..."

Dale chuckled before he smiled and waved to Shelly who looked swamped.

"Hey Shelly!"

Shelly smiled and waved back.

"Take a seat at the counter boys, we're pretty full!"

Dale and Richard started forward and sat down on the red vinyl circular stools. Richard ordered an iced coffee, Dale ordered his usual, a hot steaming cup before he stood up and stretched.

"I'll be right back, order me a number seven."

Richard nodded scanning the plastic menu as Dale playfully ruffled his floppy dirty blond hair. Richard smirked, as Dale walked down the length of the restaurant and past the swinging doors that led to the restroom. Richard sat there, looking at the specials as faintly he heard the soft buzzing of electricity. Raising an eyebrow, Richard lifted his head and looked to his left where his father's empty stool sat. Toad the truck driver was two stools away, and the other booths on that side of the restaurant were packed full of people most likely up there to visit the lake or mountains. He then slowly looked to his right and that's when he saw her. She walked right up beside him where the stool beside him was empty. She was wearing black tights, and a dark wine red dress. She had thick glasses, beautiful red hair, held back in a gold headband. Despite those thick glasses, she was actually really pretty with light freckles spread across his face.

"Can I get two coffees regular to go?"

Shelly nodded.

"Sure thing hon, one second."

The girl nodded before slowly her eyes shifted over to Richard, looking a little weirded out that he was staring. Instantly Richard knew how stupid he appeared, but couldn't help but feel as if he had seen her before. His heart was fluttering in a way he hadn't felt since Linda. He tried to place where he had seen her in town, but couldn't quite place it.


Instantly he wanted to roll his eyes over how stupid he sounded. The girl instead of shooting him a dirty look just smirked, making her entire face light up.


"Crowded huh?" Richard again wanted to kill himself. He usually never felt this nervous talking to girls.

"Yeah...I swung by hoping to grab a coffee for me and my dad but I really should have just made it at home. We haven't unpacked our coffee pot yet though. Serves me right."

"Just move here?"

"Yeah, my dad has to move around a lot for business. He's a contractor, he's working up at that big hotel..."

"The Great Northern?"


"My mom...owns it."

"Really? Get out, Mrs. Cooper?"

"Yeah that's her."

"I met her last week, she's really nice."

"Richard." He put his hand out and was surprised by how firm her handshake was in his.


Richard then noticed an underaged bracelet on her hand from the Roadhouse, a place he often went to with a few buddies of his for good music and cold beer. Smiling, he motioned towards it. He knew she was underage, which was a bummer, but maybe she wasn't too young...

"Been to the Roadhouse?"

"Yeah! Just last night, pretty good lineup of bands for the summer."

"I heard they are planning on getting Nine Inch Nails this year."

"Get OUT!"

Richard laughed and began making small talk with her about the music scene, as well as vinyl records. He had to admit, the girl did know her stuff. Meanwhile Dale had left the bathroom and was currently talking to three neighbors of his in the rear booth. They were talking about the summer town celebration, asking questions. He stood, smiling as he eyed Richard across the way talking to a pretty girl. That's when the person entered in a ski mask in a shotgun. They fired up to the ceiling, causing plaster to crumple and fall down.


Everyone became dead silent, someone screamed when the loud echo of the gun went off, then was cut short. People all stared in terror as the person shifted from one foot to another.

"Give me all your cash and nobody gets hurt!"

Cooper slowly slid his hand to his gun, unhooking it, before he withdrew it with lighting speed and held it out.


This frightened the robber, clutching the shotgun. He was standing right in front of Richard and the pretty girl. The robber tensed up, aiming the gun out of pure fear straight at the poor frightened girl. Richard saw what was about to happen and with all his might shoved her out of the way, causing her to fall onto the floor with a heavy thud. "NO!" The gun went off straight into Richard's chest. Somebody screamed, as the shot echoed and blood splattered backwards onto the countertop. Dale's eyes widened, knowing his boy had just been shot point blank. Face crumping, he aimed and shot the robber twice in both shoulders. The robber slammed against the glass doors, dropping the shotgun. Some people became hysterical, screaming and trying to figure out a way to run. Instead, Cooper walked in a trace to the front of the restaurant, ignoring the robber, and kneeling down in front of his boy. Instantly he knew Richard was going to die. He laid there on the floor, a massive puddle of blood forming beneath him. He stared up at the ceiling stunned, his chest and shirt completely ruined, blood soaking through it. All ready he was losing color. Faintly Cooper could hear sirens. Either somebody all ready called, or the shots had been heard. Two truck drivers grabbed onto the robber, roughly pulling him back as he screamed in pain. His ski mask was ripped off and people gasped. It was Stephen, his face flushed in pain. The men were outraged and held his arms back as he screamed. Shelly glanced at her daughter's ex fiancé' with terror before looking down at Cooper who was carefully and gently gathering his only child in his arms. Cooper looked up terrified.


Looking relived for something to do, Shelly nodded and ran behind the counter as Norma hurried around and knelt down next to Cooper, not caring that her white tights were becoming soaked in Richard's blood. Cooper gently turned Richard over and saw his back had been completely blown open by the shotgun. There wouldn't be time for the ambulance. No, he was losing his baby. Holding onto Richard, he cradled him as he did when he was a little boy. Staring down at him, Richard's beautiful blue eyes fluttered open, staring up unfocused.


"Shhhh...it's okay, the ambulance is coming...you'll be fine..."

He petted his son's hair, before Richard's gaze shifted over to the pretty girl, kneeling and staring frightened. Richard had saved her life... Richard then stared at her, as if suddenly he recognized her. His vision cleared for a second, and he actually looked happy. He stared at her.

"You...came back Amy...you came back..."

The girl stared confused, before Richard looked up at Cooper, his face becoming paler and paler. Cooper knew he was losing him. He grasped onto his hand and squeezed it. Suddenly Cooper heard the most beautiful humming around them. Richard looked up.

"Do you hear that?"

Cooper nodded. Richard stared up at him, almost as if he was ready to say something more when... His gaze dropped, and he became still. Instantly Cooper felt his heart break as he held his dead son.


He whispered, before clutching him close to him, slowly rocking back and forth.

Five months later...

Things had gotten a little better...a little.

Stephen was sent to life in prison. The trial was brief, and even though the headlines faded, a scar had appeared on Twin Peaks. Since Laura had vanished all those years ago crime had actually gone down some. Sure there was still arrests and drugs, but no murders... At the funeral, Cooper held onto Audrey who had been in a trance since Andy and Bobby arrived at The Great Northern just a half an hour after Richard's body had been loaded up and taken to the hospital. She was finishing up with a meeting, her father sitting beside her when her assistant said the police were her and needed to speak to her. At first thinking it was her husband, she raised an eyebrow, confused, before smiling and excusing herself. Audrey, at age forty-three looked absolutely gorgeous. Her heels clicked, before she walked out to the hallway where Andy and Bobby were waiting. The second she saw Andy's tear filled eyes, and Bobby's expression, she knew something had happened. Instantly, her heart leaped into her throat.

"Is it Dale?" Bobby shook his head as Andy lowered his head and began to loudly weep. Instantly Audrey, completely terrified, hurried over to Bobby, grabbing his shirt and glaring up at him.

"Is he hurt?"

"It's...not Dale Audrey. It's Richard."

Instantly Audrey released his shirt, stunned she almost stumbled back on her heels. She knew she hadn't heard right.


When they informed her over what happened, a horrible blood curdling scream echoed through the hotel, causing the investors of the meeting to glance up along with Ben. An ambulance was called, and Audrey who was in shock was sedated. That evening as Cooper sat beside his sedated wife, he wore the same shirt he had on earlier, stained with his only son's blood who was currently down at the morgue. The doctor told Cooper Audrey could go home tomorrow, that she was in shock, and they just wanted to keep a close eye on her. The nurse had come in and gave Cooper a shot himself, and since then he sat with his wife of twenty-five years, gently petting her hand, staring off into space thinking of what happened. Over and over the scene played out. If only he hadn't yelled and took his gun out. If only he kept his mouth shut, and let that stupid idiot take the money. If only... His insides ached. He was thinking of when Richard was just a few months old. He was being given his bath in the sink by Dale and Audrey. The baby wasn't crying, or fussing. Instead he laid back, his big blue eyes staring up at his parents in wonder, as Dale smiled and looked over at Audrey who was carefully using a facecloth to soap up their baby's body. Audrey finally glanced over and smiled.


She laughed. Dale smirked, looking at her before motioning down at Richard.

"Just thinking how lucky we are, look at him...He's perfect."

Audrey smiled, from the moment she laid eyes on Richard it was love at first sight. The first week they brought Richard home, all Audrey would do is stand in his nursery and stare down at him. She often remarked that he was like her own little doll. Absolutely perfect.

"Admit it, you miss solving cases, seeing the world."

Dale still smiling slowly shook his head before leaning over and deeply kissing her. That memory continued playing in Dale's mind as he sat, stoned, and petting his wife's hand. That's when he heard his name.


It was Harry. He was much thinner, but it was him. He had insisted on taking the next flight in the moment he heard about what happened. Richard had been his Godson, and he loved him as if he was his own. Harry walked into the dim lit hospital room, and instantly went to Cooper who finally let all the grief explode. Cooper's face crumpled, as he lowered his head and broke down. Harry was on the edge of Audrey's bed, and wrapped his arms around his friend. At the funeral, Cooper stood with Audrey, holding her tight. Silvia had insisted on staying with them, while her nurse looked after Johnny. Audrey had continued breaking down, unable to dress or even bathe herself. Instead Silvia and Cooper both found her this morning in Richard's bedroom. Even though he had moved out years ago, he still stayed in this room whenever he spent the night. Audrey had put in her yoga mats, and Dale kept his finishing equipment there, but it was still Richard's room. Cooper and Silvia found her on his bed, holding one of his jackets, rocking back and forth as tears rolled down her puffy face.

"I want him back!"

She cried. The doctor was called, she was given another shot, and Cooper insisted on taking her. He knew she needed to be there. Everyone stood around, before Cooper saw in the crowd the pretty redhead from the restaurant that day. She wore her thick glasses, and her head was bowed, but it was her. Dale kept his eyes on her, even after the priest told everyone to pray. He held onto his wife, listened to her soft weeping, and continued staring at the pretty girl. Afterwards, Harry and Annie helped Audrey and her parents to the limo. Cooper shook hands, really not listening to a word that was spoken to him. He kept looking at his son's casket. Finally the pretty girl with the glasses came to him.

"Deputy Cooper?"

Cooper looked up, half surprised as she offered her hand. He shook it, and saw that behind her thick lenses, she was crying.

"I wasn't too sure if you remember me..."

"You were talking to Richard that day at the RR..."

She nodded.

"Your son saved my life. It's because of me he's dead."

Cooper stared at her before shaking his head.


"It's true..."

"I'm the reason..."

Cooper then stopped and shook his head.

"I guess we can blame ourselves for the rest of our life's, but the simple truth is...it was that kid who shot Richard. He's the reason he's dead."

"My father works for your wife...I hope she's doing okay. We may not be in town much longer, he was offered another job in Arizona and we might be leaving at the end of the summer. We move around a lot and I have trouble making friends. In fact...I have no friends. Your son...Richard...was nice to me. He was decent, and funny...and kind. He saved my life...that's the last thing he did...he pushed me out of the way and saved my life. It's strange but...the second we started talking I felt as if I had met him before even though that day was the first time I ever laid eyes on him. I just...wanted to say...thank you."

Cooper felt his chest ache, but instead he smiled softly, and nodded, struggling to keep his tears back.

"Thanks you honey..."

Amy nodded before leaning over and quickly kissing his cheek. Smiling, she lowered her head and walked away. Cooper watched her, before glancing down at his son's casket. Sighing, he wiped his eyes, before nodding.

"You rest now Richard...you rest."

Now five months later on a chilly overcast November morning, he sat beside his wife, snuggled up beneath a massive blanket Lucy had made them. The two were having coffee, and staring out the bay window at the lake. The leafs were nearly all gone, and a frost covered the mill grass that surrounded the water. Things had been tough, in fact they had been down right awful. Cooper had taken a leave of absence following his son's death. He knew Silvia meant well, but he knew he needed this time to grieve alone with his wife. In the beginning, it was awful. Audrey would wake up screaming, breaking down in Cooper's arms, crying for hours. At first Cooper tried to keep his pain in private. Finally, Harry who was now moved back, on strict orders not to return to work for at least another year told him one afternoon after they moved all of Richard's things out of his tiny apartment in town. Boxing everything up broke Cooper's heart, and when he lowered his head and cried, Harry rubbed his back and told him he was allowed to cry for his son. Since then, Cooper cried with his wife. They kept his room as it was for the time being, the few boxes of stuff he kept from the apartment still sitting on the floor. Every single day there were tiny little reminders of Richard. Either seeing something that belonged to him, thinking back on a memory, or just staring at Audrey who he took after the most. There were some days he truly didn't know if either one of them would make it.

Both walked in a daze, until finally one evening, Cooper got Audrey to laugh. He was telling her about Andy and how a raccoon had gotten loose in the station by accident. It was a story Harry had told him over coffee. They now got coffee downtown since Cooper couldn't bring himself to go back to the RR after what happened. He was telling the story as Audrey, who had lost so much weight sat on the sofa, before she smiled that beautiful smile of hers, and covered her mouth with her hand. Dale saw the humor in this story, and suddenly both were holding onto each other laughing so hard it hurt. Since then things had gotten better...a little better. Audrey still was having a hard time, on a daily basis she broke down crying. She was seeing a therapist, a man named Charlie and she had since returned back to work. Ben had told Cooper she could take all the time she needed, before apologizing to Cooper.

"I never liked that you got my daughter pregnant and married her. In fact I never did like you...but you were a wonderful father to that boy, and whenever I would watch the two of you...I wished I could have been half the father you were to my children."

Cooper since, stayed close to his wife. The boys at the station and Harry had been a great help, but he knew the best thing was to stay by his wife's side, and figure out what the rest of their life's were going to look without Richard in it.

"I miss him..."

Audrey said in a flat low voice. Cooper glanced over, his arm around her as she snuggled up close to him, holding her mug of coffee. For the first time in months they had made love last night. When it was over, Audrey clutched onto him crying, begging him never to leave. Dale held her tightly and promised her he wasn't going anywhere. This morning, in the gray November light, the two had made a pot of coffee, and had been sitting here in silence for the last half hour. Looking down at her, Audrey sighed and glanced up, her eyes filled with so much pain.

"I miss him too."

Cooper said, before he decided to tell her.

"I had a dream last night about him."

Audrey instantly looked interested, she sat and stared.

"He was in it?"

Dale nodded.

"I hadn't had that sort of dream since...well around the time we first met. I was in this strange room with red curtains and I was sitting down in a chair. I was younger, like I was when I first came to town. Laura Palmer was there and she was smiling...she said Richard was going to be fine. That this was meant to be. I looked over and just for a second I saw Richard, looking just like he did. He sat next to Laura and had that big smile of his...remember that smile?"

Audrey laughed softly, tears running down her face as Dale went on.

"That smile that always made his eyes squint, and he told me to look after you...and he was with her, and everything was all right."

"Who was her?"

Dale shrugged.

"I don't think it was Laura...somebody else. But he seemed...happy."

Audrey sniffled, smiling through her tears before she snuggled up against Dale. Smiling sadly, Cooper kissed the top of Audrey's head and continued staring out the window at the lake.


"Richard, open your eyes..."

Richard, the real Richard. The one who existed before knew about the change his father had been responsible for. In just an instant, he saw his life replay out. Only thing time, things had been different. He hadn't been the result of a rape, he hadn't been mentally ill. Linda hadn't of died, and neither did Amy. He didn't see his end at the hands of the man who raped his mother, lit up in the middle of the field, blowing up in sparks and flames...

No, in just the blink of an eye he saw a life he always wanted. His parents together, Cooper, the real Cooper being the father he always wanted. He saw himself living with his parents, and being given a happy and content childhood. He saw himself date Linda, and say goodbye to her as she moved away. He saw himself working, normal, adjusted, and happy. He saw himself back at the RR with his father, never feeling so loved before in his entire life. He saw Amy, and then there was shouting. Stephen was there, ready to kill her all over again but this time he made a choice. Instead of being the disturbed, crazed bastard he believed he was. He used all his strength to push her out of the way. There was pain, and a loud bang, and he spent his last moments listening to a beautiful humming, being held in the arms of the father who he always wanted, and who loved him very much...

He had done it. He had been given a wonderful life, and had saved Amy... Now in just seconds, he heard Amy's voice and slowly his long lashes fluttered open, as he stared up. Amy was straddled on top of him, wearing one of his baggy T-shirts that served more as a nightgown than anything else. Her hair was messy, and she had her glasses on. He also noticed she had a bit of a belly underneath the shirt, perfectly round and pregnant. Richard blinked. It couldn't be...


He asked in complete disbelief. Amy smirked, and reached down, planting both hands on his bare chest. Her hang hung down, and she looked beautiful. Richard stared up, stunned.

"You're...really here?"

Amy smiled as sunlight poured in through the cabin windows. Nodding, she stared down at him.

"We're in our own private world, just like my snow globe..."

Richard instantly scooted up, sitting against the headboard, with her still on top of his lap. Smiling, he stared at her, before his eyes went down to her stomach. Instantly he reached and touched it before looking back up at her.


Amy smiled and nodded.

"Yours...it's a girl."

Richard stared down stunned before smiling up at her.

"This...is real?"

"I've been waiting for you...both of us."

She covered his hand which was laying against her stomach. Smiling, she stared at him before he leaned forward, and plunged his mouth against hers, deeply kissing and tasting her. It seemed like a lifetime ago since he last kissed her. Instantly, he laughed as he closed his eyes, pressing his forehead against hers. Amy held onto him tight, as he nuzzled against her smooth face.

"Thank you...thank you...thank you..."

He whispered. He knew in that other life he had done terrible things, but he had been given a second chance, and now he was in his own Heaven. He knew his parents would be okay. Somehow his father knew...he was safe, and with her. Smiling, he held onto Amy, as that beautiful humming filled the cabin as sunshine continued to pour in through the windows. Richard Horne's story was no longer tragic. It was completed on both sides, and his ending in the afterlife with his soulmate was beautiful and meant to be. Together the two lovers stayed holding each other, kissing and laughing as tiny bits of sparking dust caught in the sunshine floated around the room, trapped in this perfect world.

The End.