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I'm going to take an indefinite break from FF to focus on school/life; i don't want to update when I feel rushed, to give you guy content. I plan on finishing 9 stories/series, 9's a concrete number to end on (but this may change, tbh my life's kinda a mess), before leaving FF which I will list below:

The New Face of Justice (series)- completed

Kakashi ga Kill- in progress

Living the Past (sequel to "A New Titan" and "Winner Take All")- in progress

Star Wars: the X-Effect- in progress

Secret Wars- in progress

The Last Sons- in progress

Untitled BNHA crossover- in progress

Untitled Naruto crossover- in planning

Untitled DBZ crossover- in planning

Finally, this whole process should take 2-3 years, with KGK and LTP finishing this year. I'm telling y'all this super early bc I hate writers who spring it on readers that it's their last story, or those who just ghost completely. I'll remind y'all this and update every now and again, so you guys don't feel up and abandoned.

I'm not going to finish this story, sadly. I stopped playing Overwatch awhile ago due to school and never really got back into it during breaks. Thus, when I came back to update, I wasn't feeling the same passion for it at all. That was part of the reason for this taking so long, along with school and work not letting me have nice things. This story's up for grabs if someone wants to finish it.

The Next Morning...

"You're not doing a very good job at representing your organization if you cannot bring in your target on time," T'Challa said, leaning against the door of the bathroom in his penthouse hotel room. He looked out the window wall, seeing the heart of downtown London several stories below them in the early, gray and snowy morning. He looked down at the purple carpet, his face going a tad red upon seeing Angela's black bra thrown carelessly onto the ground from the night before, along with the fairly disheveled black bed against the white walls.

"Could you please be patient?" Angela shouted over the running water from inside the shower.

"At this rate, I could walk to the airport and fly back home by the time you come out."

"I'm washing my hair!" Angela shouted.

T'Challa scoffed, looking at himself in the mirror. He always looked his best, wearing a black suit, a black dress shirt, and a purple tie with silver swirls down the center. He straightened his tie a bit and stepped forward as the bathroom door flew open with Angela rushing out in a white tee shirt and baggy pajama pants with her hair still drenched.

"Give me thirty minutes," she said.

"I'm going to tell your organiser exactly how this morning went," T'Challa said.

"You wanted me here," she said, putting on a white blouse, blue jeans, and a pair of brown winter boots, "what does it say about the target when he wants to be captured?"

T'Challa checked his Kimoyo beads with a smirk. "That he was never caught in the first place." He flicked another caduceus tracker off the back of his tie. "You can stop following me now- I'm driving you there."

"Now it's a game," Mercy said, putting her makeup away and putting on her warm brown coat., "I want you to find the third one."

T'Challa cocked an eyebrow. "I would have noticed a third one."

Mercy chuckled, pecking him on the cheek as they walked out of his room. "You don't hide them to be noticed."

The two heroes in plain clothing stepped into the elevator when T'Challa's Kimoyo beads started to buzz. T'Challa tapped them together and a holographic American blond man with bright blue eyes popped up in front of them showing just the head and the upper half of his muscular torso. He wore a plain gray tee shirt with dog tags around his neck. The two men smiled at each other, with Mercy guessing that they hadn't seen each other for quite some time. "Your Highness," the man said to the king.

"Captain," the king responded.

"Don't know if you were told," he said with a bright, American accent, "but we're holding the get together a bit later than originally expected- who's here?"

"Me, Tony, and the boy," T'Challa said. The doors opened and the heroes walked outside into the cold, winter air under gray, cloudy morning skies as a low-riding, sleek black Bugatti rolled into the valet loop. It held a purple aura around it, with its headlights beaming the same silver and periwinkle given off by his suit. "I will meet him soon."

"Oh, don't worry about that," the captain said, "Sam and I are picking him up for breakfast, since we're in the neighborhood. Haven't seen him since New York."

"You have his number, right?" T'Challa said. "I know he is picky about who sees him, Steve."

Steve chuckled. "Figured we'd just drop by," he said, "give him a little surprise. It'll be a good warm-up for whatever we're doing."

Steve's eyes darted toward the woman's standing next to him and they locked on accidentally. "Hey there," he said with a heroic grin.

"Aren't you going to introduce me to your friend, T'Challa?" Angela asked.

"Doctor Angela Ziegler, and I can speak for myself," she said with a smirk.

"My apologies, doctor," the captain chuckled. "Steve Rogers." He looked away from both heroes, nodding to someone out of the call. "I have to go. See you later, T'Challa."

The king ended the call and tapped his beads again, making the doors to the car spread open as if the doors were made from the same mesh that made his suit. "After you," he said, walking her to the passenger's side as he walked around the car, slipping into the driver's seat.

Angela waited until the doors were closed to pull out her phone, glowing orange and gray as she moved past the lock screen. "Captain America and you are close friends, yes?"

T'Challa nodded. "I helped him and a friend of his through some difficult times, but more often than not, work kept us in close contact."

"So you did more than the job in New York?" Angela asked.

"Not with the whole team," he said, "our cases over the past few years overlapped. I hadn't been in the states for awhile since leaving Harvard, so I needed someone I could trust keeping watch."

"How big is the whole team?" Angela asked, seeing his mouth twitch in slight annoyance.

"I already told you I'm coming with you to meet your organization," he said, "in fact I'm driving us there now."

Angela rolled her eyes. "That's the least invasive question I've asked so far. I can tell you about my team instead," she giggled, "to make things 'fair.'"

"You don't need to," he said, "I'll meet them, and you'll meet us, in good time."

"In 23 minutes actually, if Google Maps is correct," Angela said. "Our intel said 19 members, but I assume you have agents across the globe."

T'Challa started fiddling with the radio as they turned onto the street driving quietly and smoothly. "Have some mercy, please. I can't go around simply telling you all my secrets."

Angela groaned. "And how long were you waiting to use that?"

"An hour- the boy is rubbing off on me, I'm afraid," T'Challa said nonchalantly, finding a station playing pop. "What do you listen to?"

"I don't really care," she said.

T'Challa took his hand away from the radio and she immediately changed it, cycling through the stations several times as they sailed down the highways. They locked eyes for a moment, Mercy catching Black Panther's perplexed expression.


"I have an aux cord," he said. A port next to the volume knob on his futuristic, glowing state of the art sound system opened with a cord attached to a flat disc the diameter of a golf ball. "Tap your phone on the receiver."

Angela was again pleasantly surprised when the disc wrapped around the base of the phone and connected it to the car with a ping. "Now playing Redbone, Childish Gambino."

T'Challa chuckled as the song started to play, catching Angela's attention again. "What now?"

"You know," he said, "my intel has made a relevant claim to our situation at the moment."

"Well don't just tell me that and not say it," Mercy said, leaning back in her seat and watching him with a small smile.

"Alright, but you cannot share this with anyone," T'Challa said.

"And here I was getting excited," Mercy said, knowing by his curling lips that he wasn't being serious.

"Childish Gambino?" he said anyway. "Donald Glover?"

Mercy groaned again. "Oh my god…"

"Same person."

"This isn't the man I met yesterday," she said, "are you the real T'Challa?"

"If you expect everything that comes out of my mouth will be a secret of my organization, then you're going to have a bad time."

"I'm just doing it to get on your nerves," Angela teased, poking her tongue out at him. "We're here, let's get somewhere alone and cloak the vehicle."

T'Challa smirked. "Not a problem."

They took an exit that wrapped around to the thickets Angela was referring to and slid off the road and under the overpass. T'Challa tapped a button on the hologram interface just over the radio and stepped out. Angela did the same, turning around and seeing only the grass between her and the king. "Built-in invisibility, I like it," she said, heading toward the forest nearly pulling T'Challa along as they disappeared into the trees. "Keep up, T'Challa, everyone's extremely eager to meet you!

Heathrow Airport...

"Hello? Peter?" Steve said over the phone, waiting by the baggage claim with Thor and Sam. He heard an automated voicemail drone back to him that Peter wasn't there at the moment.

"Is he picking up?" Thor asked, posing with a couple fans before handing them their suitcases.

"No, he's not," he said, putting his phone in his pocket. "I hope we won't be intruding on anything."

"We have to pick him up anyway for the meeting later," Sam said, pulling his backpack off the claim belt, "in any case, it might just be better to get him after we visit Tony- he seemed pretty stressed about your input on his 'project' specifically."

"It's because we usually disagree on things," Steve said, rubbing the back of his head from stress. "He's a great guy, but New York would have gone much better had he listened to me the first time."

"New York is in the past, my frozen friend," Thor said, clapping his friend's shoulder. "I think a partner like Tony is perfect, you two balance each other out fairly well."

"Yeah, like fire and fire," Sam said.

Steve tried Peter's number again, this time getting sent directly to voicemail. "I told him never to do that…" he muttered to himself. "You and Thor can go say hi to Tony now if you want, I'm going to check in on the kid anyway."

"He might be in class," Sam said.

"Why are you so worried, Steve?" Thor said, hefting his duffel bag over his shoulder. "He handled himself fine yesterday, with our feline friend watching him, I'm sure he'll be fine."

"That's just it, I spoke to him this morning, the boy wasn't with him," Steve said. "I guess I'm just a little paranoid after hearing the news this morning, that's all."

"I'll let Tony know that you'll touch base with him a little later, before the meeting of course," Sam said, "Thor, where are you headed?"

Thor tapped his chin as they walked out, feeling the rush of cold London air blow their hair back. "I'll keep Steve company for now, get his spirits high again."

"Sounds good," Sam said, "how are you guys getting there? Uber?"

Thor and Steve blinked at him.


"Oh, yeah, the taxi app?" Steve said. "Uber's the same thing?"

"Uber's the same thing."

Steve chuckled. "That. We're doing that."

"I could also fly," Thor suggested, ignoring the cameras flashing around him.

"How would I get there?" Steve asked, calling the Lyft in slow, careful movements on his phone.

"You would sit on my back," Thor said, "like Aladdin and his magic carpet, or Jasmine, if you want to sing the high notes."

"You guys give me a headache," Sam laughed, "my ride's here, see you guys soon!"

Thor and Steve waved him off as their ride rolled past him. Steve and Thor slid into the back seat of the car and Thor slid his duffel bag over their legs. "You can put that in the trunk if you want," their driver said.

"No, uh," Thor chuckled, "I prefer to keep the item inside the bag close to me at all times."

The driver looked perplexed in the rearview mirror but didn't question it, taking them all the way to the parking lot of a flat in the middle of the grassy hills, far away from downtown London. "Here is fine, thanks!" Steve said, handing the driver a dollar as they slipped out of the car.

They looked up at the building. They looked normal enough, with Steve still wearing the casual military outfit from the plane and Thor failing to hide his Olympian physique under his street clothes. They definitely seemed as if they didn't belong there, however, with Steve staring at the apartment call box intercom. "T'Challa never mentioned which apartment he was in."

"That seems like some fairly crucial info for this entire outing," Thor said bluntly.

"Well I know that now," Steve said with slight irritation, feeling his cellphone buzz. He pulled it out, smiling at the name that flashed across the screen. "Peter! We're outside."

"Outside where?" Peter asked on the other line with a yawn. An older gentleman hobbled his way out the door and the two visitors took advantage, with Steve helping the man to his car and Thor holding the door open. "Sorry for missing your calls, I didn't recognize your new number and you didn't leave a message so I assumed you were that telemarketer from AT&T I told to-"

"Don't worry about it, Sam figured you were in class or something," Steve said, walking into the building with Thor and scaling the stairs.

"I have a lock on him," Thor said, holding a smaller phone with a red spider blinking on the screen.

"It's seven in the morning, class can't start for another hour-" Peter stopped himself. "Forget about it. So, where are you?"

"Your apartment building," Steve said, "I thought we'd say hello real fast, maybe get some breakfast if you have time."

"Oh, I, uh," Peter stammered, "I don't know, actually- I'll tell you in a sec, kinda can't talk right-"

"Found him," Thor said, leaning against the wall by the door the tracker led them to."

"We're here," Steve said, "we won't be long, just checking in."

Steve knocked on the door, hearing busied shuffling inside. "Who is it?" an English woman said from the other side of the door, sounding as if she was in a rush and didn't have time for visitors.

"We've come for the boy," Thor said, with Steve slapping him in the chest.

"Dial the drama back a little, would you?" Steve said.

The door opened, with the alert face of the freckled, British woman wiping some of her short, wet brown hair out of the way of her bright green eyes greeting them curiously wearing a white bathrobe and slippers. "Can I help you-" Her eyes flew open as she immediately met his blushing embarrassed smile as he shrunk away from the door, sheepishly running his hand through his hair and averting his bright blue eyes away from her, with her recognizing immediately just who he was. She wasn't ready to meet him, nor Tony, nor any of the main four, yet. He also just happened to be the cutest, in her humble, very biased, opinion that was showing all over her face.

"Sorry, ma'am, I didn't- we didn't know you weren't-" Steve cleared his throat, still slightly red but brave enough to push himself from the wall again. "Steve Rogers," he said with his best "play it off" smile, extending his hand. "My friend and I are looking for a Peter Parker, is he around?"

She nodded slowly, seeing Thor behind him with his smile yet still looking intimidating by his sheer size. "I'm Lena Oxton, his host while he stays here." Lena looked back over her shoulder, trying to keep her anxiety from the unexpected visit showing.

"Well, Miss Oxton," Steve said, shaking her hand. "I hope he hasn't given you too much trouble. We were just hoping to say hello, we haven't seen him in awhile."

"How do you know Peter?" Lena asked, wanting to hear if they had been told anything about her or her organization.

"Just some friends, Lena!" Peter shouted from the back, running out in blue jeans, a plain red shirt, and a white jacket with white gym shoes. "Sorry guys, I can't really talk right now," he said, hearing her skitter to the back and shut herself in her room while the nosy neighbors took a long look at the two men standing in front of Lena's door as they passed. "Come inside," Peter said, stepping out and greeting the neighbors with quick, rough handshakes. "Hi! Hello! I love when people stare!" He shuffled the two heroes inside and shut the door on the neighbors' faces.

"What's all the hush hush about, kid?" Steve said.

"Yes, regale us on your European adventure," Thor said, setting his important bag down.

Peter chuckled nervously, hearing the door to Lena's room open. "I was going to tell you after, but you got here earlier than expected."

"Don't go beating around the bush, Pete," Steve said, "just tell me what's going-"

"We're going to be late, Peter," Lena said, stepping out in an orange, form-fitting jumpsuit with "Tracer" written in block lettering on her inner thigh. She threw on her brown air force jacket over it and reached into a drawer in the kitchen, revealing a hidden compartment containing a shining blue energy core of sorts that she fastened to her chest via a harness. Finally, she fastened a pair of bright orange goggles to her face and holstered two white pistols unlike any weapon the three Avengers had seen before. She smirked particularly at Steve's face, staring at her with his mouth slightly ajar. "Catching flies, Captain?"

Steve turned toward Peter sharply. "Who exactly are you staying with?"

Lena tossed Peter his mask. "We were going to tell you sooner or later," she said, "but you can come with us to find out- just keep Tony out of it for now. We wanted to introduce ourselves in smaller groups, so that none of you are influenced by any of the members we think are the hardest to convince to take part in our plans."

Steve and Thor shared a wary look, following Peter and Lena out of the building. Steve blinked, and Lena had vanished, leaving only traces of the blue energy that floated in her core. He turned around to the window open and Thor and Peter leaping out of it. "Nothing's normal anymore," he muttered, taking the stairs and meeting them around Lena's car.

"Get in," she told them, taking the front seat.

Steve held Peter back, leaning into the window. "Before we go anywhere, you have to tell us who you are."

"I'll show you," she said, pressing the steering wheel to make the same orange and grey insignia Peter had seen earlier light up the wheels as well. "You'd learn faster if the rest of your body was in the car."

Steve took the passenger's seat with Thor and Peter in the back. "Seat belts," Steve said, looking right at Thor.

"If we crashed, i would hurt the car," Thor said.

"Put it on," Steve warned again, making Thor roll his eyes.

Thor clicked the seat belt buckle into place. "Damn you, Rogers-"

"Language," Steve cut in, making Lena chuckle. Steve looked over. "What?"

"Oh, nothing," Lena said, taking off onto the road. "This is going to be fun."

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