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I could stay with you for hours

In an empty room

And never get bored

Never have nothing to do.

For once in his life Poe was bored; completely and utterly bored. It wasn't often the pilot had time to spare, always finding something to busy himself with. General Organa usually had some kind of mission for him to go on. Instead, the place seemed kind of quiet, the usual roar of engines missing.

Poe sat near the front of his X-Wing, resting his face on one hand and using the other to drum his fingers against BB-8's spherical body. BeeBee let out a series of beeps and whistles. [Is friend-Poe upset?] Poe shook his head, smiling slightly. "No BeeBee… just…. Bored." Out of the corner of his eye, he saw movement on the ramp that led to the Falcon. Looking over, he was able to catch the back of her head, hair in it's signature three bun style. He grinned to himself, standing up and heading toward the Falcon.

[Where is friend-Poe going?] BeeBee rolled beside his master, wondering what his master was up to. "I'm just gonna visit a friend." The droid moved in front of Poe, letting out a long whistle. "Is master-Poe going to see friend-Rey? Friend-Rey is a special friend. Friend-Finn told BeeBee-" Poe cut him off, the tips of his eats turning red from embarrassment. "Aww damn you, Finn. BeeBee, don't listen to him." He nudged BB-8 to the side playfully, his face growing hotter. "and yes," he murmured. "I'm going to see Rey." Letting out a high pitched sound, BeeBee quickly rolled away, Poe reminding himself to somehow get Finn back for being a blabbermouth.

He climbed his way up the ramp, his fingers sliding across the walls of the ship. Sure, she wasn't the most updated, but she was still a beauty. Rey cleared her throat, causing Poe to look up at her. She leaned against the entrance to the cockpit, smirking at the sight of him. "Enjoying yourself?" Poe turned red, beginning to stutter.

"Re-rey! I'm s-sorry. I just- you boarded the ship, and I got curious and-" Poe rambled on, staring at his hands. He looked up however, as Rey came toward him and placed a hand on his cheek, standing on her tiptoes to kiss the other gently, her face also becoming flustered. "Cool it, commander. You're fine; you just better be thankful that Chewie isn't here." She giggled softly, Poe's smile brightening at the sound of her laughter. "Now, come on and sit with me. I've been having a pretty boring day, and would enjoy some company."

Rey led him to the cockpit, settling down in the pilots chair, and motioning for Poe to sit in the other. Poe stood in the doorway staring at her, but then came to his senses and proceeded to sit in the chair. Rey closed her eyes and leaning back, slightly laughing. Clearly, she was amused at how the usually over-confident pilot acted.

They sat in silence; not the awkward kind though. Poe was actually enjoying himself, warm and fuzzy from his meeting with Rey, but awestruck as he scanned over all the buttons and levers that blinked in front of him. Rey noticed his amazement, and grinned at the handsome pilot. "Wanna take her for a ride?" Poe turned to look at her, his face lighting up in excitement. "May I?" Rey laughed while nodding her head, happy with his reaction. Poe immediately turned to the controls, lifting the falcon up into the sky.

They rode around for a few hours, cracking jokes and enjoying each others company. They eventually made their way back to the base, still quiet and empty. Poe landed the ship, resting his hands behind his head and propping his feet up. He glanced over at Rey and gave her a cocky grin. "So how does it feel? Being able to ride with the best pilot in the galaxy and all." Rey laughed and punched Poe lightly in the shoulder, the pilot overreacting and sticking out his lower lip, pouting. "Please. Shouldn't I be the one asking you that question?"

"Ooh, now you're gonna get it." Poe jumped up, tackling a laughing Rey and sending them both tumbling to the floor. He landed on top of her, and both quickly realized the situation they were in. They lay there in silence as they laughter died out, staring deeply into each others eyes. Eventually Poe pressed his forehead to hers. He blushed red, finally considering the position they were in. His eyes flickered from her hazel eyes to her pink lips, Rey quickly noticing, biting her lower lip in the process. They were inches apart, Poe's heart beating out of his chest as he leaned closer, the urge to kiss Rey insurmountable. He lost his train of thought when a sudden whirring and beeping noise was heard from behind him. Both Rey and Poe turned their heads, and of course, standing in the doorway, was BB-8 and Finn.

Finn gulped. He had clearly interrupted something important; and from the dark look in Poe's eyes, he wasn't going to find out what. "Welp… I best be going. Clearly you guys are busy." Finn winked at the two. "Have fun." The wink did it for Poe, and Finn noticed, racing off the ship with Poe close at his heels. "Damn you, Finn!" Rey sat up, laughing at the two. She than raised her hands to her lips, thinking about how close she was to kissing Poe. She softly smiled. Clearly they would have to finish what they started later.

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