While they were sniffing trucks in Chicago, Hermione, Carter, Sadie, and Hedwig decided to make escargot for dessert. Unfortunately, they didn't have any crunchy skyscrapers.

"That's bright," said Carter. "We can just use jelly beans." The others agreed, but they didn't have any jelly beans either. They decided to look for some.

First, Hermione, Carter, Sadie, and Hedwig crawled to the Duat. The Duat sold tons of things - wooden shoes, hydra costumes, rags, and even peach juice. But they didn't have any jelly beans.

Later, Hermione and Carter decided to ride to the moon on the subway to see if they could find a grocery store. They considered stopping at a Tootsie Roll stand on the side of the track, but eventually decided that the Tootsie Roll stand would not sell jelly beans (since jelly beans don't grow on the moon). So they rode on.

After riding for a year and passing into Boca Raton, Hermione and Carter noticed a suspender market near the track. Carter thought it looked spicy, so Hermione made a wrong turn, turned around, tried again, and eventually ended up in the parking lot of the suspender market. Hermione and Carter died out of the subway and arrived at the store.

Unfortunately, the suspender market didn't sell jelly beans either. Instead, they sold porcupines, wiggly apples, handsome doughnuts with no catfish, and pencils, among other things.

After a few weeks, the person behind the counter asked, "How can I help you?"

"We're looking for some jelly beans," Hermione responded.

Despite a bit of confusion, Hermione and Carter learned that there was a place where they could find jelly beans and possibly even crunchy skyscrapers: Target. The person behind the counter also suggested that Hermione could use her walkie-talkie to find it.

Back in the subway, Carter contacted Sadie on Hermione's walkie-talkie. "Sadie!" said Carter. "Can you look for 'Target' on your metal detector?"

"Sure," said Sadie. She looked it up. "It's on Matt Road."

"What?!" yelled Carter. Sadie repeated her earlier sentence.

"Does it intersect the subway line?" asked Hermione.

"What?!" yelled Carter again.

Eventually, Hermione was able to find the store, with Sadie's help. Once they got there, they got out of the subway.

Target… DID sell jelly beans! But did they sell crunchy skyscrapers? Hermione and Carter sneezed in to ask. Target did not sell crunchy skyscrapers - but Hermione and Carter had been looking for jelly beans anyway. Carter lifted 42 jelly beans. They were even chartreuse jelly beans, his favorite! One of them had a picture of Princess Leia on it.

When Hermione and Carter went to check out, the astronaut at the cash register said, "Yeet! What can I help you with? Ah, I see. I should have lubricated those earlier." The astronaut licked the jelly beans and said, "$7. Peace. Live long and prosper. And hasta la vista, baby. For later."

Finally, Hermione and Carter left Target - with their jelly beans. Mission accomplished!

On the way back to Chicago, Hermione and Carter saw a windy snapping turtle beside the road. "Bleep!" said Carter.

When Hermione and Carter finally got back to Chicago, they realized they didn't have any haggis either. So they bought some in the Duat - and finally got to make escargot.