Chloe was speechless.

She had seen Beca in every item of clothing the brunette owned, including her birthdate suit, but the jumper the brunette was wearing lit a fire somewhere deep in the pit of her stomach. The way the black fabric hugged her shoulders and waist then straightened down her legs made her go weak in the knees. The low cut of the neckline as it stopped right above her abdomen. Beca had straightened her hair to fall over her shoulders, her ears held simple hoop earrings, and she wore a pair of heels to complete the look.

When Emily had burst into the room and suggested they get "slutty" ,as Fat Amy called it, she didn't think that Beca would look so…appetizing.

'What the fuck Beale?!' The redhead thought to herself 'Beca is your best friend! And yes, for the past 7 years the thought has crossed your mind a few times about her, but pull yourself together!'

The inner monologue was clearly evident on her face because she was finally snapped back to reality when Beca snapped her fingers in front of her face.

"Dude, you okay?" Beca asked. "You seem kinda out of it."

Chloe nodded, "Yeah I'm fine!" She did her best to disguise the lump sitting in her throat.

"Alright. If you say so." Beca still looking at her with concern. "Let's go try to find DJ Khaled." The brunette taking off leaving the redhead to follow.

As they searched the hotel Chloe spotted Theo, Khaled's executive. Instinctively she pushed Beca backwards to try and hide from him. When Beca's back hit a wall she could feel where Chloe's hands had landed in the process. She looked down for a split second then back at Chloe who was still watching Theo from behind the bush. She went to speak, but stopped herself momentarily.

'God, her hands feel so good.' The brunette thought to herself. She gently leaned forward to get more contact when she found Chloe's ocean blue eyes meeting hers.

At first neither girl spoke, they just stared at one another. Beca lowered her eyes to Chloe's hands and then back up to see if the redhead had registered where they were. Chloe's eyes fell to the brunette's chest. She tugged her lower lip between her teeth before looking back up.

"What's this about?" Beca said in a flirtatious tone, nodding her head in the direction of her chest.

Chloe quickly removed her hands. "I…um…I didn't mean…"

Beca raised her finger to Chloe's plump pink lips. "Shh…it's okay." She let out a slight chuckle. She arched herself off the wall and came very close to the redhead's lips, making sure not to push too close and whispered "It felt nice."

"What are you two doing?!" Aubrey's voice came through the air like a crack of lightning in the dead of night.

"Uh…nothing!" Chloe said quickly pulling herself back to reality.

"Hey isn't that Mr. Eye contact?" Cynthia Rose said pointing to Theo, referring to the moment he had introduced himself to a handful of the Bella's.

"Yeah!" Emily interjected. "Maybe we should follow him!"

"Good idea Legacy." Beca said and motioned for the Bella's to move towards the elevator Theo had just entered.

"You coming Chloe?" Aubrey asked noticing her friend still standing in the spot she had found her.

"Um, yeah." Chloe tried to snap herself back into the moment.

As the group crammed in the elevator and Chloe took her spot next to Beca she glanced quickly at the brunette then stared straight ahead at the elevator door.

Inside she was screaming, 'What the fuck just happened?!'