Chloe almost threw Beca into the bathroom. She quickly locked the door behind them then turned and grabbed Beca into a kiss.

"Who.." she tried speaking as she pulled away for air. "…do you…think….you are?!" Finally she pulled away long enough to scold the brunette. "You cannot just go around running your hand up people's thighs and expect them to be okay with it!" She knew she was okay with it though. More than okay actually. In fact, she was very okay with it and now she wanted more. She looked Beca dead in the eyes. "Why are you smiling?" She said in a harsh tone.

"I don't run my hand up people's thighs." Beca's voice dropped. "Only yours." She took a step closer to Chloe, pushing her against the bathroom door. Then she leaned in and kissed her.

Chloe pulled Beca closer. Her hands were all over the brunette in a matter of seconds. She explored down her back, up her arms, down her sides, then around to her breast. Beca let out a moan at the contact and wrapped her hands in red locks.

Chloe's hands started traveling further south. She found the hem of Beca's shirt and ran her hands up and back to the spot she had earlier left. Beca's hips pressed into her and it was Chloe's turn to moan.

Beca grabbed Chloe's hip with one hand and wrapped her other arm around her back keeping her close. The hand on the brunette's chest was moving quicker than expected. "Oh my god!" she breathed as she felt her nipple being pinched under her bra.

Chloe watched as the look of euphoria washed over Beca's face as she threw her head back. Beca was so damn sexy. She was caught off guard when Beca's eyes shot open to look into her own. No more were they the deep dark blue she was used to. Now there was something else, something almost animalistic about them. Her eyes dilated with lustful hunger.

Chloe suddenly found herself facing the sink watch Beca behind her in the mirror. "You know," Beca began as her hands traveled down the redhead's arms. ",you are so hot when you get flustered" She brings Chloe's hands to rest on the sink then begins to run her fingers back up. "Then you bring me in here and kiss me." She ran her hands down the redhead's sides to find purchase on her hips. "Then you grab my breast, for the second time this trip." She moved the red hair to one side then pushes into Chloe's behind with her hips letting a small moan escape both their lips as she leans into Chloe's neck. "And you didn't think I would do anything?" She started kissing her way up and down Chloe's neck.

Slowly her hands moved to the front waist of Chloe's pants, the redhead clueless as she was too focused at the lips on her neck. Then Beca watched her hand slip under the fabric as Chloe's eyes rolled back in her head and her lips parted as an attempt to speak, but no words were found- only a moan. Beca let her fingers dance over lace for a moment, not wanting to rush it.

Chloe was rolling her hips forward in search of contact she desperately needed.


Beca decided to draw the moment out a little longer. "Please what?" She asked in her most innocent voice.

Chloe could not stand it anymore. Her eyes flickered open and caught Beca's in the mirror. "Please touch me."

That was all Beca needed to hear. She slipped her hand under lace and found the swollen ball of nerves, making light circles around them at first. Chloe gasped at the contact, but she wanted more. She turned her head slightly to whisper in Beca's ear. "Beca. Fuck me."

With one quick motion Beca's fingers were inside her pushing and pulling to match the rhythm of Chloe's movement. She could not believe this was happening. After 7 years of pining and searching for ways to be closer to Chloe here she was in the most intimate moment with her.

Chloe raised her hand behind the brunette's head and locked her fingers in pulling her closer. She could feel herself almost ready to snap, but she was not ready to let this be over yet. She loved the way Beca felt inside her. Loved the way her body fit against her. Loved the looks exchanged in the mirror. It was hot, sexy, passionate and all too amazing to stop it now.

Just then Beca's other hand found the bundle of nerves. Chloe knew she was done for. As she climbed higher and higher to climax she tried her best to stifle the moans and curses escaping from her lips. She bit her bottom lip to keep herself quite.

"Come for me." She heard from behind her. Her coil snapped and she held onto Beca and the sink to keep her from collapsing. Beca removed one hand to wrap an arm around the woman shaking beneath her touch. She kept the other hand in its position to let Chloe ride out the orgasm.

After the redhead had calmed down enough to regain her bearings she turned slowly and kissed the brunette. This time the kiss was unhurried and soft. "God damn it Mitchell." She said as the kiss broke. "Why didn't you say you had other talents besides music?"

"A magician never reveals her secrets." Beca said with a smirk.

"Well now that I know that secret, perhaps I want to know more." Chloe closed the gap between them once more.

They stood there kissing for another minute before they realized they were still on a plane with all the Bella's and the three other groups.

"Do you think they will notice that we've been in here so long?" Chloe asked.

"Only one way to find out." Beca gave her one last quick peck before grabbing her hand and opening the bathroom door.

Before they were two steps out they were bombarded with applause and choruses of "Thank god you two finally did it!" from the Bella's and "You all owe me $20!" from Cynthia Rose.

Chloe hid her face in Beca's shoulder. Beca smiled and led them back to their seats.

When the plane had silenced again and they were settled in their seats once more Chloe turned to Beca, "Can I ask you something?"

"Of course." Beca looked intently at her.

"Where…where do you see this going?" Chloe looked at her hands as she asked, afraid of not getting the answer she hoped for.

Beca looked at her for a moment, studying her face, trying to read what she was thinking. "Where would you like it to go?" Was all she could say since she could not figure out for the life of her what Chloe was thinking.

"I don't know. Maybe I think I would like to take you on a date." Chloe was now red with embarrassment. She felt like a teenager again asking out your crush and hoping they would say yes.

There was a long silence and she looked up to find a smiling Beca.

"I would love to go on a date with you Chlo." Beca answered quite confident.

Chloe smiled back. "How about tonight? You in the mood for Italian?"

Beca giggled, "That sounds great."