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lalalalala - Taro's memories (flashback)

lalalalala - conversation between others (present times)


"Hey what's that?" Mebius pointed when they saw many shooting stars fell to the mountain at night. At first they thought it were shooting stars but then they realized it were not when the shooting stars blast the mountain and revealed to them a kaiju in an action figure form.

"Spark doll? That's means this is his memories..." Seven trailed off.

"...when he was stranded on the alternate Earth." Ultra Father said with a heavy voice. Ace scooted over and gave some space for his father to sit between his mother and him. His father brushed his knuckle to Taro's cheek fondly.

"Is this right? I mean to watch his memories?" Mebius said uneasily. Taro was his mentor and it felt wrong somehow to watch his hero private moments. Zero nodded too and looked at his father. Even though they were family but he felt unsettled to view his second cousin memories. His father gave him a sad smile and nodded to indicate that it's fine.

"This is the only way." Ultra Father sighed and gripped Taro's hand lightly. His wife touched his arm briefly to show her support. The sombre atmosphere had been broken when a scream ripped the air.

"Taro!" They yelled and watched frantically at the shooting stars when they heard his voice.

"Over there!" Ultraman said eagerly and pointed to the brightest light that streaked down the sky.

"Why can't I stop?!" Taro yelled, panicking. Despite every effort that he made, his momentum didn't seemed to slow down.

"Grab that branch Taro!" Ace shouted when he saw his brother flailed his hands around. Even though it was amusing to watch Taro flailed around in spark doll form but they couldn't mustered the energy to laugh in their worried state.

Taro snaked his hand around the branch that was fast approaching. Ace sighed in relieved. His face rapidly losing colour when the branch snapped under his weight. He was paling even further when he saw a big tree stood in front of him. He quickly turned to his side and closed his eyes, bracing for impact.


Taro opened his eyes in shocked while the others flinched from the sound. That was definitely the sound of a broken bone. They knew it because they had experience it numerous times in their career as a warrior. Ultra Mother meanwhile scanned her son up and down to determine whether the broken bone healed effectively.

Taro tumbled down from the tree rapidly. He tried to grab the trunk but grunted in pain when he tried to raise his right hand.

"He's broken his right shoulder." Jack said to no one in particular when he saw the unnatural bent of the shoulder. Zero rubbed his own shoulder when the phantom pain of his broken shoulder during his childhood resurfaced.

"He's going to do something." Zoffy commented.

Taro had a hard glint on his eyes. He raised his left hand and scraped it along the trunk to slow down his movement. When it slowed down a little, he looked briefly to his right hand and took a deep breath. Slowly, he raised it until it reached his waist level. With a yell he thrust his right hand to the trunk. He bent both of his legs and kicked the trunk lightly to give it momentum to stop. The skin had peeled off and blood trailed down his arms and legs.

"That must hurt." Zero cringed at Taro's hands and legs. It was a mess.

"He was determined to survive." All of them jumped when they heard Qiv's voice. They had almost forgotten the presence of the young Vahn because she didn't uttered a sound until now. Ultra Father glanced and saw her wide eyed expression.

"Yes he is. He never know when to give up." He spoke with fondness and promptly knelt down and kissed his son forehead. The others smiled at the open display of affection. They knew their superior loved his son dearly but he's not the one to parade his affection for others to see. He took his son from Ultra Mother's arms and laid him across his lap. He rocked him gently and sang a lullaby like what he used to do when Taro was a child. Zero and Mebius averted their eyes with pink tinged on their cheeks. They knew it was a private moment for the family.

"You love him. No, not love. It was more intense. What is it?" Qiv said in awed.

"Adore, cherish. Whatever words that have the same synonym. We love him more than our life." Ultra Mother spoke with affection. She smiled sadly at Taro. "But our sons grow up too fast."

"Yes they are." Ultra Father affirmed.

"Even if both of us are all grow up, we still need both of you to guide us. Who's going to bonk our heads if we made mistakes?" Ace grinned to both of them and they laughed.

At last, Taro descent from the tree came to a stop. He yanked his legs out and rolled over a few times. He stopped a few feet from the tree and stared at the sky with chest heaving from the exertion.

"I'm...blacking out." The memory turned fuzzy. "Damn." He cursed softly before the memory faded.

The others stood silently even after the memory faded. They watched Taro with appreciation with what he endured to release them from the curse.

"I never knew what he suffered to save us." Ultraman muttered. Jack nodded and suddenly whirled around to face Qiv.

"Hey we have already watch his memory. That's means we're free, right?" They all watched Qiv with hopeful faces. Qiv shook her head.

"No. As long as there's no door, that means we're not free yet." They slumped their shoulder in defeat. They didn't had long to lament the situation that they were in before the next memory came.

Taro stirred quietly and groaned. He opened his eyes and flinched when the sunlight burned his eyes.

"Ow. My head. It feel like the time when Ace nii-san dared me to get drunk." He complained.

Simultaneously, all eyes turned towards the sheepish Ace. The elders from Father of Ultra to Ultra Seven glared at him in displeasured. Jack nodded his head in approval before his ribs had been jabbed with Ultraman. Mebius jaw hitting the ground while Zero snickered.

"When did you dared him to get drunk?" Ultra Father tried to cross his arms in front of his chest but the action was futile with Taro unconscious on his lap so he settled it with staring his son intently on the eyes.

"Before he went to become Earth newest protector?" Ace meekly said.


Ace rubbed his ears when everyone screamed at him. He caught Jack looked of amusement and his almost thumb up before he lowered his hand when he saw Zoffy glared at him.

"Ace! That was irresponsible of you. Your brother was still a teenager in our standard." Ultra Mother scolded him. He apologized weakly to them. They turned their attention towards the memory Taro.

"Why am I on Earth?" Taro questioned himself. He tried to raise himself before he screamed in pain. Quickly, his left hand clutched his broken shoulder. His eyes widened in surprised when he saw his hand.

"What...happened to me?" He said in shocked. He rolled to his left side and slowly got up. He staggered to the nearby tree and slowly slid down. He looked dumbfounded at his body for a while.

"Is this the power of the Dark Spark?" he said in wonder. "I'm too little." He whined.

Seven burst out laughing when he heard his response. The others shook their head in fond exasperation.

"Only Taro can complaint about the state of his height when the others didn't even had their consciousness." Zoffy rolled his eyes.

"First thing first." Taro gripped his broken shoulder tightly. "Here goes nothing." He took a deep breath and jerked his shoulder forward. The sound of a bone been set rang at their ears. Taro's body shook like a leaf. He rested his head at the tree behind him.

"This will be quite sore for a few days." He got up painstakingly slow and stood still for a few moments. When he felt confident that his legs won't betrayed him, he took a step forward and surveyed his surrounding.

"I need to find everyone." He muttered to himself. He closed his eyes and concentrated. He opened his eyes after a while and frowned. "Strange. I can't sense Father, Mother and nii-san tachi. Where are they?"

"Wait. We're not there?" Ace said confused.

"I thought Master Taro managed to collect our Spark Dolls?" Mebius said and turned towards Ultra Father.

"I don't know. He never told us anything." Even Ultra Father spoke in bewilderment.

"But I sense something else. There is a residue of something powerful up there." Taro craned his neck at the peak of the mountain. "I better get up there." He decided.

"Ultra Nenriki!" He shouted and instantly vanished. When he emerged at the top of the mountain, he staggered and fall to his knees.

"What? Why am I too tired?" He braced his arms at the ground. His arms ware shaking with the effort to support himself.

"He's tired? Was it because he's little?" Zero furrowed his brows.

"It might be that. In his state, his powers were reduced greatly. It's no wonder that he got tired easily." Ultra Mother commented.

"No. I'm...fainting again." Taro swayed a little and fall down on his stomach. The vision turned blurry once again before it turned black.

"Been little really suck. I feel sorry for him." Ultraman grimaced.

"It will just remind us about our own inability to control our power. Frankly, I will be more surprise if Taro didn't get frustrated with the situation." Zoffy said. They continued to watch the scene that was playing in front of them.

"Again? Been little really suck." Ultraman grinned when Taro unknowingly repeated the words he just said. Taro got up slowly, mindful of his injured shoulder. He looked around him to pinpoint the source of the power that he just sensed before he blacked out.

"It's been here once but it getting faint. How long did I unconscious anyway?" Taro walked around slowly. He was struggling to lift his legs and picked his feet up off the ground. He knew that his agility had suffered greatly with his predicament.

"The trail is getting stronger from the foot of the mountain. I better made my way down now."

"Wait! You can't use Ultra Nenriki to travel to long distance anymore." Mebius suddenly shouted. He grinned in embarrassment when the others looked at him amusedly.

"Oh yeah. I can't use Ultra Nenriki for long distance." Taro sighed. "Guess I need to make several trips to get down." The image blurred when Taro disappeared and reappeared at different places.

"Didn't he knew that it will make his energy depleted much faster if he kept doing that non-stop?" Jack crossed his hands and frowned at the memory.

"He's stubborn." Ultra Father said dryly.

"His endurance is always the most strongest among us." Ultra Mother commented with a chuckle.

"Alright. I need to stop now or I will faint again." Taro breathed heavily. He staggered to a nearby tree and sprawled under it. He watched pensively to the sky.

"Not much longer now before I can rest." The memory ended.

"I just hope that he would take care of himself better after that. He didn't tended to his wound at all." Ultra Mother fretted and examine Taro's fingers. "Thank goodness that there are no lasting damage."

"I just hope that he will not encounter too many obstacles. He didn't have us to help him there." Ace said.

"We're here and whole, right? Have more faith in your brother, Ace." Zoffy told him. Ace blushed and mumbled an apology. His mother patted his arm tenderly.

"School? Why did the power reside here?" Taro suddenly said in a curious tone. He shrugged his shoulder. "No matter. I will take a look first." Taro used Ultra Nenriki and teleported upstairs. He arrived outside of a room where he could felt the strong pulsed of power. He almost came in before he froze when he heard some shuffling from inside. He took a peek from behind the door.

"A student? No, she's a priestess." Taro eyed the appearance of the girl with straight raven hair.

"A priestess? Isn't her too young for a priestess?" Zoffy said astonished.

"She must be a priestess. She looked too natural when she did her job." Ultraman commented.

The girl was sweeping the room with a smile.

"Looks like I need to wait for her to go. I better get some rest first." Taro decided and teleported to the roof. He found a spot that would gave him protection against sunlight and quite hidden from humans view. He closed his eyes and the memory ended.

"Using his power in spark doll form tire him easily." Zero made his observation.

"He used to have so many raw powers at his disposal. Been little made him needed to estimate how much power he needed to use. Too much or too less power used in a technique would leave him exhausted later." Ultra Father explained to the crowd. The youngest absorbed his explanation with rapt attention while the olders nodded their head in agreement. They turned their attention back at the memory.

Taro was stretching his arms. He yawned and rubbed his eyes with his knuckle.


That's what playing in the spectators minds. Mebius squealed inwardly with the act. Zero snickered quietly. Even Ultra Father pinched his son cheek in fondness. He looked in puzzlement when Ultra Mother transferred Taro from his arms to her.

"You already have your chance with him. I want to cuddle our son too." She cradled Taro possessively and glared in joking manner. Her husband mock pouted at her. The others averted their eyes to prevent their laughter from bubbling out while Ace turned his back on them. His shoulders shook while muffled laughter could be heard from him.

Taro shook his head to clear the cobweb from his mind. With little effort, he got up and blinked his eyes to his surrounding. "It's night already? Strange. I never slept this much." He pondered about it for a while before he teleported into the room full of enormous power. He watched his surrounding warily.

"Good. Expect the unexpected." Zoffy nodded in pride.

Taro smiled when he saw no one's there. With a move, he leapt towards a shrine that stood a few feet away from him. His gaze flicked upwards.

"Ginga Shrine?" He frowned.

"Ginga Shrine? Wasn't Ginga the name of that Ultra Warrior from the future?" Mebius asked.

"Yes, it was. Taro report stated that Ginga was the one who battle Dark Lugiel before we had been flung to the Earth." Zoffy clarified.

Taro walked slowly towards the shrine and disappeared inside. The memory turned blurry and it revealed the legendary Ginga Spark.

"Ginga Spark?" Taro spoke breathlessly. "This is one of the legend from the Land of Light. I never thought that I would see this with my own eyes." He traced the surface of the spark with reverent awed.

"Neither did we." Ultra Father said softly.

"If it is here, that's means that I need to find someone with the Mark of Courage." He blinked. "Wow, never thought that all the lesson with Father about history of the Land of Light will paid off."

Everyone roared in laughter. "That's my brother!" Ace crowed delightfully. He patted Taro's head fondly.

Suddenly the door creaked as the signed of it being opened. Taro stiffened and whirled around. He blinked owlishly when he had came face to face with the human who swept the room earlier. They stared each other for a while, not knowing what to do.

"Hi. My name is Ultraman Taro, Ultraman Number Six. Pleased to meet you." Taro suddenly said.

"Awkward." Jack snickered.

"Umm. My name is Isurugi Misuzu. What are you?" She furrowed her brow and reached to touch him. Without missing a beat, Taro teleported on the table in front of them.

"Please seat down if you want to hear the story. Let me assure you, it was quite long." Misuzu gave a small gasp and scrambled to follow his order. She settled herself comfortably and gave her attention to him.

"My name is Ultraman Taro. I'm from nebula M78 or better known as the Land of Light. My people have been known as the Ultra Warrior. We protect the universe from monsters and aliens. Our sole mission is to maintain the peace and defend another planet from unfriendly monsters." Taro smiled turned grim.

"Not long ago, monsters and aliens had declared war towards us. They had been incited by an unknown alien. We didn't knew where he came from. Only, he brought destruction wherever he went. He never showed his face until later. I don't remember much from the fight. My memory still fuzzy. Only that he was the cause of my state right now." He said dejectedly. Misuzu watched sympathetically at him.

"How are you before this?" Misuzu asked, curious.

"I'm 55 feet tall." His said proudly. "But now I'm reduce to this." His face turned glum.

"Wow. He's really conscious about his height, right?" Seven rolled his head in fond exasperation.

"He's really funny." Qiv chuckled.

"I'm sorry for you." Misuzu said after a while. "What are you going to do now?"

"I need to find my parents and brothers first. Then I must find a way to return to my original form."

"Is there anything that I can do to help?" She offered. Taro thought about it before his face brightened.

"You can try using the Ginga Spark to restore me!" Misuzu looked dumbstrucked at the exclamation.

"Did he thought that it was that simple?" Ultraman said dryly.

"Apparently, he prepared to try everything. Don't underestimate people who are desperate. They will often do the unthinkable things." Ultra Father wisely said. The others kept their mouth shut after that.

"Wait, what?! But I'm just a normal human! I don't have any special power to help you!" She raised her voice in shock. But Taro didn't even listened. He was muttering softly to himself while pacing around.

"Misuzu, take the Ginga Spark." He ordered suddenly. She jerked and took it hesitantly. "What am I going to do with it?" She asked.

"At the bottom of my foot, you'll see a mark." She took him and peered at his foot.

"I found it!" She exclaimed happily.

"Touch the tip of the Ginga Spark there." She took a deep breath.

'Here goes nothing.'

'Please let this work.'

Misuzu and Taro thought simultaneously. She touched the tip but nothing happened.

"Erm, Taro? Nothing happen." She said hesitantly when she saw his forlorn expression.

"I know. Looks like I need to find someone with the Mark of Courage to dispel this curse." He mumbled the last part lowly to himself.

"What is the Mark of Courage?" He looked startled when she asked him that.

"Oh. The Mark of Courage is a mark on a hand of a chosen savior. It is said from the legend of my home that only someone who bear the mark can use the Ginga Spark."

"How do you want to find him?" She asked, puzzled.

"I don't know. I just hope we will cross our path sooner." He sighed sadly.

"Umm, Taro?" He turned his attention towards her. "I'm sorry but it's late. I need to get back home now or my parents will get worried."

"Oh, yes. Sorry to hold you here."

"Will you be alright alone here? Or do you want to follow me home?" She asked him. Taro blinked at her but shook his head.

"No, but thanks for the offer. I think I will just stay here."

"Alright. Bye! See you tomorrow!" She waved at him happily and got out of the door with springs on her steps. His gaze lingered on her until he couldn't saw her anymore. He shook his head on her antics.

"What a strange girl. It's odd she's not the bearer of the Mark of Courage herself. She's too trusting for her own good. And not screaming after she saw me talking? I'm impressed." He mused aloud and the memory faded to black.

"Speak for yourself." Zoffy scoffed while shaking his head.

"Sir?" Zero asked, unsure of what he meant by that.

"Taro is too trusting sometimes too. Who in their right mind will tell a complete stranger about our history?" Seven rolled his eyes.

"Looks like I need to drill into his mind that not everyone can be trusting." Ultra Father sighed, exasperated.

"Again?" Ultra Mother arched her eyebrow.

"Again." He grimaced, not looking forward to the debate about the better quality of all sentient beings with his son.

"And he will counter with saying that everyone can be trusted…"

"Until he stab you in the back, literally." Jack finished Ace's words, grinning.

"Really?" Mebius said with wide eyed expression. They simultaneously looked at him and burst out laughing. He frowned.

"Did I said something wrong?" He asked, puzzled. He almost lashed out when they laughed at him before he remembered that they were his superiors.

"Sorry. We forgot that you never saw Taro in his earlier days. He was quite naïve actually." Ultraman shook his head fondly.

"What made him change?" Zero asked curiously. Everyone grew silent. Zero and Mebius looked at each other awkwardly. Zero cleared his throat to speak before his father stopped him.

"It was a long time ago. Just forget about it." Seven clapped his son's shoulder with a tight smile. Reluctantly, Zero nodded.

"Good morning, Taro!" Taro turned around and smiled when he saw Misuzu entered the room.

"Morning, Misuzu." He nodded and gave her a small smile. She smiled back and took a broom before proceeded to clean the room. She was humming softly to herself with him watching her intently. After a while, she stopped and looked at him with a frown.

"Why did you look at me like that?" She asked.

"Like what?" He furrowed his brow in confusion.

"Like you never saw a human before." She clarified. He gave a slight chuckled hearing her answer.

"Oh that. Sorry. It's not like that actually. I'm just perplexed."


"Yeah. From what I gathered, your world had never been exposed by my kind before. But you didn't jumped in fright or even screamed the first time you saw me. It took plenty of courage to stand up to a different being like me." Taro spoke with a smile. Misuzu chuckled hearing his response.

"Actually since I'm a little girl, I can always sense people whether they are trustworthy or not. And the first time I laid my eyes on you, I can tell that I can always trust you. You are like the purest light I have ever seen." She said in awed. His smile stilled and he turned his eyes to the ground.

"Please don't say like that. I'm not as purest as you claim me to be."

Everyone stiffened and turned to look at the comatose Taro with varying expressions. The two youngest warriors shifted awkwardly.

"Did something happened before?" Zero and Mebius exhaled in relieved. They felt sorry for Qiv when all attention turned to her. They wanted to know it too but they're not so stupid as to ask it when everyone present tried to forget it.

"That's none of your business!" Ace suddenly exploded.

"Ace." Ultra Mother glared at her son and Ace deflated. He caught his father's disapproving stare and he backed down.

"Sorry, Qiv. But like my son told you just now, it's not your business so please don't ask about it anymore." Ultra Mother gave a bitter smile.

"Yes, umm. Sorry everyone." She blushed furiously and looked down. Everyone ignored her for the sake of watching the new memories.

"Hey Taro. I'm going to buy some grocery. Do you want to come?" Misuzu asked while she slung her bag. Taro shook his head. "Alright then. See you later!" With a wave, she closed the door. He could heard the receding echo of her padded feet. He hopped to the nearest window and saw she walked with a bounced on her steps.

"What a strange girl." He murmured to himself. He teleported to the front of the shrine and sat down.

"Now, how can I find my family using you?" He cocked his head and watched the shrine with concentration.

"That's it? What's the importance of this memory?" Mebius asked to no one in particular. All heads turned to look at Qiv.

"I…I really don't know!" She squeaked, afraid that her answer would invoked the wrath of the warriors present.

"It must be important enough if it's being played." Jack took pity on her and answered. She gave a relieved sighed and tried to convey her thanks with a subtle nod to his position. He took no notice of it as the next memory emerged.

"She's late." Taro suddenly said. "I better check on her." He flew outside. He tried to be sneaky by hiding behind the trees and bushes whenever a human was nearby. It taxed him but it was important to lay low and didn't revealed himself to humans.

"Where did she go?" He mumbled. He was tired but he couldn't stopped before he found Misuzu. He was afraid that she would be hunted if his enemy knew that she had made contact with him. He leaned back on a tree and closed his eyes for a quick rest. His eyes snapped open when he heard a scream penetrated the air.


"What happened? Why did she screamed?" Zero leaned forward in anticipation.

"Don't just stand there. Find out now!" Everyone jumped when Zoffy suddenly yelled. He ignored the bewildered looks that directed towards him by everyone present.

Without further ado, he teleported. His head was turning to all direction to pin-pointed her location. His eyes widened by what he saw.

"What the…"

Misuzu was stuck in a baby cart that was falling down the hill. Her hands were flailing around, hoping that she could grabbed onto something to stop her momentum. It was quite an amusing sight if not for the dire situation that she's in.

"Poor girl." Ace chuckled before he winced when his father bonked his head. He rubbed it in mock indignation.

"Ace. Behave yourself." Ultra Mother warned sternly. He pouted but nodded in acquisition.


Taro readied himself to teleport to save her but stopped himself when a young man suddenly lunged towards her. The young man managed to grab her and they rolled on the ground for a few times. Taro was too stunned to react and hovered on the air for a few seconds before he landed on the ground. He knew they were talking about something but he ignored it in favor of scrutinizing the newcomer.

"That young man seems promising. Could he be the one?" He wondered aloud.

"So that's Raidou Hikaru, the host of Ginga, right?" Ultraman looked towards Ultra Father for confirmation. Ultra Father nodded.

"It matched with Taro's description." Jack looked at Hikaru intently. He was startled when Zoffy's suddenly asked him.

"What are you looking for, Jack?"

"Just wondering why Ginga chose Hikaru. Was it because of his bravery, or something else?"

"I'm sure we will get our answer soon enough." Seven said.

Taro followed them discretely from some distanced. He watched Hikaru looked far too interested in the 'relic'. He smiled.

"He's the one. I'm sure of it. He can't resist the calling any longer." He smirked when he saw Hikaru's hand twitched towards the shrine. He saw he greeted his other friends, Kenta and Chigusa with gusto. He observed them playing football outside.

"Has your dream change?" He waited eagerly for Hikaru's reply.

"It hasn't! I want to see unknown worlds. Definitely!" He replied excitedly to Misuzu's question. He kicked the ball and Taro widened his eyes when the ball headed straight towards him.

"Ultra Nenriki!"

He teleported to the roof and sat down. "That was too close." He chuckled breathlessly. "I'm sure he's going to break into the shrine this night. I better get some rest first." He closed his eyes.

"Qiv, what did you say about your power earlier?" Ultra Mother suddenly asked. Qiv snapped her eyes towards her and frowned.

"That I can watch memories from anyone that I attacked with my light. Why?"

"The good memories or the bad one?"

"Uhh, I'm not sure. It varies." Qiv said hesitantly when she saw Ultra Mother asked her insistently. Ultra Mother looked towards her husband in the eyes. It looked like they were having silent conversation with themselves.

"Mother, Father. What is it?" Ace asked, breaking their silent staring. Both of them snapped their heads towards Ace who shuddered with their intense gaze. His father gave a bitter smile.

"Nothing Ace. Don't worry." Ultra Father stroked Taro's cheek with so much tenderness that made Ace anxious. He could tell that his parents were hiding something from him. He glanced towards his brothers. They all had frown on their faces and made the same assumption as he was. He saw Jack gave him a subtle sign as to not press the issue for now. He nodded.

Taro sat down on the table when nightfall came. He was very sure that Hikaru would sneak into the room just to see the relic. True to his prediction, there was a slight footsteps outside the room just after midnight. He stood up and watched Hikaru's entered and made a beeline to the shrine with a torchlight. Hikaru knelt in front of it.

"Something about this is bothering me." Hikaru clasped his hands in front of his chest as if in prayer. He opened the door and with a frown, took out the spark.

"This is the relic?" Hikaru mumbled aloud. Suddenly, the spark let out the brightest light that made him gasped in shock. Taro leaned forward in anticipation. He didn't knew what happened but he could made a guess. The Ginga Spark was trying to communicate with Hikaru.

Hikaru jerked back suddenly. His eyes were wide with shock. "What's this?" He mumbled while inspecting the relic more thoroughly. Out of the corner of his eyes, he saw the back of his right hand glowed to form a symbol before it disappeared. He frowned and squinted his eyes to see it more clearly but to no avail.

"That is the mark of the chosen one." Hikaru was startled when a voice suddenly spoke. He darted his eyes around him to find the one who had spoken just now.

"It seems that the legend of the Land of Light is true." He turned around and automatically his eyes set on a doll that was on the table. He knelt down and frowned at it.

"A doll?" He asked in confusion.

"I'm Ultraman Taro."

"It talked!" He spoke in delight. He grabbed the doll and turned it around to inspect it fully. "This must be a prank. There must be a mini speaker hidden somewhere…"

Everyone laughed at Hikaru enthusiasm. Zoffy shook his head with a smile.

"I almost forgot how infectious human joy are."

"Yeah. Did you look at Taro's face? He was really ticked off." Ace snickered and ruffled Taro's head roughly. Ultra Mother swatted his hand and glared at him.

"Don't disturb your brother. Let him rest."

Ace pouted but complied.

Taro was a bit annoyed when the boy manhandled him like that. Using Ultra Nenriki, he teleported and hid himself in some crevices .

"Eh? Where did it go to?" Hikaru was baffled when the doll disappeared. He turned around when a voice sounded behind him.

"I've been waiting for you. Bring that relic with you and come to Mount Furuboshi."

"What are you?" Hikaru asked to no one in particular. His eyes darted to the shadows to see if he could spotted the doll just now.

"Aren't you seeking an adventure?" Taro used his trump card. He knew Hikaru would be more inclined to join if he said that.


"Don't you want to see unknown worlds?" He left that as his parting words and promptly vanished. He reappeared on the roof and sat down. He leant his back on the wall and looked longingly at the sky.

"Forgive me everyone. I fail you all."

"Fail us? Why did he thought that?" Zero looked at his father who smiled sadly in returned.

"Who knows how Taro's mind works? Maybe he felt guilty that he paused his search on us." Seven answered with a sigh.

"He always tried to carry the weight of the world on his shoulder. I told him to stop doing that but he never listened." Zoffy added.

"Why did he need to feel responsible for everything?" Qiv suddenly asked, curious.

"Because he's one of the Ultra Brothers. And because he's the son of the two of the most influential person of the Land of Light. That huge responsibility forced him to be matured before his age." Ace looked sadly at his little brother.

Taro watched intently from the cliff. He saw Hikaru climbed the mountain while turning his head everywhere. He watched for a few seconds before he spoke.


Hikaru raised his head up and smiled when he saw Taro. He walked towards Taro with exuberance.

"Ah! Found it."

"I awoke here." Taro spoke and tried to suppress the wince when Hikaru grabbed him after he climbed the cliff. "In the distant past, a terrifying dark power turn all the Ultramen and kaiju into dolls and scattered the dolls across this mountain."

"Is this doll really talking?" Hikaru frowned skeptically. Taro ignored him.

"Legend has it that the Land of Light has two mysterious devices. The first is one that can stop the life of any living being- the Dark Spark."

"No way. There has to be some mechanism somewhere." Hikaru poked and prodded Taro.

"Listen to me!" Taro, annoyed with Hikaru's childish behavior snapped at him.

"What's with you?" Hikaru huffed at him.

"I also discovered that the antithesis to the Dark Spark is in this area." Hikaru widened his eyes in shock. He raised the relic in his hand to his eyes level.


"The Ginga Spark." Taro clarified. "The only hope of breaking the dark curse. The only one that can draw out its great power is the chosen one."

"In other words, me?" Hikaru said, disbelieved.

"That's right, Hikaru. You're the only one that can restore me to my original form."

"How do I do that?"

"That might be how Master Taro regained his normal form, right." Mebius asked everyone.

"It should be. Hikaru is the chosen one. He should be able to restore him." Jack nodded.

"No." Everyone turned to look at Ultra Mother. "There's much to this story than what he told us." Everyone turned silence by that.

"Alright. This place is good." Taro nodded affirmatively. Hikaru meanwhile sitting cross legged in front of him, listening with rapt attention. "At the bottom of my foot, you'll see a mark that is similar to the one on your hand." Hikaru peered under his foot. "Touch the tip of the Ginga Spark there." He instructed.

"Touch with the tip?" Hikaru frowned in confusion.

"Don't be surprise." Taro sounded a bit cocky.

The others watched in trepidation when Hikaru slowly albeit reluctantly hovered the tip of the Ginga Spark to Taro's foot.


Everyone groaned.

Hikaru looked to the side. He seemed bewildered for a second before he quickly got up and hid the Ginga Spark when he saw Misuzu stood not too far away from him. In his haste to hide the item, he dropped Taro unceremoniously to the ground.

"Auch!" Taro moaned with pain at the rough treatment.

Everyone winced.

"I feel really sorry with Taro right now." Seven looked at his unconscious otouto with regret.

"What I don't get it is where we were that time. Why we're not with him?" Ultraman frowned.

"Another mystery." Ace snickered and laughed out loud when Jack had been bonked in the head by a glaring Zoffy. Ultra Father and Ultra Mother shook their head at Jack's antic.

"What are you doing here so early in the morning?" She asked.

"Taking a walk…a walk…" He stuttered and looking everywhere but her. "Misuzu, what are you doing here?" He changed the topic smoothly.

"I came to pick some ingredients to make sweets." She answered with a smile. "I found a place on this mountain that has good mugwort. I want to use that to complete a Japanese sweet for a competition. My dream is to open my own Japanese confectionery. If you're gonna continue pursuing your dream, I'm not going to lose out either." She beamed to him. He looked at her fondly.

"I see. I'll help you pick the ingredients then!" He decided.

"Really? Thanks! It's this way!" She grabbed his hand and proceeded to run there.

"Where?" He asked her while running.

"Hey, Hikaru!" Taro shouted after the boy. "And now he forgot about me already." He sighed dejectedly.

"Poor otouto." Ace ruffled Taro's head teasingly.

Taro teleported himself to a branch near the two teenagers. He saw them looked shocked at the sight of two people dumping trash there. He smirked and settled himself at the tree when he saw Hikaru's eyes changed.

"Now, Hikaru. Let's see what you got."

Taro looked intently at them. At first he tried to read their lips before he gave up when everything he read translated to something stupid. But their body languages clearly showed hostile. He narrowed his eyes when one of the thugs punched Hikaru across his face.


Hearing Misuzu's scream, Taro prepared himself to jump in and save the young man. He had been stop from interfering when a police cycling a bicycle came to their aid. He saw Misuzu questioned Hikaru's on the reason of the relic came to his possession. He teleported himself and waited for them on the table not too far away from them.

He chuckled when he heard they quarreled from where he waited for them. "They bickered like Father and Mother sometimes did. Only they are obviously not old, not married yet and maybe going to be a couple sometimes in the future."

"Did Taro just call Ultra Father and Ultra Mother…"

"An old married couple? Yup." Ace fall down to the ground from how hard he was laughing at his little brother's remark. He winced when he had been bonked by Seven.

"Have some respect to your elders, especially your parents." Rebuked Seven, although the senior warriors could saw his mouth twitched to stop himself from smiling.

"Jack nii-san started it first!" Ace pointed at Jack who was clasping his hands over his mouth to muffle his laugh. Seven narrowed his eyes at Jack. The younger of the two stiffened when he saw Seven suddenly smirked. He gulped and tried to cover his head but failed when his head had been swatted.

"Ouch. That hurts nii-san." Jack complained when he saw Zoffy was the one that punished him.

"Serves you right." Zoffy rolled his eyes in mock annoyance.

"You're lucky that your brother is unconscious right now or you both are going to get it." Ultra Father said to his son with tone lacing of humor. His wife shook her head with fond exasperation.

"Did Taro put you up to this?" Misuzu asked, making Taro smirked.

"Yeah, Taro did." Hikaru answered. As soon as he uttered those words, he whirled around and widened his eyes at her. "Eh?!"

"I see! Hikaru-kun, you're the chosen one, right?" She said excitedly.

"Misuzu, how did you know that?" He frowned and asked, dumbfounded.

"I told her about it when she found me." Taro suddenly spoke, making Hikaru and Misuzu to turn their attention to the shrink warrior. Both of them rushed forward and sat down at the table.

"What do you mean?" He questioned.

"It was when I was examining the Ginga Spark. In this world, Ultramen and kaiju don't exist. Furthermore, I've taken a form of a doll. But Misuzu believed all that I said. She even tried to restore me to my original form. But it didn't worked out at the end." He bowed his head in defeat. Misuzu, hearing his sad tone took him with gentle hands.

"Hikaru-kun, I'm asking this of you too. Return Taro to his original form." She presented Taro to her childhood friend.

"Misuzu, you trust others way too easily." He chuckled. She gave him a small smile. "Alright, I will do it." He agreed. She squealed, delighted. Taro gave a relieved laugh.

"Thank you. I will be forever in your debt." He gave a formal bow.

"Hey, hey. No need for that. It's just a small matter. No need to bow to me." Hikaru told the small warrior hastily.

"It's good that he still have his manners even when he was frustrated." Ultra Father nodded in approval at his son.

"This means that he's going to get his normal form, right?" Zero asked everyone present.

"It should be. After all, Hikaru is the chosen one. He's the one that can break the curse." Ultraman said while crossing his hands over his chest.

Hikaru took Taro from Misuzu. With face full of concentration, he aligned the relic to Taro's feet. Misuzu was standing beside him anxiously. Slowly, he touched the tip of the relic to the intended place.

"Eh? Nothing's happening!" Hikaru creased his eyebrows in confusion.

"What? Why did nothing happened?" Mebius widened his eyes in shock. The elder warriors looked at each other before they simultaneously turned their attention towards Ultra Father. He just sighed in turn while caressing his son's cheek.

"Who knows? But I believe there was a reason for it."

"Our son is special. He's the only one who had his consciousness as a spark doll. So, it's not impossible for him to be the only one who couldn't be turned to his original form by Ginga Spark." Ultra Mother added.

"Taro is resourceful. He's sure to figure it out later." Jack smiled proudly.

"That can't be!" Taro sounded shocked. "Try it again, please! Again!" Taro's voice turned desperate.

Hikaru looked in pity towards Taro. He tried it several times but the result was still the same. He gave Taro back to Misuzu who was looking perplexed.

"Why didn't it work?" She said bewildered.

"Who knows?" Hikaru shrugged his shoulders.

"This is strange. This shouldn't be happening." Taro, still in denial shook his head.

"We shouldn't panic. I'm sure it will work next time." Misuzu tried to cheer Taro up, who was sounding bordering on hysterics.

"Hikaru found something." Ace suddenly remarked. They looked at the scene of Hikaru knelt, looking at something on the ground.

"A dinosaur?" Taro turned around when he heard Hikaru's voice sounded curious. "What about this doll?" He touched the tip of Ginga Spark at the doll's feet.

"That's Black King!" Taro was too shocked at his founding, making him too late to yell at Hikaru to stop. Taro and Misuzu averted their eyes when Hikaru had been enveloped by an intense light. When they turned back, instead of finding Hikaru, they found an alive Black King in his appropriate height.

"What?!" The Ultra Warriors yelled in shock. Even Ultra Father couldn't suppressed his gasp. Ultra Mother only tightened her embrace on Taro, understood what her son was going through.

"How can this be?" Zoffy murmured in disbelieved.

"Why could Black King changed and not Taro?" Seven said while looking at Ultraman and Zoffy. Both of the elders only shook their head in perplexed manner. The two youngest of the group was looking too speechless to say anything.

"Wait, wait. Let me get this straight." All of them turned towards Qiv. "The device in the boy's hand should transforming Ultraman Taro to his real state." They nodded. "But it can't while the Black King can. So, does that means that the all the dolls need to have specific requirement for them to be used by the device or not?" Their faces turned to realization.

"That might be. The only difference that Taro had with Black King that he still had his consciousness." Ultra Mother nodded her head.

"Does that means that the Ginga Spark also had its consciousness? Taro couldn't accessed its power because it could somehow sense that Taro was a living being too, like it?" Jack voiced his opinion.

"Yes, I think you might onto something. Let's continue watching this. We will surely find our answers here." Zoffy nodded.

"That can't be! How?!" Taro spluttered in shock. Hikaru looked too excited in the kaiju's body. "What is going on? He can't restore me, but he can UltraLive into a kaiju?" He spoke, incredulous.

"How did he knew that term?" Mebius furrowed his eyebrows.

"Do you think…"

"Maybe. I have that feeling too." Ultra Father finished his wife's sentence.

"A premonition?" Zoffy guessed.

"He can see the future?!" Zero hung his jaw in surprised.

"Not see the future in whole. Sometimes, he saw flashes what's going to happen. And it's not just about us. Every so often, it was about another planet or another alternate universe." Seven elaborated to his astounded son.

"Wow. That's means there's many lives that he can save by his vision only." Mebius looked awed at the prospect.

"No. I forbid it." Mebius and Zero looked gobsmacked at Ultra Father's statement.

"Why?" They said simultaneously.

"It's not a power that can be harness. It's an ability passed down genetically from my ancestors. When a vision came, it will left him with feeling dizzy and disoriented. Both of you surely know that we can't help everyone. It will make them depended on us without the need to protect themselves." They shut up after that.

"Having a vision it's not just you saw it and then you know what's going to happen. No, it's more than that. Sometimes you will see worlds beyond ours.

Suddenly a bolt of lightning came and strike the Black King. He and Misuzu both turned around. He watched in numbed shocked when the figure of one of a kaiju that he knew came into view.

"Thunder Darambia!"

"Another one?!" Zero yelled in shock.

"It must be the power of the Dark Spark!" Taro exclaimed.

With lightning on his side, Thunder Darambia attacked the newly transformed Hikaru. His relentless onslaught making the ground trembled and the wind to spin furiously around them. Misuzu's gripped on Taro's slipped and he had been knocked out by the wind.

Taro got up with a groan. He shook his head with dazed expression. It's been a long time since he felt this kind of pain. He looked up when he felt the ground had been overcharged with electricity. He gasped when he saw that Black King had been strangled by Thunder Darambia. For a moment, his mind blanked out and he didn't knew what he should do. Suddenly, a blinding light enveloped Hikaru that made Taro averted his eyes. When he opened his eyes, he looked up and gasped when an unknown figure made himself known. That body scheme was very familiar to him but there was no being he could associated with that face.

"Who is that Ultraman?!"

"So that's the first time he met Ginga. Interesting." Zoffy nodded his head sagely.

"Who are you? I was a high ranking officer of the Space Garrison but I never saw you before. Are you an ally, a survivor from a deceased planet like Ultraman Leo and Astra? Or are you an enemy, pretending to help us but will stab us from behind afterwards?" Taro spoke softly to himself as he watched the new Ultraman succeed in defeating Thunder Darambia. He left Hikaru and Misuzu alone and teleported himself somewhere before the memory faded.