Grace POV

It was after i had come back from the beach and was nice and comfy in my room (well my mothers room) that my grandfather needed to see me. I mean why, i hardly ever talk to the guy. But obviously he wanted to talk to me about something important otherwise he would not even look my way more than once a day. So i decided o just go and see what he wants me for.

(When grace reaches the ambassadors office)

I knocked twice before i heard my grandfather say "come in". I slowly opened the door and saw him looking at a leaflet and a form of some sort. I broke the silence by saying "You wanted to see me."

He immediately responded by saying "Ah yes, i wanted to talk to you about something."

"Ok" i said not really interested.

"Well Grace you are going to a new school."

"And where is this new school and who else is going?Are any of my friends going?" For some odd reason i was suddenly intrigued.

"Its called The Gallagher Academy For Exceptional Young Women, and it is not in Adria it is an all girls boarding school near Roseville, Virginia." My Grandad responded.

"So your just gonna send me that snotty school with me having absolutely no clue where it is and who the people are like there?" Even though i knew very clearly that that Gallagher was one of the best schools and i had always wanted to go there. But i didn't want the ambassador to know that now did i.

"Erm... actually grace they called they wanted you to enrol and please go and pack you will be leaving tomorrow at 3pm and i'm not taking no for an answer, do i make myself clear?"

"Yes sir" I replied glumly."but do get to meet my friends before i go?"

"Yes and goodnight"

"Goodnight". And with that i walked out and started it only took me two hours so i decided to call Alexei.

(Grace=normal Alexei=bold) He picked up on the first ring.



So umm... i was wondering if we could, you know, meet up tomorrow cos i have to tell you something.

I have to tell you something too. We could meet up at erm...

The Cliff we both said at the same time and then started laughing.

Ok i'll see you at 12?

i'll be there.

K, goodnight Gacie.

Night Alexei.

After that i went back to bed. And for once i had a peaceful nights sleep. Not. Tomorrow would be a busy day, i thought.

The next morning. (3rd person POV)

When Grace got up this morning she really wanted to disappear but as much as she wanted to she couldn't. Then she remembered that she had to meet Alexei in exactly and hour so she decided to get she was done she was wearing a teal crop top with white skinny jeans and a white jacket she decided to tie her up in a pony and curl it. Then she grabbed her phone and purse and ran out of the embassy and made her way up to the cliff.

Alexei POV

When i got up this morning i couldn't help but think about today. I was leaving today for Blackthorne a boarding school in Maine. I had about an hour before i had to go meet Grace. Grace, i was wondering how she would react when i tell her that i'm leaving. But it's not really my choice, my father was gonna send the there , i'd better get ready. I had a shower when i got up this morning to save time so now i just needed to find some clothes. This was gonna be harder than i expected. Finally i just decided on a blue(teal specifically) and some ripped light grey jeans,ran my hand through my hair and put on some cologne grabbed my phone and wallet and made my way up to the cliff. When i got there i saw that Grace hadn't got there so i just went up to the edge and just stared into space. Not realising that someone was stood behind me. Grace.

Grace POV

When i got there i saw Alexei just staring to space so i very quietly or as quiet as i could be walked up and stood behind him. After 2 minutes of staring into space he turned around. "Hey" was all he said.


"You look nice."

"Thanks, you look quite good yourself." After another minute of his blue eyes staring into my brown ones he grabbed my hand and pulled me to him the other hand going to my waist. I instantly put my hands around his neck and he slowly brought his face down to mine our lips touching. He squeezed my hand and deepened the kiss. We stayed like that for about 4 minutes before pulling away for breath and he rested his forehead against mine and then he broke the silence by saying "Gracie, I love you". i was smiling then when he said that and i instantly replied "I love you too Alexei". And then crashed my lips into his and his grip tightened on me and i pulled away 2 minutes later. "So i have something to tell you."

"Me too, but you go first."

"Well, granpa is sending me to a boarding school in Virginia and i'm leaving today at three. You? "

"My father is sending me to a boarding too in Maine and i'm actually leaving today at the same time as you."

"Erm... well i wasn't expecting that"

"Me neither"

"Lets go to Starbucks i'm craving coffee and we've been here for an hour."

"Okay lets go." We walked to to Starbucks and stayed there talking for about another hour and then we walked back to Embassy Row hand in hand. When we were walking into the US embassy we saw all our friends (Noah,Megan,Rosie and Lila) and Jamie stood/sat there waiting for us. Lets just say it was very, very awkward.

"Hey guys" We both said.

Hey Grace and Alexei's filled the embassy hall. Then one by one they all came over to us and hugged us saying that they will miss us both a lot. After that everyone was dotted around my room bored, until Rosie said "Hey did anyone else realise that Grace and Alexei are wearing the same colour clothes?"

And then everyone just stared at me and Alexei with surprise is their eyes.

"I didn't notice."I said and then Alexei says "I wasn't really looking at what colour clothes i was wearing Rosemarie."

Then silence fell upon us once again.

"Lets play Truth Or Dare " Megan said. Everyone agreed and sat on the floor in a circle.

Megan-"I'll go first, Alexei truth or dare?"

Alexei-"Dare." Bad idea Alexei bad idea, i thought

Megan-"You have to do 7 minutes in heaven with Grace." Really, i thought, that's the best she could come up with.

Alexei-"Okay, that's not so hard" Yeah you're right it's not, i said to myself mentally."Grace" Alexei was standing with his hand out waiting for me to take it, i sighed and took his hand and walked into the closet with him. As soon the door was closed i was pushed up against the far wall and i felt Alexei's hands on my waist i put one hand around his neck and the other on the side of his face and brought my lips to his and he immediately responded. It got heated quite quickly by the time the seven minutes were up i had lost my top and Alexei had lost his too. we got dressed and walked out. Everyone was looking at us because both our lips were well a bit only a tiny bit bruised due our slightly rough kissing. We both stared at each other and were having a silent conversation between ourselves.

Grace-We only have about 20 minutes left till we leave.

Alexei-I know, we better get this over with then eh.

Grace-Yeah, we may as well.

When we looked back everyone looked sad and i got my suitcase and Alexei hugged them all one more time and then went back to his Embassy to get ready to go. Jamie took my suitcase and then i hugged everyone one more time before they had to go and then once they had all gone Jamie's taxi was here to take here to take him to the airport since he was going back to West Point today.

"Be safe Gracie." Was all he said to me before he went and then it was time for me to go.

"Come in Grace, let's go." Headmistress Morgan said to me and together we walked out to go to Gallagher. On the way out i saw another limo outside with Alexei and a man stood outside it.

She walked over and said to the man, "Joe? what are you doing here?"

"Rachel? I've got a new student to take back to Blackthorne. What about you?"

"Same here, new student, and it looks like they know each other quite well, they remind me of Zach and Cammie."

"Yeah two love struck teenagers Rachel." And then they both started laughing.

While they were having their conversation i ran up to Alexei and hugged him hard and he hugged me back with the exact same power. He pulled back slightly and tilted his and brought his lips to mine.

"No PDA in front of me please Mr Volkov." 'Joe said sternly but he said it like he didn't really care.

"Grace lets go" i followed her back but not without hearing Alexei say"Be careful around her, she's a bit of a handful to take care of."

"I have my own handful of a daughter Mr Volkov i think i can handle Grace here."

so I shouted back "I heard that" and he started laughing and i smiled. And then we drove off to the airport to catch a plane that will take us to Virginia. YAY.

When we got to the airport we went straight outside and to a private jet that had the Gallagher crest on it. "You have your own jet?"

"Yeah". Was all she said. Then she turned around behind us said. "Joe, you going to come back with us?"

"Well, it's not like i have a choice and anyway i would like to see my goddaughter before i go. And also Zach is still there too."

"You can stay the night because when we get there it'll be around midday, if you want?"

"Thanks Rachel." Then the pilot came out and told us all to hurry because he has other things to do and not sit around in a plane all day. Let's just say that was the worst plane ride ever because when I finally managed to fall asleep i had a nightmare of when i shot my mum. I started screaming and shouting with tears streaming down my cheeks, I could hear someones voice telling me to calm down and stop crying and then i realised that it was Ms Morgan. Wow her words were calming me. When i was fully awake i just hugged her and she hugged me back.

"How did you manage to calm me down, nobody can ever do that except from Alexei and my brother Jamie?."

"My daughter has nightmares like your too, so i know exactly what to do to calm you down. Anyway how are you feeling dear?"

"Much better." She's really nice i thought.

Then the pilots voice came streaming into the cabin "We will be landing in a few minutes please put on your seat belts."

Once we had landed we went through security and then made our way outside. When we got there, there was a woman with a man standing in front a black SUV with another one neatly parked behind it. The woman then came up to Ms Morgan and hugged and said "Hey sis how're you?"

"I'm fine Abby. Oh and Grace this is my younger sister Abigail Cameron." She told me putting emphasis on the 'younger'.

"Anyway boys in one car and girls in the other."Abby said.


When i asked Abby how far we were she said,"We are only two minutes away from Gallagher." Finally i can't sit down any more longer my butt is aching i thought to myself. When i looked out of the window i saw a huge mansion with perfectly manicured lawns and it was just wow. Then i saw Alexei, Joe and the other guy come out of the other car then suddenly someone came running out of the big oak doors shouting "MOM! JOE! ABBY?, TOWNSEND?"

"Hey Kiddo" said Ms Morgan.

"Hey Squirt" said Abby.

"Hello Miss Morgan" said Joe.

"Hello Cameron" said the other guy who i assume is 'Townsend'. Then she gave them all a hug each.

"Abby and Townsend what're you doing here?I thought you were on the other side of the world?"

"Squirt that was last week and anyway i had to go pickup my sister i couldn't just leave her at the airport now could i? "

"I guess not, anyway who are those two?" Cameron asked pointing to me and Alexei (who i may have forgotten was there, oops).

But before she could continue a British voice shouted from inside the building "CAMERON ANN MORGAN WHERE THE BLOODY HELL ARE YOU,WHEN I GET MY HANDS ON YOU, YOU ARE GONNA BE A DEAD SPY WALKING!" She seemed angry, VERY angry, WAIT SPY? WHAT THE HELL?

Then i heard another two voices saying "Cam you might wanna come back you don't wanna face an angry Bex Baxter."


Then Cameron started to laugh as did Abby and then Joe and everyone except me and Alexei who just stood there very confused. I walked over to him and since he was leaning on the car i stood in front of him and put the back of my head on his chest and he put is around my waist holding me in place. Then all of a sudden the doors of the school opened and one very pissed of girls walked out with two others stifling a laugh. And then a boy with brown hair and green eyes walked out smirking and said "See Rebecca i told she would be outside. You just never 'bloody' listen do you."

"Shut up Goode I'll deal with the who 'Rebecca' thing later. Anyway Cameron might i ask you what is so funny?" Wow she seems deadly.

"CAMERON ANN MORGAN WHERE THE BLOODY HELL ARE YOU,WHEN I GET MY HANDS ON YOU, YOU ARE GONNA BE A DEAD SPY WALKING. That is what is so funny Bex." And then the other two just burst out laughing.

"Zach do you have your things packed for tomorrow?"

"Yeah Joe i'm packed anyway where are we going?"


"Wait you're leaving for Blackthorne?" Cameron said the boy just shrugged

"Why do i have to go there for Joe you know i hate that place."

"You have to go sorry it's kid not my choice."

"Fine, fine whatever." Then he walked over to Cameron and put his hands on her waist and she out hers around his neck and then before you knew it they were kissing like there was noone else there, then she pulled away and grabbed his hand and he intertwined them. Before anyone could say anything i may have accidentally blurted out "ARE YOU ALL SPIES? because before i heard Bex shout out to Cameron that she is going to be a dead spy walking." Everyone just turned and stared at me leaning on Alexei shocked and then the girls started whispering somethings like "When did they get here?" and"Who are they?".

Then Rachel told everyone else to go inside and told me and Alexei to follow her to her office. As soon as we got inside there wasn't another soul in sight. Then she took us to her office and explained everything from Gillian Gallagher to now and how they were spies and their cover in this town was as rich snobby heiresses who have nowhere else to go other than there. And how the students learn how to do field work and how the students there either go into the CIA, MI6 or FBI or Interpol. She also made us swear that we don't tell anyone back home about any of this and also how we can't have relationships with civilians. Then she said that we should get some rest because tomorrow would be a busy day so she gave us a key to room in the teachers lounge far from anyone else where we couldn't be seen. Everybody knew tomorrow would be a busy day.