This chapter will have a little twist to it. The Russian Ambassador(Alexei's father) actually likes Grace. And Karina is back to normal. But Alexei doesn't know that his father likes Grace.


I waited for about 10 minutes and was starting to get pissed when Alexei and Jamie finally climbed into the limo. And then we were off back home. Home. I never thought i had a home, but right then i realised that the Embassy was not only a place i spent my childhood summer's but maybe it was my home. I internally smiled at the thought.

I must have fallen asleep during the ride back because when i opened my eyes i saw the Iranian Embassy and all the other embassies in a long line. I looked at the side mirror and saw a van following us. I then realised that Mr Soloman was driving. It must be the guys, i thought. We pulled up at the US Embassy and i saw all my friends, my grandfather and Ms Chancellor waiting outside.

"Jamie did you tell them?" I asked him.

"Yeah i did." He replied with a slight smile on his face. He and Alexei got out and i followed.

"I'll just go and see my parents. I'll see you soon." Alexei walked over into the Russian Embassy.

"OK" I shouted back. I walked up to each of my friends and grandfather and Ms Chancellor and ave them each a hug. Then once they all left to go back to their own Embassies i went round to Russia.

The Russian Embassy was a lot like the American Embassy just more Russian. I walked through the hall to the Ambassador's office where i heard voices inside. I knocked and walked in. Inside was Alexei, Karina and Mr Volkov.

"Grace, it's good to see you, what brings you here Alexei's father asked.

"I just came to see Karina and see how she was you know, considering what happened last year." I said. Karina walked over to me and gave me a hug which i very politely returned.

"It's good to see you well Grace. No new bruises lately?" She said and we both start laughing. i pulled back and turned to Alexei's father.

"Sir, is it ok if we go out for a bit?" I asked him.

"Sure Grace." He said. And i walked out with Alexei behind me.

"Why does my father like you so much Gracie?" He asked me.

"I may or may not have done something that helped your father in a way and now he knows that i'm not so bad to have around after all." I told him, while walking to the hotel where all the others were staying. It only took about 10 minutes to get there without any tails. It was a 5 star hotel near the beach with a great sunset view.