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Third Person

A child, no older than 6 peeked out from behind Luke's legs. Seeing all the others doing things terrified the girl, and didn't want to leave the custody of Luke Skywalker.

"Rey, it's alright. You're going to be fine." Luke said gently, before calling out to a boy.

Tall for his age, much more powerful, and different than the others. Slightly feared, but more admired. He was admired by the younger ones, but the older ones didn't like him. The boy understood the younglings better, was gentler, and exceedingly mature for someone the age of 12. The boy was Ben Solo, son of Leia Organa and Han Solo.

Ben crossed the training yard in a surprisingly short amount of time, stopping near Luke. His height terrified Rey, causing her to hide behind Luke once more. Ben noticed Rey hiding, and smiled gently at her.

"Ben, this is Rey. Rey, this is Ben." Luke started, then found himself not knowing what to say next. He glanced down at Rey, who was looking at Ben with large, curious eyes.

"Hi Rey!" Ben said cheerfully, but not to loud.

"Hi." Rey mumbled. She was still a bit frightened by his height, so he knelt down, and a minuscule sigh of relief escaped from Rey.

"Rey, it's going to be alright. You are safe here." Luke said, "Ben will take care of you for now, until I come back, okay?"

Rey nodded, and Luke set off to his next class.

"Rey, I'll show you around the Jedi School." Ben stood up, and without warning, Rey's small fingers wrapped themselves around his thumb. Ben laughed, and enclosed her small hand in his larger one. Ben showed Rey around the school, and everytime Rey saw a class, there was wonder, fascination as she watched the class for a few seconds. Each time, Ben waited patiently.

"Rey, this is where we sleep, and I will ask Master Luke where you will sleep." Ben said, pointing to the small dorms.

"This school is really cool." Rey remarked as they walked back to the training yard, "Is it true that you can use the Force?"

Ben grinned, and lifted Rey up a few inches with the Force, then setting her down. Rey's smile brightened, and Ben taught Rey about the Force, but not telling her how to use it.

"Rey, I have to read a copy of the Jedi scripts, and you can go play with the others, is that alright with you?" Ben asked once they entered the courtyard. Rey nodded, before shyly making her way to the others that were in her age range. Rey looked back at Ben, who nodded reassuringly. Rey nodded, moving closer to them, a confident spring in her step. The others took notice of Rey, and surrounded her, their height suddenly making her feel like an ant.

Ben didn't notice, he had pulled out his book.

Over at where Rey was, they were taunting her.

"You're just a baby."

"Who wears mushrooms on their heads?"

It hurt Rey, but she stood strong.

"I'm not a baby, and I don't have mushrooms growing out of my head." Rey said bravely.

"I guess she is nothing though. Her parents didn't come with you didn't they? Do your parents even love you?" an older girl sneered.

"My parents love me, and I was sent here with Master Luke because they currently are being hunted by Snoke." Rey said. Different people said mean things about her, and one boy eventually struck her in the face. As strong as she seemed, Rey was still a delicate child. She ran to Ben, tears pouring down her face.

"Ben!" she called. He looked up, and upon seeing Rey crying, he put his book down.

"Rey, what happened?" a brotherly affection overtook him, pulling Rey into a hug, wiping her tears away.

"They hurt me," Rey sobbed, pointing at the slap mark, "They were being mean to me."

"Wait here, I need to go deal with them." Ben requested, Rey nodded, and Ben came upon the group. Rey suddenly realized that those people were his age, maybe older, but dwarfed in height. Rey could see that something was going on, but couldn't quite process it.

Rey suddenly had a sense of anger wash over here, even though it was Ben who seemed slightly mad. Ben spoke something to them, and the others looked frightened. He said something else before running to Rey.

"They won't hurt you now, but I must tell this to Master Luke. Stay with me for now okay?" Rey nodded at this, and sat down cross legged in the grass. Ben didn't read his book, but taught Rey some more things about the Force. When Ben taught Rey how to relax her mind, but not meditate, Rey caught on to her Force powers. It sent a powerful ripple through the air, and most people felt it. It was sent through the galaxy, through what was the First Order at that time, alerting what was the Resistance of that time.

Rey relaxed her mind, her bright smile slowly being replaced with a peaceful, serene look. That brought out a smile to Ben as he watched his only friend.

Rey stayed like that for a while, before her head dipped into sleep. It made sense; relaxing the mind was harder than meditation. Ben heard commotion, and quickly scooped up her sleeping form, covering her ears. The students of a class were trickling out, staring at Ben as he carried Rey to Luke.

"I think she may need a dorm now." Ben joked. Luke gave a small smile, then gave Ben the room number.

"Rey will be in R2." Luke said. Ben nodded, and made his way inside, attracting more stairs. They knew Ben as the quiet, reserved, powerful Padawan, someone who rarely interacted.

The younger Solo followed a familiar path, and came to a halt at R5. His eyes traveled along the corridor, and with a jolt did he only realize Rey's room was next to his. Ben opened the room, one similar to his own, and gently laid Rey down on her bed, pulling the fair sized blanket over her shoulders. He quietly left the room, hand reaching out to close the door behind him. Ben's hand hesitated, and stole a glance at Rey. She looked peaceful, nothing to bother her. A smile appeared on Ben's face, and he closed the door behind him.

Two Years Later, Third Person

Urgent whispers escaped a small crack under the door to Luke's office. Rey's parents were there, trying to find a way to keep Rey safe.

Over by the courtyard, Ben held Rey in his arms, hugging her as she knew that something was wrong. Tears streamed down her face, knowing that something was going to happen. Ben also had tears forming in his eyes, for he knew something that Rey didn't.

Rey was the only remaining descendant of the first Force Sensitive. The first force sensitive person was crowned royal, making Rey an heir to a throne. Her parents, however, couldn't rule, and had to announce a successor as soon as he/she comes of age, that is to say, age 13. When six years has passed, Rey would have to come to the throne.

The crown and position gave the royal enough leverage over the force to stop the entire First Order with a wave of the hand. That caused many to vy for the position, leading to the rise of the First Order, as well as the belief that the Resistance must be destroyed.

Because of Rey only being a child, not even old 10 years old, the throne can be easily side-tracked, easily being taken over. Once the First Order caught wind of it, it was decreed that a needle of darkness to be placed in Ben Solo, but small enough to be concealed until time comes. No one in the Academy, not even Luke knew about this.

The needle of darkness was placed in Ben Solo because of what it would do to Rey. Little did they know that Luke unintentionally created a counter.

"Shhh, it's alright Rey. It's going to be fine." Ben continuously whispered, one arm wrapped around Rey protectively, his other hand holding Rey's two smaller ones.

"B-ben, I d-don't want t-to leave y-you. I-I don't want to g-go." Rey sobbed into his shoulder.

"I don't want you to go either. You're my only friend." Ben said. At this point, the needle of darkness was cued to start spreading. However, Rey was the only thing that kept him sane, his Rey of light, his best friend.

Listen to the urge Ben. You will protect Rey from this terrible fate, a voice urged. This was the second time in two hours. It gave Ben a terrible headache. He pulled Rey closer, determined to salvage the time they are spending together.

"Rey, honey."

Rey looked up at the sound of her name, at the sound of her mother's voice.

"We need to go."

Rey instantly burst into tears, burying her head deeper into Ben's shoulder. Rey's parents were slightly expecting this. They knew her friendship with the nephew of Luke Skywalker.

"Rey, we need to go."

Rey stood up, brushing away here tears, and trudged after her parents.

"Rey, wait!" Ben ran to Rey, and gave Rey one last hug, and a request, "I will find you. I promise. Stay safe for me."

Rey nodded, and after one last look at her best friend, she left. Ben watched Rey's small figure retreat until she was just a dot in the distance. The afternoon crept to sunset, the sunset announced the arrival of night, but Rey's abrupt departure weighed down Ben's heart. When he went to the dining hall, the chair that Rey usually sat in seemed to be taunting him. He ate a little bit of food, and left very soon. Ben decided to go to bed early, hoping that this was a dream, but it wasn't.

A horrible nightmare invaded Ben's sleep.


"Ben, help me!"

Rey's cries and screams echoed through the dark chamber.

"Rey!" he yelled, running in the direction of the sound. I entered a huge throne room.

"Ah, yes, Ben Solo."

"What? Where.." I was cut off.

"Oh, the princess? That is her future. I need you to be regent for the child. You must take the throne." the voice, Snoke, said.

"Or what?" I retorted.

"People will find out who she is, and hunt her down. Either way, you must take the throne, and you must kill all those who know her. The people of the Jedi Academy know who she is, and her future is on your hands."

I gave a few moments, "I don't want to turn to the dark side."

Snoke lifted his hand, and a small flicker of something passed through my body. I saw the reality, I saw Rey in trouble.

"I accept, but how will I fight Luke?" I asked. Snoke gave me a twisted, evil smile.

"I have inserted years of elite training into you."

My eyes widened, that is possible?!

"You need a new name. I have your first name Kylo. Choose a last name."

The entire reason I am here is because of Rey, so it must be similar to Rey, I thought, I'm going to choose Ren.

"I choose Ren." I spoke. My dream started to slowly dissolve.

"Rise Kylo Ren, from the ashes of Ben Solo. The Knights of Ren are at your disposal, waiting at the entrance to the cursed academy. Do not fail."

I sat up, breathing heavily. I sold myself to the dark side. I have a new master, and I must obey him. I grabbed my lightsaber, and headed to the entrance of the academy, where the Knights of Ren were waiting.

"Master Ren."

14 knights bowed to me, forming a semicircle around me.

"Follow me silently, and guard the entrances and exits to the dorm and courtyard. Make sure Luke Skywalker doesn't notice anything." I ordered, and they obeyed, getting into their assigned spots effortlessly. I headed into each person's room, and pretended to act on orders. I round them all up in the dining hall, with my knights guarding the doors on both sides, and a few lined up on the sides.

I said nothing, and my lightsaber activated, the blue light sending off an eerie light that cascaded all over the room. I stepped closer to the others, and they drew back, terrified. Their expressions looked similar to the one that Rey wore on her first day.

Losing Rey was the last straw.

I am doing this for Rey.

I let out dangerous waves of the Force, let out a cry of anger, and killed them all.

Kylo Ren, your ship is waiting near the forest. Go there now.

I beckoned the Knights of Ren to follow me, and headed to the forest. The ship was awaiting me, and it took me to an unknown planet.

Wherever you are, whomever you've been turned into, if you still remember me, I will find you, I vowed.

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