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I was too late to realize the symptoms. The lack of energy around Rey, she was using most of it to fight Snoke from her mind. The weak state Rey was in, she was losing a battle against him. The darkness rolling off her was because of Snoke slowly taking over her mind.

More importantly, he was possessing Rey.

Because of him possessing Rey, he was the reason that Rey killed all the Elite Praetorian Guards and Resistance fighters. I had to tell someone, but who?

"Ben, tell me what's bothering you." Mom spoke. I couldn't tell her, I couldn't form words that would describe it properly.

"Something's wrong with Rey." that was all I could say.

"I have felt it, and so has Luke. But that's not the reason why I need to talk to you," she sighed, "The Constellation Council has summoned you to Coruscant, and apparently, they hold more power than us."

I snorted. There were only a few Force-Sensitives left, most of whom are too elderly to travel. There wasn't enough to create a council. They can't hold more power than we can, we can use the Force.

"I don't think they hold more power. We're all equal, even though some are Force Sensitive." I replied.

"That's the thing. If they truly hold more power, and are Force Sensitive, this spells danger to us born Force Sensitives. I have a feeling that this means that Force Sensitivity can be shared, as well as the First Order being behind this."

"Which is why I'll go."

"Ben, you can't…"

"Mom, we need to investigate this. We need to find out if they hold more power and who is behind this council."

"Ben, they want to hold you for trial. They want to have an excuse to kill you."

"I'll wait for Rey to heal. They never said anything about when I have to be there, so I'll go with Rey. I feel that Rey might be too powerful for her own good, and it might just leave the Resistance untouched."

Mom nodded, and I left to go check on Rey.


"You won't win this Snoke!" I yelled. My ice blue blades whirled and slashed, slowly making him back up.

"No." he smiled evilly, tendrils of lightning were coming to me. I let loose a scream, and suddenly, a familiar red lightsaber cutting through Snoke.

My head suddenly snapped up, the fight making me breath hard. It was so realistic.


My vision cleared, clearing to see Ben standing next to the cot I was in. I noticed that the glass around me was removed (I had briefly seen it before being injected with a sedative).

"Ben," I asked weakly, "What happened? I don't remember anything from after the battle."

"You had collapsed, and had to be sent here. You were out for a day, and it was 0023.99 hours too long."

I studied his face, he looked troubled.

"Ben, what's bothering you?"

He inhaled, "I have to go to Coruscant to face a trial in front of the Constellation Council. They claim to have more power than us, and we are Force Sensitive. If they do have more power than us, then we are in trouble. Mom thinks that the First Order is behind this. I would like to go with you, and we can find out what is happening. If the First Order is behind this, we can take down the Constellation Council. They won't have any power over us, and we can then work on taking down the First Order. I want you to go with me."

I tilted my head to one side, my eyes meeting his. Ben's stoic expression softened, his eyes pleading. I wanted to help him, I wanted to destroy the First Order, I want to find my parents.

"I will." I promised, "Once the medics decree me free to go."

He smiled, and got up. I sighed, feeling conflit in my head again. I knew that Snoke isn't dead, I already knew that the First Order was behind this. Something was consuming my mind. I didn't know what to do about it. I couldn't bring myself to tell him.


"Even if all the evidence says that Solo is innocent, you must kill him. You must kill Rey Kenobi. You must kill the rest of the Resistance. Go to Kamino, and lure the Resistance there. Kill all of them. If you fail, your position of the Constellation Council's leader and regent will be removed from you." Snoke ordered.

"Yes Supreme Leader." Hux bowed, and retreated from the room. The hologram disappeared, and the real one resumed his battle with Rey. Soon, Rey would be his pawn, and the Resistance will crumble.


"I'm not used to seeing you with other colors." Rey joked. I was nervous, fiddling with my sleeve.

"Do you think that they'll let me go?" I asked nervously.

Rey laughed, "Of course they will! At least they should."

I smiled nervously, I still felt like something would go wrong.

"Ben, it's going to be fine." Rey reassured, "Don't worry."

I nodded, yet the feeling still lingered.

"Is there any food?" I suddenly asked. Rey laughed, and got up. She returned moments later with some bread.

"Anyways, we should be landing in Coruscant in 0001 hours." Rey said as she handed me the bread. I nodded, chewing on the bread.

"Ben, how can we find out that the First Order is behind this? How can we find out that they have more power than us?"

"That's the thing we haven't figured out yet."

Rey sighed, and looked out the window. A large planet came to view, speckled with almost every light shade possible.

"Ben, relax. It's going to be fine." Rey soothed. The sound of her voice washed over me, a calming…

Okay, not that calming after I almost drowned at the beach.

I felt the ship gently land on the ground, and once again did I become nervous. We got out of the ship, and saw a small platoon of guards, waiting for us with blasters in hand. They silently escorted us into a building, where we were greeted by a droid at a desk.

"Please state your reason for visiting the Constellation Council." it requested.

"Rey Kenobi and Ben Solo attending a court trial." Rey answered confidently. The robot tapped on a projected screen a few times before replying, "You are cleared to go."

The guards escorted us through a maze of corridors, eerily like the Jedi Temple. The doors opened, and a council of 12 with droids that took notes were seen.

"Ben Solo, formerly known as Kylo Ren and Rey Kenobi, you are here to attend a court trial for Ben Solo's actions as Kylo Ren, which will deem him innocent or guilty."

"Yes." I said nervously.


"General, the BC Andromeda has landed." Lieutenant Connix reported. Leia nodded, shifting her eyes from projected screen to screen, watching the progress of the Resistance.


Sirens began wailing, and Finn ran up to Leia.

"General, we've spotted the remains of the First Order's command ships consisting of the Finalizer, the Absolution, the Supremacy, and the Subjugator are heading to our planet. They've been spotted on our long distance scopes. If they keep at the right speed, they should be arriving on 0092 hours."

Leia turned to the projected screen with the scopes. It was true, all four of the First Order's command ships were heading to Ahch-To.

"Leia, do you remember when we were at Hoth, we made the mistake of turning all the power to the shield generators, causing the Empire to know where we are?"

"Amilyn, I do remember," Leia replied, "Are you implying that we charge up the transports and then send the power to another island as a decoy?"

Vice Admiral Holdo nodded, and it seemed there was no other choice.

"But General, what about the fleet?" Finn asked.

"Prepare them now, and jump into hyperspace heading for the old Rebel Base in Crait, jumping into lightspeed on the other side of the planet. The Legion Star transports will follow in a little bit. The Raddus will follow with everyone else, all to Crait. We will then stay there until we need to make a move against the First Order."

Finn nodded, and ran back to Poe and Rose to report the news.

"All X-wings to your fighters, this is not an attack, nor is this a drill. Set coordinates for Glittering Akslzite Base."

The order was repeated over and over.

"I hate when they do this." Poe groaned.

"Poe, don't complain, you own an X-wing!" Rose reprimanded, "This is for the good of the Resistance."

"You sound like Leia scolding me." Poe rolled his eyes jokingly.

"Poe, you're the best pilot in the Resistance, out best friend, and you gotta stay safe. Stop complaining." Finn said. Poe nodded, and hurried off to the main hanger.


"Emperor, Solo and the princess have arrived at the Constellation Council."

"Have the traitor and princess captured and brought to me." Armitage Hux's voice rang through them chamber. The self appointed emperor thought of himself as the true ruler of the galaxy, not some scavenger or traitor that tried for it.

He flexed his fingers outward, then speaking again, "I want them no later than 0080 hours so they can see the demise of the Resistance."

The new general bowed, and retreated out of the room. This girl, he had seen holograms of her actions. It seemed to him that Rey Kenobi would be… fitting… as an empress.

If the Solo didn't get to her first.

I'll torture him until she gives in. The girl is powerful, and seems to be swayed easily.



Rey was struggling to break free from the guards, and couldn't cut them down. They forced Rey to leave Ben's side, and cuffed her.

"Bring the girl to Emperor Hux. He wants the girl." the Constellation Council ordered.

"He will not touch Rey." Ben snarled. He leapt forward, but was held back by more appearing guards. Ben suddenly became angry, and he couldn't restrain it. He didn't know before, but it was at this point when he realized that in his heart, hidden in a corner of his mind and heart, he loves Rey.

Rey was making eye contact with Ben, and the fire that suddenly flickered to life in his eyes terrified her. His emotions were taking over once more.

"Let me go!" Rey cried, struggling to remove the cuffs from her hands. The Constellation Council paid no attention, and the leader ordered them with orders already given.

"I love you Rey!" Ben yelled before they were dragged in opposite directions.

I promised to find you Rey, and I will again.

Ben tried speaking through the bond, but was hit with a barrier.

The cuffs must be restraining the use of the Force, he realized. Ben was dragged onto a First Order ship, the one that he used to own, and thrown into a cell. The ship lifted off, then heading off to the Supremacy.


"Leia, do you sense it? Something powerful with the Force disappeared." Luke suddenly gasped. Leia felt it too.

"I can't sense the connection between Rey and Ben either." Leia said softly.

They both know something was wrong.

"General, Master Luke, we must evacuate Ahch-To, the First Order's command fleet is closing in. This is our only chance." Lieutenant Connix reported.

"Wait, send all the power to the island around three-hundredths of a parsec away!" Vice Admiral Holdo commanded, and they set off moments later on Raddus. The ship lifted off just moments before the First Order Fleet could detect them.

"Jump to lightspeed as fast as you can!" one of the commanders cried. The Raddus shot through the galaxy , distorting time and space.

"Luke, there's something wrong with Rey and Ben, I can feel it." Leia murmured.

"The First Order is getting stronger, and I can sense more presenses, more Force Sensitives." Luke added, "That spells trouble for us."


Chewie had snuck on the Raddus without anyone noticing.


The giant Wookie hugged the two.


"Yes Chewie, we need to get back Ben and Rey." Leia said. Chewbacca purred, and the trio headed to the front of the ship.


"Get your hands off me!" Rey snarled. She struggled against the cuffs and the grips of the stormtroopers in the Supremacy.

"Or what?" one of the stormtroopers mocked. He hefted his blaster, "Take the girl to the Emperor. He wants the girl."

Rey was being dragged through the hallways, then forced into the throne room. She saw Ben lying sideways on the ground, his eyes closed, blood trickling from his temple. His Jedi robes were ripped into tatters, scraps of it were strewn all over the place. Rey saw his lightsaber lying right next to him.

"Ben!" Rey struggled to break free.

"He put up quite a fight. It was rather… amusing."

Rey finally noticed Hux sitting on a throne which was on a dias. The red-headed dictator was smiling evilly at Rey. She looked around in horror, and saw the destruction he had created while defending himself. Her eyes landed on Ben's not moving body, unwanted tears filling her eyes.

"You see Princess, you don't understand his true intention for you. He was using you for who you are. He would turn back to Kylo Ren, and turn on you. He doesn't deserve you, and you deserve someone much more powerful." Hux drawled. Rey understood his intention, he wants me to become his empress.

"I will not join you. Don't even think about trying!" Rey snarled. Something about this person unsettled her, "Ben is powerful, caring, brave, and loyal! He would never do that!" Rey now wanted to break away from this and use her saberstaff to him cut him into oblivion.

"Ben Solo is a child, merely someone who clings onto everyone that cares for him. He is using…" Hux got cut off.

"Rey, don't listen to him. I won't do that, ever." Ben groaned. His feeble voice hurt Rey, it burned right into her heart. Rey struggled again to break out of the cuffs and from the grips of the stormtroopers, "Let me go!"

"As you wish, princess."

Rey's cuffs were loosened, so she ran to Ben, kneeling beside him.

"Ben." Rey rolling him onto his back gently. She could sense his Force Signature strong, yet brittle at the same time. It seemed that he was close to the brink of death, yet still fighting, "Ben, don't leave me."

"Rey of Light." he murmured. His eyes opened slightly, and he cupped Rey's cheek with his hand. Rey's best friend seemed like he was giving up.

"Ben, don't give up. Promise me."

Hux was watching this touching reunion, and felt that this was an appropriate time to separate the two. He silently ordered that the stormtroopers seperate them.

Rey was suddenly torn from Ben's side, cuffs locking around her wrists once more.

"I won't join you." Rey yelled as she was dragged away once more.

Hux merely smirked, and turned his attention back to Ben.

"Keep him alive, but in a prison cell."


"Rey's signature and Ben's have been flickering in and out. The First Order or the Constellation Council have to be behind this." Leia spoke.

"They're somehow linked. The trial, then the disappearance, and the fading Force Signatures. The sudden swell of power in the First Order might be the cause. The Constellation Council was really abrupt and sudden in appearance, taking control over the galaxy while we were trying to regroup, then an emperor. They're linked somehow." Vice Admiral Holdo analized. The Resistance Leaders nodded, it was somehow linked.

"What has become of the red-headed dictator of the First Order?" Poe suddenly asked.

"He vanished without a trace after Ben turned." Luke answered.

There was something wrong there. These were linked. Something very powerful was behind this. It seemed more dangerous than the First Order, much more powerful than Starkiller Base, if that was even possible.

The Resistance grew worried, as did the rest of the systems. For the first time in years, hope began to slip.

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