Timi appeared in the underworld undeniably terrified, took moments to regain her balance, spotted the great god-king, and knelt before him. "I am honoured, oh great one." she stutters, horrified, scared, fawning. "You offered blood, you offered anything if I helped you, you think I have the bolt!" Lord Hades demanded wrath in his voice as he stalked around her kneeling form, "No, No, Lord Hades I swear, the prophecy told me to come west, I meant no accusation." Timi says desperation clear in her voice. Lord Hades glares, she shivers back from him "I am sorry, I am sorry, I am not worthy, I shouldn't be trying to excuse myself, I will take the punishment, your majesty." she says reminding herself of her protocol, who was she to say a god was wrong!

Hades chuckles darkly, "You respect me, that is rare." he says as he sits down on his throne looking down at him, "My helm has been stolen, find it, find the bolt, in time for the summer solstice, bring my helm back to me, but first, let us talk." he says gesturing for her to rise. "I shouldn't." Timi whispers, remaining on her knees "Then come here and kneel closer." Hades said, the only one of the gods so far to understand her desire to kneel. "Thank you." Timi murmurs as she rises and kneels back down on the stairs to his throne. "What did you wish to talk about, Lord Hades?" she whispers, he responds in that strong authoritative voice of someone quite used to being in charge, "You worship us truly, the gods of old Greece, why?" Timi shivers in fear, "I did so before I found you true, why abandon my true faith once my gods stand before me?" she responds. "You are wiser than most mortals." He comments absentmindedly, still frighteningly authoritative. "Thank you, Lord Hades" she mumbles, the fear in her voice obvious, "flattery won't get you anywhere, go find my helm, I expect it back before the solstice, and I am sure you will find some appropriate way to thank me for letting me live, if you don't, well you have an eternity here to learn," he says harshly to her with a glare, "Yes, your majesty" she whispers standing up, her head politely lowered as she takes a few steps backwards from the throne, with a flash she disappeared back to the camp.

Timi appeared at camp shocked, horrified, and desperate to find the helm. She approached the big house and curtsied to Chiron, "I need to leave, my prince, I have a bolt and helm to find." she says respectfully before heading to her cabin with a quick curtsy. She packs her backpack and heads off to the west with a small block of ambrosia, a canteen of nectar and a few dollars, hoping to have reached New York by sundown and get on a plane cross country, hopefully charging it on her father's account.