Rex never knew how he fell for someone who was just like him. She was from a different subspecies than him but were both the same genus group - dinosaur. They are both different they still love each other.

Trixie felt the same way as Rex since they first met. She didn't know where these feelings came from at first but was happy with Rex. She felt like she could breath love. She was happy and Rex was happy. They made a connection to each other...a love connection.

So there they are now on the window edge staring off into the sunset. They were at first sitting apart from each other. Rex just moved a little closer to Trixie and laid his head on top of her head. Trixie turned to him

"So uh what now?" asked Trixie

"Well..." Rex slowly moved her to face him .Trixie was completely silent when her eyes met his which made Rex blush.

"Oh stop it you!" chuckled Trixie as she gave him a big kiss on the cheek .

Rex continued to blush even more as he looked at Trixie .Rex felt like he could hug Trixie but couldn't cause of his small arms so Rex look back over at the sunset and ask to Trixie"Wanna stay for a while?"

Trixie said "Yes." As they continue looking at the sunset till dark.

The End.