So, after a lot of thought, I desided to completly rewright the prolog to this fic.

Same as before, the plot still centers around an OC in an abnormal way. Basicly, while reading Kai x OC fics I got tired of them all having nearly the same background, so I desided to write a story with an OC who's at the center of the plot as the villian instead. There are no plans for romance by the way, I'm not good at writing mushy stuff so I don't plan to try.

also, if anyone has ideas for some twisted personalities I could use, I still need a few more so I'm open to suggestions. bit beast ideas are also welcome.

made some new adjustments, got some new ides to be added to the story


"How's the plan going?" Asked a voice somewhat gruff with age, it was also somewhat scrachy over the phone.

"It's going very well, the reapers are currantly in the prosses of gathering the ancient gods and those needed to wield them." The much higher, yet mellower voice of the person sitting in the darkened room responded.

"Good. And the other group?" The gruff voise asked.

"Thier abilities are truely something. It's a shame that we can only select a handful to test out in the upcoming tournament." The mellow voice replied.

"Speaking of how are the arrangements for that going?" The gruff one inquired.

"We're almost done picking the teams. Members of the reapers will be working closely with each of the other two teams so there should be nothing to worry about. I'll also participate with the reapers in the final round as planed." The mellow one said with a hum that sounded a bit indifferent.

"Good. I'm looking forward to finally seeing the full power of that extra special bit beast of yours." The gruff one chucled.

"Be careful what you wish for. This is still only the trial run. So, what do you intend to do now?" The mellow one asked.

"For now I'll remain hidden and wait for things to play out. In the mean time, make sure the plan stays on track." The gruff voice said with a stern tone.

"No need to worry, it's still only the preporation phase. The chances that something will go wrong before the event would be unimaginable, rather any surprises at this point would likely be in our favor." The mellow one asured.

"What about him?" The gruff one asked in an annoyed tone.

"Like you, I have assined some of the reapers to him. For now they've been instructed to keep him out of trouble. After things start moving we're thinking of letting them assist him in doing as he pleases." The one with the mellow voice answered.

"Is that wise?" The gruff voice sounded skeptical again.

"Yes, it is a bit of a risk, but without risk there is no way to adequately prepare them. I intended to take care of that training myself but everyone was opposed to the idea." The mellow one explained.

"That's true, your methods might backfire here. Very well, but see to it he doesn't make a mess of the other plan while he's at it." The gruff one grumbled.

"Don't worry, the group in charge of that issue are particularly skilled at making sure things stay quite, that's why the reapers' existance was able to remain hidden this long." The mellow voice said.

"Still, to think that things whould turn out like this..." the gruff voice sighed.

"Indeed, it was we had already laid most of the groundwork before that happened. By the way, do you think your grandson can be persuaded to use black dranzer again? It's power would be very useful." The mellow voice stated.

"Who knows? That ungratful brat... I regret not sending him to the reapers when I still had the chance." The gruff one muttered again.

"It wouldn't have worked. Only those with a certin mindset can face the triles of the reapers. The fact he broke away from black dranzer is proof he didn't have the qualities of a reaper. Still, he will probably have to use black dranzer again when the time comes. I wonder if he can resist its hold twice?" The mellow voice mused.

"Enough about that. What about the others who allied with us?" The gruff voice shiffed to being stern again.

"They're keeping their head down as usual but there's no mistaking they're fully on board. Even the ones we contacted from the otherside had no choise but to support us." The mellow voice answered again.

"And I take it the reaserch has been going well?" The gruff one asked, this time with a hint of antisipation.

"Indeed, a scientist named dr. Zagart resontly came to my attention. Once I had a talk with him, he quickly acquiesced to helping us. Bringing him in advanced our progress by leaps and bounds. The archiologests we've been working with till now have also agreed to help, speeding up the prosses." The mellow voice said.

"Excellent. If only Boris or that ungreatful granson of mine could learn to be as competent as you are. Keep up the good work." The gruff one said in a pleased voice.

"Yes sir Voltaire." The mellow one said before hanging up.