( King's Cross )

Severus stops on the page he is reading when he feels the train start to slow down. He glances out of the window and can see the many happy faces of families that are waiting on the platform for their children. Of course, no Muggles line the platform since the rules don't allow them past the barrier, leaving them to wait for their children to cross the barrier themselves so they can meet them on the other side.

He has always thought that rule was stupid in the first place.

A glance alone and Severus can tell which family is Pureblood or not, seeing as they have no problem with showing off their wealth to the rest of the world. He can easily spot the Black family, recognizing them from their dark shade of hair and their clothing which look to be made of the most expensive material they can get their greedy little hands on. His theory is proven correct when he sees Regulus Black walk up to the mother and father. Of course, Sirius is nowhere to be seen but he has heard rumors of him staying at Potter's mansion because of a familial dispute. He honestly doesn't care that much but maybe he can find something to use against Black if he finds out what the dispute was about.

Severus smirks in amusement when he spots the mother of Frank Longbottom, Augusta Longbottom. He snickers to himself, not only because of the funny last name of the Pureblood family but also because Augusta is wearing what looks to be a dead vulture as a hat.

"Looks like I know what I'm getting Thor for his birthday" thought Severus with a chuckle, imagining the horror on his brother's face when he presents him with the hat. Maybe he can somehow convince him that it's a hat of privilege in the realm of Midgard.

The next easiest Purebloods to see are the Potters, due to the vast jewelry decorating their persons but mostly because the father is wearing the same pair of spectacles as his annoyance of a son. After a few minutes of waiting, their son walks up to his parents with a wide grin on his face and with Sirius trailing behind him. The sight of the two so happy causes his right hand to glow a dark green before he clenches it and forces his Magic to back down.

"Patience. They'll get their comeuppance when we return to the castle" thought Severus, smirking as he imagines all the fun he's going to have when the summer holidays are over. He just can't wait to go back to school!

Severus waits a few minutes for the rest of the student populace to leave the train so he doesn't have to go through the traffic. He uses the extra few minutes to finish off the page in the book he is on. He's quite happy with the progress he has made on the books he borrowed from the restricted section in the Hogwarts library. It isn't like anyone will notice them missing anyway so there's little to no chance that he'll find himself in trouble anytime soon.

Once the time limit is up, the book scatters into a shower of green sparks once he teleports it back into his trunk. Said trunk floats down from the overhead luggage carrier and rests beside him. As he stands up, Severus's Magic washes over his body until it changes his Hogwarts uniform into a pristine black suit and slacks with a black shirt underneath it and a pair of shiny, dark loafers. It occurs all in the matter of time it takes for Severus to stand up from his seat.

Severus straightens out his suit before he walks out of his carriage with his luggage floating behind him and has to almost stop himself from skipping onto the platform in his excitement, only because he is a Prince of Asgard and he has to hold onto his image. He can feel his veins fill with adrenaline as he thinks about what he's going to do to the mortal who calls himself, Tobias Snape. Once his feet touch the pavement, his hands twitch as green sparks jump across his fingertips as he thinks of the many fun activities he's going to be doing during the holidays.

Number one on his list just so happens to be how he's going to get rid of one, Tobias Snape from his life. He has used the few days to think of a suitable punishment for the man and in the end of the week, he believes he has chosen the perfect punishment.

He can't wait to get his hands on that man!

Ignoring the interested looks from a few parents still skulking around the platform, Severus walks down it to the farthest wall which is away from any prying eyes.

"Sev, wait!"

Ignoring the cry for him, Severus walks around the wall and teleports himself and his luggage out of the train station and to his home.


Lily bites her bottom lip, feeling nervous over what to say to Severus when she sees him.

For the entire length of the journey from Hogsmeade Station to King's Cross, she had been ignoring her friends gossiping with one another so she could think about her current relationship with Severus or rather, how to fix it.

As much as she wants to ignore his accusations, she can't deny the truth of Sev's words from that day on the fifth floor in Hogwarts Castle. From remembering the past few incidents over the school years, she realizes that she has rarely ever taken Severus's sides over arguements involving James and his friends. Her own friends whispering profanities about Severus in her ear probably didn't help with her decision-making either. She has always thought that it was just Severus causing trouble for James and his friends, seeing as he has always disliked the boys the first time he met them. Him wearing green and silver ties never did help him on that matter, either.

It's only now that she's starting to realize that she may have been a bit biased over her own House and has paid the price for it.

Now, she waits by the wall in front of the train so she can greet Severus. He may not think that they are friends anymore but he still needs to get dropped off home by her parents. What better way to spend the car ride than trying to earn Sev's forgiveness?

"This time, I'll make things right" she thought with a determined nod.

In the corner of her eye, Lily spots a big blob of black that looks similar to Severus, knowing the boy's favourite colour is black. She turns to face him, only for her eyes to slowly widen and a tinge of pink to dust her cheeks when she sees Severus in the clean black suit that he has on. Where he got it is a mystery in itself but she can't help but admit that it looks pretty good on him.

However, she notices Severus walk down the opposite direction from herself, heading away from the barrier.

"Where is he going?" she wondered as she starts to follow Severus. The Slytherin's long legs prove to give Severus an advantage over Lily as she starts to run when she catches on that the distance between them is only growing larger.

"Sev, wait!" she called, hoping for him to hear her but to no avail. She watches as he walks around a wall but not appear at the other side. She follows and walks behind the wall, only to see that Severus is gone.


( Spinner's End )

Severus spreads his arms out wide as he takes in the sight of the rundown house that has been his home for the past sixteen years. "Home sweet home" he muttered with a wide smile as he enjoys everything that makes his house life so... pleasant.

Everything from the brown chipped paint covering the house, the overgrown grass and weeds covering the front garden and the cracks that line up across the path that leads up to the rickety front door.

With his posture straight, mind clear and a smile on his face, Severus walks up the cracked pathway to his house, uncaring that his trunk is still floating behind him in the open. When he reaches the door, he forgos knocking and opens it. With a flourish, he spreads his arms up high, as if expecting a warm greeting from the occupant within. "I'm ho~me" he sang in a cheerful mood.

That cheerful mood doesn't lower for even a moment, even when a bottle of half-drunk beer smashes against the wall beside his head, covering his perfect suit with broken glass and the unhealthy substance from within the former bottle.

"I must've caught him in a good mood."

"You little shit!" slurred Tobias Snape from his armchair inside the living room of the house. His chair is situated in the perfect angle for him to see who comes in and out the front door and if they deserve something thrown at their heads. "S-Shut up. The game is on" exclaimed Tobias as he ignores his son, in exchange to listen to the radio on the coffee table beside his chair.

"He doesn't even notice anything different about me" thought Severus before he senses for anyone else in the building.

Sensing nobody but himself and Tobias, he guesses that Eileen must be doing some errands, under the orders of her husband of course. Walking into the sitting room, Severus folds his arms and waits.

As he suspected, it doesn't take Tobias long to spot the floating trunk behind his son and his vision turns red in rage. "Boy! What d'ya think you're doing?! Bringing yar black magic in my house!" roared Tobias as he pushes himself off his armchair and stumbles his way forward to Severus.

The God sees Tobias's punch coming the moment his eyes landed on the trunk, purposely floating to enrage the volatile drunk. The incoming punch is sloppy and slow, giving Severus more than enough time to tilt his head to his left side and shove his right knee into the drunk's beer belly.

Tobias's eyes widen in pain as a grunt escapes his throat. Severus removes his knee and steps around the Muggle who collapses to his knees with one hand keeping himself up and another holding onto his stomach.

"What's wrong? Didn't see it coming?" Severus mocked, enjoying the disbelief in Tobias's eyes as he stares up at Severus's, mischievously green eyes.

That disbelief quickly shifts into pure rage as Tobias pushes himself onto his own feet and charges a Severus, lacking the need to care that he is intending to do some serious harm to his son.

Tobias Snape is a giant of a man, towering even over Severus by a few inches. While he has picked up a belly for years of neglect and constant drinking, he still retains the muscles in his arms which he has earned from hard training when he was a part of the army.

However, Severus has fought and defeated beings much bigger and stronger than Tobias. That's why it's simple for Severus to simply sidestep the grown man's charge and kick his feet out from under him.

"Is that it? Where's all that passion from before, huh? I feel like you're not really trying to kill me" said Severus as he walks around Tobias as he lies face down on the floor. As he walks by Tobias's head, the man springs into action and grabs Severus by his ankle.

Severus easily predicts the attack and uses his other foot to step on Tobias's other hand, feeling satisfaction as he enjoys the noise of bones cracking. "Can't have that now, can we?" Severus steps off Tobias's hand and takes a few steps back his father cradles his injured hand. "Good attempt, at least. Predictable but good effort."

"You fucking shit!" cursed Tobias as he uses his uninjured hand to push himself back up to his feet and glare cold murder at his son. "After all I've done for you! After everything I gave you and you actually have the balls to treat me like this! I'll gut you like a fucking fish!" Grabbing one of the many empty bottles lying across the floor, he smashes the tip of the bottle against the wall and brandishes the sharp edges towards Severus, madness obvious in his eyes. "Not so tough now, are ya?"

Severus closes his eyes and sighs. "Enough." Before Tobias can attack, Severus waves his arm and sends the full grown man across the room and in the wall. His body bounces off the cracked wall and Tobias groans over the pain in his back. As he leans his back against the wall, Severus kneels down from across Tobias and to his increasing anger, smiles. "Not so tough now, are ya?" he mocked, repeating Tobias's own words to his face.

"You used... magic" groaned Tobias as he feels the effects of his beating and the adrenaline leaving his system. "You're... fucked now" he chuckled, knowing the rules of Magic and the consequences if those rules are broken.

Severus pats Tobias across his cheek. "That's what you think, old man" said Severus as he stands back up. "As of right now, I am exempt of the rules that usually apply to everyone else. My magic is on a different scale altogether so I have free reign." To prove his point, he wills his Magic to wash over the room. In front of their own eyes, everything returns to pristine condition once the wave of green Magic touches what lays within the living room.

The moldy green carpet that covers a portion of the floor sheds the layer of dust and dirt and returns to it's original shade of sky blue. The peeling wallpaper sticks back into place and returns back to its original colour of green and silver, bringing life back into the house. Rotting floorboards heal from the irreparable damage of age and neglect, looking brand new to the human eye. The bookshelf against the wall shines a bright white as Severus's Magic removes the dust and decay from it and the old and yellow pages of books return to their natural state.

Tobias's eyes widen at the sight of his living room changing in front of his very eyes. His attention is drawn to his son when he kneels back down to his eye level. "Wha-?...ho-?..." stammered Tobias as his mind can't comprehend what's happening. His son has not only crossed him but apparently, what rules he thought he knew about the Wizarding World are wrong!

"Don't hurt yourself by over thinking everything" said Severus before he places his right hand across Tobias's forehead. "Because it won't mean a thing at the end of the day."

In front of his eyes, Tobias watches as his life flashes before his eyes. In a split second, his memories fade and his eyes widen in horror as unimaginable pain fills his mind.



"Au revoir" called Loki as he waves a tissue at the back of the fleeing ambulance which holds Tobias or rather, what use to be Tobias. A quick memory wipe later and what use to be Tobias Snape is now nothing more than a drooling mess of a man who's going to spend the rest of his pathetic life as a vegetable.

A fitting punishment if he says so himself.


Severus hides the tissue in his hand and turns to the right to see his mother with a shopping bag in her left hand. The sight of her makes the usually uncaring heart of Loki to shrink as he takes in the picture of his second mother.

Her long, greasy black hair is tied up in a bun on top of her head. He can tell that she rushed while making it because of the several locks of hair spitting out of it in every direction. Her skin is an unhealthy pale white, resulting from a lack of sunshine and good vitamins. The paleness of her skin only seems to contrast with the cuts that litter her face. The thick blouse and long skirt does a good job to hide the many bruises he remembers seeing on her arms, legs and stomach. Bags rest under her worried dark eyes, a sign of a lack of sleep.

All in all, Eileen Snape looks like a mess.

And it makes Severus's heart sting over the sight of her.

"Is that you?" she asked, almost nervously, taking two cautious steps towards him. "You've... changed" she muttered as she studies his brushed back clean hair, perfect teeth, healed nose and most of all, his emerald eyes. However, as a mother, she can recognize her son whenever she sees him but she's a bit put off by the changes.

"It's alright, mother" eased Severus as he slowly steps forward towards his second mother. He doesn't miss how she tenses up when he steps forward but it only makes him want to comfort her even more. With that in mind, he wraps his arms around Eileen and allows his Magic to wash over her. In seconds, he feels the tenseness in his mother's shoulders lessen as his Magic comforts and warms her. "It's alright now."

After a few more seconds of comforting, he places hands on his mother's shoulders to push himself off of her and smiles. Not in the way that makes Gods and Asgardian warriors nervous over what he might do next. It's a smile that he has only shown to one other person in all of the Nine Realms.

His mother, Frigga.

"Everything is going to be better now" said Severus as he kisses Eileen on her forehead. The woman who other than Lily, has been the shining light in his Midgardian life. While he doesn't approve how she stayed with the likes of Tobias, he does appreciate her for caring for him. For teaching him, feeding him and loving him, she has been a second mother to him and for that, he is grateful. She reminds him so much of Frigga so it's hard for him to even think of disliking her.

Eileen widens her eyes and doesn't know what to think about her estranged son. The new appearance is one thing but she can't remember the last time he has been so affectionate to her, let alone kiss her! "I saw the ambulance by our house. I thought..."

Severus doesn't have to hear her to know that she thought Tobias had injured him enough that he needed to go to the hospital. It wouldn't have been the first time. "Don't worry about it. Let's go inside and get you some rest. You look like your gonna faint as it is" joked Severus as he takes Eileen's arm and softly leads her to the front door.

As good as that sounds, Eileen shakes her head and weakly tries to get out of her son's grip. "I-I can't! I need to make dinner for Tobias before he gets home."

"Don't worry about him. I believe he won't be a problem for us, anymore" replied Severus as he opens the door and leads his nervously curious mother inside. She doesn't seem to notice the charming grin on Severus's face as he closes the door behind her.


Being the God of Lies, it didn't take much for Severus to convince his mother that Tobias is now suffering from a mental illness and that he has been taken away for their own safety. Tobias being widely known as a violent alcoholic only further proves to everyone that there was always something wrong in his head. Well, to Eileen at least.

Convincing her to take a nap has been much easier and he does notice that Eileen's eyes are much brighter than they have been in a very long time. While she did make him promise to wake her up so she can prepare themselves dinner, he did what he does best and lied, using his Magic to prepare themselves dinner while she rests and he finishes his work.

"And... done" said Severus as he closes up the journal with a loud smack echoing throughout the kitchen. He leans back against the dining table's chair and swings his feet on the table, balancing himself on the back of his chair's legs, perfectly. He wraps his arms around the back of his head and allows it to rest against his hands, feeling quite satisfied with his work. He glances down at the book on the table and smirks, feeling his money troubles fade away at the very moment.

"Get that patent and published and I'm all set to go" Severus said to himself with a satisfied grin on his handsome face. That grin slowly fades away to a curious frown as he looks up at the ceiling. "What do I do with myself now?" It isn't like he has no other plans to do for the summer but he doesn't want to complete them all in a couple of days. That'll leave him three months of boredom!

As if Odin is answering his prayers, the doorbell rings, echoing throughout the house.

Severus glances at the direction of the front door from over his shoulder. He isn't too worried about it waking his mother since he has placed a Silencing Spell around her room, blocking any and every sound from piercing through the walls of the bedroom. She is now finally free from her alcoholic and abusive husband and there is no reason for anyone to disturb her beauty sleep. He believes she has earned it.

Severus leans back against his chair, allowing it to fall back with him included. As the chair hits the floor, he uses the momentum to roll backwards through the open doorway into the living room before getting up to his feet in a single fluid motion. "Coming" he called while walking to the door, curious on who is at the door.

While he can use a Spell to find out who it is, he has always enjoyed surprises. Not a lot of people in the neighbourhood are brave enough to knock on the door of Tobias Shape so he's quite curious on who it is.

As he opens the door, he finds his surprise fulfilled when he sees who it is.

"Hel-SMACK!" A small hand slaps Severus across the face before he can finish, forcing his head to turn to the side, surprising the God of Lies and Mischief.

"That was for making Lily cry" said Petunia as she pulls back her hand, only for the anger in her eyes to shift to uncertainty and worry when she studies the man she has just slapped. She expected to see greasy hair, a crooked nose and black eyes. Not the handsome features on the fellow she has just slapped. Lily did mention that Severus has changed his features but not by this much!

Severus slowly turns his face back in place and the surprise changes to amusement as he licks his lips and rubs his left cheek to sooth the stinging. "Hello Petunia."

The uncertainty and worry vanish faster than any Magic and the familiar glint of anger reappears in Petunia's eyes. "Don't you act like nothing is wrong. Lily has been crying ever since she got home and all we know what happened is that it involves you" she accused while jabbing a bony finger into Severus's chest.

Severus studies the odd creature that is publicly known as Petunia Evans. Even before he regained his Asgardian memories, she has always been a puzzle he can never hope to figure out. Ever since he and Lily got they're letters from Hogwarts, she has always resented them for their gift to use Magic. Any conversation revolving around Magic or the Wizarding World, she will grow angry and irritated.

Then there's the Petunia who is the caring older sister of Lily, watching out for the redhead for as long as he can remember. Overtime, that caring nature of hers included himself, even though they all know of Petunia's distaste for Severus's poor living situation. Even so, she has taken good care of him and he promises himself that he will make up for Petunia's kindness for over the years.

She does have a great interest of Magic, doesn't she?

"We had an argument we couldn't resolve and so we broke off our friendship. Nothing too important" Severus shrugged.

Petunia's eyes widen in shock to Severus's words. "Not too important?! You two have been friends since you were nine and have been inseparable ever since. That couldn't have meant nothing to you!"

Severus's eyes harden and Petunia stumbles for words when she sees them. "For your information, I held our friendship in the highest regard. In my sad excuse of a life, you don't think that the one bit of kindness Lily showed me didn't make my day? That she wasn't my bright light at the end of the tunnel?"

Petunia takes a step back, starting to feel uncomfortable being near Severus. She can literally feel the goosebumps in her arms flare up. "Then why did you end the friendship with her? What happened?"

Severus takes a step back and places a hand on the door in preparation to close it. "She became just like everyone else. A hypocrite."

Petunia can only watch as the door is closed in her face. She came all the way to Severus's house to get answers but instead, she got more questions than answers. With nothing more, she turns around and makes her way back to her own home, ready to confront Lily when she has the chance.

"That put a damper into my mood" muttered Severus as he returns to the kitchen to see that dinner is ready. Feeling his mood lift up, if only briefly, he walks up the stairs to the second floor so he can wake up his mother for dinner.

( Evans House - Lily's Bedroom )

"Lily, please tell me what's wrong so I can fix it" pleaded Rose Evans as she pats her youngest daughter on her shoulder. The sentiment is lost to Lily as she continues to cry into her bed's pillow, refusing to speak or rather, incapable to speak because of the amount of crying she's doing.

Lily obviously gets her hair colour and eyes from her mother but nothing else as Rose's body is more on the plump side, courtesy of years as a housewife.

She hears the front door open and knows that it must be Petunia, seeing as her husband isn't due home from work for another two hours. She's proven correct when Petunia enters the room with a worried expression on her face.

"Well? What did Severus say?" she asked. The question succeeds to make Lily stop crying for a few sweet moments, just so she can hear what her sister has to say.

The silence doesn't last long, though. "I'm not sure. He said that he broke up his friendship with Lily because apparently, she became just like everyone else. A hypocrite?"

Her response only causes Lily to break down into even more tears and Rose pats her youngest daughter on her back to sooth her worries. "Lily, please tell us what happened. I promise that we won't get mad."

"We might not but I can't say the same to Severus" thought Petunia as a brief memory of his stone cold eyes flashes before her own eyes and she cringes at the memory.

After a minute or two of crying, Lily pushes her face out of her soaked pillow and swings her feet to the edge of her bed. She sniffles and rubs her red eyes. "S-Sev was getting bullied at Hogwarts."

"Again?! Was it those Marauders?" Rose asked with a scowl, remembering the many times Lily and Severus has mentioned the four unruly boys. "I should have a word with that headmaster if he's allowing bullying at his school."

Lily winces over her mother's words which isn't missed by Petunia who quirks a curious brow. "It w-was them. That isn't why h-he's angry, though."

"What is he so angry about then?" asked Petunia, fearing for what her sister might say. "She became just like everyone else. A hypocrite."

Lily sniffles and wipes her nose across the sleeve of her blouse but she doesn't care. "I w-was... there when they were bullying him. They had him floating upside down in front of everyone and I... smiled."

Rose has to regain her thoughts when she hears that but Petunia speaks for her. "Why did you smile? If Severus was in trouble, why didn't you help him? Aren't you one of those Prefects?" asked Petunia who narrows her eyes, suspicious of her sister. She remembers her sister bragging about becoming a Prefect and mentioned what tasks a Prefect does. Punishing students for bullying is one of them if she remembers correctly.

"I... don't know. I just saw Sev floating and everyone laughing and I just couldn't help myself" sniffed Lily who looks down at her bedroom floor in shame.

"Did you even help him?"

"Of course I did!" Lily said, raising her voice as if Petunia's question offended her in some way. "I told James to stop and he eventually did but S-Sev got hurt. I tried to help him to the infirmary but he just vanished in thin air."

"What happened after that?" asked Rose, paying close attention to her youngest daughter.

Lily fidgets when she hears the familiar edge in her mother's voice but continues. "I wanted to talk to Sev after that and asked if he was alright. I looked for him during dinner but then he showed up looking so... different!"

"She can say that again" thought Petunia as a dust of pink covers her cheeks. She won't admit it but Severus looks much better than he did before. "Whatever he did, he should've done it years ago."

"After dinner, I found him in one of the hallways and we just started arguing."

"What were you two arguing about?" asked Rose, concerned. She doesn't want to see Lily and Severus fighting over something small.

"We were arguing... about me being biased to my House whenever they fight with Severus" Lily admitted, feeling shame over her actions.

Petunia's eyes slowly widen as she starts to figure out the problem. "Those four bullies of Severus's are in the same House as you, aren't they?" Lily, shakily nods her head. "Lily, please tell me you didn't do what I think you did."

"What did she do?" Rose asked, still unsure with what Lily actually did to Severus. The pair has been stuck to the hip since they were nine so it takes more than any simple fight for them to split up as friends.

"You know James and his friends?" Rose nods, knowing of the boy who is one of Severus's bullies. "Whenever they were caught fighting with Sev, they always told me their version of the story and stupidly enough, I believed them." Tears start to swell up in Lily's eyes as she thinks back to the fight with Severus. "I never once considered to hear Sev's side of the story. I never even punished them for bullying Sev!" she cried into her hands.

Immediately, Rose is by her daughter's side, rubbing her shoulders and whispering sweet nothings into her ear. "Shh, it'll be alright."

"No it won't!" cried Lily. "I believed the bullies in my House over my own best friend! I believed all their stories about all Slytherins being evil! What kind of friend does that make me if I don't stand up for Sev?!"

"I'm sure that you two can work this out. If you just apologize to him and get to talking, he'll forgive you with no worries. You know Severus can't hold a grudge against you" soothed Rose as she rubs her daughter's back.

"I'm not sure about that" thought Petunia. As much as she wants to agree with her mother, she didn't see the anger in Severus's eyes. What she saw was a man scorned by someone close to his heart and she doesn't believe that he'll forgive her that easily.


"Severus, you didn't have to do this for me. I could've made dinner" said Eileen as Severus pushes her chair into the table.

"I know I didn't have to do it but I wanted to" replied Severus as he sits at the other side of the kitchen table and serves his mother a plate of spaghetti bolognese.

"I didn't even know you could cook the begin with" she laughed.

Severus smiles over hearing his mother laugh so freely. It has been so long since he has heard Eileen laugh that he has almost forgotten what it sounds like. When your married to someone as abusive as Tobias, you don't get a lot of chances to laugh.

"So then, what do you and Lily have planned for the summer holidays?"

Severus's smile dims, slightly over the thought of Lily but hides it under a smile. "We don't really have any plans. I was actually thinking of heading to the library in the morning and get some reading done."

"How do you expect to get a girlfriend if all you do is read?" joked Eileen.

"I've got no time for girlfriends, you know that" quipped Severus, ignoring the painful throbbing in his chest.

The pair of mother and son spend the next half an hour, enjoying their dinner and making some small talk. After dinner, Severus convinces his mother to go back to bed while he takes care of the dishes. The task takes him five minutes by doing it by hand, seeing as he can sense his mother still awake and moving around upstairs. He doesn't exactly want to explain to her how he can do Magic under the legal age and without any Aurors showing up at their doorstep.

Afterwards, he finds himself sitting on Tobias's armchair and shuffling his deck of cards which he found in a drawer. Usually, Tobias would beat him to an almost bloody pulp if he saw Severus sitting on his chair or even messing around with his playing cards but since he is now more or less a vegetable, Severus isn't too worried about the repercussions.

Taking a random card out of the deck, he flips it around and isn't too surprised to see the Joker, smirking up at him. "Funny" deadpanned Severus before he places the card on the top of the deck. His bored, green eyes look around the recently refurbished living room of his house, hoping for something to amuse himself with but finds nothing of value to him. Possessing the mind of a genius God, it doesn't take long for one such as him to get bored.

"First thing I'm getting when I have the money is a television" thought Severus, hoping for something to interest him at his time of boredom. A television set would provide him with some sort of entertainment, if only so he can laugh at the cliche and unrealistic soap operas.

He actually wishes that he knew where the Marauders lived, only so he can show them what real mischief is like a little bit early.

Severus licks his lips, feeling excited over the many ideas he has for the Marauders when he gets back to Hogwarts. Not only them but everyone who has wronged him in the past five years. Quite an extensive list which includes students from third year and above, professors and even Dumbledore himself. Unfortunately for them, he has a photographic memory and so, he has a face for everyone who has made an enemy of him. The Marauders will simply be his main targets.

"Now that I think of it..." Severus glances out of the window to the many nice and clean houses that litter Spinner's End. "They aren't the only ones who've annoyed me."

He can remember all the many times the other residents of Spinner's End looked at him with pity because of his living situation. They knew exactly what was happening inside his house when Tobias is home and yet, they did nothing to help save a poor child and his mother from a violent alcoholic. Nobody called the proper authorities or even child services, preferring to ignore the matter, entirely. That decision has cost him and his mother years of abuse by Tobias's hand and to Severus, that is unforgivable.

A bloodthirsty smirk spreads across Severus's face as he imagines the many ways he can cause problems to all the lovely residents of Spinner's End. "I've always thought Mrs. Harrison's house could use more purple on her house."


AN: Loki is obviously a momma's boy so I imagine him being the same way with Eileen, even though she isn't Frigga.

Loki also seems like the person who holds a grudge, even to those who have the smallest part in his suffering.

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