Author's Note: This story takes place after the events of Star Wars: The Last Jedi and before the events of Doki Doki Literature Club and contains spoilers for both.

Chapter 1

"You idiot!"

Kylo clenched his jaw and tried to will the tears away. He knew that Hux was going to yell at him, but he thought that he would be able to buy a little bit more time to build up his nerve by hiding on his Command Shuttle. Today had been one of the worst days of his life. Couldn't he get some space, even for a moment?

Hux showed no mercy. "I can't believe you let the Resistance get away! I mean, that was literally all of them! The whole crew! All holed up in a little cave like sitting ducks, and you let us get distracted. Again!" Veins were popping out of the general's forehead, his face the same bright-red color as his hair.

Kylo bit his lip. Thankfully, because his head was hiding in his hands, Hux wasn't able to see his expression. However, if tears started to fall, there was no hiding them. He had only just become Supreme Leader. He had to show his general that he had become more mature, and that he was worthy of his position.

"But you had to focus all of our firepower on that fake Skywalker while you sent all of our starships after that junk vessel! Why is it that every time we come close to victory, we're derailed by your obsession with your uncle or father?"

Kylo lunged for the general and grabbed his throat. "I am not obsessed!" he screamed.

Amidst the agony on Hux's face was shock. Kylo had even surprised himself with his own ruthlessness, using his hand to choke Hux rather than the force.

"I…" Kylo's eyes began to water. "I'm not obsessed."

He dropped Hux to the floor. Tears began to stream down his face, so flipped his cape and turned to face the door.

Hux's expression softened. "Kylo, look…"

"Just leave me alone."

Hux put his hand on the Supreme Leader's shoulder, but he shrugged it off and stormed into the hallway.

Hux followed him. "Don't walk away from me!"

Kylo's pace hastened. An unlucky Stormtrooper turned the corner and was thrown to the ground by the Force.

"You may be 29, but you act like a teenager! You'll never be my Supreme Leader!" Hux stopped, letting the brooding man storm away. "Never!"

Kylo exited the Command Shuttle and took off towards the Star Destroyer on foot. Destroying his helmet had seemed like the right thing to do at the time, but now that he needed to hide his face, he sorely missed it.

All he wanted was to escape. He had dreamed of being the Supreme Leader for so long, but ever since he had claimed the throne, everything had gone wrong. His uncle had deceived him once again, the Resistance evaded capture, and he had lost connection to the girl who had felt like his only friend throughout this chaos—and it was all his fault. Hux, Snoke, the other Jedi apprentices—nobody had ever understood him, but Rey… Rey had been different. He was sure that she would join him and ruling the galaxy, but she refused. Why?!

Now he was alone again. Alone with his thoughts. His conflicted feelings about his mother, the stress of being the Supreme Leader… he needed a friend. But there was nobody to turn to.

He stormed past the Stormtroopers who stood guarding the entrance to the ship and headed directly for his personalized Tie Fighter. He needed to get off of this wretched planet as quickly as possible. He could never return to this place. It would only remind him of the sadness.

He left the planet as quickly as possible, but was at a loss for where to go once he had escaped the planet's atmosphere. What would Snoke do at a time like this? As much as Kylo despised that slimy creature and how he had suffered at his hands, he still respected his wisdom and knowledge of the dark side of the force.

Suddenly, he remembered. The Sith Relics! Snoke had spoken of them sparingly, but he had explained the details about one that had always intrigued Kylo.

"If the First Order is ever at risk at failing, and I have already lost my life, it is important that you know about this tool, Kylo."

Snoke had brought Kylo to the ancient Sith temple, a location unbeknownst to anyone other than the two of them. On the top floor, they had stopped in front of an eerie, white, egg-shaped device with a small control pad on the side. In the center was some sort of door to the capsule that was about seven feet tall.

"This is the Casket of Bedlam. Use it if it seems that light has prevailed and the darkness has lost all hope. It will transport you to a future time where you will be able to fight again."

"But, master," Kylo blurted out, his face strained with fear, "why would you want me to abandon all that we have built?"

Snoke grinned. "You are everything that I have built, young one. Your power is beyond what I could have ever dreamed, and I refuse to let it go to waste. If now is not the time for the Jedi to fall, I would like you to bring them to their end when that time comes."

Kylo faltered. He never expected such a defeatist line to come from such a power-hungry zealot. "But… when is that time?"

Snoke's smiling face turned serious. "This machine moves far beyond the future that I am able to see with the force. You'll be hurtling towards an unknown. It would make sense to get as far away from the powerful light as possible, but…" he hesitated, drumming his fingers on the mysterious machine's white surface. "Be warned, my apprentice. For every ten thousand years you travel into the future, you will lose a year of your own life. In other words, you will… age in reverse."

"How could that happen!?"

Snoke's expression remained grim. "Some of the mysteries of this device are unbeknownst to even me, young one. You should also be aware that the further you travel into the future, the more erratic the relic will act, displacing you to increasingly remote physical locations. This is a risk, but I trust you to make the most of it when all else fails."

"Master…" Kylo was at a loss for words. Would there really be a time where he would want to abandon everything they had built?

Although he would never have believed it back then, that time had come—but not in the way he had expected. The First Order certainly had the means to decimate the rest of the Resistance, but being Supreme Leader was not what it had been cracked up to be. Kylo was still beset with the same problems, still tormented by those horrible people that continued to escape his grasp. Hux… Rey… Luke… he just wanted to escape from all of them. He wanted to be Supreme Leader in another time. He was ready to use the machine.

He arrived on the remote, abandoned planet Snoke had brought him to so many years before. The landscape was a featureless red desert, with dark clouds that obscured vision. Eventually the ship approached the Sith Temple, an ominous, dark castle that lay hulking in solitude on the empty planet.

Despite all the time he had spent in transit, Kylo continued to sob. His carefully ironed black robes were a tear-stained mess, and his luscious, brown locks were tangled and unkempt. He looked like someone who wanted to die.

He left the door to his precious Tie Fighter wide open. He didn't care anymore. None of it mattered. He just wanted to escape.

He approached the casket on the top floor of the temple. There it lay, exactly as it had all those years ago. He entered the launch procedure as Snoke had instructed him to, but made sure to set the year to as far as he possibly could in the future. He wanted to be as far away from everything as possible—physically and temporally. Besides, Hux had already insisted that he acted like a teenager. Where was the harm in actually becoming one? Setting himself back 10 years wouldn't do any harm.

He climbed into the casket. He wasn't sure how the time travel worked—would the machine somehow harness the force, or did it rely on lightspeed technology? Whatever the means, Kylo didn't care. He took a deep breath, and let everything fade in to blackness. Soon, he would find his escape.