Natsuki could never, in her wildest dreams, have surmised such a perfect outcome to her patricide. Ben's magical abilities allowed him to avoid all sorts of people questioning her father's sudden disappearance at work. A lonely man with no true friends or living relatives, his trail was easy to clean up.

Ben also went to work on extracting his bank account details. The wealthy man's savings served as a great basis to continue their life in the meantime, but Ben was capable of generating more income whenever he pleased with a wave of his hand.

With their newfound riches, he had ordered in workmen to repair the damage done to her room. She hadn't wanted to totally do away with the pink, but her newly built shelves had removed all the stuffed animals and replaced them with her precious manga collection. Whenever she returned to her room, she felt like crying with joy. She was finally able to grow up.

More than that, her previously tiny kitchen was converted into one that would fit in a gourmet restaurant. Ben gifted her all sorts of cooking books that would allow her to finally explore beyond just baking sweet treats. She was finally able to eat real food for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. She was full of energy, and found that her short temper faded away into pure bliss.

Ben had felt awkward about sleeping in her father's room. He was uncomfortable with the idea of replacing him, wanting to be a liberating figure in her life rather than a dominating one. So, Natsuki insisted on her preferred option—allowing them to share a bed. It had been uncomfortable at first, but thanks to her remodeled room and larger mattress, the two of them were able to cuddle every night.

The two of them continued to go to school. While Natsuki had considered quitting, it was her senior year, so she decided that she ought to finish her studies. After that, she hoped to apply to the culinary school in the neighboring town. The commute wasn't terrible, so she would still be able to live at home. Besides, with her newfound energy, she actually found that she loved walking everywhere. Ben, meanwhile, still had much he wanted to learn about the Earth. Natsuki recommended that he search for a place to belong in the future, but he replied that he had already found that place by her side.

Natsuki also convinced Ben to patch things over with the Literature Club. While fixing things was a stretch for even his force powers, he managed to convince the group that the events of their first meeting was the result of a shared hallucination caused by Yuri's tea, which she apologized for profusely. The club continued peacefully, with all the members still recognizing that they should treat Natsuki with greater respect. Although, despite her professed interest in being friends with all the other members, she spent most of the meetings reading manga together with Ben by the window.

While she had worried that Ben would not be interested in manga at first, he was surprisingly keen to read it. He enjoyed the simple stories, and told her that he was happy to leave his complicated world behind. When asked if he ever wanted to return, he simply laughed.

"Let the past die. Kill it if you have to. That's the only way to become what you were meant to be."

Natsuki smiled. She knew he was right. They were exactly where they were always meant to be.