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Gaia's Indentured Minister

by MonochromeJoker29

Started on January 10, 2018

A huge screen was in front of me, a movie playing on it as if I was in the cinema.

Her life was ordinary. Extraordinarily ordinary even, but like all lives there were moments when the word ordinary was left in the dust. For her, these moments were everywhere. In the morning when the sun was peeking through a light shower of rain, at noon when she was in school with her friends and even in the evenings when she was alone. Though the most extraordinary moments for her were those when she was reading. For you see, this girl, she was a daydreamer, a reader and a believer.

She wasn't naive, how could she be when she read all manner of books she could? But oh, how she dreamed. She dreamed of lands unconquered, eccentric magic, living weapons and all manner of beings from oni to vrykolakas to perytons. The more she read, the more she dreamt, making it a never ending cycle.

Everything remained the same for a time until, that is, she found a theory. The idea delighted and scared her in turns, but it nevertheless fueled her fantastical and horrendous dreams. Dreams she believed somewhere and somehow could be real.

The Multiverse Theory

There are many worlds, all opposing with their own rules and history, but all connected.

She believed when she first found it and continued to do so as the years passed, but always kept it close to her heart in fear she would be called crazy. Instead, she told stories, weaved them in ways that only a daydreamer could. Then, she began to write them, publishing books and spreading her dreams for all who were interested to read. Even in her old age she would tell stories and tales to delight children and adults alike, loving their reactions so much that even on her deathbed she told a story.

It was a story about a girl just like her, who lived and breathed books. A girl who went on grand adventures and told tall tales. A girl who lived and died as she would too, believing in dreams and books. With that, she breathed her last breath and all was silent.

The movie was done, the lights turning on so no moviegoers would trip or fall. Belatedly, I realized that I was the only one in the room and began to feel a bit odd as if I was in a dream. Moving my body, I could feel things such as the sore muscles from my last weightlifting session and the ache in my ankle from my hug with the floor earlier in the day, so I dismissed the notion as ridiculous. After all, you can't feel pain in dreams, right? Never mind, I'm pretty sure that's not true and that you do, but for the sake of keeping calm let's just say so.

"What'cha think 'bout her?" A high pitched voice asked, sending a chill down my spine as I turned toward it. Seeing the seemingly normal little girl with wide green eyes, tan skin and the usual chubby features of youth, I

took a breath in to calm my racing heart. Brow crinkling, I observed the little girl curiously as she smelled like she jumped into a pile of flowers before heading to her seat.

Never mind, she asked me a question. What was it again? Ah yeah, what I think about "her". "Her?"

She laughed and answered me in a laughing tone. "The girl in the movie, silly!"

I blushed, sheepishly scratching the back of my head before answering honestly. "Hm, I suppose she's very whimsical." Silence decided we needed a new friend and sat down between us then, making me uncomfortable. Why was she staring at me? Should I just leave? I mean, it doesn't look like the girl has any relatives nearby. Maybe I should-

"That's it?!" Came an incredulous shout, surprising me enough that I shot out of my seat and fell. Okay, play it off, nothing happened, no one saw anything. Coughing, I stood up, looking up to see unimpressed green eyes and blushed, looking away.

"W-Well, she's a daydreamer that believes her dreams are a reali-"

"Yes, but do you think she went about it in the wrong way or do you think she was schizophrenic?"

That's weird, she doesn't speak like a girl her age should. Shaking my head, I laughed under my breath. I needed to stop being so paranoid, there are children who are smart for their age too after all. Turning my thoughts back to our conversation, I sighed. "Well, I think it was her own decision to do whatever she wanted with her opinion and that what I think doesn't matter because it's her life."

"But if you were her?"

"I'd probably have shared my beliefs to my friends, but kept it close to my heart too and if I could, do the same as she did. From a different perspective though, she could've become a scientist working to prove the theory to be true." Silence permeated the area as I suddenly felt warm and cold at the same time. I should probably ask her if she's feeling the same and get her home soon. Turning, I was going to ask the girl a question when I realised she wasn't there anymore. What-

"According to the rules of this reality, I, Gaia, Mother of the Earth and Goddess of All That Resides Within My Domain, have chosen my indentured. The contract is thus, I shall teach her to be someone worthy of the title bestowed upon her and when the time comes that she must take up her mantle she will be prepared. With this, I vow upon my existence as a deity, so mote it be!" With those words echoing around me in that same girlish voice from earlier, everything melted away.