Sometimes when I think about it I'm pretty sure that I was made specifically to be the most plain person on this planet. I guess if you don't have the ordinary there would be no extraordinary. Where are my manners, I need to introduce myself. My name is Samuel Harnip and I have a very complicated life now. So let me go back to the day it all started.

The day I was born, apparently many people had a vested interest in me. Very powerful people. Apparently I had the right genes at birth so they targeted me for their plans. I don't think they knew how boring I would turn out to be. But I digress. Long story short, these people were many different gods from many different beliefs. All in all, I think there was Greek, Roman, Egyptian, Norse and many others that I still don't know. And apparently gods like that have certain gifts they like to bestow on people. Unfortunately, I was one of those people. Normally, if someone had asked me if I wanted cool powers, I would have agreed in a second. But now I know that those powers come with baggage. Serious baggage. Apparently powers come with danger. Every human being wants more and more power, it's just human nature. But I guess I was kinda like Wolverine, I know my power is a burden that only I can hold, therefore I protect others by keeping it.

Anyways, one thing I always wanted in the books that I've read is a rundown of whatever powers or abilities they had. So here you go. I have compiled them into a sensible, easy to read bullet point presentation.

Amazing weapon specialist

Two makhaira swords that transform into black earbuds hanging from my shirt

Whenever I defeat an enemy, I absorb its essence