Multiverse Theory...

An idea that there are various possible universes alongside our own that make up everything that exists. Time, Space, matter, energy, and everything else in between. These multiple universes do contain such similarities in terms of physics and laws of the universe such as gravity, space-time, and of course, death. Some of these countless universes could have the same stars in the sky, along with the same positions of celestial constellations that we see in sky at certain points in time. In fact, many of these universes have it to where humanity had first started on Planet Earth, evolving much like how people have learned about in school throughout the years.

However, some of these versions of Earth are different in several ways.

In one such universe, young individuals possess abilities after facing their true selves, fighting against creatures which are the embodiment of people's darkness.

In another, an organization of evil that rose to power in first half of the 20th century and was able to conquer the world. With only a small band of freedom fighters trying to convince others to fight against these tyrants with one secret agent getting his nation to rise up against their conquers.

One where Humanity created colonies in space for humans to expand outside of their homeworld. However they fell into conflict with multiple factions trying to take control to achieve their own goals. With the help of powerful bipedal mechs, with heroes appearing to command the most powerful of these mechs in battle.

One where the galaxy was in eternal conflict, where humanity would kill anything that was non-human, where traitors fell under the control of powerful Dark Gods and being lead by an all-powerful entity that was seen as a God himself.

One even has it where Humanity opened a postal to the land of the Devil himself, where a single space marine would rip and tear his way through it, being something even the creatures of that land would fear.

Truly, the possibilities were endless on what these universes had and the differences that would come from them.

However, this tale is about two universes where Humanity would face extinction from two different enemies.

In one universe, humanity, following the greatest war in their history at the time would from an organization that would, after making the discovery of FTL travel, begin to finally move out of their system and into the wider galaxy. They would colonize hundreds of worlds in their particular part of the galaxy, reaching new heights of power and prosperity. However, one fateful day they would fight a war of survival against an alliance of alien cultures. These cultures, united under the lies of a another race that claimed that humanity's destruction was will of the gods that they believed in. That a great crusade must be done in their name to prevent humanity from desecrating their holy grounds for their own greed.

In this world, there would come warriors; warriors of incredible power that would become the symbol hope against the alien horde.

In another universe, a infamous dictator would die an early death by one who unlocked the secret of time travel and go back to prevent the horrors that the scientist had experienced. While he succeeded in killing said future dictator, the Second World War would still occur, however the combatants would end up being the Western Powers against the Soviet Union. This war would become as bad as the original version as another of history's infamous dictators would grow in power seek war with the West. In response, a secret special forces organization would form in order to prevent any future wars from occurring.

Then in the year of 1995, an asteroid would clash land on the Tiber River in Italy. It would bring with it something that would change the world forever. The green crystal would spread through out the world in the coming years as a new terrorist organization would rise to power under its all powerful leader, one claiming to be the Messiah and said that the crystal is the next step in human evolution. From then on, these two organizations would clash four times while the green crystal would continue to spread through out the world, with the third war being the deadliest in human history up to that point. During the climax of the war, a new presence would appear in form of extraterrestrials that was the ones to have implanted the organism that caused the creation of the green crystal in the first place.

Eventually, through the actions of a single agent, the organization tasked with stomping out both the terrorist group and stopping the spread of the crystal would receive information that would eventually give the organization the blueprints that would construct the device that would finally stop the spread of the green crystal. However, the Messiah would continue to fight against the rest of humanity, determined to stop the building of the device by any means possible. Not only that, but he threatened to continue the war forever until he got a certain object in his possession. After causing a break among those humans opposing him he was finally able achieve the object and get both himself and his followers off the plant via an Alien structure. With the terrorist group gone, humanity soon began to traverse the stars, seeking both the enemy that remained and new worlds to colonize.

Soon enough, they would find the aliens again and would fight them six more times which would lead to the deaths of Billions in order to further push back the aliens and eventually drive them off for good, seemingly. During these wars, humanity would develop powerful weapons in order to finally overcome the aliens and successfully win every war from then on against an enemy that had far more advanced tech then they had. Then during these wars, a new organization that was the rebirth of the original terrorist group would appear with even more advanced tech then its predecessor. Conventional and guerrilla warfare would reappear with this new group as the old feud was reignited. However, it seems that after several decades of fighting, that humanity would finally experience some form of peace with its military at the strongest its ever been.

These two military organizations had overcame impossible odds, growing stronger then ever with new lessons and weapons under their belts.

It would be impossible for these two organizations to have ever met until one fateful day where an anomaly would bring both military forces into contact with each other. From this meeting would come a powerful alliance that would fight against threats both old and new with both sides becoming stronger then normal through exchange of technology. This alliance would fight their foes before taking on the most powerful force they would ever fight later down the line.

This is a meeting between those who have overcome hardship and impossible odds in achieving their victories.

A meeting where two super-soldiers would meet face to face and work together to fight their foes back to back.

This is tale of the meeting of the United Nations Space Command and the Galactic Defense Initiative.

Hey guys!

Blazblade here with a another story for you all!

So yeah, if you've read my GDI equipment list you know what it was for. As I said in the first chapter of that list, I'm doing a C&C crossover with other Sci-Fi franchises such as Halo and Star Wars and seeing how the weapons and vehicles I've made will stack up to the villain's of the franchise as the newly named Galactic Defense Initiative fights alongside groups like the UNSC. It's set 150 years after C&C4 (Again yes I know how bad it is, but please bare with me) as GDI has fought against the Scrin and the new Neo Brotherhood of Nod with the weapons they've developed to fight against certain units.

Also, as you can see, I did make this AU in the scene that events in C&C4 changed due to the actions of a single individual which gave GDI information on building the TCN in order stop Tiberium from finally covering the whole Earth. In the decades following the ascension of Nod, GDI would grow into a far more powerful military with reverse-engineering both Nod and Scrin tech in order to boost their capabilities in combat. From there, GDI would expand into the space with them colonizing hundreds of worlds in order further build up their military and give out more space of the ever growing human population.

However, they would soon find themselves fighting four more wars with the Scrin which put even the Third Tiberium War to shame in terms of deaths. Then between these wars another terrorist organization, the Neo Brotherhood of Nod would appear on the scene, seemingly to continue Kane's work. During this, all of the upgrades that GDI has that I made up happened with put them on a new level of power.

Now at last, the story that I've been working on that would bring these groups together is finally happening! So hope you guys follow along with it as it goes.

This Blazblade, signing off!